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Godzilla (2014)
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The worst movie, 20 May 2014

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I thought I had seen some bad movies, but the new Godzilla takes the cake. Spiderman 2 was terrible but not nearly as awful as Godzilla. All the things you see in the previews are fake. Bryan Cranston dies early on and has a role that is demeaning for such a brilliant actor. If you are expecting to see Heizenberg from Breaking Bad, don't get your hopes up. There is no similarity between the two characters. Oh, and the moth monsters? They were so obviously fake looking that my nephew could have made them on his iPad. The CG these days is just terrible. I am not sure who directed this movie but the way it was directed was extremely poor. The casting for the movie was awful as well. Whoever those two main characters were, were very miscast. Oh, and about Godzilla? Did he knock planes out of the sky? No he didn't. That was an EMP. I am furious that this movie was made. The Godzilla monster screamed and it was so obviously a rip off of dinosaurs that I laughed. When Godzilla started breathing fire like a dragon, I laughed my ass off. How much of a rip off is that? Can you saw SMAUG? The ending was terrible also. Godzilla just swims off in the ocean. Oh, and the Ocean turned into a tsunami when Godzilla appeared? Yeah right, there is no way that would happen. Everything about this movie was beyond terrible. I should have skipped this movie. Shame on the director for making this movie. My life is truly a tad worse for having experienced such trash.

Oculus (2013/I)
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Best horror movie since The Shining, 12 April 2014

Move over Jack Nicholson, "Oculus" is in town! Now, when I first saw the previews to this movie, I was thinking about the Phish song! But to be honest, I am at a loss as to how the title came to be. Basically, this movie is a "thinking man's movie". If you are looking for a horror movie full of blood and guts, LOOK ELSEWHERE! Go get your Zombie movies dusted off and watch them! But this is a great movie, it's about a MIRROR. Yes, you heard me right, it's about a MIRROR. This mirror is HAUNTED and has a supernatural "being" in it. The movie is unlike any movie I have ever seen. There was a great "present/past" concurrent theme. Few movie makers have the courage to do this. I was glad to see that Obama's agenda was not forced on us during the watching of this movie as well.

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Not bad.., 4 April 2014

When I walked into the theater to see this movie, I had no idea of what to expect. But what I was treated to was a very strange plot involving a new world order and something called Hydra. This movie started off with a very strange scene involving Captain America jumping out of an airplane with no parachute. This movie had a decent cast but each actor essentially played themselves. Robert Redford was very miscast in this mess of a movie. They didn't let the winter soldier have enough screen time and they certainly didn't ask for that. What happened is that the Winter Soldier was never fully explained and he never really spoke. He said a line or two in what sounded like Russian and then a few other lines. I was very disappointed in Samuel L Jackson's lackluster performance as Nick Fury. He was also very irritating when they brought out the character he once played in that movie called Pulp Fiction. Did this movie have a beginning, middle and end? I would not call the END a true ending. Also, I am getting sick and tired of Stan Lee's cameos. The special effects are over the top in this movie to the point of making me sick. The CG effects are all very OBVIOUS. I was not happy with the way just about everything was CG. And what's the deal with Nick Fury in that car chase? He could have done better in that chase but he didn't.

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It was good, 10 October 2013

I liked it, don't get me wrong. It was great to see the up close 3D shots of each member. The setlist was great other than nothing else matters and The Memory Remains. I would have rather seen Leper Messiah and Breadfan in those places. I noticed stuff that I don't usually notice. I noticed stuff that I really kind of don't care to see, such as Lars standing up and hitting the drums or Robert's "crabwalk". I notice that Kirk runs a lot to! I never noticed how much he runs. But the music was excellent, the sound was great. I was one of five people in the entire theater. I was singing along to most of the music. I loved to get a perspective of what it's like ON STAGE for the boys rather than a concert you watch from the crowd. I noticed that the coffins had cool stuff like videos of people trying to escape, but the coffins were facing the ceiling. Maybe that was JUST for the movie. If I were at the actual show, I would not be able to see this. This was a first for ANY metal band, and for that I applaud Metallica. The "storyline" was OK, didn't do anything for me either way. The scene at the beginning where James Hetfield drives into the garage in his car with flames shooting out was corny as was Trujillo's crabwalk bass practicing. Bottom line is this: Metallica does not have the same effect on me now, no mater how perfectly they play, that they did when I listened to them for roughly four years straight every single day back in 86-90. They are the lowest on the mohs scale out of all thrash bands. But I still enjoyed the movie. I would have rather seen the IMAX. I am glad I saw the 3D - that really made the difference for me.

Gravity (2013)
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George Clooney was so calm, 7 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I loved this movie. I am a science fiction fan and love movies about space. This movie was so wonderful for the visuals alone. But when everything went to hell and debris started hitting the space shuttle, George Clooney did not panic or anything. He just kept doing his space walk and was super calm. Even in the scene where George Clooney cut his line so Sandra could live, he was very calm. I would have been screaming!!! Also, when that one astronaut had a piece of debris crash through his helmet, his face froze instantly and a rock crashed through his face? I know how it is in space, and it is NOT that way. Also, fire in space? You can't have fire in space. No way. And Sandra's hair never lifted and her tears were not frozen. When George Clooney knocked on the window and opened the hatch with Sandra completely exposed in her pajamas, she did not suffocate or freeze/burn. And is it me? Or was the Chinese space station just a little bit too similar to the ISS? Hmmmm. Jake won't see this but he should be aware that it has a beginning, middle and and end. I enjoyed this more than the Tom Cruise IMAX movie titled SPACE. What about when she used a FIRE HYDRANT to thrust herself to another space station? That seemed very unlikely since fire extinguishers can't work in space. But heck, people seem to love Star Wars and all of that stuff happens that is literally IMPOSSIBLE. Such as a green dwarf lifting a space ship out of a swamp? I mean COME ON!! So, if you can look past that kind of stuff, you will LOVE Gravity as I did. I noticed that there were some Obama suggestions in this movie. That did not bother me though. Oh, I forgot! What about going to the bathroom? They never showed that!

Prisoners (2013)
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Hugh Jackman is nothing short of a genius, 20 September 2013

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When I went to this movie, I was not sure what to expect. There are a lot of twists and turns. But the highlight of the movie is how angry Hugh Jackman became when his daughter went missing. Hugh Jackman decided to do what he felt was right and abduct the weirdo he thought was responsible. Let's just say I would not want to be on the receiving end of Hugh Jackman's fist. Hugh Jackman was torturing this guy (the weirdo from There will be Blood) for the entire movie. Jake G was good as the cop and where ever this was filmed had a really gritty feel about it. It rained all the time. What bothered me was how Terrence Howard cried or was watery eyed during the entire movie. Hugh Jackman had to convince him to not be a cry baby on more than one occasion. The lady, Ms. Jones, was played by a young actress which was really good to. Hugh Jackman and she get into it on more than one occasion. Was this movie long? yes. Was it good? Yes. Will Hugh Jackman get an Oscar nod? I sure hope so. This movie had a great plot and a protagonist and antagonist. Hugh Jackman started off the movie as a nice person but transitioned into a mad man. Good going Hugh Jackman. I look forward to more of these kinds of roles. Your Wolverine character is played out. Oh, and the ending? Well let's just say that the ENTIRE movie theater moaned. It was the most different ending ever. Very similar to how the Sopranos series ended. Jake Bass would like this movie. Hugh Jackman is awesome.

Riddick (2013)
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The best of the trilogy, 6 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was so good. Count Vaako was hardly in this movie but since his character was played by the Star Trek guy, I am not shocked. I was shocked how much I loved it. I was the only person in the entire theater which was a tad strange. Then again, I went at an early showing. This movie shows Riddick on a sun scorched planet. Riddick is pretty much all by himself for most of the beginning part of the movie. He tells his story about how he got there and became very close to a dog that he raised up from the puppy's early years. There were lots of amazing monsters on this planet. Some of them were like scorpions and could kill with their venom which was amazing. There were also fish that Riddick would eat to survive. The main bad guy was Santana who wanted Riddick's head in a box for some reason. This was not just any box but a special box with devices to keep the head alive I presume. Johns was also in the movie and played a guy who wanted answers about his son (the Cole Hauser guy from Pitch Black). Riddick looks pretty much the same as he did in the first movie. There was a lot of great plot in this one though. Riddick is able to be very elusive and he challenges anything that is put to him. He really puts people to the test and when he get's angry, look out! There is no telling if Riddick will make another appearance of if this is the end of the saga. I certainly hope not. The thugs that Santana had were amazingly cruel. They underestimated Riddick though and never saw him coming. There were many times during the first 45 minutes when it was pretty much a movie about Riddick and his new dog and how they bonded. It reminded me of Old Yeller. There was a scene where Santana is attacked by the dog and I will just leave it at that. Congrats Vin, you made another masterpiece. The Computer Generated scenes were amazing and put George Lucas to shame.

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Brad Pitt delivers the goods, 23 June 2013

When I went to see this movie, I was expecting pretty much what I saw in the previews. In otherwords, I saw Brad Pitt saying stuff in a soft voice while the zombie's run rampant. What sets this movie apart is how the Zombies are so fast and never run out of breath. It was amazing to see some of these special effects. There are many unanswered questioned such as the nuclear blast that caused Brad Pitt to lose cell phone reception. There was a lot of good stuff in this movie though. If you can overlook the plot holes, you will love this movie. You will have to get past the David Morse cameo and why his teeth are grinded into fangs. Great movie.

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This movie had me screaming PAIN and SUFFERING!!, 16 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I wanted to like this movie, I really did. Jake has been ranting about it. But instead I hated it. This movie had no darkness it it for being called INTO DARKNESS. It was mostly warm and fuzzy. There was absolutely NO GORE in it. The part where Spock talks to "Future Spock" on the computer screen was never explained. And then there is the KLINGONS! They looked cool but only had about 60 seconds of screen time. Why was Kirk's hair always messed up? Doesn't he have a comb?Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Khan very well but everyone else is pretty lame, especially Spock who always has his lips pursed together. What I didn't like about Kahn is that he was not as evil seeming as the Ricardo Montablan version. I think this movie is targeted mainly for children. The action sequences look like action figures in space and it's very obvious that it's CG. Every story ever written for TNG, TOS is better than this. J.J. Abrams's version of Star Trek has absolutely NOTHING in common with the ideas and visions of Gene Roddenberry. It has none of the MAGIC. Oh, and having Dr. Carol Marcus change uniforms in a shuttle while Kirk is asked to turn his back, is just a pathetic excuse to see a hot chick in her underwear, and is completely unnecessary to the story. Having Kirk die while saving the ship instead of Spock and having Spock yell KHAN instead of Kirk was laughable and these parts were just swapped from The Wrath of Khan. This drivel doesn't boldly go anywhere, it's a face paced action adventure film without any real star trekking involved. So many things are NOT REALISTIC and silly in this….suck as how they run for miles and never get tired, ignore the Prime Directive, freeze a volcano, get demoted, get repromoted, ooh there's a bad admiral in star fleet (Star Trek VI) blow up, smash, do the Millennium-Falcon-sideways-to-escape-the Klingons, die and come back to life using super- human blood (Battlestar Galactica), jump hundreds of feet and don't brake an ankle. The ending was pulled directly out of The Wrath of Khan, albeit with Kirk and Spock on opposite sides of the radiation screen doors. Then when they are in their formal uniforms they ALL look like Nazi's. Shame on you JJ. I want my two hours back.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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This is the best IRON MAN, 4 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie had literally everything you could imagine. It followed the basic structure of a movie which is to have a beginning, middle and and end. I liked how the director (who is nothing short of a genius) went to 1999 at the beginning of the movie to lay down the foundation. Then it was all Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr. This movie had a great protagonist (Tony Stark). The antagonist was not Ben Kingsly but rather Guy Pearce. I could see this coming a kilometer away. But you be the judge. There are many things about the movie that were neat. I loved how Tony had tons of remote control Iron Mans to take on the bad guys. I also loved how Tony Stark was mostly without his IRON MAN for most of the movie and had to rely on his own ability to be a mechanic. This was pure GENIUS. I will say that the bad guys in this movie were basically an ARMY of weirdos who can turn their bodies into fire and that's about it. I wanted to see more of a bad guy. There was also the amazing Donald Cheetah. He was great as War Machine. As he was without his "suit" for most of the movie, he had to rely on good old fashioned martial arts. He was trained well and was shown that the enemy will show NO MERCY. I was glad that finally somebody knows this. So if you want to see a great movie in which all the actors deliver the good, on all FOUR CYLINDERS, then see this movie. Try not to mind the "gum chewing man" too much. As he was very annoying.

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