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Featured Poll: World Masterpiece Theater

This is probably one of the few privileges (I believe) people born from the mid-70's to the early 90's got: the Golden Age of TV animation, which we owe for a significant part to Japan, and more specifically the ambitious World Masterpiece Theater anthology, a proof, if ever needed, that Japanese animation wasn't just about sport-themed cartoons or interstellar robotic battles.

This ambitious and epic three-decade project from Nippon Animation consisted on adapting every year popular and classic literature children's books from all over the world, which resulted in unforgettable quality anime such as "Heidi", "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" or the tear-jerker "Princess Sarah". Many of these stories have been made into movies but movies could never do justice to their richness and density.

Now, which of these animated series would you be the most interested to discover or to watch again?


If you think you're too old for cartoons (is anyone?) then which one would you rather show to your kids or younger relatives?

Discuss the list here

For more information about the World Masterpiece Theater click here, and if I may give a personal opinion, these series were really good, you'd be right to think that watching a cartoon can't replace the experience of reading a book, but have we ever said that about Walt Disney animated features?

Select from Dororo (1969), Mûmin (1969), and 30 others.

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