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Family Guy: Sir Ian McKellen Cast as Stewie's [Spoiler] in Season 15

Family Guy: Sir Ian McKellen Cast as Stewie's [Spoiler] in Season 15
Stewie Griffin is making an appointment with Sir Ian McKellen.

The Academy Award-nominated actor, who most recently starred on the ITV comedy Vicious, is set to guest-star in an upcoming episode of Family Guy, reports.

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McKellen will lend his voice to the character of Dr. Pritchfield, a child psychologist appointed to Stewie after the youngest member of the Griffin family acts up in school. Whether or not Pritchfield is able to make progress with Stewie is anyone’s guess, but they’ll surely have plenty to discuss
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New Halloween Movie Slated for October 19th, 2018, David Gordon Green to Direct

  • DailyDead
John Carpenter just gave Michael Myers fans a huge reason to mark their calendars by announcing an October 19th, 2018 release date for Blumhouse and Miramax's new Halloween movie, which will be directed by David Gordon Green (Joe, Pineapple Express) from a screenplay he's writing with Danny McBride (Alien: Covenant, Eastbound & Down).

In addition to executive producing the new Halloween film, Carpenter might also help guide the franchise he began back in 1978 by providing the music for the film. Green and McBride will also be executive producing the anticipated project, along with Malek Akkad and Jason Blum. We have the official press release below with full details, including Carpenter's initial announcement of Green and McBride's involvement:

Press Release (via Los Angeles, February 9, 2017 – John Carpenter announced today via his Facebook page ( that David Gordon Green (Stronger, Our Brand Is Crisis, Joe, Pineapple Express
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Oscar Voting 101: Academy Secrets and Confusion Explained

Oscar Voting 101: Academy Secrets and Confusion Explained
In Hollywood, a reputation is hard to shake. The #OscarsSoWhite protests of the past two years have been beneficial, raising the consciousness of the studios and agencies in Hollywood. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is trying to help make changes as well — but is simultaneously trying to shake the perception that it was the source of the problem.

Oscar voting runs Jan. 5-13, and nominations will be announced Jan. 24. Some AMPAS choices (e.g., surprises and omissions) will undoubtedly be criticized in the coming months, which is fine, but criticism should be based on fact. So here are a few reminders:

Oscars have a secret ballot.

When “Spotlight” wins best picture or Idris Elba does not get an acting nomination, there are no tallies revealed. So the public assumes these were the unanimous choices of every Oscar voter. In many cases, the votes were probably very close, but we’ll never know.
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The Jio Mami with Star unveils its programming line-up for 2016

The Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival with Star is less than a month away from offering the city a movie extravaganza unlike any other. In its 18th edition, the festival announced its stellar line-up for the year at its annual press conference held on Thursday, 29th September in Mumbai. The festival is set to kick off on 20th October. The press conference began with the announcement of the festival’s new brand identity.

Jio Mami with Star, Festival Co-Chairperson, Kiran Rao said, “It’s been a very exciting year for the Academy. Firstly, we are now a year around presence. We launched the Mami Film Club in May with a conversation between Sir Ian McKellen and Aamir. We’ve followed that up with India premieres of films such as Brahman Naman and India in a Day. The Academy is committed to bringing you great film content and conversations not just
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Mindy Newell: On Star Trek And Other Thoughts of Space & Time

  • Comicmix
As my fellow opiners Ed Catto and John Ostrander have, uh, well, opined on these pages, this year marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. You would think that there would be a lot more hoopla about it, but even though CBS has announced the premiere of a new St show and even though, as Ed reminds us, the United States Post Office is issuing a special commemorative stamp – which I am absolutely positively buying – it’s been amazingly quiet on the P.R. front, especially when you consider that the franchise is legendary not only here, but around this world.

Consider, if you will, the build-up to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013. Not only was there a reminder of the looming date on BBCAmerica seemingly every single commercial break, but any little bit of news – rumors – was all over the Internet, on television, on radio, and in the newspapers.
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Breaking News: Blumhouse & Miramax are Partnering with Malek Akkad & John Carpenter on the next Halloween

Some days, I really have to pinch myself, because getting the opportunity to be at tonight’s Halloween announcement is easily one of the coolest moments I’ve had in the seven years I’ve lived in California.

Last week, I received a mysterious call from Josh Raffel at Blumhouse Productions, who invited me to a secretive event to be held tonight, May 23rd, and other than providing me with a time, that’s all the information I was given. Once I arrived tonight, along with a select group of journalists, the mystery was finally revealed with the announcement of a new partnership behind a brand new Halloween, which is bringing together Miramax, Blumhouse Productions, Trancas International’s Malek Akkad (longtime producer of the Halloween franchise), as well as legendary Master of Horror John Carpenter in an executive producer role for the film. And if all goes well, Jason Blum
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Ian McKellen Says Gay Actors Are ‘Disregarded’ by Hollywood

Ian McKellen Says Gay Actors Are ‘Disregarded’ by Hollywood
As the Academy works to remedy Hollywood’s inclusion issue, Sir Ian McKellen is stressing the need to broaden the definition of the word diversity. McKellen says that gay actors are being “disregarded” and ignored by Hollywood as much as African Americans are.

McKellan, who is the co-founder of the Lgbt rights charity Stonewall, said the criticism facing the Academy for the lack of diversity at the Oscars is “legitimate.”

“As a representative of the industry they’re in, it’s receiving complaints which I fully sympathize with,” the 76-year-old actor said while speaking to Sky News. “It’s not only black people who’ve been disregarded by the film industry, it used to be women, it’s certainly gay people to this day. And these are all legitimate complaints and the Oscars are the focus of those complaints, of course.”

He also spoke to The Guardian about the industry
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Ian McKellen Thinks Gay People Are ‘Disregarded’ in Hollywood

  • The Wrap
Ian McKellen Thinks Gay People Are ‘Disregarded’ in Hollywood
Sir Ian McKellen doesn’t think black people are the only group ignored by Hollywood, and said gay people are also being “disregarded.” “As a representative of the industry they’re in, it’s receiving complaints which I fully sympathize with,” the 76-year-old actor told Sky News in response to the #OscarsSoWhite backlash. “It’s not only black people who’ve been disregarded by the film industry, it used to be women, it’s certainly gay people to this day. And these are all legitimate complaints and the Oscars are the focus of those complaints, of course.” The Academy of
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88th Oscar Nominations Predictions

“There is one night, we all dream in Gold.”

The Academy has unveiled the new posters and TV spots for the 88th Oscars (Feb. 28, 2016).

The 2016 Oscar campaign illustrates the emotional power of movies and their ability to inspire all of us to achieve our dreams. Movies remind us that imagination is limitless. The Oscar is, at once, a representation of excellence in film and a tangible symbol that dreams can–and do–come true.

The Dream campaign embodies what people love about the Oscars—the range of emotions and excitement that comes with those unforgettable moments in a live show,” said Christina Kounelias, Academy Cmo. “Fans also look for the comedy and the unexpected, and that’s what they’ll get with our host, Chris Rock. His comedic perspective will be a great complement to the more dramatic moments.”

The deadline for AMPAS voters to have their ballots into the
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Inside the Governors Awards 2015: ‘Hateful Eight,’ Spike Lee and a ‘Star Wars’ Diss

Inside the Governors Awards 2015: ‘Hateful Eight,’ Spike Lee and a ‘Star Wars’ Diss
Saturday night the Academy held the 7th annual Governors Awards, this year celebrating industry titans Debbie Reynolds, Gena Rowlands and Spike Lee. It was also a campaign stop en route to the Oscars next year, because let’s face it: when the Academy broke this off as a separate event and plopped it right in the middle of November, awards strategists saw an opportunity.

So bouncing around the floor, you’re bound to run into this contender or that. Johnny Depp, Tom McCarthy, Ian McKellen, Carey Mulligan, Samuel L. Jackson, countless others — it’s a veritable who’s who of the season each and every year. Here are just a handful of notes from the ground.

Kurt Russell says “The Hateful Eight” is like a fine wine.

Quentin Tarantino’s latest is at the starting gate, already screening for guilds and the HFPA and ready to show for more press imminently.
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Governors Award Winner Spike Lee to Hollywood: ‘You Better Get Smart’

Governors Award Winner Spike Lee to Hollywood: ‘You Better Get Smart’
Governors Awards recipient Spike Lee reminded hundreds of Hollywood heavy-hitters about their failure at diversity, warning that “You better get smart” about making films that represent the population — because by 2043, Caucasians are going to be the minority in the U.S.

Lee’s 15-minute speech was delivered in a calm and genial manner, concluding Saturday’s awards ceremony that also honored Debbie Reynolds and Gena Rowlands. Lee said when he goes through Hollywood offices, there are only white faces, and the only person of color is the man checking the name at the door. “This industry is so behind, is ridiculous.” He said it’s apparently easier for a black person to become president of the U.S. than the head of a studio or TV network.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences president Cheryl Boone Isaacs opened the evening by urging Hollywood to move ahead on diversity, saying “Words
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Genre Films Can Break the Oscar Norm

By Anjelica Oswald

Managing Editor

Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as a sleazy freelance TV reporter determined to go to any length in search of crime footage in Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler could get him “recognized as one of the most daring actors working in Hollywood today” and has been called some of the “best work of his career.” With this type of praise, award contention usually follows, but historically speaking, “genre films” don’t fare well at the Oscars. It’s not impossible for films that deviate from the Oscar norm — biopics, period pieces or dramas — to secure Oscar nominations for the actors involved, but looking back through the years, from 2000 to the present, shows that these films constitute a lower percentage of overall nominees.

Musicals are a type of “genre film” that actors have managed to score Oscar nominations for, though they have had more difficulty doing so since the late 60s.
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Dr Who: films of Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy

Feature Alex Westthorp 16 Apr 2014 - 07:00

Alex's trek through the film roles of actors who've played the Doctor reaches Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy...

Read the previous part in this series, Doctor Who: the film careers of Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker, here.

In March 1981, as he made his Doctor Who debut, Peter Davison was already one the best known faces on British television. Not only was he the star of both a BBC and an ITV sitcom - Sink Or Swim and Holding The Fort - but as the young and slightly reckless Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great And Small, about the often humorous cases of Yorkshire vet James Herriot and his colleagues, he had cemented his stardom. The part led, indirectly, to his casting as the venerable Time Lord.

The recently installed Doctor Who producer, John Nathan-Turner, had been the Production Unit Manager on
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2013 Saturn Awards Nominations Announced

Today the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films announced its nominees for the 2013 Saturn Awards, one of the few awards programs in which a lot of us will recognize nearly every production. The awards have been expanded over recent years, so if you are unclear about just what type of productions are honored by the Academy, an explanation is included in the press release below, although it can really be summarized as “we know it when we see it.”

A few head-scratchers, however, just beg to be called out:

Anna Karenina? Les Miserables? Leverage? Elementary? Really? That is some broad definition. No subgenre categories for television. The Academy proofreader should know by now that it’s “Syfy” and not “SyFy” (don’t worry, I fixed it, and sorry, it’s a pet peeve). Adding in historical fiction somewhere somehow without actually mentioning it. The entire category “Best Youth-Oriented
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Why Robert De Niro Can Win Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars

By Tariq Khan, Gold Derby 1. It's a wide open race. The last five years, the Supporting Actor derby has been incredibly easy to call. Just consider the wins by Javier Bardem in "No Country for Old Men," Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight," Christoph Waltz in "Inglourious Basterds," Christian Bale in "The Fighter" and Christopher Plummer in "Beginners." Were any of those outcomes ever really in doubt? Each of those men was declared the frontrunner early in the season and then prevailed at both the Globes and SAG Awards. The Oscar presentation was really just a formality. Finally, 2012 has brought us some suspense. There has been no clear critical favorite, with non-nominees Matthew McConaughey taking both the New York and National Society prizes for "Magic Mike" and "Bernie," and Dwight Henry winning in Los Angeles for "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Christoph Waltz was the upset Globe victor for "Django Unchained
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The Hobbit Movie – Behind The Scenes Look At Creating The Music With Howard Shore

Over the past two days The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences listed both the score and song from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as eligible for nominations in both the Best Score and Best Original Song categories for the 85th Academy Awards in February. I can’t even begin to fathom any of the movies in the Lord of the Rings trilogy without the soaring soulful works of Howard Shore. It undoubtedly stands as his most towering achievement to date. He won three Academy Awards® for his music for those films, two for Best Original Score, and one for Best Original Song. Shore has also won numerous other honors for his film work, including four Grammys and three Golden Globe Awards.

WaterTower Music has released The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack today and once again composer Shore’s score is a triumph.
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An Early Look at 2013 Oscar Contenders

It's almost hard to believe, but with the conclusion of Sunday's Academy Awards, this year's awards race is now officially over -- and the race to the 2013 Oscars has officially begin.

While it's obviously premature to guess who will be walking up to the podium next year to accept their golden man, we figured you'd like an idea of the likely contenders. If these films we've assembled as our early (way early) 2013 Oscar predictions are anything to go by, next year's race promises to be a solid one. Bring them on!

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'Argo '

While his acting career has yet to peak, Ben Affleck's directorial career is flourishing. His last two films, "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town," were critical darlings that each garnered Academy Award nominations, so expectations are riding high on his next one, "Argo," to deliver. The true story chronicles
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And The Oscar Goes To ... Someone Who Didn't Deserve It.

It still provides a chuckle

The history of The Academy Awards is littered with strange and inexplicable happenings: Revealed shortcomings, spontaneous pushups, "The winner is Paul Newman," Sandahl Bergman's interpretive dance to "Eye Of The Tiger" (admittedly, one of the highlights of my life).

And of course ... Snow White rolling on the river.

But aside from the odd ceremony moments, and the fashion drama on the red carpet, it's the Oscar errors in judgment that we remember the most.

A few weeks ago we discussed the Oscar nomination Sins Of Omission, so let's now take a look at the performers who actually won, and how The Academy still blew it.

The 2005 nominees for Best Actor were:

Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote

Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain

David Strathairn in Good Night and Good Luck

Terrence Howard in Hustle & Flow

Joaquin Phoenix in Walk The Line

And The Oscar Went
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2010 Primetime Emmy Award Winners!

The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Winners! The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences held The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles and broadcast live coast-to-coast exclusively on NBC.

This year's Awards show was hosted by Jimmy Fallon, and celebrated some fresh faces and new programs such as Modern Family, which won best comedy over 30 Rock, which has held to that title for three consecutive years.

The night's biggest shocker winner was Bravo's Top Chef, who knocked out The Amazing Race from its seven-year winning streak.

But not all winning streaks are meant to be broken: Mad Men took home its third consecutive win for best drama.

Check out the list of the winners below!

Outstanding Drama

Mad MenBreaking BadDexterThe Good WifeLostTrue Blood

Outstanding Comedy

Modern Family30 RockCurb Your EnthusiasmGleeNurse JackieThe Office

Outstanding Actor in a Drama

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad
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2010 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Award Winners

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards on NBC tonight 8/29 in Los Angeles. The show was hosted by Jimmy Fallon and you can view a list of the major winners below. I gotta be honest... I was rooting for Dexter for best Drama, but I can't complain that Mad Men won again. After all it is a great show. Check out the list of winners below and let us know what you thought of the Emmy winners! 

Outstanding Drama

"Mad Men" - Winner

"Breaking Bad"


"The Good Wife"


"True Blood"

Outstanding Comedy

"Modern Family"- Winner

"30 Rock"

"Curb Your Enthusiasm"


"Nurse Jackie"

"The Office"

Outstanding Actor in a Drama

Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad")- Winner

Hugh Laurie ("House M.D.")

Jon Hamm ("Mad Men")

Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights")

Matthew Fox ("Lost")

Michael C. Hall ("Dexter")

Outstanding Actress in a Drama

Kyra Sedgwick
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