Top 24 Best 24 Performances

Best actors and actresses in 24

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Honorable Mentions

William Devane - James Heller (4-6 + Live Another Day)
James Cromwell - Philip Bauer (Season 6)
Joel Bissonnette - Pavel Tokarev (Season 8)
Christian Kane - Peter Madsen (Game)
Robert Carlyle - Carl Benton (Redemption)
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Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland was born in London, England, UK, to Canadian actors Shirley Douglas and Donald Sutherland, who moved to California shortly after his birth. His maternal grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was a Scottish-born Canadian politician who was a Premier of Saskatchewan for over 17 years and led the national NDP party for almost 10...
“ JACK BAUER, seasons 1-8, 24 Redemption + 24: Game ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Tobin Bell
Actor, Saw
Tobin Bell is an American actor with a career in film, television and theater spanning three decades. He was born in Queens, New York and raised in Weymouth, Mass. His mother is the British actress Eileen Bell. He is perhaps best known for his role as the iconic villain "Jigsaw" in the Saw film series...
“ PETER KINGSLEY, season 2 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
“ IRA GAINES, season 1 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Annie Wersching
Actress, 24
“ RENEE WALKER, seasons 7-8 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
James Morrison
Actor, 24
A filmmaker, playwright, poet, actor, singer/songwriter and yoga teacher, James Morrison was born in Utah and is a product of Alaska. He began his acting career as a clown and wire walker for the Carson and Barnes Wild Animal Circus and served his theatrical apprenticeship with the Alaska Repertory Theatre...
“ BILL BUCHANAN, seasons 4-7 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Will Patton
Actor, Armageddon
Will Patton was born in Charleston, South Carolina. His father, Bill Patton, is a playwright, acting/directing instructor, and Lutheran minister. Patton attended the North Carolina School of the Arts. He has won two OBIE awards for best actor for the off-Broadway plays, Sam Shepard's "Fool for Love" and the Public Theatre production of "What Did He See?".
“ ALAN WILSON, season 7 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Julian Sands
Tall, gaunt, and particularly effective in horror and drama films--British actor Julian Sands was born in Otley, West Riding of Yorkshire, to Brenda and William Sands. He came to the attention of NBC when the network cast him in the made-for-TV The Sun Also Rises and then with Anthony Hopkins in the television film A Married Man...
“ VLADIMIR BIERKO, season 5 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Thomas Kretschmann
Actor, King Kong
Thomas Kretschmann was born in East Germany. Before becoming an actor, he was a swimmer. He has acted in several popular American movies, such as Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Pianist, U-571, In Enemy Hands, etc. He has three children, Nicolas, Stella and Sascha with his ex-girlfriend Lena.
“ MAX, season 2 + 24: Game ” - The_Lord_ZXV
“ TONY ALMEIDA, seasons 1-5 & 7 + 24: Game ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Sarah Clarke
Actress, Bosch
Actress Sarah Clarke was born and raised in Missouri, the middle child of Carolyn and Ernest Clarke, an engineer. She has an older and younger brother. She was educated at John Burroughs School in St. Louis, Missouri, and went on to Indiana University to study Fine Arts and Italian. During Clarke's senior year at university she studied in Bologna...
“ NINA MYERS, seasons 1-3 + 24: Game ” - The_Lord_ZXV
“ DAVID PALMER, seasons 1-5 + 24: Game ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Reiko Aylesworth
Actress, 24
Reiko was born in Chicago, IL.. She and her younger brother were raised by their mother who worked in a methadone clinic and later ran a jail. When Reiko was 13 yrs. old, they met the man who would become her stepfather and would introduce her to acting and theater. The family soon moved to Springfield...
“ MICHELLE DESSLER, seasons 2-5 + 24: Game ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Michael Wincott
Actor, Basquiat
Over more than thirty years, Michael Wincott has gained the reputation of a respected and uncompromising actor. Born in Scarborough, Ontario, he eventually moved to New York City where he graduated from Juilliard in 1986 and began a relationship with Joseph Papp's Public Theatre beginning with his creation of the role of Kent in Eric Bogosian's Talk Radio...
“ ADRIEN CROSS, Live Another Day ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Yvonne Strahovski
Actress, Dexter
Yvonne was born and raised in Australia. Her parents were Polish immigrants. She attended the Santa Sabina College for her high school education. She then went on to study Performance at the University of Western Sydney's School of Contemporary Arts, graduating in 2003. Shortly afterwards, she landed her first role on television in an episode of Fear Factory...
“ KATE MORGAN, Live Another Day ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Kim Raver
Actress, 24
“ AUDREY RAINES, seasons 2-6 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Peter Weller
Actor, RoboCop
Peter Frederick Weller was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, to Dorothy Jean (Davidson) and Frederick Bradford Weller, a federal judge and career helicopter pilot for the United States Army. He traveled extensively as his father literally flew around the world. Before he was out of his teens, he had attended high schools in Heidelberg...
“ CHRISTOPHER HENDERSON, season 5 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
David Dayan Fisher
Born and raised in North London. David started acting at 28 years of age. He worked in numerous jobs before finding his passion. From a Pizza and Crepe chef to owner of a float tank center. He trained at Central School of Speech and Drama in west London. Improv. at Timber Theater company in Highgate, and Dangerous acting at the Actor Studio. Actor, Author, Artist & poet.
“ ANTON BERESCH, season 5 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Dennis Hopper
Actor, Speed
With an amazing cinematic career of more than five decades, Dennis Hopper was a multi-talented and unconventional actor/director, regarded by many as one of the true "enfants terribles" of Hollywood. Hopper was born on May 17, 1936 in Dodge City, Kansas, to Marjorie Mae (Davis) and James Millard Hopper...
“ VICTOR DRAZEN, season 1 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Actress, 24
Mary Lynn Rajskub is an American actress, comedienne and singer who is best known as a co-star of Kiefer Sutherland on the popular television series 24. She was born on June 22, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan, into a family of Irish, Czech, and Polish ancestry. She was brought up in Trenton...
“ CHLOE O'BRIEN, seasons 3-8 + 24: Game ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Leslie Hope
Actress, 24
Leslie Hope was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada as Leslie Ann Hope. She is an actress, director, and producer. As an actor she is known for Never Back Down (2008), 24 (2001) and Talk Radio (1988). She directed and wrote 'Gaykeith' and produced and directed the award-winning documentary 'What I See When I Close My Eyes'...
“ TERI BAUER, season 1 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
“ MARTIN COLLIER, season 7 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
Elisha Cuthbert
Actress, 24
Elisha Ann Cuthbert (born November 30, 1982) is a Canadian actress and model. She became internationally known for playing Kim Bauer in the series 24; Danielle in the teen comedy film The Girl Next Door and Carly Jones in the 2005 in of House of Wax. She was voted the sexiest actress in the world in 2015 by the magazine Glam'Mag...
“ KIM BAUER, seasons 1-3 + 5 & 7-8 + 24: Game ” - The_Lord_ZXV
“ RICHARD WALSH, season 1 ” - The_Lord_ZXV
“ ETHAN KANIN, seasons 6-8 ” - The_Lord_ZXV