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(From this list of contemporary Film Studios that have been active for at least fifty years) When I think "Major Hollywood Studio", I think...

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Select from The Sting (1973), The Godfather (1972), and 6 others.

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Unusual names only actors have... Which of these unique first names would you consider naming your child? Discuss the list here
Disney Princess Sing-Off If these Disney princesses were in a singing competition together, who do you think should win? Discuss the list here
90s Comedies in New York An unbelievable amount of films are set in the wonderful city of New York, and the 90s was a decade that saw a lot of romantic comedies and comedies in general. Which one of these 90s (romantic) comed…
What 2013-'14 TV character would you be for Halloween? "What are you going to be for Halloween?" is a question most children are asked every year. The following characters offer adults great opportunities for costumes, as well. Which one would y…
Friday Face-Off: Age of Ultron vs Episode VII Next year, Disney is releasing two of the biggest and most hyped movies ever. What are you MORE excited for ? Discuss this here.
Friday Face-Off: The Puppet Pettifoggery Which do you like better The Muppets or Sesame Street? (Jim Henson wins either way :) Discuss here.
Friday Face Off : Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan Between these two legendary martial artists who is your favourite?? Discuss the list here
Friday face-off: Betty White vs. Betty White Which Betty White do you love most? Profess your love here.
What would you dress as for Halloween? Which of these spooky costumes would you be most likely to wear if you were invited to a halloween party or going trick or treating? Discuss Here
Best New TV Show Which new TV Shows did you enjoy the most and hope to see them more in the future? Discuss the list here
Thursday Throwback: John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara films Which is your pick? Discuss the list here
One Night Of Horror Which movie focusing on the storyline of a night filled with horror is most thrilling? Discuss here
Best Dressed Hall of Fame Actresses The International Best Dressed List was founded by fashionista Eleanor Lambert in 1940 as an attempt to boost the reputation of American fashion at the time. Names have been added to it ever since. Th…
Best Dressed Hall of Fame Actors The International Best Dressed List was founded by fashionista Eleanor Lambert in 1940 as an attempt to boost the reputation of American fashion at the time. Names have been added to it ever since. Th…
Knife-happy folks Which of these characters makes the best spokesperson for a knife manufacturing company? Discuss here
Dr. Comic Book Which of these comic-book-character doctors is your favorite? Discuss your favorite comic-book doc here
Out in the Rain November is coming, and with it the wet season (at least in the Northern hemisphere). But hey, you're not the only one who has to go out in wet weather. With which of these people would you most like …
Who is the Queen of Scream? Halloween = Scream Queens! Discuss the list here
Run-Off: The Best Film Title Ever Excellent prose sometimes seems to be a dying art. The film industry, at times, does its part to revive it with great screen plays and, every so often, with exquisite titles from various sources, incl…
EW's 25 Best Characters on TV (currently). In August, Entertainment Weekly published their "25 Best Characters on TV" list. Which of their picks is the best in your opinion? Discuss the list here
Same tag-line for a different movie ... Imagine if a film's tag-line could be used for another one, which combo would be the funniest? Click on SPOILER: for the original title. Discuss here
Greatest Halloween TV episode? Outside of the Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror" episodes, as those are in a league of their own. Discuss the list here
Favorite Charlie Brown Television Special There have been exactly 35 Charlie Brown television specials (shorts). This does not include movies, made for tv movies, documentaries, straight to video productions, or series. Which of the Charlie B…
Actresses in Male Parts Which of these actresses did the most convincing job at enacting a male character or a female character pretending to be a man in the movie/show? Discuss the list here.
"Yeah, I'm talking to you, Travis Bickle" Which of these characters do you think would be naive, indignant, brazen, fed up, or crazy enough to be the most likely to answer Travis Bickle if he hadn't been talking to a mirror? Discuss here
Top 35 Shows By Number of Votes These are the TV series with the most votes on IMDB. They are in order below. Does quality equal quantity? We shall see. Which is your favorite? Discuss here.
Where do you live? Which of these movie cities do you live in or closest to? Discuss the list here
Alter Ego's and A.K.A's This list looks at names and personalities that characters have adopted or that they are living with, which of these characters is your favourite? Discuss Here
Futuristic films Which of these films that take place way into the future (after 2030), is your favorite? *I only include the first film in a series of several, to make a more diverse list. For example, instead of 11…
Who's Your Favorite MythBuster? Who is your favorite host from the Discovery Channel's show MythBusters? Discuss here.
What Movie Are You Going to See? Oct 24, 2014 On Oct 24, 2014 there are 16 movies in U.S. wide release. Which of these are you most likely to see?
Lord of the Rings Villains vs Star Wars Villains These two franchises both have a multitude of villainous, antagonistic characters. In general which set of villains do you prefer, LOTR (and The Hobbit) or Star Wars? Discuss Here
Friday Face-Off & Birthday Bash : Kevin Kline Vs F.Murray Abraham Both of these actors were born on 24th October. Which one of these actors is better ? Discuss Here
Friday Face-Off: The Pardon Predicament These main character antiheroes have you feeling sympathetic and rooting for the "bad good guy." If both of these men were caught, arrested, and tried in court and you were part of the jury:…
David Fincher vs. Christopher Nolan If you wrote an original screenplay that captured the interest of these two very talented film directors, which one would you choose to bring your story to the big screen? Discuss your director choice…
Thursday Throwback: For Which Film Should Hitchcock Have Won A Directing Oscar? Alfred Hitchcock was nominated five times for the Academy Award for Best Director, losing each time. For which of those films should he have won? Discuss here:…
Cormac McCarthy Adaptions Cormac McCarthy, born Charles McCarthy on July 20, 1933, is an American author that has published around twenty books, screenplays, and plays. He has a very unique writing style and format, creates in…
AMPAS Hollywood Costume Exhibit The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS - the people who bring us the Oscars) currently has an exhibit of more than 150 Hollywood costumes showing from October 2, 2014 through March 2, …
Who will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne? "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die." With claimants dying left right and centre and with only a few seasons left, who do you think will be sitting on the throne at the en…
Crime Flicks from the U.K. From this list of crime films out of the United Kingdom, which one is your favorite? Discuss here
Movie Theme Song Played on a Theater Organ What theme song from a major film would you most enjoy hearing played on a theater organ? Discuss this poll here.
Surprising writing credits. Which of these credits most surprises you? Please note, I'm only including credits that are on IMDb. Discuss the list here
War and Romance Some of the best romances of the big screen are set in war times. Which one is your favorite ? Discuss the Poll /list here
European Film Awards Which is your favorite among the winners of the European Film Award for Best Film? Discuss here
Cool Canadiennes Of these cool ladies from that cold country in the North, who is your favourite? Born in Canada or to Canadian parents. Also available: Cool Canadians Discuss here
What's the First Thing You Would Do as a Survivor Castaway? The twenty-ninth season of Survivor began just a few weeks ago. If you were a castaway, how would you begin your stay on the island? Discuss here.
AFI's Top 10 Epic Films AFI's 10 Top 10 honors the ten greatest US films in ten classic film genres. Presented by the American Film Institute (AFI), the lists were unveiled on a television special broadcast by CBS on June 17…
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