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Bet you've never seen one like this before!
MartinHafer15 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"The Darkest" is certainly an unusual horror film. Little did I know that to really appreciate the film you'd first need a course on Existentialism as well as an understanding of the physics conundrum known as 'Schrodinger's Cat'! Clearly this film is no ordinary horror flick!

The story begins with a physics professor delivering a lecture on Schrodinger's Cat...a long-debated theoretical notion as to whether or not things actually exist if you cannot see them. Odd, I know...and that is how the picture began. At the same time, his wife is out cheating on him...but, since he did not see it, I was left wondering if it really did really occur!

Soon the pair head out to the wilderness for a weekend trek. They're going to go cave exploring but first they need to hike to a campsite in the middle of nowhere just outside the cave. During the night, the wife appears to be hysterical...seeing and hearing things the audience and her husband cannot see or hear. It's also pitch black outside and they have limited lighting. At one point, after the audience hears some screaming as well, the couple begin using a camera's flash to briefly illuminate the night...and you see a Pugsley-like kid (you know...from "The Addams Family") who is chubby and in a striped shirt. He appears and disappears throughout the rest of the film and at times he's covered in blood and sporting a butcher knife. What does all this mean? I am not sure but without much evidence, the woman suddenly knows what it's all about and she reveals a secret about herself. I felt oddly confused regarding her answer and the rest of the film felt heavily influenced by philosophers like Kierkegaard and Jean-Paul Sartre! Seriously...I am not making this up!

So is it any good? Yes and no. I give the film kudos for its style as well as managing to make a film with only two actors and a few bit actors here and there. The budget had to be minimal and for a young and impoverished filmmaker, this is a great lesson on economical film production. I also thought the use of so much darkness (over half the film is in the dark with no or minimal light) was very unsettling and effective. As to what it all means and how it's all worked out...that left me flat and seems strongly influenced by modern French philosophy about existence and meaning. An oddly memorable film, that's for sure...and one worth seeing if you have come to see a certain sameness about most horror movies these days. It is quite different!
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This quick movie had one jump scare and was a terrible attempt to infuse a theory known as Schrodinger's cat.
tkaine320 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First off let me be clear, I would classify this film as an extended short because the running time is 1hr. 7 mins. Which is a good thing in this case because the movie was not enjoyable. Most people who have never heard of the Schrodinger's cat theory or are not big fans of philosophy will get to see an example of the theory as soon as the movie starts. Basically the theory of the cat in a box and if you punture this box with an object like a knife is the cat dead or alive & how will you know without opening the box. Schrodinger also theorized that the cat is dead and alive at the same time, Yes I know it's pretty out there but this is not the reason for this films failure it was the lack of execution on many levels. The sound effects used when trying to create a jump scare were horrible, Reminiscent of a film from the 1950's. The acting was below standard even for a indie film the actors showed little depth and at times were not very convincing. That may be due to the fact that the dialogue was poorly written. In the beginning it states that you should watch the film in complete darkness and to the directors credit it does work for 10 minutes and heightens the fear factor and makes it more scary for watchers when light flickers in and out but after seeing the bad special effects it looks very fake the blood the perceived dead bodys, without realness you lose that frightening feeling a good horror film induces.

One thing I do appreciate about this film a lot of movies anger me with is in the explanation department. Movies tend to end with so many questions on the table and to often leaving you confused with no answers on what just transpired, This movie doesn't do that they hypothesize and throw out random explanations albeit not very plausible explanations but atleast they try. The camera angles at times were either too close or fuzzy but not that bad for a low budget film. All in all i would say skip watching this film nothing here is memorable and if it was longer than an hour i wouldnt have made it through the entire film. Stay Safe Stay Blessed.
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debbiecords11 June 2018
No scares, no real plot, no anything. There are only 2 characters, ok 3 and I didn't care or feel anything about them at all. I kept waiting for this "horror" movie to get better. Hint, it never does. It was supposed to be so deep but, it was just a dried up creek. Don't waste your time. Nope
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What a dare!
lucie_boutet28 November 2019
The film is short, but a lot a it actually happens in total dark, placing you right in the middle of the forest with the characters; how fun is that!
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Great Buildup of Suspense
johnjrudolph26 October 2018
Terrific frightening movie.Watching in the dark was very cool. You are literally sitting on pins and needles waiting for the worst to happen. The opening sequence with the cat was very clever. All in all, great fun.
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Pleasant surprise
damienh-697068 November 2018
The surprise effect works well. We find ourselves reacting without feeling frightened. I enjoyed this illuminated film at the very least. Take the time to look at it !
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