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Owen and Vince swap weddings for Google !
16 October 2013
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The internship sees the pair Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugh return to the big screen since their last outing in 2005' s "Wedding crashers".The story revolves around these two partners who work in a sales company. They eventually lose their jobs but in the end both agree to embark on a mission together in California; Take part of an "Internship" at Microsoft giant Google, a kind of trial period that if it goes well will lead to a full time occupation.

Owen and Vince coordinate perfectly with each other in the picture, they have a great understanding and its safe to say that they carry the weight of the entire movie on their shoulders. The supporting cast is rather weak and offer very little or nothing, the romance story between Owen and the Australian girl seems quite wooden and not that much engaging and a few dull sequences in the middle of the movie quite repetitive could of had a better look at.

The film works, the protagonists save it from being a forgettable one. It's worth a look because its offers the viewer an insight in the Google world " full of pathetic -know it all Nerds" , how it all functions and not many movies talk about the subject, so it's something different I suppose. It's not as good as wedding crashers but if you consider it an advert for Google and like the partnership Wilson-Vaugh then it can be enjoyable.

My vote 6/10
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Skyfall (2012)
Worst Bond movie ever!!!!!!!
27 April 2013
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Skyfall is the twenty-third movie in the eon official series(quite possibly the worst one)to star Daniel Craig in his third outing as secret agent 007. an outrageous budget estimated to be in the region of 200 million $,totally wasted and misused on a half baked thin plot,full of plot holes.

the movie opens up with bond in action in Istanbul on a mission to recuperate a stolen list of secret agents,property of MI6,in the hands of professional network hackers with Silva(the main villain)head of the organization.For the first hour bond is sent in various locations attempting to recuperate the list and find out who is behind it all.Funny enough at one point the list is completely forgotten about as if it never existed as the villains main objective is take his revenge on m.for the reminder of the picture bond has to protect her in case she falls victim to the criminally insane.There nothing else to the plot.Quite elementary to say the least.

Craig looks terribly old,tired and out of shape.Time to quit don't you think?He lacks the traditional bond image,of the ones portrayed by Sean Connery and Roger Moore as a true English gentlemen with charm,cool gestures and movements and specified style of communication.The problem with the latest James bond movies that for every single problem a use of gun and muscle is frequently required.Why not use your brain, your intelligence and knowledge?There is much more to the punching and kicking!

There are no beautiful bond girls,no gadgets..oh ye just a gun and a transmitter,very nice!the villains reasons are never explained..why does he steal that list?to attract bonds and m's attention?the scene where bond is captured whilst sitting down Silva starts touching his chest and legs..what?Homosexual?As far back i remember in the series there's never been a gay villain before.Nice way to bring innovation to the series.the new kid as q with that know it all attitude and stupid hair just didn't fit the bill,same thing goes to the new moneypenny,awful choice.

All in all a very empty movie,there is no feel or memorable action sequences,no cool one-liners,no funny humor,no cool sports cars,just....nothing!!!The movie borrows heavily from other movies,and in no way does it cover new territory.Take a few visuals out,the movie is to be thrown in a nearby dustbin.through out viewing you keep saying to yourself..."AM I WATCHING A BOND FLICK??"I expect to see a secret agent by the name of Bond,James Bond,not someone that comes out of the Bourne identity or mission impossible.

I'm not sure when a new installment is planned to be made,but either dramatic changes are made to the production team or we'll witness a tragic downfall to the world's most popular secret agent.

Bond is Back??In your dreams..... Its the best in the series? laughable in extreme!!!
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C'era una volta in America! the new 269 minute version!
21 October 2012
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I wanted to write down a review here long time ago,unfortunately never got round to it,but last night after viewing the newly extended version of once upon a time in America with 26 minutes of additional scenes,the time has now arrived to share my thoughts and feelings on what i describe a marvelous and unforgettable experience!

It has to be said..watching it at the cinema is totally different than watching it on DVD.i do own the movie,admired it on numerous occasions,but boy o boy i didn't capture me as much as last night;a good explanation perhaps is sitting in a dark movie theater isolated from everyone and everything,you feel part of that world that is been portrayed on screen.Like never before you manage to taste the profound feeling of friendship,betrayal,love and greed all of which are masterfully told by the maestro Sergio Leone,and most of all you can feel the heart and soul on which the film is founded and constructed on. Its an epic tale of ; Jewish gangsters that make their way through the prohibition era,narrates the rise and fall of David"Noodles" Aaronson,Max,Patsy and Cockeye!A period of time that goes from the early 1900's to the late 1960's which includes many flashbacks and flashfowards about their childhood and adulthood...the characters are loyal and respect each other but towards the end enter a fase that will finish not only in tragedy but also in mystery.

this new version includes six to seven new added scenes,bringing it to a running time of 269 minutes,the version that Leone originally intended to establish,but got reduced to 229 minutes(European version).1)When Noodlees goes and visits his friends grave there is a scene while talking with the owner of the cemetery, a car(with covered windows)appears in the background and drives around the block to spy on him.noodles suspects something strange about the car so he writes down the plate number.2)the information about the car leads him to senator Bailey's house,while standing outside the gate that same car he saw at the cemetery is coming out of the mansion and eventually explodes..then this leads to the part when noodles is sitting in fat moe's watching firefighters in TV clearing the fire on a car...3)while noodles is waiting in the street to take Deborah on a date,he has a chat with the driver.4)After getting rid of Joe and his gang noodles drives the car with his friends on board in the water,an added scene shows max patsy and cockeye laughing it off in the water,and max tries to find noodles who disappears.5)Deborah is playing Cleopatra during a play at the theater and noodles is there as a spectator.6)before noodles and max meet in the end,max has a conversation in his studio with the famous politician that gets shot in the leg earlier in the film. other few scenes show how noodles meets Eve. Do these extra scenes add something more to the film??well certainly they help understand the movie even more,they cover up plot holes that were existent in the previous version, maybe a few sequences were not necessary,but it doesn't really matter. these sequences though do not improve the Frank monaldi character,he still remains in complete mystery.

this film is a masterpiece no doubt;if Sergio Leone would still be alive,he would be proud of his children,Andrea and Raffaella,who played a big part to finally bring to life the version that their late father had envisioned.A film that left him heartbroken by the lousy editing of the U.S version that flopped big time and that received extremely negative reviews.Flashbacks were all chopped off and the film's events were narrated in chronological order. Its safe to say that justice has been made.Works of art should just be left alone. This film definitely ranks up there as one of greatest gangster movies ever made and it surely worth the watch!!

Robert De Niro is exceptional,Woods is fantastic and the rest of the cast delivers on a high note.

Noodles turns towards the camera,smiles,credits start to appear and the music starts to play......EPIC

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Alex l'ariete (2000)
to call this garbage a "movie" is an "Overstatement" in extreme!!!!
16 October 2012
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"this review contains spoilers"

Year 2000.A movie made to compete with the likes of Mission impossible 2 and the gladiator.!!A movie made to launch the acting career of a former ski racing champion.Boy o boy did everything take a u-turn down the toilet after its release,well you only have watch the first ten minutes to understand what I'm talking about!!Alberto Tomba or Il grande Albertone as the Italian press called him,stares in "Alex l'Ariete" a crime/police action flick considered to be the worst film ever in the history of Italian cinema and the cult of trash!!what an hon-our..

What can i say!!just calling it a film is a "compliment".The acting is elementary,a plot that seems to be written by seven year olds,the protagonists suffer loss of memory,but a minute later remember everything!a quick example is when Alex(Tomba)is transfered by his superior to a little town(Monte dell'olmo) in the Alps.when the conversation between the two takes place Alex asks his superior where Monte dell'olmo is located??the superior replies that he doesn't know!a minute later talking with a friend Alex says that he is being transfered in the alps.what?mind you thats not the only problem!unfortunately...

In many scenes the dubbing is scandalously bad as if the dubbing director rushed it to go on holiday,numerous sequences make no sense and don't relate in any manner with the actual plot,they seem thrown in to make the film last at least an hour,because from my eye half an hour would of been sufficient to sum up the whole story.When did you ever witness a film run for 30 minutes?i haven't,but they could of done an exception here.Special effects are nowhere to be seen..Tomba blasts away rounds of machine gun fire towards a mini lorry which strangely doesn't suffer any king of damage.not even a little hole on the entire structure but just a few sparks.... magic!!

its meant to be a dramatic film but its filled with moments of unintentional comedy,the actors act as if the situation is critical but in reality they make you burst into laughter not only for their acting but also for their facial has to be said that on this matter the master that steals the show is Mr Alberto Tomba.during filming notice that his eyes are moving,why,you may ask?? hes reading the play script because he cant remember two words "Porcaccia la miseria".there are many other moments where the the play script is used on a frequent basis mind you..i don't want to spoil the fun!!

the film was released in July.A super flop at the box office,with a budget of 6 million euros,it earned a miserable 3 and half thousand euros and to justify the films failure Alberto tomba said in the press that "in summer periods nobody goes to the cinema".what a brick!!! i prefer not to say nothing more on the subject.

Damiano Damiani was the director.he must of been either absent during filming and directed it via telephone or must of suffered severe brain damage!!nothing else can explain how a decent director who in the 1960's produced decent movies recognized worldwide,and directed italy's finest actors such as Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale just to name a few came out of the blues and deliver this dustbin??What on earth was he thinking with this failure?Was it way to celebrate the new millennium?? no comment

Alex l'Ariete made me laugh so so hard and loud for a whole year.during classes my friend and i would sit through lessons watching it,we would laugh so much that we got to the point of having belly ache,to be on the verge of tears and getting shouted by the teacher!!damn it was fun!! Tomba's face!!!epic

as a comedy-recommended so to have fun with your friends and family,otherwise as crime/police flick its to be avoided!!!

comedy, my vote 10/10

action flick, my vote 0/10
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Goodfellas (1990)
"Great maybe",-"Masterpiece"miles away"
2 November 2011
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"As far back as i can remember i've always wanted to be a gangster".Based on a true story,the film is set in 1955,East New York,Brooklyn",with a young Henry Hill who decides to join the Lucchese crime family in order to become someone in a neighborhood full of nobody's.gradually he gains an important and respected figure amongst the crew and has the opportunity to make contact with individuals such as Jimmy"the Gent"Conway,who loves hijacking trucks and seen by many as a legend and Tommy De Vito,a crazy maniac who kills people even if a wrong word is said towards him.."so you better watch yourself"!!!the film objective is to show everyone how life is in the criminal underworld,in what kind of business henry and co are in and the the sort of living conditions that they can afford with this type of living.. "Even better than VIPS".I guess that is one of the most attractive aspects of the Mafia.Have everything you!!

The movie received so much praise and consideration on being maybe the greatest mob movie ever!!now lets not exaggerate here. i take nothing away from this motion picture,its pretty good and has a great cast:Ray Liotta,Joe Pesci,Robert De Niro and Paul Sorvino all of which gave tremendous performances no doubt....the PLOT!now thats were the problem is!!The first time i saw it,i only managed to watch half of it and i was impressed.When i got round to see it all i was left frustrated.From then on i lost that appetite to watch it again..Let me Explane. The first half starts off well and stylish,Henry's introduction as a kid in the Lucchese crew,or when he meets and marries Karren.. everything up until the whacking of Billy Batts is good..but from then on the story starts losing its magic and going off track.The end seemed a little unclear and rushed!!The second half of the film seemed detached and completely different from the first half.

One aspect of the film that i didn't tolerate was the excessive use of the F-word."Blime me",it was used well 246 times.!!!Half way through you get sick of hearing it.well more than sick "Tired" is the best word. this is not Scorsese's only movie mind you that the f-word is used on a frequent basis,try the Departed or CASINO where Joe Pesci says 21 F****S less than 2 minutes!!Scorsese specialty i suppose.

To call Goodfellas the greatest mob movie ever is over the top.For me there are superior gangster movies out there such as Coppola's Godfathers 1 and 2 or Sergio Leones Once upon a time in America. the movie that I'm reviewing now is good but i don't agree on it being a falls short by miles!!! I'm most probably in the vast minority here for not admiring it but hey everyone has got their own opinions and thoughts. I'll definitely go back to it in future and re watch it and maybe have a different idea on it,but for the time being this gangster flick cant even be mentioned in the same breath of the GODFATHER and the GODFATHER PART 2!! NOW THATS A FACT!!!
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Rocky V (1990)
Rocky 5
13 October 2011
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Rocky 5 is not just a movie its more a lesson of life. When your living one of the greatest moments (of your life),with all the odds against you,managing to defeat a Russian, mountain of muscle, killing machine "Ivan Drago", to conquer his home crowd with your name chanted out loudly,seen in the eyes of millions of people as a hero....all of sudden to face one of the toughest realities like losing your fortune and not being able to nothing about it,is sad,depressing and disturbing.making you feel a big loser and a failure.

Rocky is back from the soviet union.He discovers that all the millions of dollars earned as a legendary boxer have been lost or worse stolen and utilized by his accountant in the stock market.Paulie is considered to be the culprit,as when he receives a letter from the accountant with the request to borrow Rocky's money,Paulie signs it thinking that the letter is a payment for the tax's extensions on the house.NO can do, everything is lost forever.The mansion,cars and all assets are sold,and rocky is forced to retire from his beloved profession after discovering to have suffered severe brain damage. The family go and live back in the old neighborhood.Rocky for a living opens up Micheys old gym,Adrian gets her old job at the pet shop and Robert(Rockys son),has to adapt to a complete different scenery:from the rich world and high class education,to a poor degraded environment comparable in way to a ghetto. A long the way Rocky becomes manager of Tommy"the machine"Gunn,an ungrateful prick who after been tough how to box at the highest level,seeing that Rocky hasn't got the financial muscle to move him up and lamenting that after 22 consecutive wins,no proper money has been made,Tommy decides to turn his back on him by joining the ranks of a bent promoter by the name of George W.Duke. The final sequence of the film sees Rocky and Tommy fighting in the street,thankfully Rocky ends up victorious by showing his ex pupil some manners and who is the best.

The whole Rocky series,especially this fifth chapter, is not based on boxing,but it narrates the story of a man who even when he finds himself in most dark and difficult situations in life,he manages to stand up on his two feet and fight until the very end. Especially with Rocky 5,Sly Stallone wanted to point out a clear message,In life even with unfortunate situations such as "bankruptcy",failiures,disappointments,get put down by other peoples criticisms,judgments and bad words,don't just lay down as a defeated, Get up and always find the strength to react and confront.You gain and posses that strength from the love and careness that you have for your family.Never marginalize your family for someone from the outside,family comes first than power,money,and material.

I honestly don't understand why this movie got such a low rating and why its considered to be the weakest and one of the worst.The movie other than being emotional and more based on reality,is Original.To all those IMDb users that gave this picture such a low rating,claiming that it should be burned and its a disgrace are ignorants that don't understand a monkeys toss about cinema.Everyone wanted to witness Rocky climb back in the ring and fight another vicious killing machine like Drago,but it didn't happen.UNLUCKY!!!!to all the haters,a word of advice:do something better with your time instead of reviewing titles that you don't completely understand.!

the ending of the film is absolutely perfect,where the scene closes with the Rocky statue ,with its arms high up in the sky,looking over the entire city of Philadelfia as a symbol of victory. All five Rocky films have had an impact on my life.I want to personally thank Mr Slyvester Stallone for delivering not only such superb films but mostly creating such a legendary figure like "Rocky", that will always be remembered in the long coming, a character that we always can turn to,especially moments we are in need of comfort,strength and a boost.... but most of all, AN IDOL THAT WE CAN BE PROUD OF!!!!! Thankyou!!!
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Rocky Balboa (2006)
its all been done before.
8 October 2011
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After 16 long years,out of the blues,Stallone decided to make a sixth installment to the legendary Rocky franchise. with Rocky 5 he intended to bring the series to a farewell conclusion, but then over the years he had a change of heart feeling that the fifth film didn't end in a satisfactory manner so he decided to pursue the story with "Rocky Balboa".

Rocky in his sixties is conducting a quite life in the old neighbourhood, running an Italian restaurant.He suffers the absence of his beloved-departed wife Adrian,who has died for same unknown reason,he visits her regularly at the cemetery. Paulie is still around, works in a meat house like he used to in"Rocky one".during the film,a TV channel broadcasts this fictional fight made by computer, that sees the reigning champion Mason "the line"Dixon go head to head with former champion Rocky Balboa.this fictional fight generates a lot of interest in public especially in rocky ,who then decides to came out of retirement and start fighting again.Mason Dixon's manager, in the company of a promoter,knowing that Rocky is back in the boxing frame,pays him a visit at his restaurant with an offer to fight the reigning champion in a 10 round exhibition match.The fight eventually materializes and takes place in Las Vegas.

the film is good but its exactly the same as the first with only a much older has the same training sequence as the first,punching the meat running up the famous stairs,the relationship between Rocky and Marie,exactly the same as the one between Rocky and Adrian in the first and so on..... one thing that i don't understand is WHY!!why is THIS MOVIE rated higher than its predecessors.???(except the first).they were so entertaining and fun and in the true sense of word CLASSICS.i prefer more Rocky 5 than this one.OK is wasn't one of the best but it was original and emotional.

I'm a die hard fan of Rocky,i grew up watching all the five films.I rank this sixth chapter not amongst the best or amongst the worst of the series but as simply "FINE".

For me the story in this movie,has been told before and in a better way."SLY,i honestly prefer the conclusion of the fifth movie."

my vote 6/10
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Donner the Coner!!!
7 October 2011
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the third time is not the charm with lethal weapon series in my opinion.the movie seems more like a family drama than an action starts off at an evacuated building that contains a bomb,Riggs and Murtaugh go in and against orders, cock everything up by causing the bomb to explode instead of waiting for the bomb squad to arrive.the opening sequence is entertaining and quite funny.but from then on everything goes down hill.the L.A.P.D partners find themselves battling a bunch of nobody's who want to build a HOUSING ESTATE..woow this is serious!!!Riggs and Murtaugh are in for quite a big challenge here. no kidding...amongst the many flaws present,for me these so called villains are the main flaw.they couldn't of been more bland,they pose no kind of threat to the main characters whatsoever,it felt more like a battle between adults (vs) and a group of kids behaving badly.

Joe Pesci is back to reprise the role of Leo Getz.totally different from the second movie.appears more like a dummy with his new blond haircut and earing.i don't know exactly what his role was in this one,he simply comes off as an irritating,annoying figure that needs a kick up the backside.he just pulls off a few scenes with his hands up and routine saying "ok,ok,ok.ok".in lethal weapon 2 he said a funny phrase that went: "yes sir thats me Leo Getz ,remember, anything that you need ,Leo GETS" in lethal weapon 3 he should of said :"yes sir thats me Leo Getz,just remember Leo" THE PUFF" Getz. to add to the damage,there a so many unnecessary,pointless scenes that end up distracting the viewer and mostly the annoying saxophone music playing nearly in every scene.WHY?to make the scene feel more comedic??

a new addition to the series is Rene Russo.she manages to bring some freshness in the picture and overall she did a fine job.The movie never seems to take off and appears to be out of gas and energy.

Lethal weapon 3 is just plain boring.lethal weapon 4,even though predictable,is much better with a more engaging plot.i enjoyed it more than this one.

my vote 5/10
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i watched it only because of Al Pacino!!!
5 October 2011
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Danny ocean and the rest of the boys are back with a vengeance in this third and hopefully last installment of the oceans series.Soderbergh, well to put it this way,"to say sorry" to all the fans for the weirdness and failure of oceans 12,as a consolation,decided to make oceans 13.all the stars of the previous film are back here except Julia Roberts and Catherine zeta Jones but there's a new addition to the series,the legend "WHOOAA" Al Pacino. Willy bank played by(Pacino),is about to open a new casino in las Vegas.Reuben a member of Danny oceans crew,is bank's partner.for some reason Willy wants to break up the partnership by giving him a goodbye present of 10.000$.Reuben disappointed and insulted by Willy's behavior,suffers a stroke. So Danny and the rest of the crew decide,to hit back on Bank by figuring out a plan to destroy his multi-million business on the casino's opening night.

Oceans 13 is good movie,not as good as 11,but obviously better than 12. the plot is just plain simple nothing special.the problem here is that the movie doesn't cover any new territory,its all been done.

even the great Al Pacino cant make the difference, hes practically given nothing to do throughout the movie,totally wasted and there are times where he does seem bored and tired with the role.actually all the main characters seemed one stands out.their body language seemed more like:"oww lets just pull off this damn job as quickly as possible,go home and forget it".There is more talking(dribs and drabs) than action and the main problem is the Pace which is to fast not allowing you to catch up with it and understand exactly whats going on.

in all honesty iam not a fan of the oceans series.The only reason why i saw this is because of Al Pacino. otherwise i would of skipped it

as in 12,Andy Garcia again is given no screen time,a few minutes here and there.What was the point in bringing him in???Clooney and Pitt always kept talking...about what exactly???Matt Damon was all over the place..the rest of the crew,most of the time sitting around,playing cards..boy what a waste a time and talent.obviously most of the 89 million budget was used to pay the actors salary.I suppose for the actors this movie was like a walk in the park.sit around,a few jokes,few drinks,a laugh and end with a nice pay check in their pockets.NO problemo!!

its an OK movie.its worth a look.there are some good visuals,and OK scenes.I doubt there will be an Oceans 14,after Clooney stated that 13 would be his last.and from what i gathered from this movie Soderbergh had nothing more to say.But if Soderbergh decides to make another installment in the near future here's a tip.Use Garcia and Pacino in a more satisfactory manner,then bring in Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci as the bad guys.Just an idea.

my vote 6/10.
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Moonraker (1979)
3 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"this review may contain spoilers"

moonraker is roger Moore's fourth outing as 007 and the film just happens to use one the titles of Ian Flemings books. the spy who loved me was a great movie and it did pretty good at the box office,but it could of done better if wasn't released during the same period as Star Wars(which made a huge success and took the world by storm).one tradition of the series is that at the end of each film they will announce the title of the next the end of the spy who loved me it said that James bond will return in "for your eyes only".but with people going nuts over science fiction,Lewis Gilbert and co.decided to turn to moonraker,a star wars type movie that would see go to space.sounds stupid!!!!!

the storyline sees 007 investigate a billionaire industrialist by the name of Hugo Drax,who intends to destroy earth by creating his own world in space.. bond investigates on this matter by going round the world..but by my eye bond seems more interested in obtaining girls instead of evidence of drax's masterplan.There isn't much going on really other than that.

the movie had a budget of 34 million dollars,and i can see where most of the money went,spent on good looking and exotic locations such as Venice Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,California,France and on the special effects.

moonraker is a huge step down from the spy who loved me.the outer space sequence ruins the entire is utter rubbish,embarrassing,ridiculous,silly and most of all cheap.the film was supposed to compete with the colossal success of Star wars but it just didn't work.OK it had an immediate success when it came out, but it is considered by many as one of the weakest,if not the weakest.

Boy..what happened to jaws??instead of being the ruthless killing machine as he once was,he just seems more of clown played more for laughs than anything.they should of got rid of him at beginning during the parachute scene.he was useless through out the movie.seeing him in space was odd and a complete joke. Its a big shame because if "space" was left out,and the story was concluded on earth,it could of turned out to be a decent movie.For me all the good looking locations were completely over shadowed by the silly and disastrous outer space sequence.

i cant recommend this mess of a movie.try avoiding it if you can.You wont miss much.if u want a good time laughing,this movie will guarantee. otherwise skip it and watch "for your eyes only".

my vote 3/10
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