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Magnificent!, 23 June 2015

A wonderful film, featuring three actors at their peak, two who would be dead within a year and the other loosing his sight. To be honest the performances must be as much down to John Huston as to the individuals for he seems to have every second of this film under his control and we spend the whole of the first half smiling and the second half wincing. Monroe is a joy throughout and the guys understandably in awe but the carelessness and happiness of the first half gives way to a much more realistic and harder edged drama when we get out into the hills. Huston is as happy and successful filming tightly in the early interior scenes and a delightful legs only dance close-up, as he is with the wider landscapes later on. Magnificent!

Entourage (2015)
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funny, irreverent, sexy and very likable indeed, 23 June 2015

I can't believe the poor reviews this film has received and am appalled at the treatment handed out by a certain BBC reviewer. The main problem is that this being a big screen version of a TV series is making it understandable and enjoyable to a wider audience, one that has not seen the TV and that, I'm afraid that, you can't really do. Fans of the show, light but hilarious and very non PC, don't want a whole great introduction into people we have 'known' for a few years, we just want to get more of the same on a larger scale with a forward movement from the story we already know. To this extent the film succeeds, its funny, irreverent, sexy and very likable indeed (unless you live in the Southern States of America, I should add as a warning!)

Wolfen (1981)
different enough and occasionally startling, 23 June 2015

Unusual film that takes a very different path from the traditional werewolf movie. Low budget in feel, which is good, this starts incredibly well with horror, gore and bewilderment. The use of the negative image when we see through the eyes of the wolves is great, its less plastic than ordinary SFX and far more realistic than CGI, its also cheap (I've used it myself!) but the best thing about it is that it is literally an inversion of reality, which is just what you want here. Finney is fine but maybe should have been encouraged to put a little more effort in. As for his co-star, Diane Venora, in her first film, her lack of presence is worrying. I guess first time director (apart from Woodstock work) Michael Wadleigh was not used to getting the best out of his actors and indeed never made another film. Not to take away from this little gem though, not perfect by any means but different enough and occasionally startling enough to make at least one viewing essential.

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a mighty achievement, 22 May 2015

This is a mighty achievement. In a time when film after film comes along with loads of hype and then fizzles out in the theatre, this is a most welcome success. Clearly miller has a clear vision and goes to great lengths to create just what he wants. For me the relentless opening escape sequence was too long and without proper introduction of characters, I felt lost and alienated, as if watching someone else play a computer game. But then we meet the ladies! Suddenly all begins to make a kind of sense and a ferociously enjoyable movie unfolds. I liked the action, the costumes, the pathos, the humour, the violence, the whole unstoppable caravan of carnage. Girls and even old ladies in prominent roles was a nice touch and if this sidelined Tom Hardy so be it. Charlize Theron was surprisingly good and the young ladies effective enough. Apart from my own problem with the opening, this is very hard to fault and is a most spectacular and brash addition to the Mad Max portfolio

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Wonderful., 20 May 2015

I loved this and sat entranced from beginning to end. Despite there not being much physical 'action' this is most beguiling, Helped enormously by a fine performance from Juliette Binoche and a surprisingly good one from Kristen Stewart. There is something about films about the making of plays that always seems to fascinate and it is a useful device because it compels us to see the characters as actors. We cannot lapse into some luvvie appreciation society like state. the cinema performers are constantly talking about how they will play their role so we have to separate and it gives great opportunity for depth. An opportunity not missed here as a slightly bossy Binoche seems to fall for her young assistant as they work together on a play in which Binoche will play the older, having years ago played the younger. i must also mention the third star of this production, the Sils Maria cloud formation itself, a snake like phenomenon, worming its way down the mountain side and through the valley. Wonderful.

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Cinema!, 3 May 2015

Caught this magnificent film at the start of an extended run at BFI Southbank, London and it seemed as fresh as ever. From the claustrophobic opening sequence, trapped inside a car and watched by surrounding travellers, to the exhilarating ending where everyone joins hands, this is confident and bold and always visually stunning. Many images I remembered from my last viewing, many years ago, and they made me smile with recognition, like old friends. Claudia Cardinale is not given an awful lot to do here, she just has to appear as the perfect fantasy beauty and that she does to perfection. I had, actually, forgotten that Barbara Steele was in the film and was startled to see her pop up, with her distinctive and luscious features. Anouk Aimee is great as the director's wife in a very tricky role as she comes to terms with his friends, male and female. Sandra Milo is the fourth fine actress helping this vast venture with her blowsy and bosomy performance. I am surprised and glad to note that these four are all still well and working today 50+ years on. There are so many vignettes one could draw attention to but, suffice, I think to say that despite (or maybe because of) the many imponderables and failures illustrated, this remains a most life enhancing movie. Too long? Well maybe just a shade but who would dare to put their scissors to this work of genius? PS: I notice that amazingly i have written this piece and not mentioned the towering and pivotal role played by the ever excellent, Marcello Mastroianni. Whether seen quick stepping away from an unwanted encounter, liaising with one of his ladies or simply seen in close up peering over his glasses he seems to be the very essence of 'charismatic'.

Don't expect non stop sex and violence and you'll be fine., 30 April 2015

I really liked this, even if it wasn't quite what I expected. Sold, very much, as a 'pinky violence' movie, it has far more connections with earlier samurai movies. Someone mentioned that the film has a slightly dated feel and that is partly because of this harking back element but also the glorious wide screen b/w cinematography. Pinky or not there is plenty of vigorous action here and many a sexual situation, even if not particularly sustained. Junko Miazono is fabulous in the main role and if she doesn't get into revenge mode until the final third, it is always bubbling and she is great at it when it comes. The film is very well constructed and although we get several scenes that could have been over long, like the heist and the torture and tattoo scenes all is dealt with very well. Indeed, at the start we get considerable back story without a moments hesitation or even a screen wipe. Oh and the very beginning of the film on the bridge across the river is stunning. Well worth a watch, just don't expect non stop sex and violence.

Trittico (1971)
Acid erotica!, 19 April 2015

The only person, so far to have reviewed this movie on IMDb does a pretty good job summing up the slight story and certainly helped me out! However I'm not sure he quite does justice to just what a heady brew this is. Always stunning to look at, style over substance all the way and the girls can't wear much in the way of clothes for very long. The music, yes completely unoriginal but irresistible nevertheless, thank you Mr. Cipriani compliments this sparkling giallo like production perfectly. No killings that I was aware of, oh come to think of it I suppose there were, deaths at least. Veteran actor, Rossano Brazzi, Barefoot Contessa, South Pacific and many others moved into TV in the eighties but in the seventies it seems he lent his name and presence to several of his brother's films, of which this is one. Sex, drugs and r&r must also have been involved in the transaction going by this little number but I'm sure much fun was had. Sylva Koscina who is taken along for the ride looks wonderful throughout, wearing some stunning dresses when she can be bothered, appeared in several gialli and will be a much loved and familiar face to many. Not much here by way of sophistication but suffice to say this goes straight into my little list entitled, Acid Erotica!

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the lovely Laure awaits the attentions of both, 18 April 2015

I nearly didn't watch this after reading the very few IMDb reviews which seemed to suggest the film was dull, uninteresting and suitable for twelve year olds. Something intrigued me, however, and I couldn't see a Trintignant film was likely to be completely without merit. In fact this is a must see film, yes, Trintignant is great and the other two leads, Carole Laure and Richard Berry are also very good and the tale is so well told. Yes, it is understated and I guess i wouldn't describe it as 'exciting' or 'fast paced' but I was hooked from the start and most intrigued for the duration. Nothing is overtly explained and we just have to watch as Berry as the lonely serial killer goes about his stuff, Trintignant similarly about his, as a most unorthodox cop, and the lovely Laure awaits the attentions of both. Some difficult territory explored and welcome recognition that desire and love and friendship do not all line up as we might wish.

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A fine film with much violence., 30 March 2015

Really good, from the languorous, elegiac opening to the full throttle finish, I enjoyed it all. I note that IMDb shows a running time of 95 minutes whilst my new Arrow DVD runs nearer 115. Can that be so, 20 minutes cut from the previous print? It is just possible for there is a surprisingly large amount of time given to introduction of the characters and the town so that we might become totally involved. Goodness knows what anyone would make of much of this film without the precious opening ten minutes where Giuliano Gemma is introduced to us, literally as a sh*t shoveler before coming under the wing of the majestic Lee van Cleef. The famous Almeria set and surrounds plays its part well too and whilst the tale is fairly simple (revenge!) it is so well told and whilst the opening scenes seem to show a ghost town by the end we have seen it teeming with folks from all around. A fine film with much violence.

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