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Mission of Honor (II) (2018)
Enjoyable war movie
2 August 2019
Not sure if this was a major theatrically released picture, but it sure seems like it was. The performances were solid and the battle scenes realistic, or at least what I think of as realistic (since I never was in a WW2 dogfight). If you're into WW2, especially its air combat, then this is for you. Not sure if they used CGI or real aircraft, but they looked quite realistic. This little known story of the Battle of Britain fully deserved this movie (author of "Renee: St. Mary's Virus).
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Black Summer (2019– )
Typical Asylum Garbage
25 April 2019
If you want an annoying and poorly written show, then this is for you. Characters lack basic knowledge of survival. They do things that normal people won't do in the middle of an apocalypse: don't close doors, don't watch their six, make terrible decisions, and stand around and watch dangerous events unfolding when they should be running. This is the typical garbage that results from either terrible writing, editing, directing, or all three.
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31 December 2017
I know it's a low budget movie, but I've watched low-budget movies that were amazing to watch. Sitting through the entire 1 hr 43 mins of this movie is one of the greatest tests of endurance I have have ever engaged in. I spent $3.99 to rent this movie and will I miss that money forever. The movie is unbelievable and makes no sense whatever. The characters have guns but don't use them when they need to for some unexplained reason. Please save yourself. There is absolutely nothing you will gain by watching this nonsense, unless perhaps you are a filmmaker who wants to learn about how not to make a bad movie.
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Admiral (2008)
Excellent War movie and love Story. Leaves a lasting impression
10 December 2016
This is one of the best movies I have watched in years. Not only is it a historical war movie based on actual events, it is also a very captivating love story. It is one of those movies that you keep thinking about long after it has ended. The performance by Konstantin Khabenskiy is exceptional and Oscar-worthy. Had this been an American movie I have no doubt it would have been a Best Picture contender at the Oscars.

Aside from the story and acting by all the actors, the music and sweeping cinematography is quite on point.

When it comes to battle scenes, the last big battle towards the end is one of those that leaves you scratching your head as to what was going through the heads of the Soldiers when their Commanders ordered them to carry out these massive charges straight into machine gun fire. Well-made movie that deserves watching again.

Now, because it is based on actual events, I am about to Wikipedia the heck out of the characters. It is just one of those movies where you connect with all the characters so much that you want to read and know more about the real-life people.
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Don't Waste Your Money or Time
13 November 2013
Watched this movie in the theatre. At the end of it, you had several patrons scream out in disgust like they had been cheated! It movies like this that make me want to run for Congress, so that I can introduce a law that forces movie theatres to issue refunds to customers for showing remarkably and magnificently bad movies! Great cast with marvelous acting. Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, and Jarvier Bardem were at their best. What kills this movie is the story. While the movie is unnecessarily long with countless pointless scenes, the story itself is quite captivating and leaves you on the edge of your seat. That is until the end- literarily. You had patrons screaming, "what!" It is as if the filmmakers ran out of money, then stopped filming, called it a day, and then sent this tremendously pointless monstrosity to us in the theatres. What suckers we are.
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Not for the Faint-Hearted
9 June 2013
Great inspirational sports documentary. This documentary is about one of the most gruelling foot races on the planet. Takes place in Cameroon, West Africa. I first knew about the Mountain Race when it was sponsored by Guiness and known as the Guiness Mount Cameroon Race. While the documentary did a good profile of some of the current contestants, I would have liked to see at least a little bit more on the history of the race itself, accompanied by old footage. Overall, I enjoyed the documentary and I'm quite inspired to partake in it during my lifetime. One thing I found funny about this documentary is how it shows athletes making up countless excuses for why they lose a competition or do not meet their expectations.
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What a waster of everybody's time
27 February 2010
This filmmaker must have friends in high places since he was able to get this movie on Netflix. I only saw about the first three minutes, and that was all I needed to see. The acting was "cheap." The setting for this movie is the most Missouri-looking looking South Vietnam I've ever seen. Not trying to be mean to the filmmaker, but movies like this sometimes make me wish that there should be some kind of media censorship in America. Anyway, if you are having a really bad day and are looking for something to be mad about, then this movie is for you. I really do not have to watch the rest of this movie to know how bad it is. I suggest to the filmmaker to work better at crafting his skill so that he can come up with something watchable.
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Deceit (2006 TV Movie)
Waste of time. Such a cliché!
8 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I do not know what some of these filmmakers are thinking, by making the same type of clichéd film over and over, where the bad guys (bad girls in this case) win. Weak acting and very predictable. Nothing original about it. This same movie has been made over and over again- not different from GOODBYE LOVER (1989), SLOW BURN (2005), or at least ten other movies with the exact same storyline and ending. There are a lot of holes in the movie too. It is as if they ran out of money and just stopped filming. Or perhaps they ran out of ideas. But do not waste your time with this one. It will only leave you upset by having wasted your time watching it.
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Even in 2001?!
4 August 2005
The most blatantly racist movie since D.W. Grifith's BIRTH OF A NATION! I know some of you might say that "well this movie simply states the FACTS as they happened," but I'm afraid that is where you are dreadfully wrong. The movie simply shows Black Africans as bloodthirsty born savages who needlessly attacked American SOLDIERS involved in a COMBAT operation. For the producers to do justice they could have at least showed why the Somalis attacked the US soldiers. This is where the facts come in: about a month or so before the incident, American helicopters, while hunting for a SINGLE warlord, had come to the town looking for him. The Somali residents did not trouble the Americans then, for after all the Americans were there to help them all out. But in hunting for that SINGLE guy, the Americans, in their classic military tradition, blew up the ENTIRE building that this guy was thought to be in, killing at least 75 PEOPLE, all of whom had LOVED ONES too (and the guy was not even there). So what do you think Mogadishu residents did the next time they saw American helicopters in their neighborhoods? They had to at least try to defend themselves from another mass killing of course. And the vast majority of the Somalis killed by the Rangers were unarmed women and children, a fact the filmmakers carefully disguised. And by the way, for those of you who think the Rangers in Somalia were sweet little angels, I believe that the ranger one who was portrayed by Josh Hartnett is currently serving a thirty-year sentence for CHILD RAPE!!!
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