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THE ABSOLUTE WORST!, 26 September 2004

This late 1960's exploitation film is REALLY the bottom of the barrel. The main plot was a good idea for this type of flick, but the results are unbearably boring and painful to watch. The entire film is post-dubbed which is not that unusual, but the sound and picture quality are abysmal and the "performances" are not up to snuff, even with this genre of film.

The lead girl is particularly horrifying. The tormented despairing souls in this do not deserve empathy or the mind-crushing symbolism hinted at by the narration of the main guy. Set in Las Vegas, you get a few nice shots of "old" Vegas, but there's nothing to recommend this tripe. Spam-tasting monotony that wears on the nerves. Forget this one!

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SlOW-MOVING BUT DECENT '63 "EXPLOIT" FLICK!, 26 September 2004

This B/W film about a naive young woman moving to the big city is not half-bad for this type of stuff. The main actress is boringly realistic in her quest for a more exciting life. The first flop-house she goes to has has incredible wallpaper in the lobby. The character of Mona is very good and when she's wearing her wrinkled evening gown she looks like she's about to attend an Ed Wood premiere. THe entire film is post-dubbed and almost everyone wears wrinkled clothes.

Some decent location shots and music and it's quite the morality tale with a nice closing shot. A 4 out of 10. Minor nudity with lots of bad hairstyles and big underwear. Not bad!

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INTENSE KIRK'S LAST Oscar NOM!, 26 September 2004

Kirk Douglas is well-cast in this mid-50's color drama about V. Van Gogh directed by Vincente Minelli. He looks remarkably like Vincent and has the temperament to match. Anthony Quinn is right on the money as Paul Gaugin and the film has a nice flow to it with excellent soundtrack and cinematography.

A 7 out of 10. Best performance = Kirk Douglas. Unfortunately, Kirk would never be nominated again for Oscar (Honorary Oscar in the 90's), although he was great in LONELY ARE THE BRAVE and others after this one including PATHS OF GLORY and SPARTACUS. Most Bio-Pics are pretty shmaltzy, but this plays out with heart and passion.

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Gorgeous Brigitte Bardot is perfect as the mixed-up, spoiled young woman carrying on with an older attorney (Jean Gabin)who sets up her own fate. Mr. Gabin has always been a marvelous actor with a commanding presence at all times. Nice music and cinematography, but it's Ms. Bardot who makes it worthwhile. Beside her looks and sex appeal, her personality always shines through and she seems very comfortable on screen, even at a young age.

A 7 out of 10. Best performance = B. Bardot. You never quite knew where this film was going to end up, but it reaches a touching ending of closure for all concerned.

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This cool (1958, not 1957) bouncy fable with Mamie V. Doren & other good actors with good rock n' roll songs and a PLOT blows away other "exploitation" films made under Warner Bros. (B-movie) department. Mamie doesn't even hog screen time with her cool sister, played by Lori Nelson (the younger sister by one year), ...great dancing by actors, great locale and set, cinematography, issues, sexy girls, corruption, cotton-pickin', cops, black and white, an amusing cook named Pinky who spouts philosophy, clean towels and bad pay....Lurene Tuttle (from PSYCHO and MA BARKER'S KILLER BROOD) as a corrupt, in-love 50 yr.old with a clean-cut son who is a good guy, AND Mamie piping out 3 songs at appropriate times (while people rock n' roll) with keeping her threads on and being sexier than ever AND INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES.

An 8 out of 10, for sure. I'm very surprised of the rating of this film by the voters. Oh, well...See it's a cool cat! I'm stunned and perplexed by the seemingly lackadaisical response by the IMDb public..seriously. Has geriatric boobism taken over the spines of folks watching a fun, (with relevant issues) in a undoubtedly exploitation flick of the late 50's, but the recurrence of good times is always prevalent in this very decent plot. The timing of the first song in first 20 minutes comes right out of nowhere, but the second song in the cotton field is like...OKAY. And these are the fun parts of this dramady that kicks it completely (as a B-movie). But, people should stand up for their tastes (or lack of). Once again, an 8 out of 10. Best performance = Mamie Van Doren. A cleverly written poem of Southwest Justice and all of the girls are beautiful in this movie (which helps when there's a real plot).

The final twists and turns of the final 1/2 hour shows why Elvis' post-Army color movies were all BAD. Anyway, I'm sure I'm babbling now, but give this one a shot; you won't be disappointed even if you're not into Mamie Van Doren or this style of analytic form about late 50's pseudo-exploit-low budget W. Bros B-movies. Try to find this's really nice.

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Terrible 50's Exploitation Junk!, 18 September 2004

Although Misty Ayers (burlesque stripper) is certainly attractive as the blonde lead, this flick is just an excuse to let her strip down to her underwear a few times (no nudity in 1954 when this film was made; not 1965).

The guy who hires her to work in a whorehouse resembles Bud Abbott of Abbott & Costello. Most of the other woman are unattractive, and the drunken woman is semi-amusing in a creepy way.

A 2 out of 10. Ms. Ayers has a curvacious physique, but you can't judge any acting talent because the ENTIRE film is post-dubbed. Some of these "exploitation films", usually made later than this one, are interesting in some way, but this is really a bore fest. Sid Melton (MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY) directed. There are some Samurai-like facial expressions and interesting apartments, but there's really NOTHING here.

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This mid-60's potboiler has some interesting scenes and SOME of the dialogue is great. The best thing about this flick is the presence of the incredible Ms. Lobato (whose husband directed it). She's a gorgeous creature who's great when she's angry or in a bikini. The ending was quite a surprise. A 5 out of 10.

Best performance = Ms. Lobato. The dopey good-guy husband is well-cast and the cinematography by Ray Steckler is great. All of the attorney scenes are a bore-fest. Interesting musical score. But Nelida Lobato makes it all worthwhile. I wish she'd made more films. Apparently she was a singer as well.

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Decent 70's Moonshine Flick!, 16 September 2004

Burt Reynolds should have stuck to movies like this! A typical redneck, crooked-cop hillbilly flick, it flows nicely with perfect casting, including the neglected Jennifer Billingsley, Matt Clark, and Bo Hopkins. A 6 out of 10. Best performance = Jennifer Billingsley. There was a sequel (GATOR) a few years later.

Although Burt was good in DELIVERANCE, this was more his fare (distinctly different that SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT) and he excelled at this type of character. Ms. Billingsley was also great in LADY IN A CAGE in the mid-1960's. Ned Beatty and R.G. Armstrong offer decent support in this Bogan County tale.

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This early "roughie" directed H.G. Lewis is average, but has some interesting dialogue. The main actress is SO TERRIBLE she actually seems to be this naive girl! Otherwise, well-cast and shot. A 4 out of 10. A great final shot! It's a bit long but the second half tension improves the conglomerate of bad taste. A definite morality tale. Herman Hesse would be tickled!

This must have been fascinating to see on it's release in 1963. The photographer with the strange-colored hair seems pretty realistic and I can't imagine where they found the lead girl. It's almost as if she was coached to be the complete amateur with bad timing and unbelievable pauses between lines of dialogue, but somehow she makes it work. Worth seeing.

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LAME MELODRAMA...TURGID!, 16 September 2004

Nice locations and decent "daytime" cinematography in La Jolla, but a terrible low-grade exploitation flick..YUCK! Lots of booze bottles and tacky paintings in this movie. The father and son look to be the same age. The cross-dressing psycho is completely idiotic..he has such a pretty wife. What's his problem? Best line of dialogue - "People go crazy...every day people go crazy". What is John Ireland doing in this one? I know he made some bad flicks, but this is too much. Some nudity. A 2 out of 10. Best performance = Beverly Bain. Ms. Bain plays the attractive and very normal wife of the crazy. Elena Verdugo from MARCUS WELBY, M.D. has a small role as does Liz Renay from John Waters flicks.

The Good Deed Mission guys are right out of the Bowery Boys. Not much to recommend here with the acting low-grade and repellent passivity of most of the characters, especially Mr. Ireland as the world-weary detective. Terrible!

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