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Featured Poll: WWII War Heroes

World War II ended 70 years ago on September 2, 1945. From this list of real and fictional famous war heroes, whom do you respect the most?

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Select from Band of Brothers (2001), James Badge Dale in The Pacific (2010), and 33 others.

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Female-Led Action Movies Which female-led action movie is your favorite? Discuss it here
Best Opening Songs in Movies Which of these following movie titles do you think had the best song in their opening? Note: James Bond movies are not included. Discuss here
Look Out for Those Talons and Claws! There are many Talon-ted creatures featured in movies and series. Of the following fictional creatures, whose Talons or Claws would you least like to be caught in? Discuss the Talons and Claws here
David Fincher Lead Character Which of these David Fincher lead characters is your favorite? Discuss here
Returning Comic Book TV Series Which of these nine comic book TV series returning to the small screen are you most excited for its return? Discuss The TV Series here
Wes Craven (1939-2015) RIP Legendary horror director Wes Craven, known for the “Scream” films and the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series died Sunday in his Los Angeles home of brain cancer. He was 76. RIP The Hollywood Horror Mas…
Most Exciting Takashi Miike Film? Takashi Miike has a bit of a cult following, as well as some distinct action, and his films are usually bizarre. Out of his films with at least a 7.0 IMDb score and at least 1000 votes, which is the m…
Highest-Paid Actresses 2015 These actresses earned the most money between June 2014 and June 2015. Which of them do you think is most worth the money? Discuss it here
Saddest Pixar moments? Which of these sad Pixar moments do you consider to be the saddest? discuss here:
Faithful Disney Horses These good horses are strong, brave and with a mission to help their human masters on a quest. Who among these faithful horses is your favorite? *Only animated horses, and no Disney TV shows are inclu…
Favorite Iconic Barney Six characters: a deputy, a dinosaur, a best friend, a comic strip classic, a prehistoric man, and a modern man. Each is iconic in his own way. Which is your favorite of these Barneys? Discuss here:…
Comedies of 1988 1988 is often considered to be an extremely good year for movie comedies. Of the films listed, which one is your favorite? Discuss the list here
Favorite Dark Fantasy Film Dark fantasy combines a foundation in fantasy with dark and gloomy themes with a sense of overhanging dread. These movies aren't exactly kid friendly but they also aren't considered horror. Which is y…
Watchmojo's Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies of All Time listed their Top 10 of the best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time. Which of these is your favorite? Discuss here
Favorite Fictional John Which fictional character named John is your favorite? Discuss it here
Favorite Ingrid Bergman Performance She was one of six people to win three Academy Awards for acting, one of nine to win the Triple Crown of Acting (an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy) and was ranked on the AFI's 100 Years...100 Stars in fou…
10 Years After Katrina: The Film Disaster Most Due to Human Error The end of August is the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the tragic flooding of New Orleans. Most experts agree that Katrina was influenced by human behavior and certainly the catastroph…
A Top 5 that would satisfy you I made a collection of TOP 5's of all time. It's hard, but which TOP 5 below would satisfy you the most? Discuss the list
Which Movie Will Win At The Box Office? Aug 28, 2015 On Aug 28, 2015 there are 21 movies in U.S. wide release. Which of these do you think will earn the most this weekend?
Face-off/Throwback: Ing. Bergman vs. Ing. Bergman It's a very simple face off between two people with remarkably similar names and incredible achievements and talents: Ingrid and Ingmar Bergman. Which do you prefer? Whose body of work do you like b…
Face-Off: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Between these two charismatic pioneer of the consumer electronics revolution who is your favorite, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Discuss the poll here
Dexter Vs Dexter Vs Dexter Who is your favorite Dexter? Discuss Here
Who Would Your Red Carpet Guest Be? You are invited to a Red Carpet Event, you can bring one person as your guest. Who will you take? Discuss the list here
Which is your favorite Wild Tale? Wild Tales (2014) is the most successful film in the history of Argentinian cinema. Acclaimed by both critics and public, it was in contention for both the Palme d'Or and the Foreign Language Film Osc…
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