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Featured Poll: Let's Gamble!

Mark Wahlberg's new movie, The Gambler is being released on Christmas Day. If you've seen many gambling movies, you know that gambling is bad. Based on their great storylines and tremendous acting, which of these films did you enjoy watching the characters gamble in?

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Select from The Hustler (1961), The Cooler (2003), and 33 others.

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Thursday Throwback: Courtroom Drama.....1957..... Paths of Glory (1957), 12 Angry Men (1957) and Witness for the Prosecution (1957), these three films are counted among the famous "Courtroom Drama" type films the industry has ever made. All…
Most Inspiring Speech Which speech is the most inspiring? Discuss here
Favorite actor with a disability? Which of these actors who are disabled in real life is your favorite? (living actors only; tried to stay away from diseases developed later in life, sticking more with disabilities from birth or cause…
Most Anticipated Film: Winter 2015 Edition Which film are you most looking forward to seeing during the Winter* of 2015 (December 22, 2014 to March 21, 2015)? You may discuss the poll here. *Winter in the Northern Hemisphere
Gone with the Wind at 75: Best Line? Gone with the Wind was released 75 years ago on December 15, 1939. Which of these memorable lines/exchanges from it is your favorite? Discuss the list here
35 oldest movies of TOP 250 As of 16/12/14, which of the 35 oldest movies in the IMDb Top 250 is your favorite? Discuss the list
The Room vs. Patch Adams With the release of The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero, the key question on everyone's mind (including Tommy Wiseau*) is, which of these two movies do you prefer? (*) we have this on good authority.
2015 Critics' Choice Awards - Best Actor Which actor do you think best deserves the win? Discuss the list here.
2015 Critics' Choice Awards - Best Actress Which actress do you think best deserves the win? Discuss the list here.
2015 Critics' Choice Awards - Best Picture Which picture do you think most deserves to win? Discuss the list here.
Who's your big daddy? When you hear the term, "big daddy" what character first pops into your mind? Discuss here.
Envious Movie Characters Whether they are heroes, villains, or antiheroes, sometimes characters with envy are the most intriguing. Who is the most interesting envious movie character? Discuss here:…
Favorite non-Tolkien elf? Let's give some love to some OTHER elves at this elf-iest time of year! Discuss the list here
Hulk vs... The Incredible Hulk is a character who often walks a fine between good and evil, which makes his enemies all the more interesting. Which non-superhero/villain character would you like to see fighting …
Worst Red-Carpet look of 2014? According to various internet sources, these are some of the worst red-carpet looks of 2014 (that have photos on IMDb). Please note that while there are some celebrities who could fill this page all o…
Facebook's Most Popular TV shows of 2014 Facebook just released their most popular media of 2014 lists and Game of Thrones taking the top spot for television! Which TV Show below you like most? Discuss the list
Ill-Gotten Gains? So? You found a large sum of money/treasure unguarded and apparently unclaimed. Which of the following found money scenarios would you least likely want to find yourself in? Discuss here.
I want my portrait to be made by..... If you had a chance to meet these real life artists, whom would you like to request to make your own portrait? Discuss the list here
"Woof Woof! ... Boohoo ..." Most moving dog story ... Inevitably, Man's best friend became the inspiration for some of the most emotional friendship stories, whose happy, sad or bittersweet climax, made all our hearts howl. Which of these memorable dog s…
IMDb Poll Board's Favourite Film Rated 6.0 or Lower The poll board chipped in to give a list of their favourite films rated 6.0 or less, the question is which of us do you agree with? If you've seen none, or enjoyed none, which would you be most likely…
Spies Like Us Unlike very popular literary and cinematic characters like James Bond, Jack Ryan and Jason Bourne, these dramatic film characters are probably closer to the real-life world of espionage...Which one is…
Upstairs Downstairs Most iconic movie scene on steps or stairs? Discuss here
Friday Face-Off: The Avengers vs. The Guardians of the Galaxy Which bunch of Marvel freedom fighters is your favorite? Discuss here.
Friday Face-Off: Gravity vs Interstellar Which one of these Sci-Fi space thrillers do you prefer? Discuss the list here
Friday Face-Off: Best Pictures vs IMDb No.1's (since 2000) Do you prefer the 14 titles that have won best picture, or the 14 titles that IMDb users have put as No. 1 since 2000? Discuss Here
Friday Face-Off : DC Villains Vs Marvel Villains These two franchises both have a multitude of villainous, antagonistic characters. In general which set of villains do you prefer, DC or Marvel ? Discuss Here
Friday Face-Off: Chandler Bing vs Niles Crane Both were major characters in two great comedy shows. Which one of these awkward yet awesome characters do you think is the funniest? Discuss the list here
Spectre Along with the returning cast, 5 new cast members were announced for the 24th James Bond movie, Spectre, on 4th December 2014. Which of them are you most looking forward to seeing in the movie? Discus…
What is your favorite movie featuring computer hacking? Which of these movies featuring computer hacking shows the most interesting view into the hacking world? Discuss your best hacks here.
Touch Football Tourney Which of the following ongoing comedy/comic tinged television series could field a 5 player team and win a touch football tournament playing the rest of this lot? Place your gentlemen's bet here with …
Who will be your Santa? Which of these Santas would you like to have calling at your house this Christmas? Contact the Santa agency here
Throwback Thursday: Billy Wilder Born in Austria-Hungary, Billy Wilder's films won six Academy Awards and were nominated a total of 71 times. Which is most memorable film that he directed? Discuss the list
RIP Ralph Baer, inventor of video game consoles - The man largely credited as "the father of video games" has died at age 92, according to a report from Gamasutra. Ralph Baer, a German immigrant and inventor, created the very…
Hotel Room Thrashing Competition Which of these characters or "team captains" and their respective teams would you root for if they went all out in a hotel room thrashing contest? Discuss here
Indie films An independent film is a professional film production resulting in a feature film that is produced mostly or completely outside of the major film studio system. In addition to being produced and distr…
Elves of Middle-earth Each film in Peter Jackson's Middle-earth hexalogy had at least one Elf in it. Which one of them is the most interesting character? Choose between Arwen, Celeborn, Elrond, Galadriel, Haldir, Legolas, …
EVERYONE is on TV in 2014! Many actors better known for movies ended up gracing our TV screens this year. Of those who starred in a TV series, miniseries or TV movie this year, who did the best job? Discuss the list here
Favorite series' starter from 1984 ... 30 years have passed since these famous movie series started, and regardless of the quality (or lack of) of the sequels, which of these 8 first installments is your favorite? Discuss here
Shortest Movies in the IMDb Top 250 Which of the 35 shortest movies in the IMDb Top 250 as of 30th November 2014 is your favorite? Discuss it here. Vote in the poll for the longest movies here
Favorite John Lennon Acting Role? John Lennon was assassinated on December 8th 1980. While he is, of course, best known for his role as a musician with the Beatles, he also acted in several films and tv specials. His most prominent r…
Tough Love Which of these tough-guy characters receives the most flattering compliment from another character in the same movie? Discuss here
Best of the Colbert Report As Comedy Central's The Colbert Report (2005) comes to an end, we ask, what's your favorite thing about the show? ?#?ColbertCountdown Comment on this poll here
P.D. James in memoriam poll Best selling crime novelist P.D. James passed away on November 27 at the age of 94 years. In her honor, which of these tv movies or mini-series based on her books are you most interested in watching?…
I was born in the month of..... In which month were you born?? Discuss the list here
Pick a repertory theater theme night to attend! Which of these three-film theme nights would you go to a repertory theater to see? Discuss the list here
How Did the Joker Get His Scars? In The Dark Knight (2008), The Joker gives two different explanations of how he got his scars. Which of them do you think is most likely to be true? Discuss it here
Record Store Clerk from Hell! Record stores are retail dinosaurs or hipster retro depending on your perspective. But if you accidentally or intentionally stumbled into one, which of these sales associates would scare/irritate you …
Let's go in the Cave Which movie relating to cave expedition is most thrilling & adventurous? Discuss here
Herzog & Kinski Collaborations Werner Herzog gave madness the face of Klaus Kinski in five films. Which of them is your favorite? Discuss here
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