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Peak TV Treasure: Review

Peak TV Treasure: Review
Are you overwhelmed by how much television is available right now? Is life getting in the way of keeping up with the shows you wanna try out? We feel your tube-related pain. Here’s a handy feature that’ll help you locate the hidden gems in this era of Peak TV.


Network | Comedy Central

Created By | Andy Daly and Charlie Siskel

RelatedPeak TV Treasure: 12 Monkeys

Number Of Episodes | 19 over the first two seasons

Episode Length | 30 mins.

Premise | Daly stars as TV personality Forrest MacNeil, the host of show-within-a-show Review. Instead of critiquing TV, film or books, Forrest uses his
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Rose Byrne and Damon Herriman to star in second season of No Activity

No Activity.

Rose Byrne and Damon Herriman are set to join the cast of Stan.s comedy series No Activity for its second season, which will premiere in late October.. Also joining the cast this season are Chum Ehelepola (Rake), Anthony Hayes (The Rover), Susie Youssef (Here Come the Habibs) and Kim Gyngell (Jack Irish). The actors join the returning cast which includes Patrick Brammall (Offspring), Darren Gilshenan (Here Come the Habibs), Dan Wyllie (Offspring), David Field (A Moody Christmas), Harriet Dyer (Love Child) and Genevieve Morris (Comedy Inc.). No Activity is an improvised comedy series from Jungle, the team behind Here Come the Habibs, A Moody Christmas and Review with Myles Barlow. The series is created by Trent O.Donnell and Patrick Brammall, written and directed by O.Donnell, and was developed together with Darren Gilshenan and David Field. Chloe Rickard is the producer, and Jason Burrows, Trent O.Donnell,
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Applications open for Screen Tasmania’s comedy development program

Screen Tasmania has launched Comedy Concentrate, a short-form comedy development program for emerging screen practitioners.

The program is a match-funded intiative, with approximately $40,000 from Screen Australia and $50,000 from Screen Tasmania.

Comedy Concentrate will run from October until March next year, and will involve a number of high profile experts working with emerging Tasmanian comedy makers to develop and shoot pilots for short-form comedy series.

Initially up to 15 teams will take part in a two day workshop run by comedy experts including ABC head of comedy Rick Kalowski, Doug Anthony All-Star and author of The Cheeky Monkey Tim Ferguson, alongside Screen Australia.s interactive and multiplatform investment manager, Mike Cowap.

The best projects will be selected to work with mentor producers Kacie Anning (Fragments of Friday, The Minister for Men) and Nathan Earl (Plonk, The Checkout, Review with Myles Barlow), and they will ultimately be given a production budget to shoot a pilot.
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Stan more than doubles investment in local production

Stan has commissioned Jungle to produce a second season of comedy series No Activity as the streaming service doubles investment in local production in 2016..

No Activity Season 2 joins Stan.s original programming lineup for next year, alongside the highly anticipated Wolf Creek series.

No Activity, the first Australian production commissioned by an Svod service, premiered on Stan in October 2015..

The show starring, Patrick Brammall, Harriet Dyer, David Field, Dan Wyllie and Darren Gilshenan, .proved to be as popular with viewers as some of the world.s biggest TV shows, think Better Call Saul, which have also premiered exclusively on Stan.

According to a Stan spokesperson, No Activity has attracted interest from the Us and other territories around the world, with rights recently sold to New Zealand streaming service Lightbox.

The Stan Original series follows the peripheral players in a major police sting operation. The day-to-day realities of cops and criminals
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Second series for Review with Myles Barlow remake

The second series of the Us version of Review with Myles Barlow, re-named Review, will premiere in the Us on Comedy Central on July 30.

The first series screened on Comedy Central in March 2014, adapted from ABC Commercial.s format which was created by and starred Phil Lloyd. Review is written and executive produced by Charlie Siskel and Andrew Daly, with Daly starring as Forrest MacNeil . the host of the series. The director is Jeffrey Blitz (The Office).

The format is also being developed in the UK and Belgium. The Australian series has been sold to Africa, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden and New Zealand. Katherine McMillan, sales manager, formats for ABC Commercial said, .Review is a fantastic adaptation of the original format, and thrilled that Us audiences will enjoy a second season of this hit comedy..

There is no Australian broadcast deal yet for the Us version.
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Stan commissions Jungleboys comedy

Jungleboys is shooting a 6-part improvised comedy that follows two detectives on a stakeout for Stan, the Svod platform.s first original production.

No Activity is directed and written by Jungleboys. Trent O.Donnell, who developed the concept with Patrick Brammall, Darren Gilshenan and David Field.

The cast members, who are contributing to the writing process, include Brammall (The Moodys, Ruben Guthrie), Gilshenan (The Moodys, Maximum Choppage), Field (A Moody Christmas, The Rover), Dan Wyllie (Love My Way, Puberty Blues), Harriet Dyer (Love Child, Ruben Guthrie), Genevieve Morris (Comedy Inc, City Homicide), Damon Herriman (Justified, The Little Death) and comedian Sam Simmons, who was awarded best show for his performance at the 2015 Melbourne Comedy Festival.

They will be joined by two high-profile guest stars, one American, the other a Us-based Aussie, to be announced.

Jungleboys executive producer Jason Burrows and producer Chloe Rickard worked with O.Donnell on A Moody Christmas,
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30 Best TV Series of 2014

2014 has been yet another fantastic year for television, one that continued the nichification of the medium, with highly specific and underrepresented voices breaking through in every genre. There was a comedy explosion, particularly on cable, with dozens of new series presenting confident first seasons and several returning shows reaching new heights. The dramas didn’t disappoint either, with visionary creators bringing new life to familiar settings and taking greater risks with their returning series, deepening their worlds. Throughout the year, directors and cinematographers brought lush visuals, composers pushed the auditory envelope, and an astonishing number of actors gave fantastic, memorable performances. More than a few shows delivered spectacle on a weekly basis, while others went small, deriving incredible power out of stillness and self-reflection. Some series swept the audience up, week in and week out, and others built subtly, only showing their hand in their season’s final episodes. There
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Complex narratives: 6 series that revolutionized television in the digital age

The digital age has changed television dramatically within the past two decades. With the advent of cable channels, home video media, dish on demand and the internet, the average TV viewer has a variety of venues to access television programs. With all these ways to access television shows, the viewing audience has become more aware of repetitive story lines, inconsistency in character development and continuity errors. In short, these advances in technology have made for a more sophisticated casual television viewer, therefore allowing for the progression of serialized storytelling.

Today’s television writers have a landscape to develop complex narratives beyond the limitations of the episodic format, and now that audiences have better accessibility to these shows, there is a higher demand for serialized storytelling where there wasn’t one before.

Although there have been many television shows that have contributed to the overall progression of the modern serialized television series,
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Join our live chat with Andy Daly ('Review') this Friday

Join our live chat with Andy Daly ('Review') this Friday
On Friday afternoon, we'll talk with Andy Daly about his latest job rating life itself on the new Comedy Central series "Review." Join us for our live chat on May 16, at noon Pt/3:00pm Et on Gold Derby's home page. -Break- Watch our exclusive chats with Megan Boone, Merritt Wever, and more! Daly, a recent Gold Derby Emmy Mvp, plays Forrest MacNeil, who accepts every review assignment given to him – from drug addiction, to racism, to divorce – and rates them on his patented five-star scale. The series, which is a hard-to-categorize blend of sketch comedy and dark sitcom, is adapted from the Australian series "Review with Myles Barlow," which ran for two seasons from 2008 to 2010. But "Review" isn't the only project keeping Daly busy these days. The ubiquitous comedian has been seen recently on "Modern Family," "Silicon Valley," "Drunk History," "Eastboun..."'
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Seitz on Comedy Central’s Review: Like Jackass in Pleats

  • Vulture
Seitz on Comedy Central’s Review: Like Jackass in Pleats
It's hard to know quite what to make of Review, and that's part of its fascination. Adapted by Eastbound & Down's Andy Daly from the similarly slippery Australian series Review with Myles Barlow, it's one of those shows you have to take figuratively, not literally. Its hero is a critic named Forrest MacNeil (Daly), who reviews experiences and sensations rather than books, films, music, and the like. Viewers of Forrest's TV show write in to suggest new subjects, and he promptly leaves the soundstage and embarks upon a mission to learn what it feels like to be a racist or an armed robber, or to make a sex tape, or to sleep with a celebrity.That might sound like the description of a series that's willing to do anything for a laugh, and Review does hover on the edge of shamelessness at all times, as if creating a more buttoned-down, scripted
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Us remake for A Moody Christmas


Australian TV.s most dysfunctional family, the Moodys, are to get a Us remake.

Trent O.Donnell and Phil Lloyd, who created the ABC comedy A Moody Christmas, have been commissioned to write a pilot for the Fox network, which O.Donnell will direct.

The Australian production company Jungleboys will produce the pilot in collaboration with Doug Ellin, creator of Entourage, and the Tannenbaum Co.s Eric and Kim Tannenbaum for CBS TV Studios.

All four major Us broadcast networks and Us studios bid for the project. Fox, which is home to the Us remake of Rake, was deemed the best creative fit for the quirky family comedy which bears similarities to the network.s Raising Hope, according to

A Moody Christmas, which aired on the ABC last year, followed an Australian family.s misadventures on Christmas Day over six years.

Shooting of the sequel, The Moodys, starts next week in Sydney.
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Australia’s Jungleboys Signs With Mosaic

Don Groves is a Deadline contributor based in Sydney Australian production outfit Jungleboys has signed with Mosaic as the company pursues a U.S. remake of its comedy series A Moody Christmas. Jungleboys principles Trent O’Donnell and Phil Lloyd created the Australian comedy Review With Myles Barlow that’s being retooled as Review With Forrest MacNeil for Comedy Central, starring Andy Daly. Writer-director O’Donnell and Lloyd, a writer-actor who played the lead in Myles Barlow, signed with the Gersh Agency last November. One of Australia’s top advertising production companies, Jungleboys recently moved into TV comedy and plans to expand into factual programming. Commissioned by Australia’s ABC-tv, A Moody Christmas centers on a dysfunctional family over six consecutive Christmas Days. Jungleboys’ latest production, sketch comedy series The Elegant Man’s Guide To Knife Fighting, which stars Lloyd, launches on ABC-tv next week.
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Jungleboys team begin shooting The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting

The team behind ABC1 comedies A Moody Christmas and Review with Myles Barlow has started production on a new sketch series: The Elegant Gentleman.s Guide to Knife Fighting.

The new 6 x 30 minute Jungleboys TV series.began as an experimental online comedy program and is being filmed in Sydney and Melbourne.

It stars Patrick Brammall (A Moody Christmas), Brendan Cowell (The Borgias, The Slap), Phil Lloyd (Review with Myles Barlow, A Moody Christmas), Jane Harber (A Moody Christmas), Georgina Haig (Fringe), Craig Anderson (Next Stop Hollywood), Helen Dalimore (Laid), Janis McGavin (The Urban Monkey) and standup comedian Dave Eastgate.

The series also features a strong line-up of directing talent: Wayne Blair (The Sapphires, Redfern Now), Trent O.Donnell (A Moody Christmas, Review with Myles Barlow), Christiaan and Connor Van Vuuren (Bondi Hipsters), Abe Forsythe (Mr & Mrs Murder, Laid), Craig Melville (John Safran.s Race Relations and John Safran Vs God
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Brand heavyweights to close Festival of Branded Entertainment as Phil Lloyd announced as awards host

The final session of next week’s Festival of Branded Entertainment is to feature a question and answer session from some of the major players in the fast growing space.

Among those on the panel is Jason Burrows, founder of production house Jungleboys, which is currently one of Australia’s most prolific in the advertising space and has recently cranked up its TV output.

Yesterday, Jungleboys’ Aldi ad made for Bmf was named Mumbrella’s ad of the month. Jungleboys is also behind ABC1′s A Moody Christmas which is currently screening. The company has also won Screen Australia funding to build up its longform content.

Also on the panel is Helen Lecopoulos, national media and sponsorship manager for McDonald’s. The brand is amongst Australasia’s most active commissioners of branded entertainment, with work spanning documentary, gameshow, animation, music and reality TV. Lecopoulos is one of the most senior marketers in the country,
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Us agency Gersh signs Jungleboys’ Trent O’Donnell and Phil Lloyd

Trent O’Donnell

Director Trent O’Donnell and actor Phil Lloyd, the creators of TV show Review with Myles Barlow have been signed to Us talent agency The Gersh Agency.

The news comes as the team talks to Us networks for a format sale of their latest ABC series A Moody Christmas.

O’Donnell told Encore: “For us its an exciting new opportunity to work in an area that makes a lot more comedy than we do in Australia. It gives us room to break into a space with a lot more channels.

Phil Lloyd

Review With Forrest MacNeil, a Us adaptation of Review with Myles Barlow is currently in production for the American Comedy Channel.

O’Donnell added: “There’s two healthy comedy paths in the Us, multi-camera laugh track comedy seen on major channels and then there is the cables and the smaller channels investing heavily in quality that is unusual and interesting.
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Global Showbiz Briefs: Gersh, Viacom, Shine, Universal, News Corp-espn Star

Aussie Comedy Creators Sign With Gersh Trent O’Donnell and Phil Lloyd, who created Australian TV comedy Review With Myles Barlow, have signed with the Gersh Agency just as the show’s U.S. adaptation, Review With Forrest MacNeil, goes into production for Comedy Central. O’Donnell is a writer-director and Lloyd is a writer-actor who played the lead in Review with Myles Barlow. O’Donnell says he and Lloyd plan to travel to the U.S. early next year to look for opportunities as creators-showrunners. The pair, who are partners in Australian production company Jungleboys, also created A Moody Christmas, a comedy series for Australia’s ABC-tv in which each of the six episodes focuses on the dysfunctional Moody family on Christmas Day one year apart. Dcd Rights is the international distributor of A Moody Christmas. Elena Balmont To Run Viacom Unit In Russia Viacom Intl. Media Networks has
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ABC begins production on Sam Simmons sketch show Problems

Production has begun today on a new ABC sketch comedy series from comedian Sam Simmons, a former Triple J presenter and finalist of Edinburgh Comedy Festival’s top award in 2011.

Called Problems, there will be four initial episodes with the series slated for late 2012.

The production company behind the show is Guesswork Television, the production arm of Token Group, one of the main talent management firm for comedy in Australia.

Kevin Whyte, Ep for Problems and MD for Token Group, told Encore: “Each episode will have a story arc from Sam and built around that will be characters and sketches, some in Sam’s ‘world’ and others in a world of their own. It will be set in the suburbs but is not a riff on suburban life, Australia is the suburbs and their cream brick endlessness provide a great backdrop for our odd little world.”

Trent O’Donnell, a
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Australian Directors Guild announces Adg Award nominees

The Australian Director’s Guild has announced its nominees for the 2012 Adg Awards

Across the various categories, the nominations include Justin Kurzel for Snowtown, Matthew Saville for The Slap, Tony Krawitz for The Tall Man, Paul Scott for documentary series Outback Fight Club and Bruce Hunt for Subaru Xv’s Carwash.

The ceremony will be held as part of the Adg’s 30th anniversary at the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney on May 11.

Kingston Anderson, general manager of the Adg said: “This will be the largest celebration and Awards ceremony the Adg has ever hosted and will be an opportunity to highlight the many achievements of Adg members over the past 30 years and the significant role they have played in the development of the Australian screen industry, as well as to honour the best directors of 2012.”

The nominations are:

Feature film

Brendan Fletcher - Mad Bastards

Justin KurzelSnowtown

Julia Leigh
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ABC1 Christmas comedy starts filming in Sydney

Production on a new six-part comedy series from the team behind Review with Myles Barlow begins this week in Sydney.

This Christmas , which will air on ABC1 later in the year,. follows Dan Moody (Ian Meadows) as he visits the dysfunctional family he moved halfway across the world to escape from.

The series was created by Trent O'Donnell and Phil Lloyd of production company Jungleboys. O'Donnell (Review with Myles Barlow, Laid, Woodley, The Chaser's War on Everything) will direct, while Lloyd (who was seen last year as Tim Mathieson in ABC comedy At Home with Julia) will co-produce and star in the series.

Other cast members include Patrick Brammall (Hawke), Guy Edmonds (Underbelly: Razor) and Jane Harber (Offspring)

Each episode will be set a year apart, focusing on the Moody family as they come together to share the fights, fun, bad gifts, family secrets and boring uncles universally associated with Christmas Day.
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ABC1 Christmas comedy starts filming in Sydney

Production on a new six-part comedy series from the team behind Review with Myles Barlow begins this week in Sydney. This Christmas , which will air on ABC1 later in the year,. follows Dan Moody (Ian Meadows) as he visits the dysfunctional family he moved halfway across the world to escape from. The series was created by Trent O'Donnell and Phil Lloyd of production company Jungleboys. O'Donnell (Review with Myles Barlow, Laid, Woodley, The Chaser's War on Everything) will direct, while Lloyd (who was seen last year as Tim Mathieson in ABC comedy At Home with Julia) will co-produce and star in the series. Other cast members include Patrick Brammall (Hawke), Guy Edmonds (Underbelly: Razor) and Jane Harber (Offspring) Each episode will be set a year apart,...
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