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The good. The evil. The beginning.
All will be judged. (Season 3)
Heroes will Fall
Mad City
Rise of the villains. (Season 2)
Revolution. Apocalypse. The future is here. In Gotham. (Season 3)
The Dark Knight is Coming. (Season 5)
Before Batman, there was Gotham.
Gotham Will Know Fear (Season 4)
Legends of the Dark Knight
From Madness comes Clarity. From Love comes Hatred. From Darkness comes Light.
There is nothing to fear but Fear Itself.
Witness the Birth of a Legend.
On January 3rd, No Rules, No Law, No Way Out. (Season 5)
The Final Battle for Gotham begins now.
Enter the Heart of Darkness and Face True Evil.
The Deranged, the Insane, and of course...Bane. (Season 5)
Witness the Birth of the Dark Knight.
Wrath of the Villains (Season 2)
Born from Tragedy, Destined to Protect. Born from Madness, Destined to Destroy.
Excitement is in the Air and Madness is on the Menu
Face the Darkness Inside, Return to the Scene of the Crime.

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