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Featured Poll: Face-Off: Wonder Woman vs Catwoman

Which of the two female superheroes from DC comics would win in a fight, Wonder Woman or Catwoman?

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Select from Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman (1975), Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

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Face-Off: Monica vs Lily Both of these are the mom's of the group (Not necessarily actual mom's) .They are the ones who hold the group together and both are the ones with the quirks.They are also the married women of the grou…
Face-off: Jess vs Mindy vs Liz Which of these independent, smart, outgoing, nerdy gals from primetime television bewitches you the most? Buzz your admiration/affection over here!
(In memory of Patrick Macnee) Memorable TV Mixed Teams ... In memory of Avengers star, Patrick Macnee (RIP), here's a Poll re-run : Which live-action TV show's male and female team is your favorite? They have to be partners, associates, colleagues, anyway, t…
Who would you want to be trapped in a car trunk with? Which of these movie characters who have been trapped in car trunks would you most like to join? Discuss the list here
Looks like... (Part 3) Which of these actors has the best co-star match to play relatives (siblings, parent-child, etc.)? Vote on part 1 HERE Vote on part 2 HERE Discuss HERE
The Hollywood Tentpole (2005-2015) In past decade as Hollywood tentpole* films have been over-prevalent, which of these tentpole projects BEST shows that Hollywood can still put out high quality material with originality** and intellig…
Beauty Tames the Beast These ladies know what it takes to tame the beast within. Which "Beauty Tames the Beast" moment is your favorite? Discuss the list here
Hefty Heroes Choose your Hefty Hero. Let's narrow the field by looking at each actor’s most famous protagonist role. From this list of Rotund Good Guys in movies, who is your favorite? Discuss the list here
Movies Made by Alternate Directors - Part 1 Scripts are passed around frequently in Hollywood. There are often many movie makers who become attached to a project before the script ends up in the lap of the eventual director of the movie. Below…
What Is Your Favorite Rockumentary Film? There have been numerous rockumentary films over the past few decades. Which of the following do you think is the best rockumentary film? Please note that I didn't include the wonderful This Is Spinal…
Black-and-White Debut Films This is a list of black-and-white films that marked the directorial debut of notable filmmakers. Scrappy, visceral and unpolished, these films represented burgeoning auteurs way before they acquired t…
Favorite Scene Featuring the Golden Gate Bridge As a prominent American landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge has been used in numerous films. Which scene featuring the Golden Gate Bridge is your favorite? Discuss the list here
Hollywood Walk of Fame: Recipients for 2016 Who is your favorite recipient of the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the year 2016? Discuss the poll here
SyFy's Latest Efforts Since the conclusion of 2009, the SyFy channel has rebranded itself (Formerly SciFi) and struggled to replace the critically acclaimed series Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Eureka, and Sanctuary. Of …
One Word, 1 Digit Which of these single-word and single-digit movie/TV titles (excluding sequels) is your favorite? Discuss HERE
Cheesiest Movie Quotes Which of these movie quotes do you find the cheesiest? Discuss here.
The Hitchcockian Poll (Pt. II) Which is your favorite 'Hitchcockian' film? These are some the many films that have been described as being inspired by or reminiscent of the suspense of Alfred Hitchcock. Also vote in Part I! Discuss…
Decades In Drama Which of these decades do you think was the best for the Drama genre? Discuss here
Pride Week: Most LGBT-Proud Film II To celebrate Pride Week, which, depending on the country and city, is held in the latter part of June or the first week of July, vote for the film below that you think best embodies the spirit of LGBT…
The Hitchcockian Poll (Pt. I) Which is your favorite 'Hitchcockian' film? These are some the many films that have been described as being inspired by or reminiscent of the suspense of Alfred Hitchcock. Discuss here
Exclamation Point! Which of these films with the exclamation point in the title of the movie (rated 5.0 or higher with more than 1,000 votes on IMDb) is your favorite? Discuss the list here
Your Favorite 80's Action Film? Which of the below (non-animated)action movies from the 1980's do you like the most? Discuss the list here Choose your favorite 90's action movie here
Which Movie Will Win At The Box Office? Jun 26, 2015 On Jun 26, 2015 there are 13 movies in U.S. wide release. Which of these do you think will earn the most this weekend?
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