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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing images, language, and brief sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • An implied attempted rape is stopped from happening.

Violence & Gore

  • Several shootings, but these never exceed blood spray in terms of detail.
  • Person steps on a landmine, he explodes.
  • A Nazi is tortured for a prolonged time, getting his face beaten everyone hates nazi
  • A motorcycle explodes, sending heads and limbs everywhere.
  • Movie is about an evil Nazi scientist doing experiments. We see typical stuff, dead bodies, limbs, blood, people shaking after being given injections, and so on.
  • Dead bodies get burned by a flamethrower.
  • Super zombie attacks a man and we see human flesh in his mouth.
  • A person gets impaled on a meat hook while still alive. He screams in pain.
  • Soldiers on a plane get shot with bullets. Lots of blood. Plane explodes.
  • Two people fight in a Nazi lab. One gets thrown all over the place (into chairs, walls, tables, and through glass)
  • The main Nazi Villain has a disfigured face, with his jaw muscles showing due to getting shot.
  • Zombie gets burned by flamethrower.
  • A person gets injected with the super zombie serum, he twist and turn, bones stick out, and starts attacking people. Another man uses the serum and starts becoming a zombie, his eyes start bleeding.
  • Arguably the goriest scene of the movie, a person is shot in the chest and eventually dies. Another man sticks a needle with a zombie serum in it and he comes back to life. He then touches his bullet wounds and picks inside. Then, his veins are seens sticking out and boiling. The most disturbing part of this scene is when he tilts his neck all the way back, neck bones protruding from his skin, and his vertebrae is shown. Then his eyes start to bleed. A soldier than knocks him out and uses a rifle butt to smash his face, and you see his flattened and unrecognizable face for about 3 seconds.


  • 28 uses of "Fuck"
  • Shit, bastard, and hell is also used throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Smoking and maybe some drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are several (sort of expected) jumpscares featuring disfigured charracters. The scenes are brief and you can't see much.
  • Severed head talks to a character. The character freaks out.
  • First 10 minutes are intense, and final 20 minutes are intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • During the initial raid, the bodies of dead soldiers who have failed to land successfully can be seen hanging from trees.
  • A plane explosion rips a man in half. You (very briefly) see his body bisected at the waist and his innards.
  • In a lengthy torture scene, a Nazi is tied to a post and repeatedly beaten in the face. After provoking another character, he's stabbed in the leg - we see a small blood patch on his trousers.
  • The same man is then hoisted up on a pulley where the beating continues with a knuckle duster, bloodying his face.
  • A soldier approaches the tortured man to wake him up, when he's suddenly shot multiple times by him in the chest (in closeup, we see a bleeding hole). He dies and is injected with an unknown serum, which brings him back to life.
  • The serum mutates the resurrected soldier. After the veins on his arms expand, his neck flops backwards - broken bones pierce through the skin at the shoulder/neck area and it becomes graphically disfigured. His eyes bleed.
  • The mutant soldier is shot multiple times in the chest (blood spray) and falls dead, but springs back to life. A human soldier then bashes his head in with a rifle butt to kill him. The impact is off-camera but we're shown the gory aftermath in closeup, showing a pile of skin and brains in a pool of blood. Although graphic, the shot is dark and brief.
  • After injecting himself with the serum, a Nazi officer mutates and reveals a very gory face injury. The lower left half of his face is torn away and we see exposed teeth, muscle and tendons soaked in blood (as a major character, the injury is frequently shown afterwards).
  • A mutant is missing his left forearm - two snapped bones protrude from the bloody arm stump and are intended as a stabbing weapon, although he's never shown (successfully) using them.
  • A soldier, bound and gagged to a motorcycle, is driven back to base. Despite his desperate warnings, the duct tape on his mouth is removed to reveal a grenade pin stuck to the back and a now-primed grenade in his mouth. The cloth over the sidecar is removed to reveal more explosives, which go off in a long shot; his head explodes in a spray of blood. The aftermath is shown in graphic close-ups, including a gory leg stump and a bloody, screaming face embedded with glass.
  • A man is partially impaled on a meat hook. Blood drips onto the floor.
  • A mutant is impaled with a metal post, covering it in blood. He painfully pulls it back out.
  • Two mutants are set alight with a flamethrower, a rare method of killing them. The first time the impact is off-screen, but the second time the mutant is shown screaming in pain before falling dead.
  • Dead bodies are piled up in the back of a truck, with gaping holes in their faces.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man sneaks through a Nazi lab and sees many frightening experiments and test subjects.
  • While exploring the labs, Boyce hears a woman speaking behind a sheet. He moves the sheet revealing discolored severed woman's head still attached to the bloody spine. The head continues speaking in a frightened voice. The scene is very gory and disturbing. Throughout the movie the head can be seen again from a distance.

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