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What Movie Were You Guys Watching?!!
gurochuck24 April 2006
I know I'm late as hell and I hate to break the overall 'vibe' about this movie but this movie was great when I saw it in the theater and gets better every time I watch it over again. And this is mainly because of the performances by Denzel and Ethan. I don't know what you guys expected but the movie CLEARLY suggests that Denzel is a crooked, burnt-out, streetwise cop and Ethan is a 'wet-behind-the-ears' clueless rookie. So knowing that, WHAT DID YOU GUYS EXPECT, Malcolm X, Remember The Titans, The Hurricane?? If you were, then maybe you all need to be checked out. The reason why this movie was so great is because it wasn't the typical Denzel 'role model' movie. We KNOW that he can play those roles well so it's a testament to his acting ability that he can portray the other side of the spectrum. And my hat goes off to Ethan because he bounces off Denzel flawlessly.

I hate to break the news to you guys but cops like Alonzo ARE OUT THERE and need to be acknowledged. Acting like the problem doesn't exist does not solve it. You don't have to go that deep to know that Alonzo was once a good cop who just got fed up w/ 'police procedures.' If you acknowledge that Jake's shallow-mindedness at the beginning of the film only allows him to look at the perks of making detective and how the progress of the day transforms him, you can really appreciate Ethan's portrayal of him. Let's face it, a bad day at the office when you're a narcotics detective differs greatly from that of an office executive and the different stresses can warrant different results.

Even the street rhetoric was authentic. Maybe you guys need to get out of the 'burbs more. You guys didn't actually expect eloquent dialogue with little or no profanity, did you? The only part of this movie I struggle with is Dr. Dre's terrible overacting and that isn't nearly enough to take away from the overall result.

Next time you guys bash a movie, make sure to try to be objective and rate what you see and not what you're used to seeing!!
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Fantastic, Denzel Washington's finest hour
ExpendableMan15 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Before seeing this movie, my impression of Denzil Washington as an actor wasn't especially high. Not to say that he isn't talented, just that ever since Crimson Tide he appeared to be slotted neatly into every stern hero in every serious political thriller to be trotted off the studio assembly line for years. But then came Training Day and his role as Alonzo Harris and all that changed. Shrugging off the overly serious good guy image once and for all, Washington here is a revelation; a barking, ranting maelstrom of police brutality who believes that maintaining order on the crime ridden streets of LA means being even more ruthless than the drug dealers he faces on a day to day basis. His performance elevates the film from standard thriller fare into an exemplary story that has quite rightly become one of my favourite films of all time.

Set over the course of twenty four hours, the film whisks Ethan Hawke's naive young police officer onto an introductory day of Narcotics work under Alonzo's tutelage. As the hours go by, Hawke is subjected to more and more violence as the heat and paranoia of suburban Los Angeles combined with his loose cannon superior officer play a heavy toll on his nerves. Consequently, the film is very much a two man story with Hawke and Washington playing off against each other expertly as polar opposites. One young, inexperienced and a firm believer in the rule book, the other older, more cynical and twisted by all his years on the streets into a bull-headed monster.

The story itself is fraught with tension. Alonzo forcing his young protégé to smoke PCP at gunpoint is just the start and from there on the pulse pounding never stops. The execution scene where Hawke realises just how far gone his partner is for example is one of nail-biting pressure and shortly after, his encounter with a trio of Mexican gang members is jaw dropping, working as the exact moment you realise how much hot water he has found himself in.

The end result is nothing less than a brilliant thriller. Hawke and Washington make for a phenomenal double act and the pace only occasionally lets up to allow the characters time to breathe and establish the depth that makes you care for them more. Highly, highly recommended so long as you're prepared to be absolutely terrified of Denzel Washington for years to come.
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Training Day A Solid Action Crime Thriller
tburke8513 June 2009
Training Day is a solid action crime thriller with exceptional performances by Ethan Hawke and especially Denzel Washington. Director Antoine Fuqua has done an admirable job of making this movie about a rookie cop who gets into a lot more than he bargained for while on a day with a senior rogue detective to prove he's got what it takes to be a narc. Denzel Washington is fantastic as twisted but charismatic Detective Alonzo Harris who takes a big departure from his good guy roles to play the villain in this one. Washington has show over and over again that he's a talented actor. Well he continues to prove just that in Traning Day and then some. Ethan Hawke is equally impressive as rookie cop Jake Hoyt who finds himself in one increasingly dangerous situation after another. Hawke holds his own against Washington on screen and he may not have the flashier role but he goes a very good job as the hero in this film. The rest of the supporting cast including Scott Glenn, Cliff Curtis, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and a brief appearance by Tom Berenger are solid in their roles but none of them are given much to do and are merely given extended cameos. They still prove to be effective none the less in their brief screen time. The music seemed to sync very well with what was happening on the screen and the tone of the film. The brutal action violence is well executed but the showdown between Washington and Hawke near the end did get a bit unrealistic. It was still intense though and the two actors really got to show their off their acting chops in this movie. The vulgar language did get a bit much at times but the good more than outweighs the bad in this one. Despite some flaws Training Day is an entertaining action crime thriller with great performances from Hawke and especially Washington who make this movie definitely worth the time to watch.
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Stunning performance by Denzel Washington...
Cocacolaguy912-228 December 2006
"Training Day" was a very good movie. I like movies that shove it in your face and make you deal with it...movies like, "Black Hawk Down" clichés, no touching moments, just brutal, bitter realism. "Training Day" was such a movie. However, the one thing that made this film really shine was the performance by Mr. Washington. To me, a good actor is someone who just IS a character...if it isn't obvious that they are acting than they are doing a good job. That was the case with Washingon. He just was Alonzo. Every pantomime, every word, every glance was performed masterfully. Did Mr. Washington deserve his Oscar? Absolutely. 200%. Some people say, "not Oscar material" and I must wonder, what film...what performance were they watching?
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Denzel's Acadamy Award Winning Moment
Tantive731 January 2006
In his Acadamy Award Winning Performance,as best Actor.The movie, as the title suggests, follows a single day in the life of rookie cop Jake Hoyt (Hawk) as he is subject to a single day of evaluation by a senior, decorated police narcotics officer Alonzo Harris (Washington) to see if he has what it takes to be a 'narc'. Almost immediately Hoyt is placed on the back foot, constantly caught off guard by Alonzo's nature, his ability to switch between a cold, no-nonsense street-wise player, a genuinely caring and good intentioned leader, and occasionally jovial companion. From their first encounters though, where Hoyt tells Harris he will do "anything you want me to do", the situations Hoyt is taken into become more and more morally ambiguous, from the simple use of excessive force to outright illegal activity, forcing Hoyt to decide which side Harris is truly on, whether to trust him, or whether Hoyt is the unwitting centerpiece of a huge and complex web of lies and set-ups in order for Harris to for fill his own sinister motives..This is the movie that won Denzel the Oscar that year for Best Actor!! A must watch
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Street Justice Dispensed
bkoganbing19 April 2008
Ethan Hawke, bright eyed and innocent, reports to his training officer for his first day on the job in narcotics in the LAPD. He never could have fathomed just how much he would learn on that very first Training Day.

His training officer is Denzel Washington, a thirteen year veteran on the police who's put in a few years in plainclothes in Narcotics. He certainly has the experience, but just what kind of experience and what he imparts to Hawke is the subject of Training Day.

A film like Training Day will rise and fall with the performances of these two characters since one or the other and mostly both is on screen from the beginning. Fortunately both Washington and Hawke complement each other's performances like jigsaw puzzle fit.

It is no accident that Denzel Washington won his second Oscar, his first as Best Actor. This performance is working on so many levels it's astonishing. Washington is at all times, charming, capable, corrupt, violent, street smart, and arrogant. What I liked most about it is how the various facets of this character are revealed bit by bit to the audience and to Hawke though not at the same time.

As for Ethan Hawke it takes him to realize just exactly what he's dealing with in a training officer. Hawke was nominated himself as Best Supporting Actor, but lost to Jim Broadbent for Iris. Still it remains his career role so far.

Corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department isn't exactly a new story. In fact one of the supporting players, Scott Glenn who plays a drug peddler and well, did another film about LAPD corruption in Extreme Justice. LA Confidential also dealt with this issue recently, another fine film.

Denzel Washington is a great example in this film of the arrogance of power. He's a guy who dispenses more street justice than going through the traditional system. So with what happens to him here, he gets one of the best comeuppances ever seen on the big screen.

And I won't say what it is, but you've got to see Training Day to find out.
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Excellent film that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and blow you away
Catherine_Grace_Zeh2 August 2006
If you ask me, TRAINING DAY is an excellent film that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and blow you away. Harris (Denzel Washington) kind of gave me the creeps. You'll understand why once you've seen this movie. In my opinion, the performances were top grade, the direction was superior, the costumes were perfectly designed, and the cast was perfectly chosen. Also, the soundtrack is really good, too. Before I wrap this up, I must warn you that this movie is very violent if you're going to see it, so viewer discretion is strongly advised. Now, in conclusion, if you're a fan of Denzel Washington or Ethan Hawke, I highly recommend this movie. It's sure to keep you guessing from start to finish.
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One Word...Classic!
OrigKRN30 June 2015
First off Denzel Washington was amazing! This is truly one of his finest movies ever. You must watch this if you are a Denzel Fan! His portrayal of his role as a police officer is just simply amazing.

This movie is straight up action, crazy thrills and a huge roller coaster like feeling! It is a classic police movie but with a bad boy twist. You will feel like a troublemaker but also a hero at the same time when you are done watching this! The movie shows how far people are truly willing to go for their life. Your eyes will never close for a single second because something interesting is always happening! Hey people love things always happening. Hands down simply amazing!
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Authentic, Intelligent & Utterly Engrossing
seymourblack-127 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie's a top quality police drama that's not only violent, tense and exciting but also authentic, intelligent and utterly engrossing. It's set in the most dangerous neighbourhoods of L.A. where undercover cops regularly have contact with drug dealers and gangsters and also face high-risk situations on an almost daily basis. The men who undertake this work have to assume many of the characteristics of the criminals they pursue in order to be accepted and in so doing are expected to avoid being sucked into behaving in the same way as the people they're seeking to bring to justice. Needless to say, not every officer manages to do this.

Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke)is an ambitious young rookie who wants to advance his career by becoming a member of an elite squad of undercover officers who work under the leadership of Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington). When Alonzo agrees to take Jake on a one-day ride-along, Jake's thrilled, eager to learn and hopeful that he can show that he has the qualities needed to be a successful member of Alonzo's team.

Jake is naive, idealistic and totally unprepared for the events that he'll experience during his training day. He's initially disconcerted by Alonzo's repartee and sense of humour and is later unsettled by some of his mentor's practices, which seem incredibly unorthodox. Alonzo has many years of experience in undercover work and so Jake is reluctant to challenge his methods too strongly.

After observing the sale of some drugs in a park, Alonzo chooses not to make any arrests but simply acts in a very threatening manner towards the buyers and then confiscates their drugs. When Jake sees a young girl in an alley being sexually assaulted by two men, he overpowers them on his own and is then surprised when Alonzo decides not to report the incident after viciously beating up the two attackers. Alonzo knows that the girl's related to a gang member who will ensure that the two men are suitably punished but Jake is appalled by the use of this kind of street justice.

Later, Jake accompanies Alonzo when he uses a fake search warrant to enter a drug dealer's house so that he can steal the dealer's money and on another occasion when Alonzo and the rest of his squad kill a drug dealer who used to be a cop so that they can steal his money. Jake refuses to take a share of the proceeds but then is forced to change his mind after Alonzo threatens to frame him for the murder.

During his day with Alonzo, Jake is forced at gunpoint to smoke marijuana (laced with P.C.P.) and later pressured into drinking whisky and beer. He also learns that Alonzo owes a large amount of money to some Russian gangsters from Las Vegas and that the money stolen from the drug dealers is to be used to pay them off.

Jake's recognition of how corrupt Alonzo had become had grown as the day progressed but things then become even more threatening when he realises during a visit to a Latino gangster's home that Alonzo has abandoned him and the gang are determined to kill him.

"Training Day" contains plenty of action and violence but it's all relevant to the story and is very effective in portraying the level of danger that Jake finds himself in. The way in which the story unfolds draws the audience into identifying with the hapless trainee and in so doing makes the whole drama extremely gripping. The initial meeting of Alonzo and Jake is fascinating and the way that their relationship develops turns out to be both interesting and unpredictable. The inclusion of sequences filmed on location in the neighbourhoods where the action is set, enhances the realistic feel of the whole project and the authentic sounding dialogue strengthens this further.

Denzel Washington's Oscar winning performance captures perfectly Alonzo's unique combination of charm and menace and Ethan Hawke is extremely impressive as a young guy who experiences the most eventful and memorable day of his life.
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Performance of a Lifetime from Denzel!
icklecharmer22 December 2005
Wow! What a superb film, Denzel Washington at his superb best. Denzel plays a terrific part as Alonzo Harris, a cop with a dark personality.

From the moment you set eyes on him you can relies that Alonzo is a feisty character, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Ethan Hawke provides excellent backup but Denzel steals the show. I don't want to give an plot lines away but there are only three movies in cinema history I have given 10/10, and this one was so close to being number four.

I sincerely hope to see Denzel put in another performance like this one.

Plot is excellent as it leads you into false sense of securities and even shouting at the TV set.

I loved every breathtaking moment of this film and I am sure you will too.

Quite extraordinary.
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It's my favourite movie
the_muffler23 February 2006
I remember being lent this on DVD during the summer holidays by a mate soon after it was out. I must have watched it every day/second day for about a month! I loved it so much I could never get enough. Denzel and Ethan are a perfect match for this movie; I can't imagine anyone else playing their rolls. Can you? You will either love this movie or find it just a way to 'pass a night'. If you connect with it then you'll never forget it. I know I haven't and I haven't watched it since 2002 because I can remember every part in detail! Training Day is one of those movies which breaks new ground in terms of how a movie can come across to people. It was filmed in such locations such as Imperial Courts neighborhood which, until now, hasn't been filmed. The talk is the talk... you get a real sense of what it's like for these guys as narcotic officers and for what it's like for these guys as the 'bad guys' themselves. At the end of they day they're "Just people and they always were" (Ethan Hawk in a making of Traning day interview).

The movie isn't the fastest paced one around - there are some slow moments but they are played out meaningfully due to some great acting talent which gels the scenes together well. The more you watch it, the more subtle lines and actions you will pick up which make this movie authentic.

Overall, to each his own. I have found this to be one of my favorite movies due to great acting, great directing, great casting (Hawk, Washington, Scott Glen etc) and an interesting storyline.
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Great acting by Washington and Hawke Excellent Thriller - Action Film!
Juan_from_Bogota27 April 2007
This movie impressed me by its great quality in all ways, the story, thrilling with great police detective action and the most remarkable aspect of the movie was the acting performances of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke; they put his soul on the characters making this movie a total delight for those who like action films with intelligent scripts and also like for high quality films.

About the Movie: Ethan Hawke plays Jake Hoyt, a rookie police officer with a good curriculum that is assigned to a one day trial day in order to qualify for a narcotics division in Los Angeles. Hawke meets then detective Alonzo Haris (Denzel Washington) who was assigned as trainer and evaluator for this rookie. Hoyt wants fiercely to get this assignment, but finds very orthodoxes and quaint ways to "protet and to serve" of Alonzo. In this day Hoyt will meet a true challenge and will face the total opposite way to proceed from the one he learned in the academy; he will also face some of the more dangerous neighborhoods and streets of Los Angeles.
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First day on a new job, can be stressful...
buzznzipp199524 January 2007
Denzel is a real chameleon. This is a sinister and likable personality...all because of him. Enter Ethan Hawke's character, officer Jake Hoyt. With the allure of a new job, a transfer to the division that he has been working hard to reach. He is at the top of his game.

The Call, from the department head, Alonzo Harris, congratulating him on his promotion, sort of. Denzel Washington, takes on a character, like none other that he has had so far. Sounds like a big business wall street type scenario aye? Not even close, down of skid-row street maybe. This is a story set in Los Angeles, that even when it's daylight, this is the darkest 'beat' in the whole department's city.

From the moment that the meet was set at the coffee shop, something is just, slightly skewed. There seems an absence of real concern for Jake's situation and a lot more mechanical rogue cop, trainer 'Doggin' going on here. Alonso wants to catch him up on what's going on, of course, see what he is made of, but Alonzo is dangerous, because he doesn't care, anymore. His soul has departed, and it's simply a matter of time before, he is too. As they departed from the coffee shop, by way of a black Monte Carlo. The director, Antoine Fuqua wanted to show a more real and brutal side of the crime busting business. The place where lines are so blurred...if they even exist anymore. Denzel Washington, should be applauded for the part that he became ' wholly ' involved in. Scary in some ways, it appeared as if there was no acting, just this over the edge ' Narc ' who you just gotta watch like a hawk!

Ethan, was the ' newbie ' but a very likable, "Just wanting to do the right thing" type of guy. Some what confused at times about the way in which Harris attended to his profession. Curious about why he would do what he would do. Alonzo, always explaining away the point to a nervous rookie, who in the back of his mind just knew, that there is something here, that won't let him rest until he does the right thing. It almost costs him his life, in the end, Hoyt is a master in his career field...a true Wolf, amongst the dogs. It seemed as though, Hoyt had an awakening. He had to go down into that alley-way because his 'gut' wouldn't let it alone. And in the end, this is what saved his very existence, now that is reasoning with razor sharpness. Plus he needed to get home to that hot wife of his....

Recommended, but not for those with weaker film story constitutions. (*****)
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Pure Brilliant
jordansimpkin205430 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Awesome, one of the best films ever and Denzel Washington does a very convincing portrayal of the cop who crosses the line, but you have to agree with some of his motives. I love when he shoots Roger and Jake freaks out, he makes a very good point when Jake asks why he shot a friend. "Why was he my friend, because he knew my first name? Roger sold crack to kids and the world is a better place with him dead!" Every point he makes about modern day "street" justice rings very true to modern day crime and justice. It sets the tone very well for an awesome films and all though he is ultimately the bad guy, Alonzo Harris is one of the best characters to every grace the big screen and you can't help but like the guy. There are some great cameos from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

A true modern day classic. Highly recommended
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If I could only use one word to describe this movie: BADASS
schroeder-gustavo3 July 2015
Training Day is a brutal, violent film. But it is a film that doesn't hold anything back and forces the viewer to take it as it is. There are no clichés, nothing feels sappy, and it is a hard experience for the viewer at times to see the reality of the streets of L.A. and its corruption depicted in this movie.

Powered by an amazing performance from Denzel Washington, the man's performance was 100% Oscar-worthy. It is one of those few performances that it doesn't feel like the man's acting, it just seems natural and you think that he IS the character. Ethan Hawke is not bad at all in the film, he's actually pretty good but he lives in the shadow of Denzel's performance in this movie.

A lot of people complain about the ending, for some reason. I can only say Training Day is as real as a film can get: it is bloody, brutal, nasty and I love every minute of it.
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Oscar winning performance by Denzel Washington...
LakshmiKanth_Vizzu6 May 2011
Training Day is one of the best cop movie ever made..also an intense and uncompromising crime thriller...It astonishingly visualizes the dark side in LAPD....Denzel steals the show by his performance....this might just be his masterpiece..

Denzel played a role of a narcotics cop named Alonzo and this character is one of the most menacing villains to hit the screen, and it's all because of Denzel..

Ethan Hawke done his best but Denzel steals the show away from him...

Plot is very clear and picking up irrelevant plot holes is pointless..

Another good thing of movie is dialogues..Just imagine powerful dialogues with worlds finest actor...

Its the best Hollywood's finest actor can offer Go watch it now...

If you really liked the movie check out the DVD with the extras..

My Rating 9/10...
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Not what the rookie expected...but it was ordered
RJBurke19429 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Finally, a movie where Denzel Washington plays the bad guy! And, wins a well-deserved Oscar for Best Actor. Moreover, Ethan Hawke was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

So, this movie has two great performances to see, as the rogue cop, Alonzo Harris (Washington) takes on the new wannabe narc rookie, Jake (Hawke) on his very first day on the job. And, what a day it is...

There are three threads to this complex plot: first, Alonzo has the Russian Mafia after him and must deal with the problem or die – there's a contract out on him, and those Russian types just don't mess around; Alonzo also has a group of dirty cops who are getting ready to take down another long-time dirty cop who's been supplying drugs for years – and Alonzo and his gang intend to cash in; and, finally, Alonzo has a do-gooder rookie who thinks he's on the job to actually do good for others, instead of just doing good for himself – money-wise that is.

So, where're the real bad guys, you ask? Well, they're either wearing suits and pulling Alonzo's chain in the big end of town or, they're sitting on the sidelines of the really bad areas, waiting for Alonzo and his buddies to mess things up for themselves – so that they can then cash in...

A big part of the plot is somewhat artificial because Jake's eventual success, shall I say, on his first day comes only as a result of a very fortuitous co-incidence when he saves a young schoolgirl from an attempted rape. It's a crucial event, and I suppose the screenwriter figured that only one unlikely co-incidence was okay. I guess so...

Apart from that, it is a fast paced, beautifully edited and photographed, non-stop, rip-roaring, pulsating, wisecracking, boom and bust, kick-butt action movie that left me dazed after first viewing. A second viewing helped to clear up some of the more confusing details. You might want to watch it twice also, but if you like Denzel, then you'll watch this one at least once.
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A filmmaker's dilemma (some spoilage included)
hike_on1 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Do you take big money from a studio, thus enabling you to hire the actor that could make your movie great, knowing that the studio will make certain script requirements guaranteed to ruin the whole thing?

This movie was so bad, but came so close to being so good. I was thrilled for the first, say, 105 minutes of Training Day. Then, rather than giving us a shocking ending, which would have been ok, or an ambiguous ending, which would have been better, we are given a cheesy formulaic ending. Not only that, the last 15 minutes are an assault on the viewer's intelligence. We are required to believe that Hawke's character would give up his weapon, we are hit with a ridiculous coincidence with the wallet, and it is suggested that our hero would know how to use LA's bus system to travel (quickly, another joke) from Boyle Heights to South Central (for those of you not from here, that would not happen). Then Washington's character leaves Hawke's alive, and...oh forget it, the list just keeps going.

But up until that point, I was so impressed. Hawke's internal struggle was great to watch, and pretty plausible. Washington, awful as his character was, was a joy to watch. It was fairly reflective of local issues, coming on the heels of the Rampart police scandal, in which cops in one part of the city (where most of the movie was set) took over the streets, making a huge impact in crime while doing some terrible things. The action scenes (until the latter moments) were fairly realistic looking and fun to watch. The character actors in smaller roles (Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg, and especially Cliff Curtis and his friends) were outstanding. You know, this movie had everything I would have wanted, except for an ending that didn't p*** me off.

Go see this movie, but once it moves to the bathtub, feel free to stop.
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screenman10 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
With two very engaging actors taking lead roles, in the form of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, this movie seemed to promise a great deal. Yet somehow it never live up to its pretensions.

The beginning was almost a cliché of the genre, in which Hawke as naive rookie gets treated with cynical contempt by his street-wise bad-ass mentor, Washington. The whole thing has a slightly de-ja-vu look about it, as other equally good movies resonate in one's memory.

But just as it begins shuffling towards Boredom Street, the plot quickens and undergoes a dramatic and unexpected shift. A likable bad guy, played by reliable Scott Glenn is ruthlessly slain by the mentor (who has clearly crossed the line) in punctuation for stealing his $4million stash. The whole thing is rigged to look like a shake-down that went wrong. It certainly gets your attention.

Needless to say; the rookie wants no part of it and declines his share in the pay-off. You know from that point on that a collision course is inevitable.

Later this rookie is left in the hands of a bunch of homicidal Hispanics who have evidently been paid by his mentor to whack him. He survives this experience by a coincidence that borders upon the supernatural and is rather hard to take seriously. Still; he does, and now goes after his 'villain' mentor.

After that we are back to formulaic again. The ending is as weak as the beginning. Our rookie survives, the mentor gets wasted (by Russian mafia types) there's a brief off-camera newscast voice-over explaining that he's a 'hero' cop who died in the line of duty, blah,blah, blah.

A group of shady senior law officers referred to as the Three Wise Men and who are also evidently rotten as hell - of which Tom Berenger is wasted in a cameo role - are never seen or heard from again. It's a very incomplete and unsatisfactory denouement. I'm left thinking that the money or the celluloid just ran out before the story could be wound up.

You can see hints of 'Serpico' - which is more believable, 'The Rookie' - which is more fun, 'Deep Cover' which is more gripping, and one or two others. This work is adequate. The script is decent; acting is mostly good; location, lighting and sound do the business. Editing seems a bit choppy at times. It lights up predictably, shines brightly for a while, but fades without much flair.

Worth a watch if you get the chance, but not recommended for any particular quality.
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unrealistic and disappointing
submerged9920 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers

I watched Training Day a few days ago and thought the movie had some major plot holes and wasn't impressed by DW's perfomance.

"King Kong aint got nothing on me?" come on... I can think of other characters he's played that were much better than his Training Day character...Alonzo.

I was wondering why the whole elaborate set-up for Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) to take the fall. Why didn't Alonzo simply shoot Scott Glenn, take his money, and leave the body until someone discovered it and conclude Glenn killed by robbers?

Also, after when they were in Glenn's house, they dug a big hole in his kitchen to get the money that had been buried in a chest. They cut through the floor with an ax and dug it out. After Alonzo shoots his partner, they radio the dispatch to tell them an officer has been shot.

This would've gotten an immediate response from all cops in the area. How did they fill in the hole in the kitchen so quickly and replace the floor boards they chopped up witht he ax? If they didn't do that and the hole was still seems like a homicide detective would have been somewhat curious about it and would have asked questions.

Plus, they tell the officers that Hoyt was shot Glenn and the cops don't take him in for questioning and let him continue on his shift. It's seems like he would've at the very least been taken off his shift until internal affairs investigated the shooting.

Next, Alonzo leaves Hoyt with some gangsters, assuming they were going to kill hoyt. How did Alonzo plan to explain that to his supervisors? He abandons his partner on the first day, his partner disappears and no one would think twice about it?

Police Chief"Detective Alonzo, your partner is missing, he never clocked out of his shift and his wife and family want to know what happened to him. Can you tell us what happened to your partner and why you never reported his disappearance to us?"

Detective Alonzo"Chief, I went to see some Mexican gangsters with Hoyt, while we were still on duty. When I was ready to leave, Hoyt was playing cards with the gangsters and drinking with them. He was having such a good time that I decided to let him stay. I didn't think it was important and that's why I never reported it to anyone."

I guess I could go on and on about this movie but I was extremely disappointed with it and expected more out of it.
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Fine acting, but a disappointing movie overall.
TxMike11 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was anxious to see "Training Day" because Denzel Washington won the Oscar for his performance. It indeed was an Oscar-caliber performance, but that alone doesn't make it a great film. In fact, to me it is seriously flawed.

As Denzel said in an interview this week, when he found out his character met such a finality, he took license to make him a really bad guy. With perhaps noble intentions, this cop deals out his own form of justice to the drug traffickers, in one scene shooting Scott Glenn's character with a shotgun in his apartment, then telling the other officers present how they should relate the incident to authorities. Denzel was also a cheating husband, with a primary family of wife and 4 sons, and a young son on the side with a Hispanic woman in the "hood."

Ethan Hawke plays an honest, by-the-book type of guy who is also street smart and capable of handling himself, a good cop. He eventually gets the upper hand on Denzel, after being abandoned for dead among Latino gambler thugs, and prevents him from getting the stolen money to the payoff point.

The following comments contain information which may be considered SPOILERS for those who have not yet seen Training Day.

The story covers one day, from early morning to midnight, it is Ethan Hawke's first day "training" with corrupt cop Denzel to become a narcotics officer. It ends when Denzel, unable to get the $Millions to the Russians by midnight, is gunned down at a stoplight by a half-dozen or so Russians. But I get ahead of myself.

Although difficult to watch at many points, most of the first 3/4 of the film has a realistic, ingenuous feel to it. Then the last parts become disingenuous. After a brutal fight, Hawke drops from the roof onto the hood of Denzel's car? Denzel, instead of getting out and disposing of him does a multiple car-ram routine in the parking lot? Denzel flaunts disobedience of all the rules, even pointing a gun at another driver in mid-day, but at midnight, on a deserted street stops and waits for a light to change to green?? That was obviously done only to stage the finality where the Russians box him in and then start shooting. A rather promising story, once again, ruined by a poor and unimaginative end game. Staged fights, near-executions, saved-by-a-phone-call scene, car crashes, slow-motion execution do not a good movie make.

I saw it on DVD. While the picture and sound are fine, and there are a couple of interesting extras, overall the presentation by modern standards is average at best. Overall a disappointment, with much foul language and crude sexual references, and I will not recommend "Training Day" to friends.
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Didn't like it much
sllovejoy12 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the bad guy was "too bad". Maybe there are people in the world who are that bad, but I don't find movies about them very interesting. I did not see any complexity in his character at all, and no redeeming qualities - the witch in Wizard of Oz was more likeable.

As for the "good cop", he was just a greedy wimp. (SPOILERS) Sure, he turns down the buttload of money he's offered after the bad guy kills the drug dealer... but does that matter? Through most of the movie he puts up with or participates in illegal activities "against his will" - why? - because he wants to work his way up the ladder to a better job - why? - for the MONEY. "You should see the houses THEY live in" he says to his wife in the first scene. He acts so righteously offended by the bad cop right from the beginning, but goes along and goes along because he wants to attain his career goals. Some moral high-ground, huh?

The bad cop was bad right from the start - the rookie had no reason to respect him, take his advice, or want to follow in his footsteps. I much prefer corruption movies where the bad guy's evilness slowly leaks out into the story, and where the rookie at first has reason to trust and respect him. The moral dilemma and internal conflict of having to change your view of someone is just much more interesting than knowing from the start that he's a jerk.

So the two main characters just left me feeling nothing except annoyed.

Then, there's the plot. I found too many things hard to swallow - that Washington's character was so very very bad and had apparently never been caught at it (yeah, there are corrupt cops, but this was too much), that he would involve the rookie in THAT MUCH corruption on his first day as a "test" of his character, that Washington's character thought even for a second that the rookie would just buy into his bulls*** and cover for him... I thought it was contrived and basically made no sense.

The only thing that I *did* like plot-wise was the most contrived thing of all - the young woman the rookie saved turning out to be the cousin of the man who later would have killed him. Now THAT'S a contrivance I would have liked if the rest of the movie hadn't annoyed me so much. Sure, it's totally unrealistic, but at least it had some sort of point to make.

All in all, it kept me awake and provided minimal entertainment. It was interesting seeing Washington being a bad man. But I wouldn't see it again or recommend it.
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Oscar material? Yeah, right...
Superunknovvn28 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Training Day" is a third rate cop drama/thriller with an uninteresting plot and not one believable character. The movie couldn't be further removed from reality. If this was supposed to be a brainless action movie it wouldn't bother me that much, but since this flick has won an Oscar one can't be so forgiving.

It's good to see Denzel Washington not preaching about American History or Human Rights for once, but that's not saying he can't give any speeches here. He still finds more than his share of opportunities to go on and on about the tough life on the street, what it means to be a cop, etc., etc. His character is a joke. The things he is saying all day are so obviously BS, that no one would buy it. Ethan Hawke's character is ridiculously naive and/or stupid to fall for Washington's excuses every time he screwed up again. Good cop/bad cop are just two of the stereotypes in the movie. Add to this countless "ghetto nigga"-clichés, a peaceful drug dealer who wants to quit the business and start a new life, and a bunch of brutal but honorable "gangstaz". This is no portrayal of reality, it's a kid's (or an ignorant white guy's) imagination of life in the drug squad.

What's worst is that the movie isn't even entertaining for the first hour or so. It's not until the third act, when we've finally accepted the stupid nature of the movie, that it gets a bit thrilling. It's still implausible and annoying how all of a sudden every character turns against the bad guy. I can't figure out how this shallow script convinced anybody. There are better dramas and there are way better cop movies out there. This "Training Day" is better soon forgotten.
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I'm sorry but I didnt really like this movie.
mrpink_hailtotheking19 August 2002
It was a good concept and it looked pretty promising, but it kind of just bugged me as it went along. Its probably more of my problem then it is the films but it never really caught my interest. I kept expecting the 2 characters to run into a big plot, but that never happened. It was more of an assortment of things, which I wasnt prepared for. And (I dont care if he won an Oscar for it) I really hated Denzel Washington's character. And not in the good way that they wanted me to (i.e. Tom Berenger's Sgt. Barnes in Platoon) but more just in an annoying "Oh my god, why wont you die already!?!" way (i.e. That spoon kid from Mimic). It just seemed like he was TRYING to win an Oscar for it. I never really believed him as the character (that was problem with Denzel in John Q too. But I did happen to like that movie a lot better then this one.)

It did have some good movies. Some of the situations they got in were very cool and I did like Ethan Hawke's character and some of the other supporting cast. So it wasnt a total loss. But still I didnt like it much. I give it a 4, maybe a 4 and a half out of 10.
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A Shocking Farce
slinky-818 April 2002
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing this movie I was convinced that the Academy Awards is fixed. Where do I begin with the absurd implausibility and script of this film? What starts off with a decent premise disintegrates about midway through the movie where the "rogue" cop can somehow get away with virtually everything. Denzel is a baddie that is not only untouchable, but seems to have been unnoticed by everyone, including the press and those who are not involved in the corrupt underground. The plot holes are gaping, especially where he leaves his partner to an uncertain fate for reasons unexplained and with an escape that gives a whole new meaning to the words "deus ex machina." The ending, where a white man can simply walk through a tough black neighborhood and then get their backing, was about as awkward as John Goodman on a tightrope. Worse is how Washington's partner is able to pull of physical feats that rival those of coming back from being pummeled more than Rockey and being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound *and* showing strength and "stickum" like Superman and Spiderman. You'll wonder who thought up this tripe. Denzel Washington is a fine actor but the script was so awful that Denzel was left with the memorable tag line "you shot me in the a**!!!!" I fail to see how any actor could win an Oscar with such a poor script. The "all black win" at the Oscars was unquestionably pre-scripted for this warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment to America. Denzel may deserve an Oscar for another film, but combine this tripe with Halle Berry (and there were plenty of other films and performances that were far better than hers) and you can understand what kind of contrived garbage you have here. If you want to see another fine black actor who hasn't won an Oscar and should have that appears in an awful film that should, unfortunately, prevent him from receiving an Oscar, go see Morgan Freeman in "Along Came a Spider" -- another contrived piece of garbage.
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