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Alternate Versions

UK version is cut by 19 secs to remove horse falls (one of which can still be seen in the accompanying documentary on the UK DVD) and the sex scene with the witch is shortened to remove one brief shot of her bare behind and to reduce her groaning sounds from 6 to 3. The 2007 Definitive Edition DVD remains cut for horsefalls though the sex scene is intact.
NBC edited 20 minutes from this film for its 1984 network television premiere.
The DVD special edition includes added scenes between Subotai and Conan, the princess makes more of an appearance at the ending when Conan is sitting on the steps thinking, and is with Conan while they infiltrate Thulsa Doom's domain, and Conan and the princess walking towards the sunrise together. There's also a verbal epilogue by Akiro the Wizard at the ending credits.
Region 2 Japanese Ultimate Edition features the fully uncut International version, including all scenes missing from shortened version, such as the extra scene with Conan and Subotai before the battle on the mounds, the Princess leading Conan back through Doom's fortress, the extended ending, and the epilogue narrative by Akiro, as well as a DTS track. The Ultimate Edition also includes several deleted scenes:
  • when Conan and Subotai first enter the village, they are shown stopping by a vendor (played by director John Milius) selling lizard-on-a-stick. The vendor says, "Want food? This is on a stick...fresh. Quick, there are many to feed!" Shortly thereafter in the film, Conan remarks that the food is good, to which Subotai replies, "You have no idea how long it's been there!"
  • a scene of silhouettes on a wall fighting
  • a cut scene of King Osric being attacked and killed in his throne-room by (presumably) Doom's soldiers
  • another cut scene of King Osric's demise, shot from a different angle, which ends with him staring at the reflection of his dying self in a mirror astride the throne, which he then shatters with his sword before collapsing An outtake is also included that takes place just after Conan is freed from bondage, and is climbing the rocks leading to the Atlantean General's tomb, and is being pursued by wild dogs. As Arnold is climbing, one of the dogs reaches him, biting him, and a crew member runs on-screen to intervene as Arnold shouts "Goddamnit!" in pain.
More spoken dialogue is added for Conan in the German DVD version. In the beginning, when his life is told after being released from the wheel, he is offered a woman to sleep with him. In the original he doesn't say a word, but in the German version you hear him saying "Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you." Obviously, this was only possible, because Arnold Schwarzenegger had his face turned away from the camera.
In some TV versions in Spain, it was shown in its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio but with "grey bars" not "black bars".
European version features alternate footage and is slightly re-edited. The first R1 DVD release has the US theatrical cut of the film, while the newer R1 Special Edition DVD adds some deleted scenes and features the longer/alternate international version (130 minutes). There are 4 minutes of additional scenes in the DVD Chapter "Doom's Day" involving the Princess (Valerie Quennessen) where she is shown with Conan entering Doom's Mountain and watching as Conan confronts and kills Thulsa Doom and burns the palace. Conan is later seen to lead her by the hand and then carrying her away. The last sentence of Conan's "A King by his own hand" silent text ending "but that is another story" has been changed to read "And this story shall also be told" and includes a voice over by Mako (Akiro)
In addition to the original ending, the R1 Special Edition DVD adds an intricate scene of dialogue between Conan and Subotai as they prepare before the battle on the mounds.

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