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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Professor Pyg can be quite disturbing. He kills cops and then puts a pig face on them. Whenever he kills someone it usually ends up bloody. He forces a group of people to eat pies made out of people.
  • In some episodes in season three, a character's face is removed, stapled back on, and punched off, revealing blood and muscle beneath.
  • Falcone's daughter gets shot in the head with blood coming out. It's later said she's in a coma.
  • Gun wounds and stab wounds are visible and bloody.
  • The scene where Galavan is brutally beaten with a wooden bat seen bloody, he's then shot and killed and although the bullet impact isn't seen there's blood flowing down his chest.
  • The spike of a high heel is stabbed through a mans throat.
  • A very graphic scene where a guy chops off a woman's head with blood squirt then his hand is completely shot off with blood and bits of arm shown this is extremely graphic
  • People are burnt and froze to death
  • Lots of graphic punching throughout
  • Penguin gets his eye blown up pretty bloody
  • Mario is shot and killed graphic
  • During the whole series, there are so many violence scences which are pretty intense. The series is quite gore and intense, and there are too many psychopaths that commit horrible things that are perfectly showed on screen
  • Lee gets her hand smashed with a hammer around 4 times, shows her hand getting smashed. Bloody
  • A man burns another man to death by stuffing him in a bin and filling the bin with petrol. Naturally, he sets it on fire, and later on in the episode, you can see his burnt remains
  • Bruce Wayne's parents are shot with blood spatter and they're shown bleeding out. Quite graphic.
  • Most killings are quite bloody and gruesome. A man's arm severed with a large knife and the inside of the arm is shown with blood flowing from within.
  • A lot of shootings. Some of the shootings are graphic in the fact that blood sprays out of the bullet wounds.
  • Penguin slashes a fishermans throat, it is quite bloody. In the following episode he murders a man by stabbing him in the neck with a broken bottle. It cuts away, but you still see blood squirt out of the mans neck.
  • A man falls from the sky and you can briefly see him in the background with blood and guts around him.
  • Oswald Cobblepot is discovered to be a snitch and is quite brutally beaten. The beating results in him having a bad limp from that scene onwards.
  • A woman scoops her eye out with a spoon, and the eyeball is seen on the floor, and her eye socket a bloody mess.
  • In one episode a large group of men are shot with very gory bloody results. Immediately after this, Penguin stabs Frankie Carbone, one of Maronis men, multiple times, whilst quite clearly taking pleasure in murdering him. He stabs him multiple times in the abdomen, and we hear him groan in pain and flesh being pierced and blood pouring
  • At the very end of the season finale, Penguin shoots many of Maroni/Fish's men with a machine gun, we see the men flailing around with blood spraying and chunks of flesh falling off them. He then shoots a man (whom begs for mercy) with a pistol and we see blood and chunks of flesh splatter. Penguin then chases Fish to the rooftop where they fight. Butch shoots both of them in the leg as he's confused as to where his loyalties lie. Penguin recovers and then pushes Fish Mooney off a building to her presumed death.
  • Whenever Penguin kills someone, it's often very gory and brutal.
  • A man is shot in the head and blood sprays and get blood on peoples faces
  • Jim Gordon Shoots a man (very bloody)
  • There's a massive shootout in the GCPD, lots of blood. In the ensuing crossfire, Commissioner Sarah Essen is fatally shot and dies. This's very upsetting
  • A man named the Flamingo has a tendency to eat people after he has killed them. In the final scene of this episode, he kills Parker by biting her neck. She falls to the floor and blood is seen spurting out as policemen make failed attempts to baton him. Very disturbing.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A 15 or 16-year-old guy buys a club and starts to drink.
  • Maroni smokes a cigar and some other gangsters all smoke cigars too sometimes there is paraphernalia as well like ashtrays
  • Riddler get high off his pills and hallucinates after he thinks he kills oswald
  • Smoking is infrequent but when it does happen it's brief. Cigars are often smoked in the backround but a couple times throughout gangsters smoke cigars. A man puts a cigerete in his mouth but smokes it off screen and there are more scenes of brief cigarette smoking outside most are blink and u miss it
  • Some use of alcohol and some smoking, usually in Fish Mooney's club.
  • Oswald Cobblepot gets drunk in one episode. This is more humorous than anything.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In season 2, Mr Freeze kidnaps random people by freezing them, and then trying to successfully thaw them for an experiment. The victims thaw, and eventually melt in a very grotesque way due to the intense heat.
  • The character Penguin is a frightening and vicious psychopath, and he only gets more and more brutal as the series progresses. As such, any scene with him can be unsettling.
  • A hitman likes to "eat" people. In one episode, a woman is "eaten" alive in a police station, blood is seen spurting all over the floor.
  • Some of the deaths can be disturbing due mainly to how graphic they are.
  • The scene of the Wayne murders is very upsetting and quite brutal.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Penguin kills Gabe with some kind of plant tool. Very Gory
  • Carmine Falcone gets shot with blood coming out.
  • Jervis Tetch shoots Vicky/Valerie Vale in the chest. It was quite bloody and she was severely injured.

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