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intense and compelling, 21 March 2011

Russel Crowe plays John and Elizabeth Banks plays his night she is arrested for murder.after years of fighting with the legal system to try to free her,he learns she will be sent to prison for life in three he must find a way to stop that from happening.this movie is full of suspense and's tightly written(Paul Haggis wrote the screenplay)and well directed by Paul Haggis.the acting is superb from both Russel Crowe and Elizabeth Banks,who continues to show her flair as a dramatic actress.Daniel Stern had a small role,but was very impressive as well.this is a film i'd definitely watch again.for me,The Next Three Days is a 7/10

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Terrific performances from Jodi Foster and Terrence Howard, 9 February 2008

this movie was much better than i had hoped or expected it to basically turns the vigilante genre on its head,and has a female character as the any vigilante movie,it certainly poses tough contains some terrific performances in it's two lead characters,Jodi Foster as the vigilante,and Terrance Howard as the cop on her trail.both are outstanding and very credible in their respective roles.Foster really makes you sympathetic to her character and rooting for her,even though you probably shouldn't.Howard's character is also sympathetic,because he has mixed feelings,but has to follow the law.he comes off very convincingly as someone who is conflicted.the movie is well paced and appropriately dark.even before the end of the movie,i thought it was well done,but the ending caught me totally off elevated the movie a notch.for me,The Brave One is a 9/10

Love Thy Neighbor (2006) (TV)
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things are not always the way they seem(great movie with great acting), 5 March 2007

holy crap.i thought this was a great is a made for TV movie,but it is better than most TV movies,and even comparable to some theatrical releases.the premise is not new,family moves into a new community after a break-in at their old house, to start a new life.things seem great in the new community,but then things start happening.i won't say anymore except that there is a psycho stalking the family.and let me tell you,this psycho is really nuts.but what really elevates this movie is the acting.which i thought was fantastic.there's also lots of tension ans suspense to keep you unnerved.this is a very entertaining movie,deserving of a higher rating than it currently has.i've seen a few TV movies of the genre and this is one of the better 1' vote for 'Love Thy neighbour': 9/10

Impostor (2001)
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very,solid,well done sci/fi entry(one of the best i have seen so far), 16 April 2007

this is a terrific,well acted has plenty of action,a very good storyline and is also asks many questions and leaves the viewer to answer most of them.i was drawn into this movie right from the beginning until the very end.there are some great,and unexpected (for me,anyway)plot twists.the ending i thought was brilliant.i felt the writers really captured the look and feel of a futuristic earth at war with the enemy.i also liked the fact that you never really know who the enemy is,until the very end.even then,i wasn't sure.if you are looking to be entertained,you should give this movie a try.if you like compelling and thought provoking action and drama,you should also give this movie a try.this movie has some intelligence behind it,which many movies today are sorely lacking.this is one of the best movies of the Sci/Fi genre i have seen to date. i wouldn't call it a masterpiece,but it is a very solid,well done film.My vote for "Imposter" is 9/10

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a darker,more realistic version of the Punisher, 31 January 2007

this version of the Punisher is much different than the 2004 version.for one thing it is much darker,and probably more faithful to the comic book version.the pacing is very deliberate in this one,creating more atmosphere.there are some very good fight scenes in this movie.the biggest difference is the antagonist,which is much more deadly in this one and a worthy adversary for the Punisher.Dolph Lundgren plays the role in this incarnation and is much more imposing,with better physical presence.this is mainly due to his size.he definitely would inspire fear in the criminal element.Lundgren is not really a great actor,but he doesn't need to be for this role.overall,this a good movie,more subdued than the 2004 version.there is more physical action,but very little of things blowing up,which works in this film's favor. a strong7/10

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for me,it sure is, 26 September 2009

but i doubt this will be the final installment.these things are so cheap to make,what with their no name actors.maybe i'm just getting old,but i found myself bored out of my skull with this thing.i guess maybe i'm just not all that entertained by people dying in gross,disgusting ways anymore.that and i just found it all too absurd.not too mention the story is old slightly less than ninety minutes,this thing is slightly less than ninety minutes too long,in my opinion.for the fourteen to mid twenty crowd,i guess this might hold some value,and yes,it would have for me,at that age,and even beyond.until recently in's only been maybe two years since i realized i wanted more form my movie thing's for sure,when the next installment comes around,that's one destination i won't be going on.for me,The Final Destination is a 3/10

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a bit of a letdown, 23 October 2006

considering the hype for this movie,i thought it would be better than it wasn't a horrible movie,but i don't think it lived up to the Superman name.Brandon Routh as Superman,looked a lot like Christopher Reeve,maybe a bit too much.his mannerisms were also too much like Reeve,as if he were trying to emulate him,when instead he should have been trying to put his own stamp on the character.Kate Bosworth was okay as Loise lane,but Kevin Spacey was an inspired choice as Lex Luthor.i also liked Frank Langella as Perry White.however,i could have done without James Marsden as Richard White,especially since his role was so small it was pointless.the other problem i had with the movie is that it tended to lag at times,causing my attention to wander.this movie just didn't have the impact of a movie like spider man or even any of the x-men just didn't have as much substance as it could have.if you've yet to see this movie,keep your expectations low and maybe you won't be overly disappointed. 6/10

To Have and to Hold (2006/I) (TV)
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entertaining made for TV movie, 25 January 2007

To have and to Hold has shades of Fatal Attraction,but is nowhere near as intense or complex.Justine Bateman Plays Meg,a woman who believes her husband,Tom(Sebastian Spence) is having an affair.he was,but has since broken it off.of course,the woman he was seeing cannot let it go,and keeps phoning or showing up where he is.this woman is not nearly as psycho as the psycho in Fatal Attraction.However her actions do lead to violence and murder.there are a few plot twists in this movie,but nothing that can't be figured out.Bateman and Spence are fine in the lead roles.this movie is a bit more morbid and depressing at times than many TV movies,but it still passes the time,and is not boring.To Have and to Hold gets 6/10

Red Rover (2003)
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an eerie ghost story that is very slow at times(only those with patience should watch)but with an ending that some may find unpredictable, 26 January 2007

"Red Rover" also called "The Haunting Within",is an eerie ghost is beautifully photographed with a haunting Celtic soundtrack.the acting is certainly good,and the the movie is very stylish.However it is almost painfully slow at times and sometimes plot is real hard to make sense of. there are a few creepy moments and i was reminded more than once of the movie "Hide and Seek" with Robert Deniro and Dakota Fanning problem is,there are fewer of these eerie creepy scenes than there should be so you will need lots of patience to get through this one.Another reviewer does mention the Changeling,the 1980 horror film,starring George C. Scott and Red Rover definitely does echo that movie heavily.both movies are also very slow at this movie is not entirely original and is almost anti climatic.however the ending was a twist which i did not see coming(though many people likely would have),so that was pleasant surprise.if you don't mind a slow buildup towards an ending that is very subdued(as is the whole movie)you might like this one.for me,i don't think i could sit through it again.the music and the picturesque beauty of the film do elevate it a bit,so i would give it 5/10

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just enjoy the first one,this one has no excuse for its existence(other than dollar signs)shame on you,Disney, 26 July 2007

i wish i could find some good things to say about this animated sequel(but not really a sequel)to "Atlantis:The Lost Empire"but this would be a very short comment.the magic that the first one had is nowhere to be found here.the animation is pretty poor all over,the characters themselves are not very well drawn.the backgrounds and the foregrounds are also not good.there's very little attention to detail here.and instead of a compelling and engaging story,we have 3 short stories which are boring and don't make a lot of sense.i swear,even the characters sounded like they were bored,and would rather be somewhere else.which says that the voice actors were bored and wanted to be someplace else,at least that's the impression.some of the same actors return for this dismal effort,but an integral par of the success of the first one was Michael J.Fox as the main hero, Milo Thatch.i get the distinct impression this movie was just thrown together to capitalize on the success of the first one,without much thought or care.but at least Cree Summer returns as the voice of "Kida".that's probably the only good thing about this movie,and even she doesn't seem to have her heart completely in it.mind you,i guess you couldn't blame any of the cast for not giving their all,considering what they had to work with.or rather not work with.this is a straight to video movie(and i use the term loosely)which should have went straight to the nearest landfill.anyway,shame on Disney.consumers deserve much better than this.this one gets a 0/10 and a well deserved one at that.p.u

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