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Featured Poll: Coolest Action Character Job Title

From this list of law enforcement and military job titles for an action character, my favorite one is...

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Select from John Cale, Johnny Utah, and 16 others.

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Favorite 2014 Emmy win? Discuss the list here
Favourite Couleur Which is your favourite film from the Trois Couleurs trilogy by Krzysztof Kieslowski? Discuss here.
Most Watchable Disney Sequel Disney is known to have awful sequels, but they can't all be that bad. Which of these sequels of a Disney or Pixar animated sequel is most watchable? Discuss here.
What might have been? All of these actors died before age 30. Which one's career do you actively wonder would have been like today? Discuss the list here
Middle Child Syndrome on TV ... Which of these TV adults/kids characters do you think best defines the middle-child-syndrome? (feeling of being less loved and valued than the eldest and/or youngest siblings) Discuss here
Palme d'Or winning movie from the U.S.A. The Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) is the highest prize awarded at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival...Which Palme d'Or winning movie from the U.S. is your favorite? Discutez ici (Discuss here)
Which Haneke disturbed you the most? Michael Haneke is one of my favourite directors. Nearly all of his movies hit me hard the first time i watched them and kept me busy mesmerizing for days. Whch movie by Haneke left you shocked behind …
Sir Richard Attenborough, RIP. A simple question to celebrate the life and career of Richard Attenborough: do you prefer him as an actor, or as a director? Discuss the list here
Your favourite Coen Brothers character? The film-making sibling duo; Ethan and Joel Coen, or, The Coen Brothers have had 6 actors/actresses nominated for an Oscar in their films with 2 wins and an abundance of memorable characters, which of…
It was 30 years ago today... The following 12 actors were on Screen World's 1984 list of Promising New Actors. Which do you feel most lived up to their potential? Discuss the list here
Best Film Directed By Paul Thomas Anderson Which one of these is your favorite film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson ? Discuss Here
She's too young to be their mother! Sometimes the casting of a mother and child doesn't exactly follow the rules of logic. Which of these mother-child relationships was most believable to you, despite the fact that the "mother"…
Your favourite Sin City character? To celebrate the release of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) the long awaited sequel to Sin City (2005) we ask which Basin City character is your favourite? Discuss Here
Which second installment was the most disappointing? As soon as you watch a great film you start to anticipate the follow-on movie. From this list of second installments that totally failed to capture the magic of the first movie, which was most disappo…
Bad Movie Cops! Unorthodox. Corrupt. Cavalier. Loose-cannons. Many of these cops are out to do the right thing, but don't really get there in the right way. Some are transitioning and are trying to become good people…
Most MeMorable 'Mirror' MoMent froM a Movie ... Apart from the legendary "You talkin' to me?" which of these no-less famous mirror moments do you think is the most memorable? Discuss here PS : have you noticed how alliterative the title …
Most awesome casting on Drunk History? Drunk History (2013) is an American television comedy series produced by Comedy Central, based on the Funny or Die web series created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner in 2007. In each episode, an ine…
Which film would you most like to see in the Top 250? Which of the IMDb poll boards favourite films rated 7.0 and above with atleast 25,000 votes would you most like to see in the top 250? Discuss Here
If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be? Which genre best fits your life based on the criteria given? Please don't vote for your favorite genre on the list - vote for the one which best describes you or your life. Thanks! Discuss the list he…
When playing the board game "Clue," I like to be When playing the board game "Clue," I like to be: Discuss here:
What Movie Are You Going to See? Aug 22, 2014 On Aug 22, 2014 there are 18 movies in U.S. wide release. Which of these are you most likely to see?
Friday Face-Off: Robin Williams' Comedy v. Robin Williams' Drama As we mourn the passing of Robin Williams, we also celebrate his life and art. Which films of his do you most prefer: his comedies or dramas? Discuss here:…
Who shot first? Since George Lucas released the special edition version of Star Wars in 1997, the director emphatically stated the newer edited version of the film is the only true version of the film. In your opinio…
Friday Face-Off: Hemsworth Vs. Hemsworth Vs. Hemsworth Which of the three Hemsworth brothers, Luke, Chris and Liam, is your favorite? Discuss it here
Face-Off: The Crane brothers Who is your favourite Crane brother from Frasier (1993)? Discuss here.
Sebastian Foucan vs. David Belle Which of these amazingly agile French actors (and *parkour legends) would you root for in any obstacle course competition? *parkour: the sport of traversing environmental obstacles by running, climbin…
Friday Face-Off : Captain America 2 Vs Guardians Of The Galaxy Marvel Studios ( marvel cinematic universe) has released two Films in this year. Which one of these films do you think is better ? Discuss Here
Favorite film based on a Newberry Medal-winning book? The new movie The Giver is based on Lois Lowry's 1993 Newberry Medal-winning book of the same name. Per Wiki: The John Newbery Medal is a literary award given by the Association for Library Service to…
Outstanding Comedy Series, 66th Emmy Awards Which comedy series do you believe will win the award for outstanding comedy series at 66th Emmy Awards ? Discuss Here
Oustanding Drama Series,66th Emmy Awards Which Drama Series do you think will win the award for outstanding drama series at 66th Emmy Awards ? Discuss Here
Dashing Disney Males From these animated male Disney characters, which one is the most charming? Comment on this poll here
Directors' legendary pairs ... Which of these pairs of consecutive movies from the same director (one year between their respective releases or released the same year) and both listed in the American Film Institute's Top 100 Great …
IMDb Top 250 Characters This poll contains the character that have appeared in 2 or more films of IMDb Top 250 in a major role. Which one of these characters is your favorite ? Discuss Here
Craziest stage name by Henry Willson? Henry Willson was an American Hollywood talent agent who played a large role in popularizing the beefcake craze of the 1950s. He discovered, groomed, trained, sometimes bedded and often renamed attrac…
Keep Calm and Take this Poll! From this list of movie (and one TV) inspired 'Keep Calm and...' quotes which do you most enjoy? Honourable Mention: Keep Calm and Carrie (2013) On! Discuss Here
Favorite Upcoming Sequels Which upcoming sequel are you most eager to watch? *The numbers indicate the sequel numbers. Discuss
Martial Arts Tournament Favorite It's an inter-movie martial arts tournament, and luckily, you're only watching. Which noted tournament fighter would you bet on to win? Discuss the list here
Combat-trained TV Ladies From this list of female TV characters with mad skills in hand-to-hand combat, which one is your favorite? *in a contemporary or futuristic set TV show of the past 20 yrs.(1994-2014) Discuss here
Relative Casting: Part 2 Which of these actors is the best match to play relatives (siblings, parent-child, etc.)? You can see Raf's original poll (part 1) here Discuss the list here
Nicholas Sparks films Films based on Nicholas Sparks novels have become very popular and because "The Best of Me" is coming soon to theaters id like to ask you. which one is your favorite Nicholas Sparks film? D…
The Emmy First-Timers Club... Which of these actors who received their first Emmy nomination this year are you most rooting for? Discuss the list here
Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series, 66th Emmy Awards Which actor do you believe will win the award of outstanding lead actor in a comedy series at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards? Discuss Here
First "James"to come to mind... Which movie-related James comes to your mind when you hear the name ? Discuss Here
From Black & White to Color Favorite of these TV Shows that started in black & white and went to color? Discuss in black & white or in color here:
Most fun musican/band cameo on a sitcom? *playing themselves; I'm not including the Simpsons since those alone would take up two polls Discuss the list here
Famous Movie Scenes YOU have done... Which of these unforgettable movie scenes have you re-enacted? (In front of people or when nobody's watching) Discuss here
Favorite Glee Character? who is your favorite Glee character? Discuss here.
Films With Most Oscars This poll contains the films that have won 7 or more Oscars. Which one of these films is your favorite ? Discuss Here
Lesser-known roles of Robin Williams. While the great Robin Williams was the lead in most of his films, he occasionally did a small supporting or cameo role in a film or a guest role on TV in one or two episodes of a show. These quiet, li…
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