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Dredd (2012)
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Yes yes and yes, 15 November 2012

These days rarely I find movie that hits the spot right on coming from Hollywood. But this is not Your typical Hollywood production and You can see it. It is brutal, it is dirty, it is packed with action to the limit and beyond, it is good ride to be in If You like Dredd in first place. It hits all the right spots, only regret is 3D only version in cinema.

I read the comic as a kid and this movie hits that just as good unlike Sly's version which dealt with matter Dredd should not.

Karl Urban did great job as cold law Judge Dredd.

Really well done as hopefully just a first part of many to come. Bring it on.

Immortals (2011)
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Greek mythology should sue Hollywood, 15 November 2011

If that is even possible it should.

This movie is not even good for showcasing your new HD surround cinema home system to your friends.

Cinematography, which was only highlight of most blockbuster movies made in last few years, well they even screw that up.

Main cast and acting is painfully boring to the bone. You will node more than you will be ready for. It is insult even if you have just a basic knowledge of Greek myths not to mention the rest. Story, screenplay, casting, music it is all very very bad. Only and only thing slightly worth mentioning is Mickey Rourke and that is it.

Many went into finer details why this does not work on so many levels so take these into consideration as well before watching.

Cars 2 (2011)
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Clichéd, 16 October 2011

Never thought I am going to say this for one of Pixar's movies but this one is totally cliché and predictable.

And absence of clichés is why we like Pixar movies in first place. You did not know what to expect around the corner. Excitement was all over the place.

But not this time. Artistically it is golden as any other but story wise it failed miserably. This story has been seen countless times in so many movies and cartoons.

Real shame for mighty Pixar, beacon of hope for designers and story tellers around the globe. Hope this one will be last bad one they made.

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Return it is, 3 October 2011

Thank you Bryan Singer. I do mean it. Thank you for making such a delightful homage to Superman 1 and 2, movies I watched countless times when I was child.

One who does not realize that should not watch this movie. Singer managed to make modern day movie that can easily fit to originals from 1978 and 1980. Brandon is worthy superman in every aspect. Kevin Spacy is amazing as Lex. It will leave you breathless many times. I love that Bryan kept original music score, that really is a great theme.

This should not be treated as a movie. This is painting about Superman.

One and only true super hero.

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First class not quite, 30 September 2011

With so many characters and subjects it was probably hell for screenwriter to decide what to include in this part of X-Men. And plus to satisfy comic book fans and those who are not.

In general prequels should be banned from movie making. It spoils all good things about sequels.

I love X-Men 1 and 2 so having Bryan Singer involved here is only thing that made me watch this movie. But 2 things are starting to get in a way to make these movies better.

First is 2nd world war and Cold war inspiration for a plot. Second is unpleasantly weak acting job by James McAvoy. Reason is for such a great mentor he is suppose to be hi is very unconvincing. Remember he is training people with amazing, often lethal powers. He lacks presence authority you can feel. In contrast to that Patric Stewart performed this part perfectly. And as main actor here that is why this movie failed despite the all good things about it. Michael Fassbender is one that did best acting here.

All else is good action, effects, even screenplay is surprisingly interesting for Hollywood standards these days. And potential is there. Will see if next one is going to be better as this one feels in no way connected to sequels.

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Supertramp is SUPERGREAT, 20 September 2011

I am still settling it in. Maybe not the best time for review but for movies great like this any time is proper.

Where to begin at all? Acting is, oh gasp, magnificent, better than any I've seen before. Directing, editing, photography, soundtrack - that is all stellar. Technically it is perfect gem.

Good movies are either liked or not. Great movies are liked as whole or each find something to remember it by. This is GREAT movie. Every possible thing here is brought to the perfection. This celluloid creation managed to cover so many different subjects and themes it will take some time and few more watching to absorb it all. And I do mean to cover them. This movie defies all bad things you have been learned about life in such a manner it is force that drives deep and runs deep.

It is very hard to describe why this movie is one of best ever made without making spoilers so I'll just say:


I have to express my BIG THANK YOU for all involved into making this movie, as it is made with such a care for detail that is rarely witnessed today.

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Watch and forget, 18 September 2011

Simply said very few elements after you finish watching will keep you interested in further investigating the film.

Acting is standard for British made movies that have ambition to be presented outside the island meaning it want be up to everyone's sensibility. Certainly this movie would be even lower on a radar if Nick Frost was not in it and it is obvious why. There is no x factor that will push you deeper into the movie. Also abrupt ending lack building up tension toward it.

This is one of those movies you will watch on local TV channel in few years more often than you would like to.

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Not worth the book, 14 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was very happy when I saw there is a movie depicting events in the book. I read the book and I knew I should not expect for a movie to be as good book is. But this is far greater disappointment than expected.

Okay now, for any book to be filmed properly all the events in the movie would have to last for more than 4 hours and plus. That is why when writing screenplay writer must decide which part he will highlight and which not. But in this version director made a mush mash of it and not very good one I'm afraid. Not surprisingly as Marc Foster is one of the most overrated directors ever.

Ideally for this movie would be to have two part story. First one would cover events in Avganistan. Here screenplay would concentrate on relation between Hassan and Amir which is core of the book and that awful event with Assef. Second part would partially depict life of Amir and his father in US. In last third act would address Amir's return to Avganistan ,final confrontation with Assef, and ultimately salvation of Amir's tormented soul. All of that and there would still be a room for relations between Amir and his father and Soraya.

Pity, as book is magnificent and worth a proper movie.

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Somewhere in the Middle, 7 September 2011

Enough time has passed since this movie premiered. By now it made it's producers happy and still is by making money out of merchandise and what not else.

As far as movie itself is concerned, only one thing matters. How will it stand the test of time. This is climatic final chapter how Sith become to rule the galaxy again, and more importantly how our hero Anakin become anti hero Vader. If there was ever a chance for Lucas to make things right again this was it. So how does this one stands, both, on it's own as a movie and as part of 6 episodes.

Maybe luckily for fans, to this episode belongs one task that previous episodes did not have to full fill, and that is teeing it all together with episodes 4, 5, and 6. I said luckily as that forced Lucas to pay more attention to the story and episodes he filmed first, something he forgot in episodes 1 and 2 that allowed him to ignore them.

Still weakest link here is acting by soon to be Vader. Even Natalie, which proved her acting qualities, fails faced with stupid dialog. I think this proves that Hollywood is desperate for one good dialog editor, someone whose vocabulary extends beyond TV commercials. Other did a fair job of acting with what was offered. Not surprisingly, best acting is done by Emperor, as given best material to work with.

And how about imagination, you know that core star wars quality? What producers fail to see, intentionally or not, is that old movies are more loved than new ones for one very simple, yet essential reason, and star wars provide perfect example. When Lucas filmed New Hope he was fighting to make his vision believable. As said, he was very frustrated because he could not get 50 percent of what he wanted. In that, for him, painful process he achieved something great he may not intended. He left audiences imagination fill the gaps he could not. And that made Star Wars even better even more believable.

Here on the other hand with army of effects producers to back him up nothing is left to accident. And that is what this movie needs. Some randomness, to make you wonder, to spice things up. But no, everything is super clean and super perfect and that is why it ultimately fails as a movie.

Yet despite all that there are great highlights. Final duel between Obi Wan and Anakin, attack on Jedi temple, Yoda vs. Sidious, Vader transformation...

So, finally at the end, this one falls in the middle between perfection driven Lucas and not so "perfect" old episodes loved by true fans. Neither are happy with it, so each should grab a scene he loves and ignore the rest. This movie and episodes 1 and 2 are filmed in such a manner you can simply ignore half of it if you wish, but for better or for worse is individual opinion.

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No magic again, 25 August 2011

I watched 1st Harry Potter movie and first half of second. I thought here this one may redeem all others parts equally boring because nothing is happening really. That is biggest problem with all Harry Potter movies - nothing is happening.

But no unfortunately that is not the case, not even now. 90 percent of time this movie wastes on close up shot of Harry and his friends just looking around!

If this is introduction to climatic end battle between Voldemort and Harry I lost complete interest in watching that. Again Harry displays even more emotional dilemmas like a girl. That might be OK in previous parts but hey; Harry you know your mortal enemy is upon you. Say what do you think you finally start acting like some bad ass wizard? No huh?

Boring to the bone. I bet 2nd part is like this pretty much to the end?

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