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It's OK--nothing more, 26 June 2017

Story about how Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) came into being. it has her leaving the island where she was born and raised to enter the world of men and help battle World War 1. She also meets Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and falls in love.

This has been praised to the high heavens for some reason. It's an OK super hero movie but nothing special. It takes forever to get going (it's almost 90 minutes in before we see Wonder Woman in costume) and it is slow and quite frankly boring. It's also too serious and grim. Why do all DC super hero movies have to be so dark? Also Chris Pine is seriously miscast. On the plus side the action sequences are great. Full of energy and PG rated violence. Nice use of stop motion also. Gadot is great as Wonder Woman. She's strong, fearless and full of energy. Also nice production design and a bombastic music score. I marginally recommend it but it's nothing special.

Pretty but boring and stupid, 16 June 2017

This takes place in Florence Italy and was shot on location. American Meg Johnson (Olivia deHavilland) is visiting with her 26 year old daughter Clara (Yvette Mimieux). They meet handsome Italian Fabrizio (George Hamilton) and Fabrizio and Clara fall madly in love together. The problem is that Clara had an accident as a child and is emotionally at the age of 10. Meg protects her and is constantly with her. However she realizes Fabrizio and Clara really do love each other. What to do?

The plot is interesting, the scenery is beautiful and it's very colorful. Also deHavilland has a different gorgeous dress for each scene...but this just doesn't work. It moves VERY slowly and turns into little more than a travelogue of Italy. There's not enough material here for a full movie...and it shows. Also Hamiltons' attempts at an Italian are downright hysterical. Also I didn't buy the final happy resolution for one second. Still the acting by Mimieux, Rossano Brazzi and especially deHavilland is great and it LOOKS good...but I found it incredibly dull. According to IMDb this lost money at the box office. It's easy to see why.

It was revived as a Broadway musical in 2005 which was a modest hit and won a few Tonys. I didn't like that either.

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If you liked the first one..., 20 May 2017

you'll like this one. It's more adventures of Peter Quill (Chris Pratt)trying to find his father...and succeeding! There's also Gamora (Zoe Saldana) trying to deal with her sister Nebula (Karen Gillan) who is trying to kill her. Then there's the psychotic raccoon Rocket (voice of Bradley Cooper) who steals some valuable batteries from a race and sets the whole world after them.

The special effects are great, it moves quickly and there's plenty of action and eye-popping visuals. Also the script is clever. It's full of funny one-liners and Rocket and Baby Groot are hysterical. Still there are problems. It tends to shove family values and friends are great messages down your throat. Also Pratt isn't that good. He's tall, handsome and pumped up...but sort of a blank. Still I was entertained and recommend it.

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Very good of its type, 16 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dinah Hunter (Yvette Mimieux) is traveling cross country from California to New York. In the deep south she unwisely picks up two hitchhikers. They hold her up and take her car leaving her all alone. She goes to a bar to use a phone. The bartender tries to attack her but she fights him off. Then a policeman wanders in and the bartender accuses her of attacking him! She's hauled off to jail and locked up. Then she's brutally raped but kills the man who did it. With the help of a fellow prisoner (Tommy Lee Jones) she escapes and they're both on the run.

What sounds like a typical exploitation picture is surprisingly not bad. Aside from the rape scene (which is downright disgusting) this is pretty tame. There's next to no nudity (Mimieux briefly bares her breast) and it has a good script. This has been praised as a feminist picture. I don't agree. Sure she fights back and kills the man who rapes her but so do other woman in other exploitation films. Also she almost immediately falls in love with Jones and clings to him to save her. That's hardly feminist. The film also has plenty of shoot outs and car chases and Mimieux and Jones are very good in their roles. So it's worth seeing but a little overpraised and not a feminist film at all.

Very good but too low-key, 4 May 2017

This takes place in a small American town in 1898. A simple-minded handyman named Monk (James Whitemore) is employed by a kindly doctor (Cameron Mitchell) and is idolized by the doctor's young boy. Then there's a fire. The house burns down and Monk saves the boy but is horribly disfigured by the fire. It's also affected his brain. He's basically harmless but townspeople reject him because of what he looks like.

The storyline and message is pretty obvious and the low-key presentation makes this film seem muted but it's still a good movie. It's well-done on every level from the script down to the acting (Mitchell is excellent). This is not a horror film as it is sometimes advertised. It's a drama with horrific touches. You never even get a good look at Whitemore's face after its burned--just quick glimpses or in the darkness. So it's obvious and annoyingly low-key but it works and is well-done. It is available on DVD and pops up on TCM every once in a while.

Bettas (2016)
Disturbing, 7 April 2017

A gay couple is on vacation celebrating a friends wedding. Francisco (Jose Diaz-Oldenburg) is a hot Latino guy. David (Nick Ley) is a twink. While in the bathroom they start arguing over nothing. David wants to dance--Francisco doesn't. It quickly escalates and things get VERY dark and disturbing.

I have no problem with dark, disturbing and bloody films but this never worked for me. The violence comes out of nowhere and gets needlessly graphic. I pride myself on sitting through anything bloody but parts of this made me wince. Also Ley's overacting got on my nerves although it DOES fit the plot. Diaz-Oldenburg was much better. Well-made and all but too much.

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Amusing short, 7 April 2017

Short film involving a gay guy named Charlie (Jacob Sampson). He left his boyfriend and, a year later, comes back to get his stuff that he left before. His exes mother (Mauralea Austin) is there to see that he gets it. The caustic comments she gives reveal what happened between Charlie and his ex. It leads to a satisfying resolution.

Well-acted by Austin and Sampson and a sharp script with some very funny lines put this over. Austin especially was great. I saw this at a film festival and the audience was laughing long and loud at the lines. Quick and fun.

Tries to be funny, cute and clever, 7 April 2017

A gay couple -- Tucker (Brian McManamon) and Lance (Clayton Dean Smith) - try to spice up their relationship by going to gay bars and hitting on random men and bringing them home. One night it all blows up in their faces and they realize they have to work on themselves.

The film tries to be funny, cute and clever. Unfortunately it fails. The script is scattershot. It's all over the place with little rhyme or reason. I was never quite sure what was going on or why. The comedy doesn't work here at all. The lines are OK but the actors seem unsure how to deliver them. Also McManamon and Smith just aren't that interesting as a couple. Their acting is OK but that's it. A confused short film.

Wonderful horror movie, 2 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) slips into a coma. He's like that for five years. Then he snaps out of it with a "gift"--every time he touches someone's hand he can see events from their past and a probable future. With this he saves a little girl from being burnt, discovers a killer and saves a boy from drowning. Then he shakes the hand of Greg Stillson (Martin Sheen) who's running for the Senate. He sees Stillson becoming president and starting a nuclear war. He can stop him...but should he? And how. To make matters worse is ex-girlfriend (Brooke Adams) supports Stillson 100%.

GREAT movie. It's based on a Stephen King novel and is directed by David Cronenberg. Despite their reputations this is very restrained in terms of violence. There's a couple of bloody shootings and a shocking suicide but that's it. The story is interesting and well-done. It was beautifully shot in Canada (but takes place in Maine). The acting is great across the board. I usually can't stand Walken but he's great here. Adams is wonderful but hardly in this. Herbert Lom, Colleen Dewhust and Tom Skerritt are great in small roles. And Sheen is downright terrifying as Stillson. This was lost in a sea of really bad Stephen King adaptations in the early 1980s but deserves rediscovery. Recommended.

Ms .45 (1981)
Forgotten feminist horror movie, 28 February 2017

Zoe Lund (who was only 17 at the time of filming) plays Thana a mute woman who works in the garment district of NYC. When going home one day she's viciously raped. She stumbles home and finds a burglar in her apartment. He also rapes her but she kills him. She then gets his gun and goes out at night and kills all the men who try to attack her or other women. Then she starts killing men who have done nothing wrong.

Dark and depressing film. Filmed in the early 1980s on location in NYC it presents a very negative view of the city and its citizens. All the men are portrayed as scum that deserve what they get. Surprisingly this was written and directed by two men! It's tough stuff but you have to applaud a movie that doesn't hold back. Lund is terrific in her role (hard to believe she was only 17) and it's very well-directed by Abel Ferrara. LOVE how he stages the scene when Thana is stalked by four men in Central Park. There's actually not a lot of violence in the movie but what's there is pretty strong. This was not a big hit when it came out. It was too dark for most viewers. However it did well on the midnight movie circuit. It basically just disappeared (cable TV stations won't touch it) until it was reissued in a beautiful transfer on DVD a few years back. Dark and gritty but important.

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