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Sex & Nudity

  • Strong sex-related dialogue.
  • Their is three lasses that talk about the number of people that they have had sex with on Halloween, we later find out that they are prostitutes.
  • A guy dressed up as Dracula gives a prostitute a lift and she gives him offers ,she ends up talking about her pimp,and the guy wants to meet the pimp.
  • A guy tries to chat up lasses and doesn't end up successful
  • A woman has sex with a man's corpse. She also makes the man's hands hold her breasts (covered in a nurse costume but a lot of cleavaged). While the corpse is naked we do not see his privates.

Violence & Gore

  • A lass gets bullied and gets pumpkins destroyed.
  • A guy is seen turning into a creature starts biting heads off
  • A lass his seen with four zombie looking guys and the clown shouting the door.
  • A child gets turned into a vampire figurine.
  • A pimp and his gang get killed by a guy dressed up as Dracula and his friends
  • A creepy looking guy answers the door to a clown with a Jack in the box and the guy tells him to f -off and pulls out a gun to the clown.
  • A clown sprays something in a guys eyes the guy thinks it's some sort of chemical and pulls out a gun.
  • A man shoots a scary clown several times with a rifle - no blood.
  • A lass uses whichcraft
  • A guy is seen drinking and driving at the start of the film and runs over a character and we see a lot of blood on the vehicle.
  • A man is seen with blood dripping down his chin, shortly after he drops what we assume is a tongue from his hand. He falls and we see a knife get pulled from him back.
  • A man has his hand stabbed and shortly after is stabbed through the ear while listening through a door. His eye also turns blood red. His head is then smashed against a toilet, we see teeth on the ground.
  • A man is forced to eat a razor blood, blood drips from his chin and he coughs up more blood. Shortly after his head is squeezed and popped (blood splatter shown).
  • A demonic looking fairy is squished against a wall - colorful "blood" is seen splattered on the wall and attackers hands.
  • A small creature is stomped on multiple times.
  • A ghost is summoned and causes blood to come out of a man's eyes and mouth ("stealing his soul"). The blood looks fake but the holes for eyes looks creepy.


  • F-word is often said quite frequently through the film shit is said atleast 5 times in the film bastard is said once sexual slurs are often said such as B**ch.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some of the scenes are based in a night club and you see lots of people drinking alcohol and enjoying the partying ,this is a scene that is often goes back and forward to this is a scene that is atleast shown through atleast 3 stories.
  • A lass takes something that looks like drug while she is working at her job and then says its coconut flavour,this is scene briefly not too much but nothing extreme.
  • Their is guy who goes into a shop and goes up to a guy asking for some substance and pays the guy before he goes to the toilet.
  • their is a guy who we see drinking and driving at the start and ends up killing someone,this quite bloody the guy doesn't realise that he as killed someone.the same guy is later seen looking for his step-daughter,in which he grounds her because he doesn't like Halloween and continues to drink telling us that he is an alcoholic,also throws bottle
  • Alcohol is often scene through out the movie.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the scenes are disturbing.
  • A character draws and the drawings come alive
  • A clown turns a kid into a little mantlepiece.
  • You see a Jack in the box and clown controlling it coursing a character to have a stroke, the character having stroke is seen shouting at the clown before it happens.
  • After the guy as a stroke you see the clown behind the guy and then blood gushing across the wall
  • Four guys are seen, torching lots of people with gags and rope then putting a pumpkin on their head, telling the, to run and then start shooting objects at them.
  • A character turns into a creature and starts biting heads off people.
  • A girl gets threatened by her stepfather.
  • A girl uses whichcraft


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A lass who works in morgue, performs necrophilia with a corpse for a few minutes
  • Their is a bunch of people being torched by a group of men and they are being gagged and tied with just their underwear on.

Violence & Gore

  • A house gets set on fire, as we are told by a ghost hunter when we get to the house. She later feels the fire that happens, later trying to save the boy.
  • A lass uses a nail gun and starts nailing a characters foot.
  • The guy later hobbles to towards her and the lass struggles and ends up getting the axe and then he steels it and hits in her back coursing her to start crawling towards a swing set and for the guy to get his head tangled and he kicks her and we see him getting decapitated. we later see his head on the swing set.
  • Four guys are scene with people into just their underwear gagged and tied up putting pumpkins on their heads and telling them to run, then telling them to start running then they start chucking objects like spears at their skulls you do see a sharp object in on of the peoples skulls. Very graphic.
  • A guy goes to the toilet and gets sent a picture of is legs and then gets his hand sliced , then stabbed in the ear coursing him to go blind. The same guy as his head smashed with the toilet coursing the toilet to break, again very graphic.
  • A lass draws a picture of her mum and it comes alive and sucks the life out of the stepfather we see blood coming out of his eyes and mouth we later see his dead body.
  • The clown starts using the Jack in the box causes the character to have a stroke and then sneaks behind the guy and we then she a lot of blood across the wall.
  • A corpse comes alive and starts strangling a woman and she later runs and gets chased by him and ends up in a room and then we see the clown.
  • A lass then rips a sheet of paper up with the picture of the clown and the clown disappears.
  • Radio station gets set on fire by accidentally as one of the main characters as a phobia of clowns and see one.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Their is a guy scene smoking in someones car.In another scene their is people drinking when meeting up with a pimp.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A lass is scene working with dead bodies and performs necrophilia on a corpse,but for that corpse to later come alive.
  • A clown kills people, and if you have a fear of clowns then look away.
  • A guy is seen going to a toilet for him to be sent a picture of his feet for him to reach is phone and gets his hand sliced, stabbed in the ear and going blind to then getting his head whacked on the toilet for the toilet to just smash.
  • A character draws her mum only for her mum to come a live killing her stepfather and you see the blood coming out of the eyes and both later seeing his dead body.
  • Theirs ghost story and you see a house burning down, later the radio station catches fire after one of the main characters drops a lighter and panics when he sees the clown.
  • A house gets set on fire.
  • A bunch of guys kill the pimp and his squad.

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