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15 Minutes (2001)
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Good film about crime and media-- 7/10, 16 October 2003

Robert De Niro does great in this movie. Like we haven't heard that before. You can tell he tries to let Edward Burns have his time, but he is such a charismatic screen presence, people would probably pay to watch him sit in a chair for two hours. The movie around him is also good, touching on the interesting topic of the media's effect on violent crimes. Edward Burns does a good job, but i think the real stars here (except for De Niro, of course) are the two East European criminals who come to America searching for fame and fortune, played by Karel Roden and Oleg Taktarov. They are funny and terrifying all at the same time. Oleg's character seems like a friendly guy, but he is actually a violent pervert. And Karel's character is just plain nuts. I recommend this movie for the great performances and it's thought provoking premise. 7/10

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The Only Good Christmas Movie!!!(unless Die Hard counts)---8/10, 9 December 2002

It is a yearly custom for me and my brother to watch this movie together around Christmas. Even though we are not Christian. The story follows a young boy living in middle America in the late 1940's. All the kid wants is Red Ryder BB gun but everything keeps getting in his way, including his overprotective mother, his snot-nosed little brother, the town bullies, and even Santa himself. This is hilarious and probably the most real Christmas movie there is. It's A Wonderful Life sucks. Home Alone's only good thing was Joe Pesci. Jingle All The Way and The Santa Clause both suck also. A Christmas Story is exactly what the title says it is. Fuuuuuuuuuu..........dge. 8/10

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Harrison Ford for President! ----8/10, 11 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Is there anyone but Harrison Ford who would have been perfect for this role? He looks like a president, he talks like a president, but he kicks ass like only Indiana/Solo/Ryan could. Air Force One centers on the president's plane being hijacked by a group of terrorists to get their leader freed from prison. The group's captain (Gary Oldman) is hot-headed and cold-blooded. A bad combination. After they take over the plane, they learn the president's escape pod had launched. What they don't know is that that he is still onboard, bent on saving his family and friends.

The movie is perfectly casted and well acted. Harrison Ford is the best movie president ever. You watch this movie wishing he really was a president. He is caring, brave, and very clever. Everything the real president is not. Although i loved Ford here, i found myself rooting for Gary Oldman sometimes. It's my love of bad guys acting up. He is terrifying, yet i somehow agreed with some of the things he said about America's foreign policy. But i didn't entirely agree with him blowing innocent people's heads off.

The action scenes are well-made and very entertaining, if a tad unbelievable. The one thing that pulled me out of the fun was the presidents staff acting like he was god. I know he is a good president, but come on. It's not like he could walk on water. Still, this is a great adventure and one of Harrison Ford's best. 8/10

Ali (2001)
Great film although a little long.---7/10, 27 December 2001

The only flaw i have with this film is the scenes that don't know when to stop such as when Ali is running through a village in Zaire. Other than that this a beautifully filmed, incredibly acted, and superbly directed film. Will Smith captured Muhammad Ali's passion and fury to a fault. He even imitated some of Ali's moves excellently. Jamie Foxx played Drew "Bundini" Brown, Ali's troubled cornerman. Although a comedic character, he has some scenes which are quite serious and moving. Also, the heart of the comedic part of the movie was Jon Voight's portrayal of Howard Cossel which he did great in. When i went to see this movie, the audience started to applaud during scenes of the film as well as at the end. See it in theaters. 7/10

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Powerful and insightful---9/10, 26 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In American History X, a reformed neo-nazi named Derek (Edward Norton) returns home from prison intending to stop his little brother Danny (Edward Furlong), already a member, from following in his footsteps. A story that i am sure has happened a thousand times in real-life, whether it involve neo-Nazis, gangs, or drug addiction. As sad as that is, it sure spawned one of the most powerful movies i have ever seen.

Edward Norton gives one of the best performances ever, and the best from the year 1998. I've said it before and i'll say it again: The Academy sucks. Norton is totally convincing and at times sympathetic. Not to mention, he got pretty damn built for this role. Edward Furlong is also very good as the little brother on the edge, and Stacy Keach is great as the evil head of the group.

Director Tony Kaye tells the story by having Norton's nazi days in black and white flashbacks, and the present day where Norton is freed from prison and his hatred in color. This makes it not only easier to distinguish the past and present scenes, but it somehow makes the scenes more effective. Like Norton saw everything in black and white until he had a tragic experience in prison.

American History X is a powerful, insightful, and very relevant tale of hatred and tragedy, and a film that should be seen by everyone, especially these days. 9/10

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Good Sequel---7/10, 3 August 2003

Although i thought that Analyze This could stand on it's own, this is a hilarious sequel. Not as good as the first but a good hour and a half of laughs. Billy Crystal is still hilarious, and Robert De Niro spoofs his mafia roles perfectly again. Watch for scenes where Paul is looking for a legit job and Ben is caught listening into mob business. Hysterical.

Some of the other jokes failed to be as funny. A few came off really forced, especially from Lisa Kudrow. The plot this time is rather weak. In Analyze This, everything seemed to click and the jokes seemed fresh and original. Still, Analyze That is a fun and solid sequel to one of the funniest movies ever. 7/10

Bada-bing Bada-boom!---9/10, 23 June 2001

Analyze This is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. Being a huge fan of the crime genre, i thought it spoofed the those type of films perfectly by not going so far as to mock them. It also shows Robert De Niro's by far funniest performance, as well as Billy Crystal. These two have excellent chemistry and a great supporting role by Chazz Palminteri gives the whole movie an authentic and believable feel. The best part and one of the most hilarious scenes in cinema has to be when Crystal must pose as a mobster and gives a speech at a meeting with all the five families present. And also De Niro' first visit to Crystal's has me rolling on the floor in laughter.

Analyze This, while underrated by a lot of folks, is one of the best comedies you'll ever see. 9/10

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A few funny moments, but mostly just stupid---4/10, 5 March 2005

Will Ferrell is called by many as the funniest man on the planet. No. That title can go to either Chris Tucker or Jim Carrey. He can work a few chuckles out of me here and there, but for the most part he is nothing special. I know that is a sin to a lot of people, but it's just my opinion. Anchorman is an example of how funny and unfunny he can be. The funniest parts were honestly the bloopers during the end credits, where i laughed a lot more than the entire movie.

The movie itself is a series of either mildly funny or just stupid scenes. The cologne scene is funny, but the fight between all the news crews were stupid. The two lead anchors exchanging insults during the credits of their news program is funny, but the ending at the zoo was really stupid. I guess humor is in the eye of the beholder. 4/10

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A little overrated, but pretty good----7/10, 4 February 2005

I started watching Apocalypse Now with all the acclaim it has received over the years in the back of my mind. I learned a long time ago with 2001: A Space Odyssey that just because a movie is regarded as a classic doesn't mean i will like it at all. I sat down to watch the Redux (it was the only version i could get but i'm sure the overall film is the same) and fortunately, Apocalypse Now is better than 2001, but it is not a great movie.

The film stars Martin Sheen as an Army captain who is sent into deep into the jungles of Vietnam to take down a decorated general (Marlon Brando) who went mad and barricaded himself. He rides on a boat with a squad of desensitized soldiers down a river. Along for the ride is a barely legal youngster (Laurence Fishburne), a would-be chef (Frederick Forrest) and a stern driver (Albert Hall). Everybody in the cast does a great job, and the ride down the river is eerily calm with random spurts of violence which makes for a mostly exciting movie. There is also a great supporting role by Robert Duvall as a hard-ass commander who is a overzealous fan of surfing.

The movie really slows down, however, when the squad comes across a French family living in a nice house in the middle of the jungle. It really doesn't do much for the story and it seems to get forgotten in the later parts of the movie. Also, the ending is slow and just strange. I heard there was originally supposed to be a huge battle, which i would have preferred.

For movie fans, Apocalypse Now is a must-see, because most people like it a lot, but for some it is a pretty good war movie that's worth a look.---7/10

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A Complete Snore---3/10, 24 November 2003

Other than some cool special effects and awesome settings, this movie is a nearly 3-hour story of a kid walking around. I'm not sure about the runtime but it felt like even more. Maybe 4 and 1/2 hours. Anyway, the cities look really good. And that's the only pro. The story is uninteresting, there is little to no excitement or action, and the characters are annoying. And then the end finally came. Oh, wait. Nope, there is another hour of confusing story. I can't believe i spent money on this crap. This was a low point for Steven Spielberg. But he redeemed himself with Minority Report. Overall, i can't remember a more boring time at the movies than with Artificial Intelligence. It sucks down there with XXX. Avoid if you like fun. 3/10

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