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Funny, mixed up love story, 9 August 2004

Although I was at first confused by Kyle MacLachlan's character, once I figured out what was going on there, it was all ok.

This is a cute, if not old, movie about a man afraid of outing himself to his mother. In a funny turn of events, he ends up with mom visiting and his boyfriend loving her and, in the end, mom accepting the relationship.

What I loved best about this film were the quick one liners (cleaning orgy!) and the intimate look at life when everything is tied into appearances. A great little flick, this was thoroughly enjoyable!

8/10 Great entertainment value!

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Impressive, 9 August 2004

I was surprised by this film. I was expecting a cheesy, poorly acted flop but this turned out to be a well filmed, entertaining movie.

Not only was the story interesting but Kutcher managed to pull off a good performance and probably his best to date as Evan, the troubled and tormented young man who returns to the past in an effort to change the future for the better.

The director's cut, though long, managed to keep the viewer interested in the story until the very end. This is a smart, witty thriller that is well worth watching.


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Slow and boring until the last few minutes, 9 August 2004

This was hot high on my list of things to watch and now I know why.

Depp loses big in this flop of a movie. Though the story started off interestingly enough, it quickly lost momentum. Depp can't be blamed though. He does a great job of keeping the character of Mort interesting and dark. From the constant drunk appearance to the eerie and dark glances, he manages to create a very interesting, multi-dimensional character. However, the story dies shortly into the movie.

15 minutes in I found my mind wandering and I couldn't wait for it to be over. This feeling didn't go away until there were only 10 minutes left and the big "secret" was revealed.

This is not a great movie and Depp's performance is really wasted.

Not a movie worth watching.


Mallrats (1995)
Funny - in that 90210 sort of way, 9 August 2004

Jay and Silent Bob keep me watching these stupid though hilarious flicks. This is no deviation. This is a funny movie about a guy who is dumped by his girlfriend (who happens to be none other than 90210 b*tch Doherty) and his buddy T.S. who is also dumped by his girlfriend. These two losers end up at the mall in an effort to win back T.S. gf. In a funny turn of events, and a meeting with Stan Lee (talking about love ha!) these two manage to get back together with their respective girlfriends.

The really funny moments here are all thanks to our good buds Jay and Silent Bob. I just can't get enough of these goof balls!

8/10 for the funny content (oh yeah....Affleck also makes an appearance here)

The Mummy (1999)
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It's not Indy, 9 August 2004

This movie wasn't exactly Indiana Jones but it did have it's moments.

Rachel Weisz plays the meek librarian who wants to be an archaeologist and, in an interesting turn of events, finds herself hunting for lost treasure with the help of her always in trouble brother (played by John Hannah) and the treasure hunting American (Canadian Boy Colin Fraser).

This movie provides some great special effects. Add in some hilarious moments and lots of action (fighting mummies and skeletons)and you have yourself a great little action movie. Thoroughly enjoyable indeed as long as you're not expecting Indy.


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Not a complete waste of time...really, 9 August 2004

So this may not be the greatest movie ever made, heck, I'd be surprised if it was seen by more than a couple of thousand people, but it is an example of the excesses of the 20th century. Only a movie made after the 1990 could exhibit such violent, gruesome and disgusting scenes and still be made.

I can't quite remember what the story line was because I'm still trying to (3 years after watching it) get some of the mental pictures out of my head. From what I can remember, this is a road trip movie about 2 kids who pick up a 3rd and travel cross country getting themselves into trouble with a bunch of people along the way. Doesn't sound too bad but there are some bad, bad scenes

6/10 simply because it IS so obscene

The Mother (2003)
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Surprisingly good, 9 August 2004

A woman left alone after the death of her husband finds herself attracted to her son's friend and handy man. In a slightly twisted story, the woman begins sleeping with the handy man in an effort to revive herself. The twisted part? The handy man is also her daughter's on and off love interest.

As if this wasn't strange enough, the mother manages to fall for this man and when her daughter finds out, she blames not only her dysfunctional relationship but also her messed up life on her poor mother.

Though you may think badly of this woman, the truth is movie manages to portray her in a positive light. Beautifully played by Anne Reid, this character has dimension and portrays great emotion.

A truly brilliant performance and an enjoyable film.


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Not the best follow-up, 9 August 2004

The first of these wasn't a great film and this one fell further behind. Continuing from where the Mummy left off, in this installment, the body of the pries re-awakens and creates havoc.

The first movie had the benefit of a new, interesting cast and a possibly good movie but this second installment had nothing going for it. From the beginning it was obvious that this was simply a sad attempt of banking on the success of the first film. They didn't even have the decency of giving us a new story, the just recycled the old one.

What is left for us here is a movie full of nothing but special effects and, fortunately, the public is not yet dumb enough to accept this.

5/10 This installment had nothing going for it other than the cast and some redone fx

Cheesy but fun, 9 August 2004

This was exactly what I expected. A cute story, not so great acting and a few laughs.

Nothing much to say about this flick except that the acting isn't to bad and the story really is very, very cute. Here we meet Jenna, a 13 yr. old girl trying to fit with the cool group. In a somewhat strange dream, she's sent to the future to see what her life has turned into and, basically, she hates herself and the life she leads as a backstabbing magazine editor. In the end, she wakes up being 13 again and basically changes her life.

Funny and cute, this is a great girls night movie.


De-Lovely (2004)
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Bea-utiful!, 5 August 2004

This is not generally a movie I would chose to see but I was outvoted by the group and "dragged" (hardly!) to see it. I had no idea who Cole Porter was but as soon as I heard the first song, I realized I knew much of the music.

This lovely film shows us Porter's life put to his music, literally "the music of my life". In itself, the story is better than fiction. No one could have written a better inner struggle and wonderful yet painful love story. To add, the acting here is very, very good and both Kline and Judd deliver truly believable performances.

If the divine music isn't enough, worry not. This film is also brimming with cameo appearances by some of music's top performers including Robbie Williams, Elvis Costello, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and Diana Krall to list just a few.

8/10 A truly lovely film and probably the best "musical"-drama of the year.

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