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MPAA Rated PG for frenetic sequences of animated action violence, thematic elements, and mild language

Sex & Nudity

  • Kisses and very mild sexual references such as flirting tips
  • Miles and his uncle Aaron talk about having 'game' and how to attract a girl. Nothing inappropriate is said, and it's done in a comedic way.
  • Near the beginning of the film, there are repeated references in a humorous context to puberty, on account of Miles mistaking his super abilities for puberty.
  • Brief scenes of Peter B. Parker's bare unfit torso, done for laughs though he is still agile and muscular.
  • Peni Parker wears a short skirt with black shorts underneath as she is a schoolgirl.
  • During one of the songs that plays the singer talks about 'head' in a sexual sense.

Violence & Gore

  • Frequent animated action violence throughout. Punches, kicks, shooting with laser guns, etc.
  • Lots of animated violence, fighting including guns. Extreme physical fights and fighting. Repititive action fighting and violence.


  • Kingpin says "It's a hell of a frickin' light show, you're gonna love this"
  • Spider-Gwen sounds like she says "These guys look p*ssed.", but based on the script, she actually says "Ugh, these guys are the pits."
  • One character states "Crap" as an exclamation.
  • One of the main character says jackass
  • Miles says what sounds like "damn" during a fight scene.
  • Miles calls Peter B. Parker a "Jankie Old Broke Hobo Spider-Man", which is made for laughs
  • Miles exclaims "contra" when falling in the street at the beginning of the movie. To some, this is misheard as "puta", which means "bitch" in Spanish.
  • One of the songs used is mildy inappropriate. However, most of the songs from the unofficial rap album are not used in the movie.
  • One character says "Frickin'" and there is one use of "crap"
  • A few segments of the song "Black Sheep" is played for a few seconds and the line "If you got a hat, it's for the the ho's." Is played and heard clearly.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • While the action can be intense at times, the vibrant colors make it more stylized than anything.
  • There are several deaths in the movie that could be intense/sad for viewers.
  • There is a scene that lasts less than five minutes with an animated spider crawling around, which can still be scary to those with arachnophobia.
  • There are at least two jump scares in this film that will startle most audience members.
  • This film is surprisingly much more violent than any other film in the "Spider-Man" franchise so far, even topping "Venom", because this film has non-stop action violence. While largely an animated comedy, it does contains some fairly dark scenes with character deaths and thematic elements.
  • Kingpin's massive size and intimidating appearance may unnerve and unsettle some, similar to Thanos in "Avengers: Infinity War".
  • The final battle is very intense.
  • Scene where a dark and frightening creature enters a space in search of another character. I believe for kids this could be very scary even though animated. It has a nightmarish/anxiety dream quality and the main character (teen) is frightened and hiding. The villain here looks scary and intimidating.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Throughout the movie, it's hinted at Miles and Gwen possibly having romantic feelings towards each other. However, the movie doesn't really focus on this that much, and at the end, they stay as friends.

Violence & Gore

  • Early on in the movie Miles' universe's Peter Parker/Spider-Man is killed by Kingpin with a brutal slam in the chest and stomach. The immediate shot, from a distant, is Kingpin's tall body obstructing Parker's sprawled corpse, so nothing graphic is seen.
  • There are two moments where Kingpin has some blood coming out of his nose due to fighting Spider-Man.
  • Uncle Aaron is shot in the heart onscreen, slowly dying in an alley, while Miles breaks down crying. No blood or gore.


  • In one of the deleted scenes Miles Morales says "I wanna know what the hell kind of spider bit me."
  • Miles says 'damn' in on of the deleted scenes
  • Some mild language, but is infrequent. Kingpin says," This is gonna be one hell of a frickin light show." Also a possible use of "Damn!" during a battle by Miles, as well as a couple uses of "hell" and "damn" in deleted scenes. Another word is possibly used.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Aaron Davis (Prowler) gets killed by Kingpin. We then see Miles mourn for him, crying and then we see Miles' father mourn for Aaron as well. This scene is very sad and powerful.
  • The stakes in this film are quite high and the scene where the multiple dimensions are opened by kingpin is quite intense
  • The Peter Parker in Miles' universe is killed by Kingpin (he slams him fist down and crushes him) early in the movie. Quite emotional, shocking, and oddly brutal.
  • In the film there are two death scenes that can be shocking/intense especially for younger viewers
  • There's a story line about Miles uncle being a bad guy and I think this could be overwhelming and frightening for kids. Someone (an adult family member) is actually a villain working against them. Seems to be a mature storyline.

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