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Featured Poll: IMDb Poll Board Top Picks for Horror

Each user below has selected their own ten favorite movies for the genre of horror. Which list do you personally agree with the most?

Note: The lists below are not a ranked top 10 list. Users chose different ways to assemble their personal list.

Special thanks goes to borimor for the great idea!

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Select from Psycho (1960), The Shining (1980), and 22 others.

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Scariest Looking Movie Creatures Which creature do you find most terrifying? Discuss and Have A Nice Dream!
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How many of your favorite films have you seen on the BIG SCREEN? Of your favorite (say, top 10%) "contemporary" movies (those that came out after you were old enough to go to the theater) how many did you discover for the first time on an actual BIG SCREE…
Face-Off: Dumbledore vs Voldemort They are the best wizards in Harry Potter universe. We saw them fighting one another in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) but they didn't finish their battle. Which one do you think wou…
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Favorite Horror Parody Movie Which horror parody movie is your favorite? Discuss here
Which is THE LAST PLACE you would spend Halloween Night? Halloween is coming - again. Of these locations, what is the last place you would want to spend Halloween night? Some these places are fictional. Some of these places are real and said to be haunted. …
The Short Film That Grew UP Which of the following short films that became FULL LENGTH MOTION PICTURES is your favorite? (or are you most curious to see?) Discuss HERE
Movie names that have become part of everyday speech? Which do you use most (or are you most likely to use)? Discuss the list here
Favorite Celestial (Exotic) Armor Which of the celestial (exotic) armor designs from superhero and sci-fi movies since 2000 is your favorite? Discuss the list here
The Best Foreign Language Horror Film From this list of non-English language horror feature films, which foreign-language horror film is the best? Discuss/Suggest Here!
Goriest non-horror film? Which of these non-horror films do you consider the goriest? Discuss the list here
Col Needham's 10 Favorite Films According to The Wrap, it’s no big secret that Col Needham, founder and CEO of IMDb, is a voracious film fan. But did you know he has now seen 10,000 films in his lifetime? The internet pioneer cramme…
Celebrating #26 Celebrating IMDb's 26th anniversary, here are movies occupying the 26th spot from movie-themed lists. Which is your favorite?* Discuss here ... and Happy Anniversary! makes 26 words!
What is Your Dream Car? Which one of these cars would you like to own more than any other, assuming you could own any supercar made by these manufacturers? Discuss this here.
California Hall of Famers. The inductee list of the California Hall of Fame for 2016 has just been announced. The Hall of Fame, conceived by then-First Lady Maria Shriver, honors individuals and groups who embody California's i…
Combine 2 Movie Titles, Get 1 Film! - Part 2 Ever wondered what the titles of two films you absolutely love would sound like all meshed together in one? The outcome can be pretty hilarious (especially when you see the new, bizarre title directly…
Scandinavian Filmmakers From this list of film directors from a Scandinavian/Nordic country (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland & the Faroe Islands), who is the best? Discuss/Suggest Here!
Best Movies from Years Ending in 6 These are the best movies from each year that ends in 6. Which one do you consider as the best decade defining movie among these? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.
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