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Trippin' (1999)
25 February 2002
This movie is a funny teen comedy about a high school senior who is your typical loser. He daydreams about what he wants, but what he can't have. Then he mets Cinny, and he falls head over heels with her, but she's way out of his league. So he lies to her and tells her things to flatter himself to get her attracted to him, then she likes him, but finds out later he lied. Then dumps him, and then goes to the prom (major event in this movie) with her ex-boyfriend.

The really sad part in this movie that is really painful is how he ends up going to the prom all alone, and on the bus too, and with no date either! That's gotta hurt! His family is supportive of him, but when he leaves the house for the bus stop, they feel pity on him. This movie may provoke bad memories for some people who had it hard in high school, but the ending is very all movies in hollywood!
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15 February 2002
This movie is a good movie that comically shows the mindgames that go on in everyday romantic relationships. It shows what happens when you fail to communicate properly and begin to read too much into things that may or may not exist.

Vivica A Fox plays an arrogant conceited woman who finds her boyfriend cheating on her (so she thinks). He was just dancing with a co-worker who happens to be an attractive female. There was no sex or kissing, but Vivica read too much into it and wanted to teach him a lesson.

She hosts a series of mean heartless games to play upon his insecurities and emotions for her persoanl kicks. It may be a movie, but it happens in everyday real life with women, and not just African American women either. Instead of trying to talk about what is bothering her, she resorts to trying to get even like a little high school girl would. She plays the part of a professional well off woman who is independent and has it all.....but where is her security and ethics! She spends too much time trying to get even and teaching him a lesson at the point where it consumes all her time.

Vivica is getting sadistic pleasure from torturing her boyfriend until the tables turn on her. He shows up to a party with another woman, and Vivica is livid. She is so jealous and insecure, it will make your head spin. He just went to the party to move on with his life, and this bugs her. Women say they want a mature man who can just move on and leave them alone! BULL! Women want a man who will crawl after them to nourish their badly depleted ego's and restore the self-esteem they are badly lacking in the first place. Vivica is hoping that he will be waiting for her at her place after the party and is so sure of it.....but she is sadly disappointed when her home is empty and he isn't there for her. The story has a happy ending where she sees him in a club and tries to get him back and he feels sorry for her sorry ass and takes her back.....but not so many men are that forgiving.

She talks to the camera in this movie and tells all the "so called rules" of relationships. One was that "The first one to break it off wins the game!" She was the first to break it off, but she is the one who lost the game that she created in the first place. He moved on and found someone else, and she was hurt and bothered by his mature justified actions. Woman can be so selfish and childish when like this.

This movie is a good lesson for women to watch and learn from. If you mistreat your man, he'll move on sooner or later and find someone better than you. Then it is too late and you'll be crying you sorry little eyes out like the baby that you are in the first place. Playing games never wins anything, it just makes a loser out of you! My ex-girlfriend was exactly like that, but I never gave in to any of her mindgames and she lost the best thing that ever happened to her. Then she began stalking me until I put a restraining order on her. She thought she was being too smart by being like this, but the more mature person wins in the end (and finds a better person like I did!) The whole time she wanted me back, it was all a game to nourish her ego in front of her loser friends (much like Vivica in this movie). Playing games is not about love, its about control, and that is mentally unhealthy. If you love someone and want them, tell them and show it! Otherwise you will lose the best person you may ever meet in your life, and will never fill that gap ever again! It may be a comedy for a movie, but it is real! Games do not pay! I am not cutting down all women out there --- because there are lots of nice wonderful loving ones in this world who deserve good men! But the nasty ones who play emotional headgames for pleasure are pure dirt-bags who deserve what comes to them----Unhappiness!
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Non-Sandra Bullock fans.......this is a good movie!!
12 February 2002
I am a not a big Sandra Bullock fan, but this movie is an exception to the rule. It is funny, romantic, and action packed.

Her performance is wonderful as the clumsy comical FBI agent Grace Hart. She goes undercover to a beauty pagent in San Antonio to solve some case. There are lots of hillarious scences at the pagent as she is messy and accident prone.

Other great performers in this flick are Benjamin Bratt, Candice Bergen, and Micheal Cane. Great performances to all.
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Shaft (2000)
SAMUEL L JACKSON IS THE MAN................SHAFT!!!!!!!
12 February 2002
This movie is one of my favorites with Samuel L Jackson.

The whole plot is about John Shaft (Jackson) who plays a frustrated NYPD cop where the system is corrupt and justice is never served for those who need it. A young black man is killed by a rich white college student (Christian Bale) and his rich fathers money can buy his freedom. Shaft is frustrated by this and bends the rules and the law to get his form of street justice. Then along comes Peeples Hernandez, a big drug baron, who crosses Shaft and gets involved in the action.

Jackson plays the role of Shaft beautifully. He is cocky, tough, charming, and flambouyent (sp). He wears all black and is bald, looking more like a mobster than a cop in NY. Shaft is a man of the city as he knows the streets as they were his back yard. He is not afraid of anyone or anything in his quest to make sure that justice is served here. Lots of racial name calling in this movie, but in Hollywood....what else is new?

This movie is pure action, but has it's humerous moments too! Richard Rountree (the original Shaft from 1971) is in the movie too as he plays Shaft's (Jackson's) Uncle Shaft. The music is great as is the action! This one is a must see.
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ABCD (1999)
Wow! I can't believe this is an Indian Movie!
21 January 2002
I have never been a fan of Indian Movies, and probably never will be (and I am Indian too). But this movie steers us into a different direction that is very daring and new.

I found out about it from 2 Indian girls waiting in a line up with me at a Pasta Bar in Vancouver. BOth were University students who are a part of the Indian-Students-Club...or something like that, and I overheard them gossiping about this movie. Then I asked a few questions, then BAM, I went out and rented it less than 24 hours later to watch with my girlfriend (who loves Hindi Movies!)

ABCD addresses the probelems of many second generation Indians who are American born and think they are too good for their own type. They become assimilated into the American sub-culture at such a young age, that they have no sense of identity, and their proud roots are lost at a very tender age. And the sad thing is that they have no interest in regaining them ever.

This movie stars Sheetal Seth (sp), as she plays the troublesome daughter Meena. She does a great job of playing a complete mean bitch with no manners who is rude and overly defensive to anyone she encounters. She plays a very confused woman who is too afraid to get hurt at the point where she wont' even give anyone a chance. This is so true of girls here (even where I live in Vancouver, Canada.....where we have a large Indian Population.) She sleeps with 3 different men in this movie, which is something that is forbidden in the traditional Indian this movie really departs from the typical Indian movie.

All in All, it is a great film that is worth watching, but don't expect to laugh as it has a few very sad moments in it. It is a serious film for those who can handle it, as Hindi movies are known to be very sad at times. But this one isn't fabricated like the traditional Bollywood movies that have a habit of laying it on too thick! Enjoy.
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The Pest (1997)
30 December 2001
The movie plot is stupid and the cast is too! But it is so funny as is the humor. It is very crude and somewhat annoying...but the guy (PEST) is just too funny! He'll force you to laugh until your abdominals hurt! Worth a watch, but you'll laugh like you've never laughed before. He can do so many impersonations it isn't even funny.
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:20 Minute Workout (1983– )
The Best Exercise Show of All Time! THE 20 MINUTE WORKOUT!!
21 December 2001
The 20 Minute Workout is the best exercise show to ever hit television as it came out in the early 80's. Reruns are impossible to find on the air now since the show is considered quite obsolete, especially the 80's nostalgia in the show such as the disco pop music, the leg warmers, etc. The instructors on the show show lots of enthusiam to keep you going as the workouts really are quite intense. Even just watching will give you cramps, but it is lots of fun. The music is great, especially if you love the 80's like many do. The one thing about the show that really makes it unique is the white background on the set, as all you see are 3 girls doing the aerobics, and everything else is white. They do the aerobics on a turntable that continuously rotates, so the viewer gets to see the exercises at all angles. All in all, it may be outdated, but it is considered by many to be the best exercise show of all time as it paved the way for many others.
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Entertaining! Talks about things we are afraid to discuss.
21 December 2001
This refreshing movie addresses the stuff we are all afraid to talk about with each other, sexual relationships. This movie is about a few couples who split over various sexual reasons, and how they move on with others. It deals with insecurity, infidelity, adultery, greed, lust, and pure selfishness. But this is all true in real life, but we are afraid to talk about it. It deals with cheating husbands, unsatisfied wives, unfulfileld partners, pregnancy, lack of love, boredom in relationships, and sexual openess. So watch this movie as it discusses the things we are too scared to confront in reality. Watch it!
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Walker, Texas Ranger (1993–2001)
LOUSY show, EXCECPT Nia Peeples!!!
21 December 2001
I never liked Chuck Norris or his acting. He is a lousy actor and he is really over the hill. The show is a pathetic lousy attempt for him to prolong his image as the karate goodguy. This show shows all criminals as minorities which is downright racist, but I guess in Texas this is quite realistic.

This show is about rangers in a state with the old west mentality, but martial arts? When do cops / rangers use martial arts? I know it is a show, but it gets quite ridiculous. Then there is Sheree J Wilson, she was good on Dallas, but here she is old, wrinkled, and over the hill like Chuck! The show is a just an ego booster for good ol boy Chuck, but he is a loser. He is no Jackie Chan, and never will be.

The only good thing about the show is its last few seasons with Nia Peeples. She is fast, agile, petite, sexy, feisty, and good with her martial arts. Instead of the sterotypical roles where women depend on men for everything, she shows she can kick the guys butt, and she is good at her martial arts too! She is over 40, but looks damn good that would make any 22 year old woman envious. Just watching her doing her martial arts keeps me glued to the show.
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Wall Street (1987)
A CLASSIC! Great movie! One of the best of all time!
21 December 2001
This movie is one of my all-time favorites which are: Wall Street, Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface, and Pulp Fiction.

Wall Street has a great cast as Micheal Douglas really steals the whole movie as the villanous Gordon Gekko. He is rich, powerful, corrupt, and gets his own way. He is the New York version of JR Ewing from Dallas!

Along comes Bud (Sheen) who is an aspiring stock broker who isn't going anywhere as he has his ethics. Then he meets Gekko and it all changes as the greed and wealth corrupts him, and he meets his love Darrien Taylor (Daryl Hannah).

This movie shows life in dumps, then catching the train to the better life using non-ethical tactics. But the price may be too great as he crashes in the end. I won't spoil this one since I really love the movie. You don't need to be an accountant or stock broker to appreciate this film, but the terms may confuse you at times. Nonetheless, an all time great film. Don't let the suits and ties fool you, it is about crime and greed, and really reflects what happens on Wall Street in NY, or on Bay Street in Toronto in Canada.

10/10 for this one. Don't rent, buy it! And don't be fooled by the cheap new knock off version called Boiler Room which came out in 2000.
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