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If this was an apology for the Emoji Movie, then apology accepted!
sirwillisiv14 December 2018
I have to say, and no pun-intended: Into the Spider-Verse is a total marvel, all the way down to its stylish and diverse styles of animation to its bold, sophisticated storytelling. The visuals are absolutely enchanting. Fast, colorful, and distinct. Something Sony Animation always nails is how each character has a pronounced look and movement. With the various kinds of Spider-Men and Marvel villains featured in this story, the animators went all out to give them a unique identity. Notably in this case are Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, and Spider-Ham. Noir, whose universe takes place in 1930s New York, boasts a dark, shadowy vibe similar to Sin City, Peni Parker has a bubbly anime look, and Spider-Ham is a bouncy, eccentric cartoon character who takes full advantage of his absurd existence to deliver some of the film's best laughs. Even with these different identities, the film slows down to balance their character in a serious nature. Heck, one of the most hard-hitting, poignant lines is spoken by Spider-Ham, the breakout comedic relief.

Miles and a majority of characters share the same art style. I really enjoy the blend of 3D models with traditional 2D movement. It's very appealing to watch and it seamlessly matches the comic book theme. I also appreciate the stylization of certain villains. Kingpin is a character I don't think was portrayed accurately outside of the comics, just appearing as a generic, heavy-set bald brute, when he's really an enormous, borderline non-human tank. Kingpin looks excellent in this film, with his titanic body and small head with an intimidating grimace. He's a powerful force and a legitimately scary antagonist. Doc Ock is another example, portrayed as a brilliant, but outlandish female scientist with a psychotic passion for villainy. I didn't feel like I needed to know more about her character, she was such a fun villainess to watch. She really added to the suspense in some action sequences.

I really loved the story. I thought it was rich with charm and thrills. Granted, I did notice some familiar elements that are done to death in superhero fiction and the animation canon alike, such as surprise villain reveals and major character deaths that were obviously seen coming, and I certainly wish some characters (espeically Miles' uncle) had more screentime, but there's one fact that overshadows these flaws for me: The writing is mature. First of all, it's a Sony Animation product. If you look at this company's past work, some of it is very soulless with its marketing and panders to its audience with incessant pop culture references and juvenile comedy. Into the Spider-Verse is a welcome departure. Passion and integrity was put into this project. The writing is very grounded and treats its audience like people who want to see a genuinely captivating flick. Heck, the first third of the film is somewhat slow and nonchalant, almost like an arthouse film. I've never had such a cool, yet off-beat and engaged feeling while watching an animated film on the big screen. Nothing was forced, nothing felt out-of-place, nothing took me out of immersion. The tone and pacing is very adult, even when something excessively goofy like Spider-Ham is on-screen. It's like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It can be dark and distressing, but lighthearted and amusing. There's a perfect balance and it never sacrifices integrity just to appeal to a niche audience. Well...there is that after-credits scene, but it was quite hilarious, so I let it pass.

That's the most I can say without spoiling a lot of the film. I want you to see this absolute marvel with your own eyes. To close, Into the Spider-Verse is everything I hoped it would be. This is a game-changer for both superhero filmmaking and animation altogether. Sleek, colorful, funny, emotional, frenetic. This film skillfully balances all these elements. There is never a moment that felt forced, it never talks down to the audience. It's a mature and stylish take on the Spider-Man mythos, and perhaps the best big-screen Spidey picture to date with some of the best animated visuals you'll ever see. I didn't have a single issue with this film. I was dazzled and moved throughout. Sony Animation, if this was your apology for The Emoji Movie, then apology goddamn accepted. Massive bravo!
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Stan Lee Is Smiling Right Now
eaglescout91017 December 2018
A movie worthy of Stan Lee's approval. Incredible animation, great story, great message. This film lives up to the hype and honestly surpassed my expectations. The only reason I think there are some negative reviews is because you can never please everyone. However, for the vast majority of viewers, I believe you'll find this film to be great. Highly recommend seeing it in theaters just for the amazing animation style.
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the most visually stunning film I've ever seen
soulsplosion20 December 2018
There's hardly anything I would improve about this film. The visuals, concepts, soundtrack, characters, pace, humor and animation are all some of the best I've ever seen in any film; I was worried the hype would ruin it for me, as it always does, but not even the group of kids in the theater who wouldn't stop loudly talking could ruin it for me. It is visually engaging and beautiful in every scene, not to mention with an incredibly unique art style, and is honestly something other animated movies should have to look up to for a long time. The only real issue I can think of is the flashing lights, which really alienates any epileptic audience, but even then it's done so in a beautiful and artful way.
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The better the art, the harder it is to find the right words to describe it.
thinslicing21 December 2018
Updated review 4-9-19

I've now watched this movie 10 times since getting it on digital and then Blu-ray and can safely say this is a rare, near perfect movie. This is of course my opinion and I understand why this movie isn't for everyone. Let's break down a few of the reasons why for each of these points.

If we had a list of everything that can be done to make a near perfect movie, this movie checks every box. The visuals have been talked about endlessly. It won an Oscar for them. We know they're great.

The story is great, giving us a new Spider-Man with his own skills and personality that he brings to the table. The script is tight and the production is executed with laser precision.

The voice acting is nothing short of top notch. This is easily the second best thing about this movie right behind the glorious visuals.

Shamiek Moore has quickly grown on me over the ten times I've watched this movie. His range is as good as any veteran actor and he injects so much life into Miles Morales. He IS Miles Morales.

Chris Pine did not phone in the short amount of lines he had whatsoever. Just superb casting because he and Jake Johnson sound pretty similar. And oh boy, Jake Johnson.

I never understood why JJ had gotten so wildly popular over the last several years. With this movie I finally understand. I get it. It clicked. From the moment he pops up in this movie around the 20 minute mark till the end, Jake turns in one of the voice acting performances perhaps of all time. He succeeds in bringing a past his prime Peter Parker to life and runs the gamut of dramatic, sincere, intense, but above all FUNNY. Every single comedic line never fails to make me laugh out loud. Many of the gags pop into my head while I'm working or doing something else and I'll chuckle and repeat the line to myself.

I've always enjoyed Hailee Steinfeld and she shines in this movie along with all the supporting cast.

The greatest thing about this movie also happens to be its weakness. For me, the visuals are second to none. Another review title summed it up perfectly. "The most visually stunning movie I've ever seen". Absolutely agree. And while it takes a little time - usually 10-15 minutes - for your eyes to adjust to the frame rate, some people apparently can not adjust to this. I can imagine how poor that viewing experience would be, too bad really. Another thing is since they didn't use actual motion blur, but instead chose to animate blur-like artifacts and tricks to make it seem like blur, or having images doubled and overlapped for a ghosting effect, it confuses some people into thinking they're seeing the 2 images of the 3D version without the glasses. And lastly, the sheer intensity of some of the rapid action sequences combined with visual aesthetic pushed just beyond the breaking point and then dialed ever so slightly back by the direction team, it's just simply too much for some people. I get that.

As far as continuity/plot holes and things of that nature, I think the movie could actually stand to be about 15-20 minutes longer. There really aren't many issues though so maybe this is just me being greedy for more visuals.

Original review: Sure, we can dissect and critique and praise using any number of words we choose, but in the end to actually appreciate truly great art, it simply must be experienced in the medium in which it was created. For this movie, it was lovingly crafted in 3D, and so in my opinion can only be fully realized by the viewer in 3D.

What is a comic book movie, and what makes it great? From the original Superman where we first saw a comic book hero fly, to Burton's dark and stylized Batman, to the graphic novel style Sin City, live action ensemble X-MEN, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, The Dark Knight, the entire MCU....all of these are comic book movies, and depending on your personal definition probably range from good to great. And they're all live action with varying degrees of special effects, and some with animation. If you had to pick ones that 'feel the most like a comic book', you'd probably pick Sin City for the overall look, and the phase 3 MCU films for a combination of visuals and capturing the tone and spirit of the comic book story arcs.

But they aren't literally animated comics. The closest to that would probably be the animated movies, right? Like Mask of the Phantasm or any number of the Marvel animated movies. But again those are really 'just cartoons', and I don't mean that in a bad way. They're simply cartoon versions of comic books.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is quite literally an animated comic book, and yet it is so much more at the same time. It's an explosion of comic book ink and paper, a dizzying palette of superbly rich colors, a jaw dropping display of digital artistry melded with living, breathing characters we care about, a story that is perfectly derived from the very medium in which it is being created and yet not for one single moment ever feels forced or hollow, a soundtrack fused with an endless exploration of a massive city, staggeringly sized scientific chambers, gigantic forests, and neon-electric-digital-dreamscapes of action set pieces that whir and click and come to life exactly as they do in the minds of children reading them on paper.

This movie is breathtakingly good in every aspect. Like-I'm-questioning-my-sanity-is-it-really-as-good-as-I-think-it-is!?!? Yes. Yes yes yes.

Remember the old Sega game Comix Zone? And how it was like "oh wow! It's a comic book come to life!"? This is like that, with modern technology, cranked up a thousand times.

But here's the most important part - *it was all done in the right way, by the right people, at the right time*. It feels like this project was greenlit and handed to the very people who created comic books themselves with a "here ya go, you have full creative control. Oh and by the way you have an unlimited budget! And resources! Have as much fun making a great movie as you possibly can!"

My first job was working in a movie theater. I took full advantage of being able to see free movies. I've built a decent surround sound system with all the creature comforts and have a growing library of movies. From the re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy, to each of the prequels and to the ongoing trilogy today, T-2, Titanic, the original X-Men, Avatar, The Dark Knight, Avengers, Avengers: Infinity War and so many more...I've gone to many, many big movie theater events for the experience. And I can safely say hands down that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 3D is the best moviegoing experience I have ever had. It's that great.
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A Spidey Movie That Works In Multiple Dimensions
Cizzurp21514 December 2018
Visually stunning. Great storyline. Great cast. Amazing soundtrack. Tear jerking cameo. Pop culture post credit scene of the decade. Thank you Marvel and Sony for making a Spidey movie everyone can love.
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Game Changer
cafesmitty21 December 2018
Have you ever sat through a film and you knew that films would never be the same going forward? For example, Terminator 2, Star Wars.. the first Toy Story... Iron Man

Well this is one of those. This is a almost rather perfect film. Let me just say the the stylished animation is just top notch. It as if the comic book leaped off the pages. I've seen practically all super hero films to include the DC animated ones. This feels as if they took comic books and Playstation animation and just came up with this perfect look.

And the story is great.. the pacing is so wonderful. It is able to tell the story.. and an origin without boring us to tears like Zack Snyder has done in the DC universe. The story is quiet touching. And it allows us to have a pretty interesting Spider Man in Miles WITHOUT thrashing or having a Peter Parker like experience.

Plus our the villains are so well done..

But I think we will see a lot more of this type of animation in the future from Sony. I think they announced their presence with authority.. like how Dreamworks did with Shrek.. and how Pixar did.

It's been awhile I seen something so unexpected and so cool.
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Giving Infinity war a run for it's money
vancewinstead15 December 2018
This movie was absolutely incredible. From the animation, to the storytelling, to the characters this movie is completely one of a kind. It is easily the best looking animated movie of the year (no surprise there), but what really caught me off guard was the story they were able to tell in such a short amount of time. Each character has their own distinct personality and is given their own separate characterization without making the movie feel bloated. I knew I would end up liking this movie, but this movie has completely exceeded my expectations. If you enjoy superheros or animation you should 100% definitely watch it in a theater.
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Into The Spider-verse reminds us why we love Spiderman so much, and does so in an original and humane way.
darthakam21 December 2018
Heads-up: I'm only going to be talking about Peter Parker in this review. I'll make a separate one for the film laterm I just feel like he deserves his own review. That's how great Peter is in this film.

Into The Spider-verse reminds us why we love Spiderman so much, and does so in an original and humane way.

I used to love Spiderman as a kid. I got obssessed with the cartoons he starred in as well as the original movie trilogy, one that actually helped me get interested in the character and marvel as a whole. But my love for this character, as most things, dissolved and it never got around to build itself up again, even after constant remakes and wonderful performances. I never felt that spark again, that love I felt for this charming dude was gone, dead.

Then Into The Spider-verse came, and my whole world turned upside down. I felt a fire inside my stomach. There it was, that long-forgotten love for Peter Parker, one that I thought I would never experience again, expanding continuously as the movie progressed, hitting me in all the right places.

I'd even dare to say that this movie made me understand the reason as to why spider-man is universally loved:

He's an everyday guy with super powers, that's it. He's flawed but pure at heart. He's relatable. He belongs to the people. He's one of us.

This movie's fresh take on Peter Parker is exactly what we needed to fully grasp that, how compelling this character can be without using any of his super powers. This version of Peter Parker is fat, subtly depressed, and tired, yet he's the most charming and lovable version of this character yet. It's something we haven't seen in quite a while, the genuine humanity that makes Peter Parker such a charismatic character, and one can only be thankful for it.

Spider-man is cool again, but in a totally different, and perhaps even better, way. Just your everyday dude taking a leap of faith, giving the audience who relates to his struggles courage to do the same. This is what Spiderman can be and what he should be. A character that's ours, a character that teaches you that anyone can be a hero, that's the real Spiderman. This is the true Homecoming. Spiderman is freaking back! Welcome home!
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A M A Z I N G !
olivieralvarezg22 December 2018
Went to see the movie in IMAX 3D on LSD. Best experience of my life! This is a masterpiece.
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How on God's green Earth did this work so well???
matthewssilverhammer21 December 2018
The worlds of superhero movies and superhero comics are not as similar as they seem on the surface. Currently, film studios are all about the "extended universe", seeing how many different titles and characters they can shove into one franchise (Avengers, X-Men, Justice League), making for an easy way to squeeze a few extra bucks out of their lesser known properties. Comics have this as well, of course. However, they also have something modern movies haven't really tapped into yet: story one-offs, a chance for a storyteller to create a unique tale and not be constrained by the implications on or from the larger universe. Spider-Verse gets to do just that, while playfully taking on the fun (if convoluted) absurdity of extended superhero universes. Listen, I hear you. "How could we possibly need another Spider-Man movie?" Spider-Verse understands that question and has a take on it. Yes, Peter Parker is here. In fact, there are two Peter Parkers. There's also a Spider-Woman, a Noir Spider-Man, an anime Spider-Girl/Robot, and a Spider-Pig. At the center though is Miles Morales, an Afro-Hispanic Brooklyn teen who must help these other Spider-People get back to their own planes of existence. He fights with his cop dad, he adores his shady uncle, hates being simply the smartest kid in the room, and just wants to do something that matters. Being Spider-Man wasn't his idea, but hey, when a radioactive spider gives you powers, what choice do you have? Look, I don't have any sort of hot take on this movie. It looks great, the humor pops with surprises, the voice casting is beyond perfect. It's simply a stylishly exciting and refreshingly unique take on the superhero genre, and sometimes that's more than enough.
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Best animated film of 2018
eashanvad13 December 2018
I had high expectations for this movie and it didn't fail to meet them, this film has great animation, great humour, emotion, and heart. It has pretty much everything people would want for an animated movie.
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Best Spider-Man movie by far!!!
dfisher-8528114 December 2018
I hardly post reviews but, I Just watched Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse and OMG that is by far in my opinion the best Spider-Man movie ever!!! The story was so well written, the characters were awesome, the music was actually awesome, and OMG the art style they chose for this movie was so amazing and it was like watching a living comic book!!! Also, you know how sometimes superheros usually just come off as superheros and not like actual people well they actually showed emotion and development and oml just see it I geeked out enough 😂 Edit: if the creators somehow see this post You created something brilliant with this film, And you made Stan and Steve proud. Good Job, Spider-Verse team. Excelsior!!!
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Sony, you are reedemed.
grabeeleverett20 December 2018
Okay first of all, WHAT SONY? A good animated film?! A GREAT animated film?! Don't has reedemed themselves in my book and have created the DEFINITIVE Spider-Man movie in the process.
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This movie is not over hyped!
benribble15 December 2018
Going into this I had high hopes but, was afraid It might not be as good as the hype says But, damn... This movie is underhyped. I loved every second of it. The animation was gorgeous, the characters were so fun and the soundtrack, flawless. The twists, you never see coming and don't even get me started on how beautiful the end fight scene was. This film is the best animated film of 2018 and in my opinion, the best film of 2018 definitely worth seeing!
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WAYYY Better Than Expected
lordofawesomeness-103857 December 2018
This movie was honestly much, MUCH better than I expected it to be. Even all the trailers combined do not do it justice. It's thrilling, emotional, and hilarious. Its really a masterpiece in my eyes. One of my favorite movies of the year!
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Kingpin is the swolest.
lidwig-9202920 December 2018
This film is storytelling at its finest. They've really transferred the art of comic book story telling onto the big screen to a level that no other film has matched. Beautiful and fresh animation. They've not been afraid to try something new and it has definitely paid off. I hope this sets an example for future films, as it's definitely raised the bar! A film that can be both parents and children's favourites. Very memorable.
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Visually innovative, but has a lack of focus and is overstuffed.
FairlyAnonymous4 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As much as I enjoy this movie (and as an animator/storyartist I love the visuals!) I have to honest and say it is a bit of an unfocused mess. The reason why you should see this movie is because it is the first in what will hopefully be a trend of innovative and creative animated movies that aren't just looking over the shoulders of what Disney and Pixar are doing. This movie is its own creature and I think it deserves to be seen just for the visuals and the opportunity to hopefully support this trend...

However, I would only say that if the movie has some substance to it.... which it does. I recommend people see this movie, but it should be noted that I think this movie may be getting the "Kubo" treatment where an animated film is visually impressive to such a degree that people gloss over bad writing because everything they are looking at is so cool.

The first half of this movie is brilliant. I think just about everything in the first half works really well and is super effective. Miles Morales felt like a real kid with some real kid issues, Peter B Parker was funny, tragic and fleshed out, and Gwen... existed (we'll get to her later). My eyes were glued to the screen and I was excited for where the story would go as I was genuinely surprised at a couple twists and turns in the story.

Then, a certain moment happened in the movie where I was taken out of the film and went, "Wait... oh shoot this is going downhill real fast." It was the introduction of all of the other spider-verse characters. At that moment the film shifted gears into an entirely different film from the first half. Does Miles Morales fit in with the professionals? Can Miles Morales impress them? Everyone seems to hate him due to his lack of experience! Can Miles Morales take a leap of faith (which he already did in the beginning of the movie)??!?! Is Miles Morales even relevant to the story?!?!?!?! All of these sudden new themes and plot developments completely derail what the first half of the film was setting up to such a degree that it felt like a giant schism cut through the film and the second half of the film was waving goodbye to the first half.

I'll be clear that I have no issue with other spider-verse characters sharing screen-time in the film, the issue is that they don't add much in terms of character development or interaction with Miles. The characters should serve to help Miles grow, but in this movie they just seem like another pair of fists to punch bad guys, and there is no better example of this than...

Gwen Stacey.

Gwen Stacey has the unfortunate issue of being completely irrelevant to the story when she should be an important and vital character to Peter B Parker's/Miles Morales' character growth and should have an arc of her own. This is a character who witnessed Peter Parker (her best friend) die and Peter B Parker is someone who witnessed Gwen Stacey die in her universe! WHY DON'T THEY DISCUSS THIS!!! Peter B Parker should be surprised and excited to see someone he knew as dead alive again and she should be happy to see her best friend once more! Instead, the two characters just... punch bad guys... like everyone else. No growth or development between the two.

To make matters worse, Gwen doesn't even really work to help Miles Morales develop as a character. In the beginning of the film she is built up to be one of the main characters, but in the second half she doesn't develop any further than she did in the beginning. She experiences no character growth nor does she help develop any other characters. She just exists in the film.

I could go on for a while about all of the different weird pacing issues in the second half of the film such as Miles Morales suddenly getting super powerful and skilled out of nowhere (it's odd that people complain about "Mary Sues" in film but don't complain about Miles Morales going from zero to hero in one scene), or a single cut from a comedy scene to a tragic "friends splitting up" scene, some loose character threads such as Miles' dad telling cops to chase spider-man but we never see them do it, and many other instances of odd pacing choices and poor juxtapositions of emotional story beats.

But, I will end this on a positive note: All of the characters are enjoyable when they get their moment and I think the writing on the father was really good. He wasn't your typical "larger than life" father but a very honest, strong, but stubborn dad who has his flaws yet is very likable and reasonable. I wish him and Uncle Aaron had some scenes together and their dynamic was a bit more fleshed out, but as is I still like them regardless of the additional scenes they deserved.

Go see it if you want to support innovative and risky animation, but be warned that it is not a perfect film (other than visually).
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One of the best'
prithukvb21 December 2018
Everything about this movie is exceptional And 1st time watch is not worth, you should literally watch this atleast 2-3 times to gully enjoy every single frame
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Come on give this a chance
vincenttciccarello20 December 2018
Amazing movie. Great animation, the best Spider-Man movie in my opinion
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Amazining animation-great story-
reesepaul6 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was very lucky as my son and I just got to see the movie before it comes out. I was very impressed. The animation work alone was some of the most impressive work I have ever seen. Thencolorations, and fluidity of movement made a comic book come to life as a motion picture. Props to the soundtrack it was great edgy New York hip Hop in places, heck even works St. Elmo's fire in. I was surprised at the excellent humor throughout.

Technically as an older male my knowledge of Spider Man was confined to the classic Peter Parker line. I didn't know of this multiverse. But seeing is believing and it all made sense in the film. I had no idea Spider Ham existed but you will love his parts.

I don't and won't spoil the story line but as you can imagine good vs bad many excellent fight scenes. Dr. OC and Kingpin battle the several spider people. If you like animated movies, Marvel comics, go see this movie FYI stay all the way through the credits for a very funny finale.
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Captures Your Attention From The Get Go!
rannynm12 December 2018
What would you do if you could be a superhero? What if you have no choice? From the very beginning, Spider-Man: Into the Spicer-Verse is very energetic and captures your attention. This animated film has impressive visuals. The music creates a fantastic rhythm. And you just want to watch more.

The story follows a high school student named Miles Morales, who just changed school. He goes into an abandoned subway station with his uncle Erin and gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Ever since that day, Miles starts sticking to everything he touches. Then, he meets Spider-Man (Peter Parker), teams up with some friends from the same dimension and they attempt to save the world from the villain Kingoin.

The story is very original and makes the impossible possible. It takes all the abilities of Spider-Man to far and beyond with its action scenes. The film also shows a very real family atmosphere and the humor is smart. I love the non-traditional characters and how they embrace diversity. And yes! Spider-Man is Latino and surely does speak Spanish! There are also some fun new characters.

With this film, Marvel has created a film that celebrates comics, film and visual arts. Of course, it celebrates Spider-Man and makes this super hero relevant and contemporary. It is absolutely eye-poppingly beautiful and really pushes the boundaries of the genre with its colors, textures and camera movements. There are several different forms of animation in one film. You feel as if you are actually reading a comic book or the comic book is coming to life.

Naturally, the film does a very touching tribute to genius Stan Lee. I feel the filmmakers took some risks bringing new ideas to this iconic character which as been adored for over 50 years. The result is a must-see family movie that is even more appealing to new generations. I also love how this film is animated. It's so different. I've never seen a film like this one. I think it's very unique. Be sure to stay after the credits to see something very special, including another set of credits at the very end.

This film sets a new era in animated movies. I recommend it for ages 5 to 18, as well as adults. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and include it in my Oscar predictions as a very possible winner. This is the film parents will love their kids to watch and kids will enjoy in many different ways.

With great power comes great responsibility and we all can be heroes. This is the idea behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - inclusion for all in the vast universe and the idea that we can all be heroes by making the right choices and doing our best helping each other in our everyday life.

Reviewed by Zoe C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.
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We need a sequel!!
ethan-3302722 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's amazing!! Go watch it now!

Honestly, it's one of the best movies I have watched this year. It has one of the best animated movies I've ever seen. It's just this good. It has great character, a simple but very compelling and interesting story and it's just a really good time. Miles was great. I loved his insecurities. It's a weird thing to say but the character feels very relatable and real. You feel his struggles and the pressure that he has to face in his life, with his parents, him releasing that his uncle is working for KingPin, living up to Peter Parker and Gwen and all the other spider people's expectations. You real feel for him. As for Peter Parker, I didn't like that they killed off Peter Parker from this universe at the start of the movie and then another version of Peter just comes up immediately after that. It kinda ruins the death and sadness a little. I would have liked it more if they had a couple more scene or maybe a one day jump before introducing the new spider man. But that's just me. After the Peter J. Parker, was introduced everything just kicked in from there. The whole sequence with Peter and Miles breaking in and out of that lab was wonderfully entertaining and Gwen's entrance couldn't be better. The other spider people introduced later were less useful aside from looking cool and having some memorable moments.

Have I talked about the animation yet? it's freaking amazing and watching this actually inspired me to work on some of my art projects that I have been putting off. From the details of the sky scrapers to the reflections and the whole climatic battle scene at the end is just beautifully done and just really really good and satisfying to look at.

Overall, the plot, the characters, the animation and the Stan Lee (oh, yes that was good too. Rest in peace Stan Lee, the line he delivered was also really funny and emotional as well) were just spectacular and amazing (see what I did there) and I definitely recommend this movie, even if you're not a Spiderman fan, watch it please. We need a sequel to for this movie. My hope on Sony has been restored.
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Out of This Dimension Good! 100/10 off the Charts!
chriscarlisle2515 December 2018
I knew that this movie would be good from the first moment I heard about it last year, and it did not disappoint me one bit. It met all of my expectations, and then went above and beyond them. The animation is a blend of CGI, stop animation, pop/comic book art and realism. The vibrant colors pop out at you, and the action sequences really enthrall. A very captivating and beautiful piece of art is this movie, and the writing choices leave nothing to be desired. The story is that of the traditional starting superhero with a bunch of twists thrown in. The movie itself actually follows past comics for the most part, with some minor changes here and there. A true Spider-Man, or comic book fan in general, will not have anything to criticize in this movie. Everything that fans want to see out of Spidey(s) is in this movie. There are multiple different variations of Spider-Man in the film, and all of them have their special moments to shine. The end credit scene just rockets this movie up past my already positive expectations, and it gets a 10/10 from me! The movie can be enjoyed by both young and old alike, and trust me, it will blow your mind! Best animated film of 2018, and one of the best superhero movies ever made. It deserves any and all awards and kudos it will surely garner.
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A feast for the eyes and ears
bretlucas20 December 2018
Best Spiderman movie I've seen so far. The animation is stunning and I love how the 'glitching' theme ties in with the animation style/framerate and music. Genius on all levels.
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Anyone can wear the mask, but no one can rock it like Miles Morales
Zephrey13 December 2018
I'm blown away, this movie is absolutely beautiful. The animation is stunning, the soundtrack is amazing and the dialogue and storyline is so heart-warming. The characters are memorable, they all bring their own emotions rubbing off on the audience, and the humor is right on, its daring and hilarious and doesn't seem forced like you might see in some of the MCU films. There's been 7 Spider-Man films in the last 16 years and this might be the best one yet, its pays its respect to the past films while driven on its own storyline adventure, being such a known character the movies still comes out as original. The cinematography and animation are gorgeous, definitely oscar worthy. I'd say this is one of the best superhero origins movies ever made. Then there's the numerous amount of easter eggs, be on the lookout for those. I can't say the movies underrated cause its be treated just as it should be, but if there's one thing that its underrated its the soundtrack, the funny thing is the soundtrack is the exact type of music Miles Morales would listen to, so I guess you could say there's a touch of realism. In the end all I can see is go see this movie for yourselves, the visual experience is amazing, its touching and serious, funny and witty, brings more emotion than some of the superhero movies you'll see today and best of all if your sick of superhero movies this is a complete different and fresh start of the genre. (Don't forget to wait till the end of the credits)
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