Grindhouse (2007) Poster


Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Lee (segment "Death Proof")



  • Lee : You carry a gun?

    Kim : Uh-Huh.

    Lee : Do you have a license to carry it?

    Kim : Yeah, when I became a secret service agent, they gave me a license.

    Lee : Oh, I didn't know you were... Ok. I didn't say it. Stop looking at me. I didn't say it. God! Did you know Kim carried a gun?

    Abernathy : Yes. Yeah. Do I approve? No. Do I know? Yes.

    Kim : I don't know what futuristic utopia you live in, but in the world I live in, a bitch need a gun.

    Abernathy : You can't get around the fact that people who carry guns, tend to get shot more than people who don't.

    Kim : And you can't get around the fact that if I go down to the laundry room in my building at midnight enough times, I might get my ass raped!

    Lee : Don't do your laundry at midnight.

    Kim : Fuck that! I wanna do my laundry whenever the fuck I want to do my laundry.

    Abernathy : There are other things you can carry other then a gun. Pepper spray.

    Kim : Uh, muthafucka tryin to rape me, I don't want to give him a skin rash. I wanna shot that nigga down!

    Abernathy : How about a knife at least.

    Kim : Yeah, you know what happens to muthafuckas who carry knives. They get shot! Look, if I ever become a famous actress, I won't carry a gun. I'll hire me a dude dirt nigga and he'll carry the gun, and when shit goes down, I'll sit back and laugh, but until that day, it's wild west muthafucka!

  • Kim : [horn honks]  Hey good looking! We'll be back to pick you up later!

    Lee : [Jasper laughs]  Gulp.

  • Abernathy : You best get yo' ass off Kim's car.

    Lee : I've seen Kim sit on it before.

    Abernathy : Her ass ain't yo' ass.

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