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Comic-Con 2014: Exclusive Interview with Sondra Currie for ‘Ganymede Pan’

There will be lots of sci-fi at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International.

The Hangover” actress Sondra Currie will be on location to pitch a new sci-fi television series “Ganymede Pan” to fans and others attending the convention. Currie is best known as Alan’s mother in all three “Hangover” movies.

Ganymede Pan” pilot is directed by Alan J. Levi (“Jag,” “NCIS”).

Currie spoke with in detail about the premise of the television and her plans for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con International.

Read the interview below.

Latino-Review: Tell me more about this show “Ganymede Pan.” I’ve seen the trailer. What is this science-fiction television show you’re trying to promote?

Sondra Currie: It’s a situation in which the universe is in grave danger. I play General Tai. She is the nemesis on the show. There’s a psychotropic substance or we call it a “trope.
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Hangover Franchise in Desperate Need of Rehab: Movie Review

The Hangover Part III review: ‘Unnecessary sequel’ that’s ‘sporadically and barely’ amusing (photo: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms in The Hangover Part III) There was a time, and this time now seems very long ago, when The Hangover was a near-cultural phenomenon. It became (for a while) the highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever, it made Bradley Cooper a star, and it proved the movie industry could find a place for oddball comic Zach Galifianakis. That was four years and, as it turns out, two disappointing sequels ago. The hope going into The Hangover Part III was that co-writer and director Todd Phillips would make amends for the universally disliked The Hangover Part II. That dream is neither denied nor fulfilled. Instead, we get another unnecessary sequel that’s amusing in the way that many crass bro-comedies are amusing, which is to say sporadically and barely. As Phil (Bradley Cooper
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The Hangover Part III Review

Director: Todd Phillips.

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Justin Bartha, John Goodman, Melissa McCarthy, Heather Graham, Mike Epps, Sondra Currie, Jeffrey Tambor.

Running Time: 100 minutes.

Certificate: 15.

Synopsis: With Alan (Zach Galifianakis) off his meds, the Wolfpack form an intervention. On the way to rehab, the consequences of the first two films catch up with them as they find themselves the missing link to get the intimidating Marshall (John Goodman) to his goal – a certain Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong).

Todd Phillips’ first two booze-fuelled bouts of cinematic amnesia may have grossed over $1 billion worldwide, but 2009’s The Hangover never screamed with trilogy potential. The gang’s all here, but you sense they’re ready to leave the fun behind. And so, it turns out, are we.

Mixing up its inherent formula, Part III once again sidelines Doug (Justin Bartha), with the boys in pursuit of Chow after he stole from angry businessman,
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John Goodman on Hangover 3: 'I play a killer dressed in track clothes'

John Goodman on Hangover 3: 'I play a killer dressed in track clothes'
John Goodman has opened up about his role in The Hangover Part III.

The Argo star revealed during an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that he plays "a guy who likes to kill people and dress in track clothes" in the sequel.

Goodman went on to say that The Hangover Part III will be "different from the first two and insanely funny", and paid tribute to main cast members Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha.

"They are the nicest guys to work with and they are all insanely funny. Especially Zack. He's a genius but he's the sweetest genius you'll ever see in your life. Just a nice guy," he said.

Heather Graham, Sasha Barrese, Sondra Currie, Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong will also reprise their roles for the film and Todd Phillips will return to the director's chair.

A synopsis for The Hangover Part III
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The Hangover 3 Begins Production, Plot Details Revealed

  • Reel Empire
Finally! It seems like ages ago that we announced after the incredible success of The Hangover: Part II that a third entry had been green lit by 20th Century Fox. We even provided you with a nice teaser image to go along with the announcement that came in the form of a wolf to symbolize The Wolfpack. Today, we learned that The Hangover: Part III is now in production. In addition, we have some minor plot details for the upcoming sequel.   The brief synopsis says, "This time, there's no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off."   We're anxious to see what The Wolfpack has up there sleeves this time around. How about you guys?   The Hangover: Part III arrives in theaters May 24th, 2013 and stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms Zach Galifianakis, Heather Graham, Sasha Barrese,
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John Goodman Headed To The Hangover 3

John Goodman Headed To The Hangover 3
While Todd Phillips and his writers have largely been keeping the details of the third Hangover outing secret, casting info has begun to trickle out, with word that Heather Graham is set to return to the franchise as Jade. But now there’s a new face lined up, because John Goodman is in talks to sign up.Goodman’s role, which is being kept quiet, is being described as "small and antagonistic" in the style of Paul Giamatti’s in the second film.Phillips has said that the third movie will ditch the template used in the first two, but the only other detail has emerged courtesy of Zach Galifianakis, who told Rolling Stone last year that he’d heard the story would see two of the Wolfpack (Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms) breaking fellow member Alan out of a mental institution. But who knows if that’s still the
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Cherie Currie Interview, The Runaways

Cherie Currie rocketed to international stardom as the teenage lead vocalist for the now legendary all-female rock band, The Runaways, alongside band mates Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Sandy West and Jackie Fox. After three albums with The Runaways, Cherie went on to record two solo albums, then as an actress, starred in numerous films including “Foxes” with Jodie Foster as well as guest spots on series television. Cherie is the co-author of “Neon Angel: The Cherie Currie Story,” which is considered one of the best rock & roll biographies of all time. The multi-talented Cherie continues to act, record and perform around the world. She also has her own Chainsaw Art Gallery in Chatsworth, California which you can check out at

MoviesOnline caught up with Cherie at the press day for the new movie, “The Runaways,” which chronicles the groundbreaking, all girl 1970s rock band’s rise to fame.
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