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Friday (1995)
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Hilarious!! (Despite the bathroom humor)...., 21 December 2002

This movie is not only hilarious, but it also has some surprisingly redeeming social value. It has an anti-gun violence message in it, which is so important because of the demographic audience this film will appeal to. And although I usually avoid movies that have such base humor as bathroom jokes (maybe you have to be a guy to appreciate those things), if you don't laugh your a** off when you see that midget (excuse me, little person) chasing his unusually tall/hot wife down the steet when he catches her cheating on him, then you probably need to just stay away from comedies all together...because you have no sense of humor.

This flick isn't for everyone obviously, given the subject matter involved, but I have to say it's one of the funniest films I've seen since the 1980's. If you haven't seen it yet, rent it, or you can catch it every now and then on the USA Network...On Friday nights, of course.

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People In Love Remember The Things They Do To Each Other...., 21 December 2002

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For me, one of the most memorable and poignant lines from a movie, is when David brings the divorce papers to Dede at the auction and just before he signs them he says to her, "I know now that people in love remember the things they do to each other. If they stay together, it's not because they forget, but because they forgive."

This movie explores what can happen to even the most rock-solid couples when they allow money to make them do things they would never dream of doing otherwise. Somehow, when you're dealing with a monetary figure the size of $1,000,000 it's easy to forget that what you're actually doing to get that money is absolutely no different than what the girls on Sunset Boulevard are doing. For a much lower price yes, but it's still the exact same thing. In the movie, their love in the end was strong enough to overcome the damage they'd caused each other by doing this heinous thing, but I don't know that your average couple in real life could overcome it. What they'd done would always be between them.

Powerful performances by Moore and Redford, but the best and most surprising performance comes from Woody Harrelson. I didn't know he had it in him to show such a broad range of emotion. Quite a departure from his bartender role at Cheers! I absolutely love the movie's very appropriate theme song, "No Ordinary Love" by Sade.

Great movie for everyone, but is an especially important message to be obtained for those in love.

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A Microcosim Of The Typical 80's Relationship...., 21 December 2002

This film is a perfect example of relationships in the 1980's. Given that the morality of the Reagan era never influenced the 20-somethings of that generation, it shows rather succinctly what happens when two people meet and jump into bed on the first date, then try to build a meaningful relationship based on that. Of course what was learned by those who tried doing that it way, was that it doesn't work. Nothing long-lasting can come from something as superficial as physical attraction.

This film takes a funny look at those who were foolish enough to try and take the wrong road to happily ever after. Rob Lowe and Demi Moore have great chemistry together as the typical yuppie, 20-something 80's fun couple, Dan and Debbie. They're one of those cute brother/sister looking couples with strikingly dark hair and green eyes. Seeing them together, you can't help but picture them together as a real-life couple (their kids would've been gorgeous)! Their coupling takes the inevitable route: explodes on contact, then peters out when real-life issues enter the picture. Obtaining advice from their respective best-friends (his is psychotic, hers is promiscuous but hostile toward the opposite sex) only complicates matters.

Things work out for them in the end though, when they decide to grow up and toss their unrealistic expectations of one another out the window. The 80's soundtrack is a blast from the past (hell, you can't blame Demi for being tempted to jump Rob's bones on the first date when you hear that hot song by Jermaine Jackson "Words Into Action" playing in the background). The smart and snappy banter between the principal characters makes it a fun movie all the way around.

Not your usual chick flick. Highly recommended to all.

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Best Christmas Movie....Ever!, 21 December 2002

It may sound pathetic, but no matter how many times the TBS Network shows this movie, I have to watch it. Even when they do their 24 hour marathons of A Christmas Story every Christmas Eve, I still watch every one. It may sound sad, and maybe I should get a life, but I just love it so much and since I know I won't be seeing any reruns til next Christmas, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it.

This movie is different from all the other Christmas movies, because although it has the prerequisite touching, heartfelt events in it that everyone looks for in a traditional Christmas movie, it has a risque' humor to it not found in any before it. Or since! (While fixing the furnace, his father wove a tapestry of obscenity that as far as he knows is still hanging over lake Michigan as we speak)! Hilarious!!

Nothing is as appealing to me at Christmas time than watching Ralpie and his quest for a Red Rider, carbine action bebe gun, with a compus in the stock, and this thing which tells time. I wonder what ever happened to Peter Billingsly?

Great fun for the whole family. A must see!!

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No More Jello...?, 2 November 2002

This movie is a classic.

But like several of the other reviewers, I agree that more care and thought should have been taken with several elements of this film. Nic Cage, although a great actor, is I believe totally miscast as Charlie. He's too young to bring the maturity necessary to pull off this part the way that Kathleen Turner did. To make up for his lack of experience, he gives his character a gratingly irritating voice that takes the viewers attention away from the performance. He has a decent singing voice though. I also agree that the scene where her grandfather and his cronies try to send her back to the future with a bizarre incantation is unnecessary, and way too far fetched even considering the subject matter we're dealing with here.

Still it's a fun and interestingly different take on the usual comedy, and definetly worth seeing at least once. It has some great one-liners in there..."No More Jello For Me Mom" was really great.

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The Best Of The Jim Carrey Vehicles...., 2 November 2002

A Hilarious 80's teen sex comedy!

Jim Carrey hasn't been as funny in a film since. He manages to get plenty of laughs with his performance without going over the top the way he tends to do today. My favorite part is where Robin and the Countess have a dance-off over Mark at the Halloween dance to the very appropriate and silly song "Hands Off, He belongs to me"! And though slightly homophobic by today's standards were the comments by Carrey's sidekicks, "We're Rump Rangers", and the "Fags in the Shower" exclamations however, it all seemed in good fun.

Karen Kopins was really good as Mark's long-suffering girlfriend and held her own well against Carrey. She should've had a better career. I really miss the 80's teen movie genre, and the lighthearted take these films had on a generation.

A must see on Halloween if you're looking to lighten the load from the usual slasher films that always get shown.

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Painful, Yet Moving True Story...., 1 November 2002

Definetly one of the most inspiring movies ever made.

As individuals, it would be quite easy to feel helpless while up against a disease such as ALD and a medical establishment that has agendas other than the life of a small child. But Augusto and Michaela Odone refused to just stand idly by and while there son's life slipped away from them. Instead, they made the unprecedented decision to learn as much as they could about their son's devastating illness and then set about to find a cure. Because of their efforts, thousands of boys will now be able to enjoy a life their child will not. Had they not been the exceptionally educated and intelligent people that they were I don't know if they would have been able to accomplish such an unbelievable feat. Who knows? What's important to remember, and what I think is the moral of the story is that great things can be accomplished when people become determined to make a difference.

Though Lorenzo regained his sight, some motor skills, and the ability to swallow, his condition hasn't improved to a large degree over the years, and will not until science is able to regenerate the myelin sheath covering his brain that was all but destroyed by the ALD. At the end of the movie, Augusto was involved with a group of scientists who were about to begin trials that would put the myelin back into some puppies who were born with this defect. I, along with others pray for those suffering from this disorder, as well as for people with other diseases such as Multiple Schlerosis that this therapy could help, that they will be successful.

Sadly, Michaela passed away not too long ago. Being from Virginia the Odone's are considered heros in this state, so her death made the papers here. I cried when I thought of how difficult it must have been for her to have to leave the child she'd spent so many years giving hours upon hours of endless care and attention. I'm sure it never crossed her mind that he would outlive her.

If you've never seen this movie, be sure not to miss it. It's a stellar 10!! But be sure to bring a whole box of tissues, you're going to need it!

Made Me Want To Try And Get Into A Think Tank At College Time...., 1 November 2002

You've got to hand it to a bunch of kids who can dry-ice an entire dorm hallway, and fill a whole house full of popcorn!! Why don't they make movies like this anymore?

A really imaginative farce. A bunch of smart kids who take on the establishment to save the world from the destruction of a laser they were duped into building. Val Kilmer was fabulous as the coolest of the brainiacs, when he really was putting some effort into his craft, and before his head became so large from fame that it exploded. The theme song, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, says it all. Great performances throughout.

Check this one out, it's in my top 10.

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It All Started With Hello...., 24 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****Possible Spoilers****This is one of my all time favorite romantic comedies. The story of two married people who meet at a seaside hotel and begin an affair in which they meet back at the same place for one weekend a year for 20+ years.

Though the subject matter of adultery might put some people off, Alan Alda with his deft comedic skills brings a hilarious perspective to the situation that leaves viewers feeling that these are just two basically decent people who would never stray from their significant others if it weren't for this very unique situation of having found their soulmates a little too late. In fact, lesser people would have probably divorced their spouses for a love so great. The premise is made even more unique by the way we see only the two of them interact at the seaside cottage for that one weekend every five years. I was glad to see that other reviewers were as taken with the song, "It all started with hello", that was played as events are shown that occurred during the five year increments between scenes.

The dialogue between Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn are so perfect together, there isn't a need for any other characters to make it interesting. Practically impossible to cut up in any way. Except for maybe one: I'd have preferred to have seen them end up together in the end.

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Crazy Ski Movie...., 24 October 2002

In reading username farnum's review, I couldn't help but laugh at the memory of David Naughton singing that stupid disco song Makin' It on Solid Gold..."I'm solid gold, I've got the goods"... I didn't know there was anyone out there who still remembers it besides me. I must agree unfortunately that his career definetly peaked with the Pepper Ads, and should probably stick to hocking soda (if that's even still an option for him now).

This movie is guilty of every conceivable error in judgement by the writers, the director, and even the studio who allowed this truly bad 80's flick to be put out. Bad dialogue, bad acting, no discernable plot structure and given that I am a woman, too much T&A...(Exactly how much silicone did they actually PUT into Shannon Tweed anyway)?! Strange woman, she seemed more interested in Sunny than in Harkin. Why couldn't they have had Harkin gliding around naked on his back in that jaccuzzi instead of Shannon? Sunny treated Harkin like crap througout the entire movie. I guess being a hot babe counts enough with some men that they won't require you to have a personality. And that guitar serenade by Harkin to Sunny!! That went beyond embarrassing, to actually being painful for the viewer. Although the movie had some pretty good music in it by Duran Duran and Al Jareau, I found it annoying that they kept rewinding the songs over and over so that the tracks wouldn't finish up before the scene did.

Despite the obvious problems though, I still laughed. I first saw it when it came out on HBO when I was 17, and just caught it again the other day. I found myself laughing in all the same places. I'm not sure what that says about me exactly since I am now a mature professional woman of 35, but it's true. That ski lift scene with the guy who had sunblock on his nose and the little ski bunny was quite memorable (as I'm sure it was for him as well)! I couldn't help but wonder if that sort of thing happens on ski lifts on a routine basis. Being a southern woman who has never made it to the slopes, I wouldn't know. In any event, if you've got any teenager still left in you, you should be able to get through it without feeling as though you've wasted too much of your time. As movies go in general I'd give it a 4 out of 10, but on the laugh scale it goes up to maybe a 7.

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