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Strange, heartfelt, classic slasher
miles67015 April 2022
I didn't know what to expect going into this movie. Some reviews said it was porn with some horror, some said it was a slasher B movie. Some said decent acting and a good gore fest.

It was all of the above, though I'd say less porn, there are some nude/sex scenes but they're really not the heart of the movie. The gore is well done, the acting is very good I think, and the overall slasher aspect is reasonable, though it could have been a little more creative.

Saying all of that none of it is what I'll remember this movie for. What really struck me in this movie was the portrayal of age and how it affects people and their relationships, I actually felt really sad for some of the characters in this movie, and that isn't usually how I'd expect to feel watching a slasher. It really did feel like the writers, directors,. And actors were trying to remind us of something whilst also making a decent slasher. I think it's to value our youth, and our lives as much as we can. I don't want to say much more as I don't want to spoil the movie. Needless to say if you're looking for a decent movie to check out I'd recommend giving this a go. It will entertain you and also make you think a little about the problems others have.
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Nice old-fashioned horror-flick with some hefty gore.
johannes2000-116 March 2022
I liked it. It's a nice old-fashioned (flawlessly 70's styled) slasher horror-flick, with a fairly original premise. As in any comparable horror movie the motives for the killings are pretty farfetched, but who cares, when they are pictured so relentlessley gruesome, the gore here is definitely not for the tender-hearted. Another strong point is how the movie very gradually builds up the tension, this is a real slow burner, the apprehension of looming doom is palpable throughout the movie. This is helped by a strong direction, a very clever and inventive editing, and some great photography, see for instance the scene of one of the girls swimming in the lake, while... well, I won't give it away, but it's beautiful and hair-raisingly scary at the same time!

Add to all this some very funny dialogues and goings-on at the start, and you're in for a well made, old-school horror flick, maybe not life-changing but absolutely entertaining for those who can apprciate this kind of movie (like me!).
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Worth a watch
westy_captain2 October 2022
Not really a jump scare sort of deal and like if you read the little description about the movie it has all the spoilers in it already.

First point, I thought it was really funny when kid Cudi was standing in the door frame and you could only see his shadow

Secondly For a movie about making a porno, there were adequate number boobs shown.

And the prosthetics used to make the main actor look older we're great. In all worth a watch like most things above 5 stars

Little note to IMDB -Not only do I not want to write a 500 word essay I also would not like reading other peoples 500 word essays. Make it like 200 easy.
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Ti West's exploitation mash-up
gortx31 March 2022
Ti West's movie really should have been called "E" for elevated. It sets itself up as a smart take on the slasher films of the 70s and early 80s. As a bonus, the film within a film has the filmmakers making an 'elevated' porn flick (as a bonus, actor Owen Campbell who plays the "Director" even looks a bit like Director Tobe Hooper).

Quite consciously taking it's set up from Tobe Hooper's 1974 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, X has a group of randy pornographers renting a farmhouse from an elderly couple in the middle of nowhere in Texas (actually New Zealand). Writer-Director West's main idea here is to set up a contrast between the XXX filmmakers and the bible thumping civilians of the area. It's not an uninteresting idea, which, of course, plays off the the puritanical cliche in the slasher films of yore where the most sexually active characters are the most likely to g et killed off. In addition to MASSACRE, West includes nods to FRIDAY THE 13TH, Hooper's EATEN ALIVE and a very specific one to HALLOWEEN. X is set about 5 years after MASSACRE so that it can include a brief exchange about how home video will change the porno industry (adult films were already available on VHS for about 3 years).

The movie is very well directed, with savvy use of cross-cutting between the porn film in the making and the terrors that await the group. Mia Goth (in a dual role; actually a triple if you stay after the credits) and Brittany Snow are the two pornstars to be and each dive in with relish. Kid Cudi is the cocky stud, while Martin Henderson is solid as the confidant Producer. Jenna Ortega is the "crew" all by her lonesome (she manages to keep her clothes on - must have a better agent). Stephen Ure is the ornery old man who rents out his guest house.

As good as the filmmaking is, X ends up feeling too studied. The pacing is lugubrious even if it picks up towards the very end. Once the massacre begins (if not by power tools) it still ends up being fairly typical of the films it's commenting on, regardless of how well executed and 'elevated' it thinks it is. It's also too drawn out to satisfy some gore-hounds and once the blood starts flowing, probably too gross for the internet scribes dreaming of doing extended online essays dissecting it for it's elevated intellect. There are a couple of twists, but they aren't sufficient enough to compensate for the predictability.

In the end, it's not as clever as West thinks it is, and despite some good Directing chops and acting, it's simply too self-conscious to be much of a fun thrill ride.
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Nothing new here, but nothing bad either
aidanratesmovies2 April 2022
An interesting slow burn, but without enough to make it stand against the countless other slasher films, X is a fine film and another tribute to the iconic genre that made horror so popular in the first place. Granted, I do enjoy myself a slasher film from time to time- I'm quite fond of films like Nightmare on Elm Street and My Bloody Valentine, but where X faults among the others is through using a rather familiar formula without any true unique purpose. Throughout the film the characters often talk about an X factor, something that makes Mia Goth's character special and starworthy- but unlike its mentionings- this film just doesn't have that. The acting is really good, I love the underrated Mia Goth as always- as well as Brittany Snow, Martin Henderson, and even Kid Cudi did a rather impressive job. The cinematography is fantastic and perfectly fits the amitpshere and tone the film is going for. The music is enjoyable and tense, and its pacing can be a bit slow at times, but does allow for an interesting point of view. Its main problem lies solely in its script, which revolves largely around a smut film production- but takes too many elements and formulaic tendencies from other horror films like Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, The Visit and most obviously Texas Chainsaw Massacre to really stand out on its own and become its own thing. In the end, its not a bad watch, I wouldn't watch it again, but I certainly didn't mind watching it. It isn't the most memorable, but I certainly don't have any disdain for it. It just could have been more, especially given the talent involved, but ironically it settled for less.

My Rating: 5.8/10.
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The Texas Chainsaw MEH-ssacre.
nikosklimentos14 April 2022
A decent slasher, but does not deserve a 96% rating on RT. The kills felt conveniently cheap and honestly everything was underwhelming. I was hoping to to feel paranoid or scared, but didn't feel much of anything. Spent most of the movie hoping it would get better or surprise me a little but we've seen this all before.
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Casual roller coaster ride, nothing too deep
TristanSilya6 February 2024
Way more brutal than I expected. Decent horror elements although it is a bit bizarre and farfetched and requires some suspension of disbelief to follow.

The characters are mostly unlikeable. They're the typical fame-chasing people that binge alcohol and drugs and live 'free spirited' with a holier-than-thou demeanor. They lie to themselves to cope by blurring the lines between what they call 'work' and real life but they're mainly making a virtue out of necessity.

The movie is mainly a laidback experience. Not much to follow or dissect. I do enjoy the retro style cinematography.

In summary just sit back and enjoy. Watch a bunch of dumb people doing dumb things and getting dumb results.
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Really strange horror film
preppy-331 March 2022
Warning: Spoilers
In 1979 a bunch of young filmmakers set out to rural Teaxas to film a porno film. They rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere from an old guy. They begin filming but the old guy and his wife have other plans. Soon the young people are fighting for their lives.

This is a very odd film. It's a solid hour before any horror kicks in but when it does it's VERY bloody, gruesome and pretty sick. However it is well-done, the acting is good and there is plenty of female and male frontal nudity. Also I love how the opening and closing credits look like they came off an old porno flick! Worth a look but the buildup to the blood and guts is kind of slow.
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A Fun, Classically Styled Slasher
cadillac2018 March 2022
Paying homage to the slashers of yesteryear is nothing new, but Ti West's new movie X makes it feel fresh. He does this by primarily bringing attention to the sex parts of the genre and exploring what sex means. This is, after all, in part about a crew of people attempting to make a porno. But the sex angle goes beyond just cheap titillation. It is at the heart of the film, and West seems to be most interested in what the experience means, whether it's for love, a way to recapture youth, or getting the most out of life while one is still capable of experiencing the act.

Beyond all this, though, is a fun, classically styled slasher that is equal parts titillation and slasher mayhem. Some may find the amount of nudity and sex, and heck the subject matter itself, distasteful, but for slasher fans, this will remind you of much of the early years of the genre. A lot has been made about how this is so heavily inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it's easy to see why. The majority of the film revolves around the singular location, an old farm seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Texas, ripe for plenty of slasher fun. Ti doesn't skimp on the red stuff either. While nothing gets too outlandishly creative, we do get some brutal kills with often gory results.

It helps that characters are written well and likable. Despite the sleazy material they're attempting to create, they don't feel shallow or sleazy themselves. They believe in their work and the reasons for making it. While it may have been nice to get a little more depth out of them, they clearly have history and there are things hinted at that never get much development, they're at least a decent crowd of folks who are fun to be around. As for the villains, they're not quite as out there or mysterious as the trailer would lead you to believe. In fact, they're pretty grounded, but never the less creepy and tension is maintained consistently once the violence starts.

If you know what the film's about, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. It does take some unusual turns, but for me that only added to just how much the film stood on it's own. It certainly feels like a fresh entry into the slasher genre, something the genre needs. Ti West continues to make a name for himself as someone to watch out for. Have fun with this sexy, bloody good time.
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Not a unique horror/slasher....
PerryAtTheMovies19 March 2022

I don't know what I'm missing, but it wasn't as terrific a film as I was hoping it would. I thought I'd be at the edge of my seat being terrified, and grasping for breath as I waited for what would happen next. Alas, it didn't. It had its moments when things got slightly creepy and I felt uncomfortable. Only a moment or two had me holding my breath until the scene ended, but I was never truly scared. More so just weirded out.

The story itself wasn't great, but fit into the context for which it was set. The cinematography was half decent using shadows to hold onto tension. The score helped add onto the tension as well. The acting wasn't fulfilling and didn't give a lot of chemistry.

Overall, if I could go back and skip this film I would. In the end it was just a middle of the road slasher. It wasn't cheesy, but it's definitely not the outstanding film I thought I was going to see.

I hope this review helps you make a choice on this film. Until next time.... Enjoy the show!
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What did I just watch !!!!?????
jothishprabu15 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
6 people go to an old couple's farmhouse and all but one get killed by them just because the old woman wanted to have sex and her man couldn't do it himself due to heart problems. That's it. That's the whole friggin movie!!!!! I just wasted 1 and half hours of my life jezzuzzz!!!!! Shame on a24 !!!
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A fun throwback to 70's slashers
adotson-9823319 March 2022
"X" is a very bloody, and satisfying horror film from A24 that is able to pack enough scary moments, while also talking it's time to develop its characters.

The good in this movie right off the bat is the performances. Everyone in the movie is great. The standouts here are Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega. These two were great. The movie also has a really strong message about sex and what it really means for these people. It's a very strong message and it works. The gore here is also great. It's a very bloody movie and the final 40 minutes are amazing. It's also a very good looking movie. It's very well shot and there's a lot of creepiness to it. And finally I actually felt that the villains in this movie were actually very well portrayed. They were given a somewhat tragic issue, and it really added a lot to them.

Now I do have a few negatives. The first being that I do wish there was a little more crazy moments. I wish the movie had just a little more bloody moments. I also felt that the first act, while good, was a little too slow paced. I wish it do move a lot faster. And finally there are some things aren't fully explained towards the end.

Overall "X" is a very bloody good time with great acting, great direction, and some truly bloody moments.
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I will not accept a life I do not deserve
nogodnomasters17 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
In 1979 a group of people rent a cabin to make an adult film in rural Texas. The owner is less than pleased and has issues of his own with his wife.

The film is over-hyped. It does have two creepy looking old people who look like something out of Texas Chainsaw. The soundtrack was top rate, as is anything that includes Mungo Jerry. It also has the throwback nudity many horror films have started to avoid. This film reminded me of "Bread Crumbs."

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Mia Goth, Brittany Snow)
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If you wondered why people liked it... me too
mrbengoldsmith28 December 2023
There is truly nothing to this movie. I would say the greatest offense is that even if it was an "homage" to classic slashers, it adds nothing to nor does it reflect the best of the genre.

There is no pay off. No suspense. It is utterly devoid of creativity. Plenty of people will say it was just a good ol tits'n'guts movie but there are legit better ones that don't pretend to be more than they are. This is that kid in class who pretends they DISCOVERED Evil Dead.

It is painfully boring and when the only redeeming part (murders) comes to a head they are boring. That's this movies sin. It is boring.
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What an interesting concept, but fails in a lot of areas
nicolasroop18 March 2022
Ok, just got out of the theater and here's my thoughts.

The good: The acting is very good, all the actresses seemed pretty game for what they had to endure, and the men were suitably fragile with their masculinity to make them easy targets for the creepy elderly couple. The film was definitely smutty enough with lots of nudity and sexuality, of which some was a turn on and some was incredibly disgusting and made me feel sick. There was some terrific comedic moments sprinkled in here and there. The gore and kills were plentiful enough and don't hold back. Although, they are more in the last third of the film, which I'll come back to. The motive for the kills was very creepy and extremely repulsive. The 70's aesthetic was spot on. And we finally have a final girl I felt I could root for, which it's been a while for that.

The bad: The film took it's time getting to the fun stuff. Very slow and unsurprising, in a very cliche way, like we've seen this set-up before in several other horror movies. It honestly didn't start sparking my attention until about the last third of the film. I was also kind of expecting some kind of monster movie with the way the film was advertised, and there is no monster to speak of. I was expecting something akin to Jeepers Creepers when it came to who the grannie is and got none of that. Just some messed up old couple who were messed up. Was definitely expecting more of a slasher than what it was, which was again messed up old people doing weird, messed up things to these kids who are making a porno on their property. Some of the editing was good at first but entirely overused, such as the flashing between scenes. Way too much of that. My final bad thing was that fact that Brittany Snow sang a song that was randomly put in the film. It felt completely out of place with the rest of the material and it dragged the pacing down even further than it already was. I'm almost positive it was the only way she was going to agree to do a nude scene for this movie.

Overall: All in all, it wasn't a bad film. Although it had cliched scenes here and there, and started out at a snail's pace, the plotline was definitely something I hadn't seen before and the focus of what movie was made here was pretty clear. Even if I felt the movie was misadvertised and marketed wrong. By the end of the movie, the title started making a lot more sense. If this movie had been released at the time period it was set it, 1979, it would have been rated X and probably be on a few lists in some countries. I enjoyed it for what it was.

I would recommend it if you're a fan of 70's style exploitation films or horror films. If not, you probably won't have a great time and you will definitely be repulsed by the final third of the film.
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A little bit of everything
samflex-5025227 November 2023
This movie has a little bit of everything. Some action in bed, some gore, some scarejumps and some cheesy and predictable dialogues and turn of events Overall it is kind of enjoyable The movie flows and, if not expecting much, it is pretty watchable Of course the movie is not for everyone. But the fans of classic popcorn terror will find it OK Production is not bad at all and acting is pretty solid overall It took me three or four days to finish it because of being busy but every time I continued watching I did it with relative enthusiasm. That means the film has its thing. Grab some popcorn and watch it.
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Simultaneously silly, sexy, scary, and revolting
darkreignn20 March 2022
I've come to think of film production company A24 as The Asylum of art-house films. Where The Asylum focuses on producing low-budget, direct-to-video films that use film titles and scripts very similar to those of current blockbusters in order to lure customers (shouts out to Wikipedia for that beautifully succinct synopsis), A24 also produces movies that - on first glance - look very similar to generic genre films; you don't have to look very far to find the proof of that. Films like "Hereditary," "Midsommar," and "It Comes At Night" all had trailers that marketed the films as scary movies that appealed to mass audiences. Those with some semblance of familiarity of A24's track record would know that the above mentioned films would have more up their sleeve, while others may find themselves taken by surprise by how "different" the movies are when compared to more mainstream fare. "X" is no different. With a trailer that, while stylistic, advertises itself as nothing more than just another slasher, "X" entices customers with an accurate premise, only to pull the rug from out under them once they are seated in the theatre.

What I like most about A24 is its conviction to add an insane level of quality to what should be nothing more than a disposable Saturday night watch. "X" advertises itself as a grimy, bloody, slasher movie - and it is - but it's one that prides itself on its high production value. "X" is a slasher that actually cares about its story and its characters; remarkably, it is a horror film that works just as well when it's purely being a drama. Following a crew of filmmakers who are decidedly set on making an "artistic" adult movie, "X" is intent on character-building. With all the greed, jealousy, and lustfulness that you might expect from a group of young adults who enjoy making love with each other on camera for money, I was pleasantly surprised that I started to enjoy this movie purely on its own storytelling merits, before the real horror even began.

With eye-candy all around in the form of Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, and Brittany Snow (as well as Kid Cudi, Martin Henderson, and Owen Campbell - if you're into that sort of thing), what impressed me most about "X" is that, not only did director Ti West pack his movie full of people who can actually act, but he also has crafted characters that are fully fleshed out and feel like real people. Unlike your typical slasher, here characters actually make smart decisions and are not just stupid for the sake of being stupid. And this works twofold by drawing viewers into the story before the horror begins, and then amplifying it once it does.

With ample care being taken in character, script, plot, and production value (and not to mention the rocking soundtrack), you can only imagine how much care was also taken in the kills. Yes, Ti West will be sure to gross you out here, because there is blood, guts, and gore aplenty, and all of it wrapped around a unique visual flair and editing style that ups the entertainment value and differentiates this movie from other slashers. There is creativity here, with people dying in unpredictable and uncomfortable ways; I definitely found myself cringing at many of the deaths. So if you enjoy bloody violence, you'll definitely find a lot to like here.

If I had any complaints about this movie, which I do, it's that I found the tension building to be slightly lacking. You see, I quite enjoy slashers that have long, drawn out scenes of people trying to escape their murderers ("Scream," for example), and this movie didn't really have that. While I understand why exactly "X" could not have such scenes, it did make the killings slightly lackluster - as in, character goes to place, then they swiftly get killed in said place, and end scene. While the kills themselves are creative, there is a lack of creativity in the build up to those kills. Similarly, I did find the motivation of the killer(s) to be somewhat unclear. I mean, I understand why they were doing what they were doing, but I don't really think the motivation was all that believable. Also, I found the ending to be rather abrupt and not very climactic or fulfilling. All of that said, "X" remained to be extremely entertaining.

"X" won't be for everyone - when the movie ended, a middle-aged man turned to his date and said, "That was the weirdest movie I have ever seen." A couple sat next to me, and basically sprinted out of the theatre as soon as the credits rolled. However, its almost maddening attention to quality and detail elevates it above other, similar, slasher movies, making this one very memorable horror film.
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Great Film, But Takes A While To Get Going & Drags
vengeance2018 March 2022
Warning: Spoilers
So, I've came back from seeing this film & wasn't surprised as I sort of knew what was going to happen. I didn't see any previews so I sort of walked in blind while only knowing the name & brief story about this film.

The film sees a group of adults in 1979 going off to rural Texas, Austin, 1979, to film a an adult film at a farm homestead & paying an elderly couple for them to rent out their cabin as a shooting location. But things take a dark turn as the couple seem to take a bizarre & creepy interest in what the young adults are doing.

I found the film to be pretty great. It's well shot & well written. The story is creepy as with the message about jealousy & envy. The deaths are typical of any slasher of course, albeit the lake scene with the crocodile was pretty ace. It's gory as & has a great 70's/80's horror slasher feel to it which is great in itself. The eye candy is something else & there's some funny but disturbing parts also.

The film did have some pacing issues though & took a while to get to the gory parts, the eye candy made up for it of course, but I did feel a lot of scenes dragged far too long than needed to be which sort of frustrated me a little. It's long for what it is at 101 minutes (1 hour 41 minutes).

Overall, it's pretty neat slasher & as gory as the name suggests. It does take a while to get going, drags a lot, but the pay off in the final act is worth it.

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Perfect slow burn
UniqueParticle18 March 2022
A very stylish rendition of original porn leading to some brilliant horror set in 1979 that is well written and fun to watch! X is surprising in all the right ways and very weird reminds me of M. Nights The Visit just more extreme. I was surprised to see Sam Levinson's name in the credits I love him and his projects! Ti West created something special, I've seen a couple of his films he seems to gear towards disturbed older folks which is quite effective.
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This was actually a nice surprise of a movie...
paul_haakonsen28 April 2022
As much as I enjoy horror movies and slasher flicks, then I had not heard about this 2022 movie titled "X" from writer and director Ti West. Needless to say that I had to sit down and watch it as I stumbled upon it. But I didn't know what I was in for here, so I had no expectations.

First of all, I will say that Ti West definitely managed to put together a classic slasher horror movie, yet at the same time managing to put enough of a bizarre twist on it to make it stand out. So if you enjoy the horror genre, then you should definitely take the time to sit down and watch "X" if you get the opportunity.

The storyline told in "X" was fairly straight forward, and it was very much akin to the horror movies of the 1980s. So that was definitely something that appealed to me. It was a good story, despite it being somewhat generic at times. But still, Ti West managed to thrown in enough curve balls to thrown off the audience every now and again.

I wasn't familiar with the cast in the movie, but they certainly had put together a good cast ensemble. There was a good mix of talents in the movie, and it was fun to watch the people get taken out one by one as the story progressed.

Visually then "X" was actually fairly good. Sure, this was not an over the top special effects movie, but there was enough blood and gore to keep a seasoned gorehound such as myself happy. The effects looked realistic and that served the movie quite well.

The only things that bothered me about "X" was the obsession on showing prolonged sex scenes and such. It wasn't really necessary to further the storyline of the movie, and it just felt like it sleazed up the movie unnecessarily.

I was genuinely entertained by "X" and it turned out to be a rather nice surprise of a movie. This is certainly a horror movie that I will recommend for fans of the 1980s slasher flicks.

My rating of "X" lands on a six out of ten stars.
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What a great disappointment ...
tchitouniaram16 April 2022
My expectations were quite high for this film ... After watching it , I just don't understand what's all the hype is about ? To call it mediocre is to make a compliment ! Slow , predictable , not very clever horror , which is not even a horror , just an unrealistic portrayal of mayhem based on sex... Highly not recommended !
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Twisted, disturbing, and surprisingly smart
benjaminskylerhill18 March 2022
Ti West is an incredibly astute visual director, and with X, he continues to show this. He turns this farmhouse into one of the most hellish nightmares imaginable, where there is no place that is truly safe.

That being said, West has never impressed me with his writing before. His earlier films have very little detail put into the characters and themes-they're all concept and little substance. Thankfully that's changed with this one. This is probably West's most character-filled film.

Every single character in this story is incredibly flawed, yet still retains a shred of sympathetic humanity. The protagonists live too much in the moment with no regard for future consequences, while the film's villains yearn for a bygone era of their lives and harbor envy toward those who have what they have lost. Each group represents an untenable human desire, and it adds a layer of melancholy to the terror that unfolds.

It's not a perfect film; like pretty much all slasher films, there are some characters who exist just to get killed off in predictable fashion, and some death scenes come off as rather anticlimactic.

Additionally, because every character kind of sucks as a person, there's a two-edged sword in that none of them are particularly likeable and I didn't get attached to them in the way I think West wanted me to.

Still, this is quite a wild, effectively uncomfortable ride, and a far smarter one than I was expecting.
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Don't over hype it.. it's Ti West being Ti West.
TuesdayThe17th19 March 2022
I love Ti West. His segment in the first vhs movie, second honeymoon, is by far my favorite segment. And I love The Sacrament as well. The Sacrament is better than this movie, for sure, but this is still one of Ti Wests better offerings. ..but wait, how can we compare such a big budget film with the rest of his indie level films? Because this movie is more of a top tier indie film rather than a blockbuster. It's cool that it's A24 and that definitely suits Ti West as he returns to form, but honestly this ain't no Hereditary or Midsommar. It ain't The Witch or The Lighthouse. It's a new type of beast for A24 overall with it being I thiiink their second slasher film release?

Some good things about this movie is that it has that Ti West traditional minimalist approach and if you like his work, you will dig this. Another thing that's good was the whole gator aspect of it, with creepy threats lurking below the swampy surface all the while. The actors were definitely good but it's also hard to really say they were bad considering they all didn't get as much screen time as I had hoped. Brittany Snow spoke quite a bit through out but Kid Cudis character didn't say a whole lot. Also, Owen Cambell was especially good in a role that almost mirrored Lou Taylor Puccis character in the Evil Dead remake. Yeah, kinda a rip off, but who's to say two movies can't have the same type of characters? The kills were good enough, with a few of them being pretty extreme but not in like an over the top way. It's all done in fair taste.

Now, something about this movie was missing.. I saw this in the theaters and personally I prefer watching new movies like this at home but I just couldn't wait to see wests newest work. I feel like the theater screen takes away from the crispness of a quality TV screen. Also, there is a little too little that goes on here and the porn scenes are wonky. I can see where West was headed but maybe the turn out isn't as good as people would have thought it'd be. Nonetheless, I did like it. I will buy it on 4k. And I will like it more on a second viewing as per usual.

Until then, Yours truly.
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bamcore0117 April 2022
I don't understand how this movie has been rated so highly. It has zero redeeming qualities and was thoroughly unenjoyable. Spent 1hr and 49 mins waiting for it to be over. Would not recommend.
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Formulaic but entertaining enough
GVReviews19 March 2022
Warning: Spoilers
It follows the typical horror movie plot, young attractive people are away from civilization and crazy people start to mess with them. There's obviously a few sex scenes, one of which I could've done without lol I wouldn't say there was one creative death scene, kinda meh in that regard. The reveal that Mia Goth's character was the televangelist's daughter left me going over a few scenes and her dialogue again. Overall an entertaining film but nothing jumped out as spectacular.
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