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Sex & Nudity

  • While wandering the Earth, Conan runs into a woman and decides to have sex with her. He has sex with her so hard that he unleashed her demon form. Conan then decides that he has had enough and he throws her into the fire.
  • It is insinuated that a man has sex with a slave woman. You see her breasts as she approached, they lay down together.
  • Bestiality is implied in a scene (non-graphic).
  • There are two very graphic soft core sex scenes. In both a man is seen, from multiple angles, laying on top of a woman, and thrusting. The woman is groaning and growling. Buttocks are shown. It is clear they are having sexual intercourse.
  • There is a semi-graphic orgy scene with some topless women. No sex is shown, just people laying about and rolling into/onto one another lazily. There are moaning sounds for a minute or 2.
  • Several scenes with scantily clad women who are slaves or servants. Their breasts are sometimes seen from behind flowing clothing or hair.

Violence & Gore

  • A vulture attempts to eat Conan alive. Conan responds by taking a bite out of the vulture.
  • Many violent battle scenes.
  • A village is raided and people are murdered by swords, people are shot with arrows. Men on horseback set the village on fire, a brief scene of a man running in a blaze. A man crushes another man's skull with a warhammer. Wild dogs are unleashed and are seen attacking a man until he dies. A woman is beheaded in front of her child, we see the head fall to the ground.
  • A gladitorial pit fight occurs in which many sequences of brutal carnage ensues; men are hacked with axes, men are impaled with bloody results, a man bites another man's neck, a man's arm breaks, a man's head is violently smashed into a wall until he is bloodied and beaten, a man holds up a decapitated head.
  • A sex scene involving a witch becomes violent when she turns into a demonic creature. She is then thrown into a fire only to return as a ghostly ball of light and flies around chaotically.
  • A camel is punched in the head and falls unconscious to the ground.
  • Two men are attacked by a giant snake.
  • A priest is violently punched in the stomach and then punched again until he falls to the ground.
  • A man is violently tortured and beaten; a man steps on his hands until they are very bloody, the man is thrown into a fountain and left there.
  • A female cultist leaps off a high cliff at her master's bidding and falls to her death.
  • A man is crucified on a tree; he is bloody and beaten. A vulture is seen pecking on his neck; the man violently bites the vulture until it dies.
  • In an orgy chamber, disfigured men are seen hacking human corpses and dismembering the bodies in preparation for a cannibalistic feast.
  • A battle occurs in the orgy chamber with extreme violence; a man is slashed in the neck with a sword; we see blood spill from the wound, many men are hacked to death, a man is violently decapitated; we see this with graphic detail, scantily clad women are seen running around frantically and some are pushed and shoved. A man pours boiling human soup. A fight between three men occur, one wielding a war hammer violently and smashing pillars until they crack and break. A large piece of stone falls onto another man, knocking him out. Men attack a woman; the men are killed in all violent fashions.
  • A woman is hit with a snake arrow.
  • Another battle occurs at the end; men are hacked violently with axes; blood sprays from their wounds, men are impaled with spears, men are shot with arrows, horses are hacked in the legs with swords; a man is impaled through his back with a spear; blood spills from the wound, a man is graphically impaled with a large pointed object and blood splatters all over; we see the object sticking out his back with gory detail, a man is slashed in the abdomen with a sword; blood gushes from his wound, the man is hacked in the side of the neck; blood splatters from his wound and the man falls to his death onto a spear off screen; blood squirts into the air.
  • A man is hacked numerous times in the neck until he is decapitated; blood sprays from his wounds graphically. The man's head is thrown at a crowd of onlookers and rolls down a long flight of stairs.


  • Conan calls a woman "slut."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two characters take a drug called "Black Lotus" and hallucinate

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many skeletal corpses are seen throughout the film.
  • Cannibalistic acts.
  • We see a man turn into a snake
  • A graphic scene involving the beheading of a character shown in graphic detail. The man then shows the crowd the head and proceeds to throw it. We see the head rolling down the steps.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Conan nearly dies and is barely saved from being taken by evil spirits. The scene in which the spirits attack is fairly intense and eerie despite the dated special effects

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