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Pretty forgettable crime drama, 1 July 2016

Jack Carson plays a recovered alcoholic. It seems the previous two years he had been drinking so much that he blacked out and doesn't remember a thing. Then a seriously drunk man shows up and passes out near his place. He has a piece of paper in his pocket that implies that Carson (during his blackout stage) had been involved in some crimes under a different name. Carson hides the paper but then thugs start threatening him and his family and people are being killed.

Not a bad plot but badly handled. Carson (a good actor) appears to be drugged while making this. The plot drags out and all the supporting actors just seem to be going through the motions. The ultimate resolution also seems more than a little unlikely. A VERY mediocre crime drama.

Bent (1997)
Quite frankly it's boring!, 23 June 2016

This is set in Germany right around the time the Nazis started herding Jews and gays into concentration camps. A gay couple (one played by Clive Owen) try to escape but are captured. One dies but Owen lives. He also swears to do anything to survive in the camps--even keeping it secret that he's gay. Then he meets another gay prisoner Horst (Lothaire Bluteau) and falls in love. Horst tries to make him come out. Will he?

A perfectly good idea for a drama (and based on a play) is totally botched. It's quite frankly deadly dull. Owen (a good actor) gives a rare bad performance. He's good every once in a while but mostly he's really off. Bluteau is great but he can't carry the whole movie. They keep going on and on and ON about coming out and being yourself till you want to scream. The same points are repeated to a ridiculous degree. It's pretty well-directed but was made on a very low budget which shows. There are some interesting people in small roles--Mick Jagger (as a drag queen), Ian McKellan, Jude Law, Rupert Graves, Charlie Watts and an unknown Paul Bettany. Still they're not enough to make this worth watching. A rightfully forgotten gay drama.

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Way too slow, 15 June 2016

This takes place in 1978 and is based on a true story. Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga) fight a ghost in England that targets a family with a divorced mom and four children. It targets especially their 11 year old girl.

The first movie was a good scary movie. It had its faults but it worked. This one doesn't. For starters it's too long. There's no reason for this film to run almost 2 and half hours. Plenty of sequences could have been trimmed or cut out completely. Secondly it has too many damn jump scares. They're annoying and force the audience to jump. Also it's VERY slow-moving. I got bored pretty quickly. Worst of all it just isn't scary. The attack scenes weren't even remotely scary. On the plus side it is well-acted and directed with accurate 1978 clothes and fads portrayed. Also the ending is great--violent and exciting but its too little too late. This has been getting raves from critics and viewers so I'm definitely in the minority here but I really didn't like it.

Far too long and overly serious, 2 June 2016

Death takes the body of a dead man (Brad Pitt) and calls himself Joe Black. He gets a rich older man (Anthony Hopkins) to teach him about life (for what reason I've forgotten). He also falls in love the man's beautiful daughter (Claire Forlani).

I'm not gloating when I say I saw this up a theatre in 1998. The reviews were negative and the totally ridiculous 3 hour length gave me pause but I liked the cast and it SOUNDED interesting. What I got was an overly serious, slow-moving and frankly boring movie. There are a few (VERY few) good moments her and there but they're totally lost in this boring, sleep-inducing mess. The main problem is the length. This did not need to run three solid hours. I remember at the two hour mark quite a few people walked out of the theatre I saw it in. I can't blame them. I was thinking of joining them but decided to stick it out because I was mildly interested in how it would end. The problem is it had THREE different endings--all were bad and dull. It's a real shame because there's a really good two hour movie here screaming to get out. A pointless waste of celluloid.

Terrible movie from a great comedy group, 23 May 2016

The members of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" recreate some of the best bits from the first two seasons of their TV series.

OK--I LOVE Monty Python. "Life of Brian" and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" are two of the funniest movies ever made. "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" isn't bad and even "Meaning of Life" had its moments. However THIS was dreadful. What works on TV certainly does not work in a movie. This movie needs what the TV show had...a laugh track. Moments that were hilarious on TV just simply don't work in this context. I saw it at a revival theatre with "Holy Grail" once ages ago. The audience was in hysterics during "Grail". This one was greeted with dead silence. There was the occasional laugh here and there but mostly everyone sat there without reacting. It just doesn't work. Stick with any of the other movies and avoid this one.

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Superb Avengers film, 21 May 2016

The Avengers are in trouble. Because quite a few innocent people were accidentally killed during their many battles the government wants to rein them in. They draft a bill that makes it clear that the Avengers only go into battle when the government allows them too. Iron Man, Black Widow and a few others sign it. Captain America, Falcon and others won't. This leads to an all out battle.

Just GREAT movie--overflowing with good acting and wonderful action scenes. It moves quickly--the 147 minutes flew by. This did everything right that "Batman vs. Superman" did so badly. It's serious but also has a sharp sense of humor and some VERY funny lines from Spiderman. Only two debits--Sebastian Stan is bad as Bucky and the way Scarlet Witch was treated at the end was vicious beyond belief. Still this is a wonderful comic book film well worth your time.

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Grim and depressing, 21 May 2016

Story about two hillbilly families. One is run by Rod Steiger, the other by Robert Ryan. Two of Steiger's sons rape Ryans' daughter. Things quickly escalate and it all ends tragically.

This has a great cast--aside from Steiger and Ryan we have Jeff Bridges, Ed Lauter, Randy Quaid, Gary Busey and Season Hubley (a great actress who starred in many B movies well into the 1990s). However despite all the good acting this movie never really works. Nothing seems to have the impact it should have. The ending also is incredibly brutal and negative. So it's OK but just doesn't work. Despite the PG rating there's a lot swearing and a VERY bloody beating.

So-so script but Karloff is excellent, 13 May 2016

Karloff plays a phony mentalist called Clayton Mace. He has a young female assistant named Norine (Audrey Dalton) who loves him like a father. The act is good but all of the sudden he is seeing future events that become real. The problem is all those events are of people dying. He can't control it and he starts to go crazy. Norine wants to help him but how? Also her handsome boyfriend Grant (Alexander Davion) is pushing her to leave Mace and run away with him.

The first all-out horror entry in the "Thriller" TV series. The script is OK and the production is a little thread-bare but it has Karloff in it and that's all that matters! He takes the script and gives it his all and he's just great. It helps that the rest of the cast was good also (especially Dalton) and match him. It has a tragic but inevitable ending. Well worth seeing for Karloff alone.

Entertaining if far-fetched, 11 May 2016

Alice (Myrna Fahey) and Anthony (Rhodes Reason) have just been married and go to visit his grandmother (Fay Bainter) and assorted relatives (including an unknown Cloris Leachman). Unknown to Alice her husband is working undercover to catch some villains trying to get weapons. He has to leave her with his relatives a few days and tells her way...but she can't tell anybody. Things quickly unravel and Alice fears for her life.

Pretty ridiculous but entertaining, fast-moving and fun. It also has a great cast also including Ellen Corby and Victor Buono in small roles. Fahey and Reason also make an attractive likable couple and their acting isn't bad. Bainter is exceptional as the head of the family. LOVE the way she delivers her lines at the end:) Not what the "Thriller" TV show was known for but not bad.

Scrubbers (1982)
Not your run of the mill WIP flick, 11 May 2016

Caught this years ago at a Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. They showed it along with "Scum" which dealt with the horrors of teenage male prisoners in England. This deals with women in prison.

The film focuses on two women who escape--one (Annetta) wants to visit her baby daughter who is being raised in a convent. The other (Carol) wants to be recaptured and sent to a prison where her girlfriend is. They're both recaptured but Annetta wrongly assumes that Carol ratted on her. Then they're both sent to the same prison and Annetta seeks revenge. It all leads to a depressing ending.

Grim and brutal. There's no humor and no letup in the tension. All the actresses are (pretty obviously) too old to be playing 20 year olds but their acting is so good I was able to ignore it. Worth catching. Trying seeing it with "Scum" which is even more disturbing.

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