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Featured Poll: 25 Highest-Grossing Movies of 2020

Which of these highest-grossing movies of 2020 is your favorite?

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Select from The Eight Hundred (2020), Bad Boys for Life (2020), and 23 others.

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Hardest Things to Kill in Movies Which of these things is most difficult to kill? Discuss the list here!
IMDb Poll Board Top Picks During 2020 With release dates being pushed to next year, 2020 has seen far fewer movies than recent years. The question I usually pose the poll board members is their top 5 movies for the current year. This time…
Favorite Gotham Villains Which one is Your Favorite Villain From Gotham TV Series? Discuss the Poll Here
Favorite Horror Comedy Movie Movies that have at least 20,000 votes are considered. Which among these is your favorite horror comedy movie? Discuss here
IMDb Top 250 Romance Movies Which of these romance movies from the IMDb Top 250 list, as of January 2021, is your favorite? Discuss here Also vote for: ?? IMDb Top 250 War Films ?? IMDb Top 250 Historical Films ?? IMDb Top 250 F…
Animated Keith David Which of the following animated characters* voiced by veteran actor, Keith David, is your favorite? Discuss your answer here! *Main characters from an animated tv series; main character from animated …
Characters Who Fly Which of these characters who fly is your favorite? *The list also includes characters who can fly with objects or beasts. Discuss the list here!
The Best 2020 Netflix Original Movies Which of these 2020 Netflix original movies is your favorite? • Note: Only movies with at least 10,000 votes and an average rating of 6.0 or above are considered. Discuss here [ See more: Best of 2020…
Top Rated Tamil Movies These are the Top 35 Tamil movies as rated by IMDb users. Which one is your favorite? Discuss here
Best Caravan Movie Which of these movies about traveling with caravan is your favorite? Discuss the Poll Here
The Betty White Options You may have noticed that the last choice listed in several various polls is a picture of Betty White and reads "The Betty White Option." What it means in IMDb-poll-speak is "none of th…
McCelebrities From this list of former McDonald's employees, who would you like to meet serving you a Big Mac? After voting, please tell us if one of these celebrities served you here.
Merciful Death 17 impressive Movies/Episodes/Documentaries regarding these topics - even marginally: Dignity in Dying, Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Right to Die (titles in reverse chronological order + spoiler aler…
Favorite 'Mr. Bean' Episode Rowan Atkinson has announced that his beloved character Mr. Bean is ready to retire. Influenced by Monsieur Hulot, Atkinson originally developed the character in the 80s and after several tests the wo…
David Lynch's Creepiest Character David Lynch's films include various creepy characters. Which one do you consider the most disturbing? Discuss here
Oscar Winning Actresses Born in New York State Which of these Oscar winning actresses born in New York State is your favorite? Discuss the list here!
Face-Off: The Deathly Hallows Which deathly hallow would you like to have in your possession? Discuss the list here!
Face-Off: Mike Flanagan's "Hauntings" Which of the two horror TV series that Mike Flanagan has created is your favorite? Discuss here.
Face-Off: Bong Joon-ho's English Movies What is your favorite English-language movie directed by Bong Joon-ho? Discuss here
Shin'ichirô Watanabe: God of Anime TV! Which of these beloved anime series* directed by anime auteur, Shin'ichirô Watanabe, is your favorite? Or which of these beloved anime series is the most compelling for you to pick and watch if you ha…
"Vikings" Brotherhood Brotherhood is a major theme on Vikings (2013). Which of these brotherly relationships do you find the most interesting? Discuss here
Favorite Pirate Movie Which of these pirate movies is your favorite? Discuss the list here!
Most Anticipated Animated Movies of 2021 Here are some of the major and much anticipated Animated movies that will be released in 2021. Which animated movie are you waiting for? Discuss Here After Voting
Most Searched Actors 2020 Which of these top 10 searched actors on Google in 2020 do you think was the most influential during the year? Also vote for: Most Searched Movies 2020 and Most Searched TV Shows 2020 Discuss the poll…
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