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best-review10 August 2023
Let's talk about the cast and performances First: Rajinikanth, man, he's not just playing a role that fits his age, he's totally killin' it. The first half, it's all about him - his presence, that smile, his unique quirks, and the intensity he brings, it's all fire. Yogi Babu adds some extra fun when he's sharing the screen with Thalivar.

Vinayakan, he's got that classic villain vibe, even if the role itself is a bit familiar.

Ramya Krishna, she's doin' the conventional housewife thing, but she ain't got much going on in her scenes, unfortunately.

We've also got some cameo appearances from legends like Mohanlal, Jackie Shroff, and Shiva Rajkumar. Tamannaah Bhatia's in there too, but that song on screen, man, it doesn't hit like it did in the trailers.

Now, on the technical side, the cinematography is straight up awesome. Those fight scenes indoors, they're somethin' special. The whole production is top-notch, gotta give 'em props for that.

Anirudh's music, both the background score and the songs, they hold this film together. No doubt about it.

The highlights, let's talk about those. The first half is lit, Rajinikanth is on fire, and Anirudh's music is bangin'.

But there are some drawbacks, no doubt. Sunil's part, it's a snoozer, and the second half, it gets a bit routine, slow-paced moments and all.

Now, the movie analysis, "Jailer" starts off strong, man. Rajinikanth as a retired police officer, cool and all, but when his son gets kidnapped, he goes all out, becoming this angry old dude, changing the whole game. From there, it's a ride.

Nelson, the director, he's got some killer sequences for Rajinikanth, especially the ones with Yogi Babu. Rajinikanth's comedy skills are on point, and the fight scene in his house, where his wife and daughter-in-law are just chillin' at the dining table, that's a standout moment, no doubt.

The intermission comes, and you're thinkin', this is gonna be like Kamal Haasan's "Vikram," a real thrill. First half is that good. Action, comedy, family moments, it's got it all, and the intermission climax gets you hyped up.

But the second half, it's a different story. It falls into that formulaic mass-entertainer groove. We're talkin' Rajinikanth's jailer backstory, a comedy bit with Sunil and Tamannaah, super long fight scenes, and so on.

Honestly, it's a bit of a drag. Tamannaah's song "Kaavaalaa" blew up on YouTube, but in the movie, it's not the same, man. It's on Sunil and Tamannaah, not the epic duet with Rajinikanth like we wanted.

Even the parts with other superstars like Shiva Rajkumar and Mohanlal, they're more about heroism than pushing the plot forward.

But hey, the second half comes through with a killer climax, so it's got that goin' for it.
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Only for hardcore fans,needed an A certificate
harineem-209-52548820 August 2023
The movie is made only for hard core Rajni fans where every scene seems like a obeisance to his superstardom. The story is very haphazard and it felt at one point they didn't have any ideas so they create a idol theft storyline.

Ramya Krishnan is totally wasted and I dont know why she took up a role which any senior actress even in TV serials playing mother would have sufficed. The comedy is a disaster and the 30 mins where you have Tamannah are the most unbearable in the movie. Why Tamannah? Why? A good actress like her is again completely wasted in a juvenile plot. This mocking of Telugu heroes has been done to death now in all movies.

The movie is extremely violent with graphic scenes. I just don't understand how Mohanlal agreed to such a violent characterisation where he is bashing heads. Movies like these desensitise the next generation to violence which is not good and the censor board seems to have slept through this.

Of all the cameos Shivrajkumar takes the cake, he has massive screen presence and swag, never ever seen his movies before.

And we see that Rajni is back to promoting smoking with cigars all through the movie.

Unless you worship the superstar, this movie will not work for you. He is good in all scenes especially last 20 mins but unfortunately the movie itself is a mess.
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Nelson's narrow vision saved by Blockbuster heroism of Rajinikanth, Mohanlal and Shiva Rajakumar.
SAMTHEBESTEST8 September 2023
Jailer (2023) : Brief Review -

Nelson's narrow vision saved by Blockbuster heroism of Rajinikanth, Mohanlal and Shiva Rajakumar. Nelson Dilip Kumar has to be one of the luckiest directors in Tamil cinema who is surviving and still getting films after back-to-back mediocrities. "Kolamaavu Kokila" (2018) hardly had any brain in its black comedy; "Doctor" (2021) couldn't find an antidote for his own mediocre vision; "Beast" (2022) was a beast-size torture; and now he brought another mediocre film, "Jailer". It could have been a much better film if you look at the first half. The film falls in the second half and somehow stands on its feet with the charismatic heroism of Rajinikanth and blockbuster cameos by Mohanlal and Shiva Raja Kumar, who help create a crossover of Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada cinema in a massy action drama. Jailer is about a retired police officer whose son is kidnapped by a gangster. The father sets out to settle things down with the gangster, who will listen to no one but him after knowing who he is. The idea is very predictable, but there is a surprise in the pre-climax before you head towards a so-so climax. Rajinikanth's "Tiger ka Hukum" is commendable as he successfully carries along all his heroic stuff such as walk, talk, smash, show swag, and at last the "cigar." Mohanlal and Shiva's cameos have whistle-worthy moments, which are uplifted by the background score and a small rap in between. Ramya Krishnan, Vasanth Ravi, and Mirnaa Menon are decent in small roles. Jailer is dragged into the second half with Tamannaah's angle, robbery, and family drama stuff. Seriously, this is no way to bring your own film down after a good-to-go first half. Why does Nelson always have to look at things with his narrow-minded vision? More than him, we and our audiences need to find the answer soon. Overall, an okay watch after promising a better future.

RATING - 5/10*

By - #samthebestest.
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Major tonal issues.
ashishhsunny13 August 2023
Thia film was mediocre at best with the director confused on the tone of the movie. The plot of the movie was all over the place. First half was decent and it felt like a movie for the masses, and breadcrumbed enough for a good showdown. The second half was a major letdown, with the whole movie turning into a soap opera heist film with violence and comedy used in a bad taste. The whole 'son plotline' was unnecessary for the plot for a movie aimed for the masses. It added absolutely no value to the whole movie. Mohanlal, in his few scenes brought his screen presence and star power so did Shivanna. Vinayakan stole the whole show for me, brilliant and raw performance. He explored his role to an extreme, might I dare, like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight! I wouldn't even be surprised if he wins a National award for this role. Rajini's star power is definitely felt, and that will the main contributor for the movie's financial success(along with the underdog BTS comeback aspect with the director Nelson and the southern industry's big star casting inclusions) Most of all there is no takeaways or a good message from the whole movie.
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saikumarnagapuri19 August 2023
Haaa,So After So much wait I can proudly say that yes this is the RAJINIFIED Comeback... This Movie 'JAILER' Starring SUPER STAR RAJINIKANTH in the main lead,Which is Directed by Nelson. After a big letdown by 'BEAST' Starring Vijay Thalapathy,A Question Raised When This project has Announced,That Can he showcase his stardom without spoiling or without misleading it?.Because If u Observe the Previous projects of The Star they were just wasted opportunities... But he succeeded in bringing the euphoria of Rajini's with a perfect blend of Plot that offers a new Rajini that fits to him which doesn't feel Irrelevant or Silly,and not affected by any Stupid Commercial Stereotype... Coming to the Plot Without any so much Revelation,Muthuvel Pandian A Retired Jailer Who is leading happier life with his family,His life gets turned when his Cop Son gets killed while investigating a Idol smuggling. Muthuvel Pandian sets To find his Son's Killers where he get strucked into a dark world... So Coming to the Movie It Has a Electrifying,Thrilling First Half But a Overstretched Confused Second Half followed by Powerful Climax. Coming to the Performances Ofcourse it's only One Man show,That's Superstar's show He just nailed it,he was perfect in every frame. And Coming to the supporting Cast we have big cameos like Mohanlal And ShivaRajkumar's. But Shivanna Stands out...🔥And remaning were good in their roles. But I have to speak about One person the antagonist Vinayakan alias 'Varman' he just dominated the whole film through his deadly screen presence. Ofcourse he will cherished one of the powerful antognists ever... Coming to the technical aspects, The Rockstar Anirudh asusual the Backbone of the Whole movie,He just created rampage throughout the show through his Music.

Still can't get over 'HUKUM'. The Cinematography was great,Production Values are Good. The Editing &Screenplay could be bettered By trimming or reducing 20mins.. Overall If the Second Half was not distrubed by uneccessary Twists & Turns which doesn't impact at all The Good First Half,Great Interval & Climax Followed by a Terrific show of Rajini and Anirudh Make's this a worth watch... And again Nelson should appreciated for utilising the opportunity,which didn't happen for previous Film Makers...
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Average movie with spectacular elevated mass scenes
Jithindurden10 August 2023
A bad movie that is almost saved by the elevated mass-masala sequences. Rajnikanth is The Superstar, but even his best mass masala movies like Bhaasha had a proper build-up and cathartic moments, which is mainly missing here. He's always the superstar here, even when he is aloof. Nelson's affinity towards comedy makes the drama and the approach towards the action a mess. The story is not expected to be anything significant but the treatment could have been way better. The first half could've been trimmed a lot. A lot of the comedy didn't work at all.

But it's from the interval block that the movie actually worked to a point for me. The action scene just before the interval was spectacular. The second half also had some nice sequences but then some silly things comes in between breaking the flow. Even the big twist there was very obvious. But the real treat was the cameos of Shivrajkumar, Mohanlal etc. It awakened the Ettan fan inside me and I was just stunned to see what they did with him. It's like a dream come true to see him with this kind of perfection even if it is a cameo role. But the thing is, if I didn't know who these stars really were, I would have thought this is such a trash film.

Compared to Nelson's previous Beast, it was at least consistently average, while this is 15 minutes of trash followed by five minutes of gold continuously for three hours. Other than the mass scenes, those five minutes were either Vinayakan's character or his sidekick giving spectacular performances that deserved a better film.
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Waste of time, space & Everything else
sheshamaro30 August 2023
The movie is so slow that, even fast-forward dosent help. It's like a never ending stretch of a chewing gum.

Its like the movie is just waiting for the lead to transform and when he does, its so appalling to watch. The younger version of the lead, looks like a wannabe and comical than. Strong character.

Adding in other veterans, doesn't really help and just causes more boredom and deviates from the lead's persona and character building.

The story telling and extravagance nowadays are more into action & punches & score.

This is a movie to avoid completely, as you will start loosing faith in Cinema and story tellers.
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Stylish Rajini keeps getting better
crravikiran15 August 2023
Like wine as they say, Rajini keeps getting better with age. At this age , he is pulling crowds of all ages and making them whistle inside theatre. That proves what a mass hero he is . Coming to the movie, it has elements of an action packed thriller. There is violence so some families won't be comfortable watching. You can expect some twists in the movie . All the casts have done their roles pretty well in the movie . The villain, Vinayakan has come up with a good performance. The movie is more of a head to head face off between hero and villain . I feel this is the best movie of Rajini after 2.0 .
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for Rajnikanth fans ONLY
saru202013 August 2023
(19-Aug-2023): Second-time watch, got to notice a lot of technicalities

(11-Aug-2023) Watching Rajnikanth does really feel good, we really don't know how long we'd be watching him in the movies like before.

Watching Rajnikanth's style itself is enough for a fanboy to watch the entire film and nothing is required, in that sense, this film is a must-watch for hardcore Rajnikanth fans, otherwise, it is just an individual choice.

The film has so many dark comedy sequences which makes it watchable in the first half for sure, the second half is sluggish with so many big actors coming in but adding no value at all, in fact, the plot itself widens so broadly that it becomes very difficult to grasp the end goal of the film as the plot diverges into many directions and with so many loopholes, it just becomes so uninteresting to watch for a common audience.

Anirudh's BGM does work to some extent but just one BGM throughout the film does feel repetitive & boring at some point.

Overall, it's a Nelson film but the worst of his all previous ones, yet it's a Rajni film, so it is a watchable one if you've been following the actor for a long time.
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shaikhirshad-4122324 August 2023
Director Nelson has forgot while making this film is whether he is making a movie or a documentary. Film is so slow that after 15-20 mins of the film story is getting too dragged with unnecessary dialogues and stretchable scenes. First half of this film is so lengthy that I've sleep 2-3 times in the theatre only. Connection of the character and storyline is totally missing and the plot doesn't make you excite at all.

Talking about the performance Rajni Sir is the only saving factor rest of the cast is very below average. BGM is the the highlight of the film with some interesting scenes in 2nd half rest movie is very disappointing.

First of all movie doesn't even have proper storyline same old story that we have seen in a dozen of South films secondly pace is very slow and movie feels way boring. Director Nelson should watch this film and think about the pace because at some point the movie feels like a documentary that we are watching. Cameos like Tammanah & Mohanlal have some interesting scenes but that too won't save the film.. Only for Hardcore Rajni Fans....
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Another Dismal Film From Nelson
sharansrinivas-g11 August 2023
It seems that having tentpole actors from other language industries walk around in slo-mo is just what's need to classify movies as Pan-Indian. Anyway, Jailer does just that and this film fails spectacularly. Rajnikanth does what's required of him. However, Nelson doesn't. His screenplay is flaccid. He takes a well-established narrative template and botches it with a paltry execution. Nelson seems preoccupied with lifting scenes from Hollywood films that he's forgotten that making a Superstar film is actually pretty easy. You need a few mass scenes, a few punch dialogues and a simple story that acts as a bridge between the aforementioned mass scenes. How could you botch that up?

After Beast, this is yet another dismal film from Nelson. Forgettable fare.
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Rajnikanth swagger is on another level!
SoumikBanerjee19969 September 2023
Everybody gangsta until Rajinikanth graciously walks in through a dense fog holding a freaking machete in his hands; even at the age of 72, this man seems to carry swagger like no one else.

When it solely comes to asserting sheer dominance on screen, very few come close, let alone matching up to him! I absolutely adored him here.

Now, as far as the movie is concerned, I have mixed feelings, mainly because the two halves seemed like two different films merged into one.

The first half is remarkable; I loved how it built up slowly but gradually picked up the pace and offered an astounding interval block. However, the second half fails to sustain the momentum and struggles to keep the intensity up; as a result, most of the film's second half comes across as sloppy and cluttered.

I did cherish the climactic portion, though. The pure display of unadulterated charm and swagger from all three veterans was a sight to behold!
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Fan feast
vjnambu1 September 2023
Muthuvel pandian(rajinikanth) is a retired jailer, living a peaceful life with his wife, son, daughter in law and grandson. One day, muthuvel's son who is an ACP goes missing. After several investigation, everyone assumes him to be dead. Muthu comes to know that its varman(vinayakan),an idol smuggler behind his son's murder. Muthu goes on a revenge spree against varma using his underworld connections. But varma reveals that his son is alive and kept in an unknown place. To get him back varma asks muthu to steal a crown in Hyderabad for him. How muthu steals the crown and get his son back is the rest of the film.

First half of jailer is perfect with dark humor, mass elements, emotions blending well. We could see 80% of rajinikanth as an actor in first half. Interval bang was superb.

Second half goes weak due to the heist episodes. But the fan service in the last act backed by mohanlal and shivrajkumar's screen presence were a treat. The movie ends on an emotional note.

On the whole, jailer first half was like rajini acting in a nelson film and second half was like nelson directing a rajni film. Logic goes for a toss in second half. If muthu had all india underworld connections who can blast containers and kill people using sharp shooters, why didn't he try to trace his kidnapped son's location and save him? But, Nelson has rectified all the mistakes he did in beast with jailer.
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Best of Rajinikanth since Petta!!
sriramthestranger11 August 2023
The movie starts with a rather calm Rajnikanth without much fanfare and intro songs. Anirudh is the kingpin for this movement with elevations and silence at right place. However, the movie may not give a good cinematic experience with majority of the characters focused on close centre of the screen for it to evoke so called 'Dark comedy'.

The director seems to have lost plot in the later half, and relied on a comedy track which added no value to the story. Some scenes were elevated which did not require such moments. It looks the Director resorted to fan service in the later part struggling to keep them entertained!!
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Thimes Up
dvrson31 August 2023
The most dumbest movie of 2023!!!

Sub par acting BGM is overrated Plot is all over the place Action sequences are unwatchable Cannot give any star because even the villain character has been a joke and the acting is predictable - the director has tried in a subtle way to exhibit him as his mosexual but it didn't fly that well It is unbelievable to see movies like these still draw audience - which proves that Hero Worship is big time in Kollywood Unrealistic stunts with slow motion makes it even worse Screenplay is a joke Wonder how the story discussion was ( love to be a fly on the wall 😜) The irony is that the same industry produced movies like Por Thozhil Kondral paavam Ayothi Thuruvangal Pathinaru Visaranai When will they learn????
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Movie Starts like it's getting somewhere, ends like it's a damp squib
srirammeera15 September 2023
4 stars one each for Ramya, Rajini, Mohanlal and Jackie Shroff each but that's it First half is briefly engaging with the production team ticking all the right Rajini mass checkboxes.

Mannerisms check, dialogue delivery check, swagger check, style check, entry moments check, chilling bad guy from the past moment check.

The villain also looks and sounds suitably menacing so all seems heading somewhere in somewhat ok fashion.

But then something happens in the 2nd half - looks like the team suddenly tore up the script, looks like it's heading into heist movie territory but that fizzles, the villain is reduced to a gibberish idiot most of the 2nd half, there is a twist in the end that makes ZERO sense, there is zero emotional resonance or connection with any of the characters in the 1st half, Tamanna is just window dressing in one song....so all in all a TOTAL mess.

Ramya Krishnan and the other girl who plays daughter in law have NOTHING to do in the movie except play hostages in their own home and watch baddies getting shot, stabbed or worse on their dinner table with half-dumb expressions on their faces.

The kid that looks like a major character in the 1st half just vanishes for the rest of the movie as does Yogi Babu.

Everything makes zero sense and there is no head or tail or semblance of a plot.

Some big/well-known names like Mohanlal, Jackie Shroff etc etc serve no purpose in the few mins. That they appear.

All in all nothing but a vehicle showcasing a fanboy service exercise in utter sycophantic nonsense!!!!

I have grown up watching Rajini movies and it's sad to see the talented star of genuine often meaningful entertainers like Aboorva Ragangal, Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu, Pathinaru Vayathinile, Thillu Mullu, Thalapathy, Annamalai, Padayappa, Sivaji, Robot etc....... Reduced to star in such trash cinema .....and THAT is the real twist of this movie, and also maybe the fact that he got a 300cr. Cheque and the latest & best Merc model for this .....go figure!!!!
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A complete mass package
rajvignesh-6014020 August 2023
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is all about rajni and mass elements, each and every scene is a mass coming on the way. If u are a rajni fan you are feasted with all dishes on plate. But as a cinema fan there is nothing new , just the same old story revenge etc. Special kudos to Ani the music is blasting. The Bgm is holding this movie as pillars. Without bgm jailer is a failure. The three superstars lalletan and shivakumar scenes vera ultra level mass, especially i loved the climax scene, which was at its peak. As always rajnified at the end. But satisfied in that, but end of the day story and screenplay matters. Every othe caharacters did their role to best. Kingsley and yogi comedy were good. Overall a good rajni film.
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Blockbuster Jailer!!!!
SohailH2210 August 2023
This film is a celebration for all the fans of Rajini sir!!! He's back once again in his vintage avatar after Petta! His swag, his style, his dialogue delivery and his fantastic performance! Jailer is a perfect comeback for Rajini sir after the disastrous Annaatthe in 2021.

The amazing cameos of Karunada Chakravarthy Shivaraj Kumar sir and Complete actor Mohanlal sir completely uplifted the film totally!! Loved their scenes with Rajini sir! They set the screen on fire absolutely!!!

Ramya Krishna ma'am and Rajini sir are back on screen after several years!! Enjoyed watching them! Ramya ma'am is just too beautiful and a fantastic actress!

Yogi Babu sir, Sunil anna and Jaffer Sadiq are just fantastic and are so funny in the film!! Their comic timing is just amazing!

Anirudh sir never disappoints with his amazing music and BGM! The Jailer album is a superhit and I love it! Can't wait for Jawan and Leo!! Anni sir you're totally rocking it this year!

And Nelson sir, what a comeback after Beast! This is the best film you can make a comeback with! The dialogues in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu makes it a pure Pan Indian film! After Jailer, Jawan is another pure Pan Indian film that brings actors from several film industries.
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Alappara Kelapparom
shyamkrishsai10 August 2023

Thalaivar Mass, Lalettan Mass, Shiva Rajkumar Mass!! This as obvious is for the masses and Nelson delivers a stylish blockbuster with his own format of making. As usual comedy injected at the serious points as a Nelson signature. Even though just cameos, Lalettan and Shiva Rajkumar got some amazing screen pres nce. Should have to say Nelson can't find a better villain that Vinayakan. He did such an amazing performance that it actually overshadowded everyone else. Action sequences with less cringey kicks and more firepower. This will be a defenite blockbuster. Thalaivar fever is on.
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Too much hype
kalaivanicuteheart13 August 2023
If not for Anirudh, this movie wouldn't do this well. The movie has too much violence and definitely not for family audience. Bringing big stars inside it just for the sake of it. It's obvious they have done these roles only for Rajini. An yet another average movie from Nelson. Maybe his style of movie making is not for everyone atleast not for me. The big positives are Anirudh and thalaivar. First comedy scene by Yogi Babu was cringe but eventually he picked up. I enjoyed the movie in the last half an hour. Good efforts were put in the climax sequence. It's funny that Rajini denied stories from directors like Desingh to do this one. This movie is going good since audience love Rajinikanth! Another irking factor about the movie is starting the movie by introducing how vile the villain is! It would have been better if the good characters were introduced first at least in my opinion! Nelson and vikkis movies are always saved by Anirudh in the end!!
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Exceptional! Mass Delivered!
Nelson, you've truly exceeded expectations with your latest film, "Jailer"! This movie takes a fresh approach to the thriller genre, blending it seamlessly with your characteristic humor that will leave the audience in stitches. It's an exhilarating dark comedy rollercoaster that keeps you hooked throughout.

Right from the start, the film had me intrigued. It began with poignant moments centered around a grandfather, leading to the tragic loss of a son, and the subsequent pursuit of revenge. Amidst the intense drama, you skillfully interwove humor through the talented performances of your lead actors, ensuring a captivating experience.

The casting of the Original Gangsters of Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam cinema were a delightful touch, with legendary figures like Jackie Shroff, Shiva, and Mohanlal making impressive cameos. A particular scene that brought them all together earned thunderous applause from the audience!

Thalaivar's portrayal was exceptional, capturing every fan-favorite element flawlessly, from his suave cigar moments to his effortlessly stylish cigar toss. Your attentive consideration of the fans' desires was evident, and the results were remarkable.

And let's not overlook Vinayakan, who truly shines on-screen. Going up against Thalaivar as the ultimate villain is no small feat, and he embraced the role brilliantly.

The movie is an unadulterated entertainment package from beginning to end, and I encourage everyone to grab their popcorn and savor the experience.

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an uproarious and heartwarming masterpiece in "Jailer." This is a cinematic triumph! 🎬
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It is 8 out of 10 for Rajnikanth or else 5 out of 10
Vetrrich_Chelvan15 August 2023
In his old age, Muthuvel Pandian, an ex-jailer, is on a mission to avenge the death of his son who was killed by a mafia.

Jailer, directed by Nelson, is similar to Doctor (2021) in many aspects including the story, screenplay, and direction but lacks what made Doctor a successful film - a plot with integrity. It is missing in this film and one could see that Nelson's dark humor is not working out either. If Rajinikanth hadn't acted in the film, nothing would remain of Jailer, that would be remembered except for Anirudh's songs and background score. If you still don't get what I am saying, try watching the movie for the second time, and start counting the loopholes. You will understand.
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Sometimes you just got to give the audiences what they want! [+67%]
arungeorge1315 August 2023
After the colossal misfire that was Beast, Nelson strikes back with a well-cooked, deliciously violent entertainer that once again features a bunch of quirky characters and his signature dry/dark humour, coupled with spectacular fan service. I don't want to get into the plot or its details. Let's just talk about what worked and what didn't. The story is actually pretty straightforward. Nelson's films have this mission-driven approach, and that's the case here too.


  • The treatment of the protagonist: This is an area where multiple directors have struggled in recent times. There are soft, emotional moments, and then, there are HIGH VOLTAGE MASS moments. Muthuvel Pandian is the kind of protagonist that's tailormade for Thalaivar. He doesn't have to beat up a hundred goons to prove how powerful he is. He has connections, and knows how to effectively use them.

  • Anirudh's score: Such an integral component to this film's success. In a film with several elevation moments, the score had a lot to live up to. And it did! The next time you see "An Anirudh Musical" title card, you know it's gonna make a huge difference to the overall viewing experience.

  • The cameos: It took several years and a Tamil director to present Mohanlal in such a classy avatar that made you crave his character's presence more. Shivanna's cameo is also incredibly placed and superbly executed in the climactic showdown. Jackie Shroff shows up post-interval in a pivotal flashback sequence, and he also gets his shining moment. Furthermore, the cameos are actually written into the screenplay quite well.

  • The portrayal of the antagonist: Vinayakan's Varman is an extremely violent and eccentric antagonist. For this guy to stand up against Muthuvel (and his connections), we feel he's weak somewhere. But the character is written in such a way that he somehow keeps getting the upper hand. Varman is one of the most vicious antagonists you'll see in any Rajini movie, subtly transitioning between someone who dips his enemies in sulphuric acid and simultaneously breaking into a dance with his gang. Fantastic performance by Vinayakan - that's all I can say!

  • The big screen experience: Such a clichéd thing to say in a review, but a film like this really needs to be experienced in a packed crowd, with all the hoots, cheers, and screams. It is packaged in such a way as to elicit all of these, alongside some incredible goosebump moments. The climax is absolutely terrific; the tail-end takes a route that's not usually taken in Rajini movies. Also, please don't bring kids/infants to this flick and ruin it for everyone.


  • Casual misogyny: This has been repetitive on Nelson's part, since KoKo. The women characters (including that of Ramya Krishnan) are conveniently pushed aside for Rajini & Co. To shine. They're perceived heavily through the male gaze and only act as placeholders. It wouldn't have hurt to attribute some heft to Ramya Krishnan's character (Muthu's wife). Give her some powerful dialogues, at least, mate!

  • Subplots: The subplot involving Blast Mohan (Sunil), Kamna (Tamannah) and those guys felt like a random addition. Even the Kaavala song is not the sizzling wonder you probably expected. Many might find Redin Kingsley wholly annoying. I wasn't one of those, but I can understand if that's the case. Even the quality of humour took a dip here when compared with the antics of Yogi Babu and VTV Ganesh in the first half.

Concluding note -

I think Jailer is majorly for those who have grown up watching Rajini movies (sorry, Gen Z), but Nelson hasn't made any major compromises in the way he wanted to tell this particular story. From a storytelling standpoint, it isn't as refreshing as KoKo or unique as Doctor, but it also comes with that special sauce that was heavily lacking in Beast.
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abrajiv12 August 2023
Vinayakan has given his best performance as the villain which is the best highlight of the movie...Rajni did his bit as an actor, all be it ageing and struggling but Nelson has screwed this up...showing thalaivar in slow motion doesn't make this a good movie...storyline was all over the place...5 minutes in the climax was the only best part as a film lover to watch and enjoy...best watched in the relaxing environment of your home...First half was bearable but second half was pretty bad with the story going nowhere and few characters added for no reason...Nelson is all to blame...his first movie was unique but since then its been a big downfall.
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Let Nelson cook :)
sujanfaster11 August 2023
Although I am a big Thalaivar fan (who isn't?)His movies after Sivaji The Boss and Endhiran haven't really lived up to my expectations. After those two large scale movies Rajni has tried to experiment with scripts and directors over the last decade. Some of them did achieve a bit of commercial success but barely any of them connected emotionally with the fans the way they used to apart from the initial week hype.

I was a bit reserved about Nelson directing Jailer, considering his outing with Beast. But the announced cast did spark some interest after all. The movie indeed lives up to the expectations and probably exceeds too in terms of its presentation. The story is pretty simple and nothing extraordinarily new but the screenplay and well integrated humour along with cameos make Jailer a cracking entertainer. It goes without saying that Anirudh's background score plays a major role and the songs are well placed along with the screenplay. The movie does tends to deviate off track in the second half but Nelson manages to bring it back well. The action set pieces are beautifully overdone and they do not look insane or stupid. It has been a while since I have seen the comedic bits integrated well into an action movie and a big kudos to Nelson for that. The choreography for Kaavaala song is exceptional and is brilliantly shot including the Rajni part ;)

The best part about Jailer is how Nelson seamlessly manages a large supporting cast and also cameos without making them seem unnecessary apart from a very few. I wouldn't wanna reveal too much about who's who for obvious reasons. Rajni's character is well written and Nelson plays to Rajni's strengths perfectly. The best part about Rajni's character is the looks and after a long time we see that going well for him especially for his age. As usual, Thalaivar excels in all the emotions while smiling through many tricky situations in the movie. Me being a Shivarajkumar fan was elated to see Shivanna's little but impactful presence in the movie. I am pretty sure many theaters in Karnataka have erupted for his appearance in the second half. Mohanlan and Jacky Shroff also play small but vital roles and their look works really well for this movie. It is Malayalam actor Vinayakan's role as antagonist Varman which brings a unique flair to the movie. He eats up the screen just by his presence and antiques and it doesn't feel like he is overdoing it. Yogi Babu is refreshingly funny especially in the first half. The standout surprise for me was the character Dhanraj who is one of Varman's main henchman. While I am still trying to figure out the actor's name (I may come back to edit this), he is absolutely brilliant. His comedy feels over the top to start with but eventually ends up adding so much to the movie.

Jailer is both mass and a family entertainer. It's been a while since I had a ball of a time at theatres for an Indian cinema and I am glad it was Thalaivar's movie which brought me that joy.
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