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Good enough!
lokilfa5 July 2017
A very decent sci-fi with acceptable writing and a few original and inspired scenes in a good setting with good actors filmed properly, the whole is entertaining and the art department did an outstanding job on a limited budget.

I can only recommend this movie and praise this project especially when compared to Hollywood's super boring and high cost CGI products. This movie will grant you a pleasant and relaxed experience without stressing your patience or ruining your eyesight.

It is not a masterpiece but definitely worth your time. In fact I would not mind to watch a sequel. If Revolt could represent just the average of what sci-fi movies look like we would live in happier times.
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Better than it had a right to be
LordJiggy1 October 2017
It's a decent enough Alien invasion movie. Made great use of an unusual location, and Lee Pace shows promise as heroic leading man material.

Clearly a small budget, and once more proves that not having unlimited power or bankbook isn't necessarily a bad thing creatively. Film-makers had to come up with imaginative sets and emotionally involving characters, not just throw CGI as the story.

Only a few really flawed moments and the writing could have been a little better. But, overall, worth the time.
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"War of the Worlds" meets "District 9"
mzand-751-5395726 July 2017
I have a saying. We die hard sci-fi fans have to suffer for our sci-fi -- meaning we endure some pretty awful stuff just to get a hit of our favorite genre. Most of the suffering involves sitting through badly written and acted low budget indies with cheesy special effects. However every now and then, we are rewarded by a gem of a film like "Revolt," that overachieves and dazzles us.

Set in Africa, after an alien invasion that has wiped out the rest of world, a small group of survivors makes humanity's last stand. A big idea, right? One that could go wrong in so many ways but writer/director Joe Miale, along with co-writer Rowan Athale's smart and unsentimental script avoids all the usual pitfalls. It's smart, efficient and always to the point. The CGI aliens are terrific and director Miale seamless blending of CGI with the live action create the kind of tense and visually rich hellscape we like to see in our post apocalypse movies. Lee Pace is a welcome surprise as an action hero and along with an equally talented cast make this one of the best alien invasion films to come along in a long while.
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Decent Sci-Fi
fallguy_jack4 July 2017
I'll give it an 8 because if you take the budget into consideration, they did a pretty good job. It's actually impressive how they strategically stretched the budget, and I'm not just talking about filming in Africa, though that saved plenty of money, looking apocalyptic without much staging.

The Story is fine, nothing ground-breaking. The message is simple and repeated a few times in slogan form for our benefit in case we missed it.

There is one minor technical but highly visible plot hole around the end, and they know it - they show that they know it. It's likely they just *couldn't* do it right, but it's really not a big deal. Come to think of it, this movie has fewer holes than most amazingly.

I'd say it's a good ScyFy channel movie + , so if you're OK with that then you're OK with this.
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Turned out to be a pretty good movie
braddy44 July 2017
I wasn't expecting much but since it was filmed in Africa I took that as a good sign that it might at least be gritty and have a good look, and that paid off.

The film is mostly action with above average grades for most everything in it.

This is not a B film but a fairly respectable action Sci-Fi film that is entertaining enough for a watch.
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How to do more with less
paocomgeleia201029 December 2017
As a sci-fi fan i really liked this movie. This film is a reminder that a good movie, even more a sci-fi isn't about the effects but the story and its characters, it's about a good plot.

Here it's obvious they would hove done a better movie if they could, they even show that to us, but so what? star wars was also a low budget movie in its time.... not that i'm comparing both, only pointing out that this isn't anything important at all. Yes it has some flaws, but this movie does it right and well in so many ways and things (i dont want to add spoilers), and thats what makes it so good. And also vonsidering the low budget and low resources they did a great job, and it's very entertaining. Also the movie has contains several unique ideas like the robots not having a humanoid form, but instead they are just practical, weird and very mechanical. Also they dont waste a lot of movie time talking science BS to explain the whole stuff to us, we learn what we need trough flashbacks and quick conversations. Also we have a really strong female that doesnt need to be rescued from the male, thats very atractive but not sexualized - she uses normal loose kakhi pants (not uber tight) and an ordinaty tank top - no cleavage or bum shots whatsoever - now thats awesome that they treat the female with respect.

Compared to hollywood that spends millions and has the best resources and releases abominations like battleship (more like battleshit), terminator genisys (pure garbage), Jupiter Ascending , the Green Lantern and Gods of Egypt (and many others).
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Top notch low budget sci fi
sacdalysimon5 July 2017
Good entertaining low budget sci-fi , has a feel of district 9/elysium but i suppose as its filmed in south Africa there are comparisons ,didnt realise it was a uk/south African collaboration as the uk don't make that many good looking sci-fi movies and given the budget this pulls off a believable apocalyptic end of the world look ,cgi is of good standard way better than a made for sci-fi channel own production, but not quite up there with Hollywood but you wouldn't expect that but the aliens look cool and realistic. good believable story a few cliché moments that i let pass characters all have a purpose and a good looking leading lady 7/10 as i was impressed by the effort and would watch a film made by Joe Miale/ Rowan Athale again.

To sum it up not as big or as good as the for-mentioned films above but stands proud just behind them holding its head up high for the pleasure of sci-fi fans around the world to enjoy.
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Low Budget you say Huh?
hisham-rojbani11 July 2017
I said i will give it a chance after my great disappointment with some huge budget movies, i told my self it won't hurt watching a movie with not too much anticipation. But it turned to be one of those movies that you won't forget for a long time, the acting is super especially those very very talented African actors, they managed to deliver reality in its true form. the script is smart and straight to the point, lead actor has great potential in him, editing is fantastic, and the story is straight forward with no twists. overall i enjoyed the movie even with some not so perfect CGI. totally recommended.
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Proving Sci-Fi is not about effects
eyefordetail22 July 2017
I watched this movie with my millennials who, most probably because of me, love Sci-Fi. But being overfed on blended movies, where it's impossible to see where the CGI starts and real stops, it was interesting to note their reaction to the movie. The story is simple but in a good way. It does not over-complicate the plot and does not lose itself in rabbit-holes. It reminds me of a by-line I read on the new Dunkirk movie - "At the point of crisis, at the point of annihilation, survival is victory". I love the tone and the palate of the movie. Shot in South Africa and being from South Africa, I loved the bleakness of the landscape and the grittiness of the scenes. Seasoned the movie well and blended in the feeling rather than the CGI. Don't get me wrong - the effects are good. But it is not the focus. The kids loved it. Even if they thought that Lee Pace was Nicolas Cage! (He could actually play Nicolas. Perhaps better than Nicolas can. :) Overall a good movie. Could even become a cult classic.
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Better than expected
Leofwine_draca2 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Low budget science fiction thrillers are ten a penny these days, and way too many of them turn out to be absolute rubbish. Not so REVOLT, an engaging little effort that comes to us courtesy of South Africa. The film reminds one of DISTRICT 9 to a degree, with a sun-scorched and devastated landscape patrolled by hulking CGI robots (the good news is that animation is passable here). The main character is an amnesic soldier who has to fight his way across the landscape, encountering violent rebel groups at every turn. This film benefits from a simple story, a fast pace, and plenty of action. The budgetary constraints are evident but the cinematography is nice, which makes all the difference. Jason Flemyng has a small but memorable cameo.
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If not for the ending........
jwcstorage4 April 2018
I would likely have rated this higher if it wasnt for the ending. Overall it was a fun little sci-fi romp with absolutely unique looking machines invading and killing lots of squishy Earthlings, but it ends where it feels like there should be at least one more major action sequence left.

The movie was fine, with (mostly) passable acting. The main characters were nothing amazing but they did their jobs well enough. The aliens came in a few different flavors but other than the standard Tall baddie dont expect anything memorable. Same goes for the scenery which consists of blown up and run down places.

There are plot holes and dangling threads hanging out from the script unfortunately. We get several big revelations at the end, and where a better movie would have gone on to make these reveals mean literally anything, right when you're expecting the final showdown........credits roll. -_-

Some complain about the foreign languages being spoken as inaccurate, but unless you speak them it wont matter and there isnt much in the movie either.

If you want a popcorn sci-fi and dont mind a little frustration, this might be a fun watch. I wouldnt recommend it as a rental, but if its free with your subscription, and you have a couple of hours to kill, go for it!

There is one unique moment that had me laughing. If you watch the movie you will undoubtedly see it too... its not a spoiler but I'll be a bit vague anyway. About half way through the movie, the protagonist and his female friend are trapped between a couple of buildings and out in the open during a firefight. When a random human dies, the plucky hero plucks the now-dead guys gun straight outta the air! It is pure schlocky glory!
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A suspenseful and entertaining indie sci-fi thriller worth the watch
TheTopDawg4 July 2017
I was VERY impressed with the directing, cinematography, visual effects, production design and editing in this suspenseful and entertaining indie sci-fi thriller!

All the aforementioned had the makings of a big blockbuster production, and were probably the best I've seen for a B-list indie film and would certainly shame some of the A-list blockbuster productions I have seen lately. Even the alien invaders - a mash-up between District 9 and Transformers makes the robot-like alien creatures spectacular. So huge props to the VFX/CGI teams.

What's even more impressive, is the vision of the seasoned Editor- turned novice Director (this is his first directorial debut for a full-length feature film - also credited for writing) Joe Miale's ability to put together all the stunning visuals, effects, camera angles etc. that made me feel as if I was right there in front of all the combat and action. I'm not sure what the budget for this movie was, but based on the entire production's results, it sure seems like it was huge.

However were this movie does fall short, is in the writing/screenplay. There were many plot holes and dialog fails that I felt could have been avoided.

Both lead actors were OK, considering neither had much major motion picture experience except for Bérénice Marlohe's role in Skyfall and Kill Switch. She was convincing throughout the entire movie, where Lee Pace had some unconvincing moments. But the extras and secondary actors from South Africa were all outstanding and very convincing in their small roles.

I rated this movie based on an indie film and it's associated merits, of which overall where very impressive - much better than I expected, and as such, give this a very deserving 9/10.

If you're a sci-fi/combat-action/thriller fan, grab your popcorn and pop and enjoy the ride!
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Little movie ... but it had heart!!!
ExitSouth7 April 2018
Ok it's low budget, but it has a solid, simple story and you care about the characters. The lead actor is really good and holds it together. Not a "blockbuster" but good for a rainy day. One of the better small movies on Netflix!!!
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"Revolt" succeeds where so many have gone wrong
Son-of-WRA7 April 2018
This was one of those films on a streaming service that I chose because I got tired of looking for one I hadn't already seen. I should do that more often because I was pleasantly surprised with "Revolt".

I imagine that in the hands of another production team this would be a film that I'd drop before the second act. Instead, I found myself interested in the characters and the outcome. Even then was I surprised at the departure from cliched Hollywood plot twists that seemed to be coming, but refreshingly went in directions unexpected.

To other people, their personal picking points will vary. I have my own. But I don't want to prejudice anyone's expectations in any certain way. Just watch this title knowing it's worth the time you spend on it.
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okay'ish sf movie
dutchtea-322-7895305 April 2018
So this movie kept me interested for most of the time. And than it ended and I literally went WTF? It would have benefitted hugely from a better storyline and a more satisfying ending. Lee Pace makes for a decent action hero. Maybe the movie just took itself a bit too seriously. You could do worse watching it. If you don't mind vague movie-endings
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Good premise, weak execution
seacargm2 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I can't stand movies directed by people seemingly incapable of reading a scene and asking "Is this realistic?" You have so much leeway in a sci-fi film, but hen you blow it by having people do things completely out of character. Is everyone bi-polar or something??? Also, is there a reason the moab wasn't put on wheels? That technology too advanced? I suppose it doesn't matter given it appears to get lighter as they lost people to carry it.

Sticks and rocks against alien tech. Seriously? And the lights stayed on after the EMP??? What? That's not how EMPs work !!! Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the over-acting when injured. Wow.

Such lost potential.
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Nothing New on the Screen Front
Tweetienator5 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Revolt is War of the Worlds or more recently Battle Los Angeles on a small budget-scale (it reminds me a little of the zombie flick The Dead, also playing in Africa). The movie is okay and entertaining but the plot got imo some very weak spots: SPOILER ALERT - how does one who is marked and tracked creep along to his enemy!? Our hero dragging the emp to the mother-ship, it's just a very bad idea and won't work for obvious reasons. Also, an enemy who invaded the whole of the earth - this is so much of a big scale operation even a 1000 emp's won't change the outcome, and btw - I am sure such a sophisticated alien race would know what kind of war equipment and techniques humankind would have got in their arsenals. Well, the movie is okay, but I personally am a little fed up with movies where some hero(es) beat a much more powerful enemy - just imagine, a few Stone Age People beat with their clubs the legions of Rome...

On the plus - well acted, production of good TV-scale - a movie for the sci-fi connoisseur on a boring afternoon.
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A solid film
northan-264066 July 2017
This is the first film for me to review. I was pleasantly surprised by the story, graphics and direction of this.

Ego was left at the door and in return the director got some brilliant actors and shots. There was some very good cgi for the budget and done in a way that didn't expose you to everything and let your imagination do some thinking.

In retrospect not everything in the film was perfect, but it had a good vibe for the location set and not your typical teen angst running away from the bad aliens type of film

I hope to see more good stuff like this from this director in the future.
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Good plot but largely irritating
simonk-1790313 July 2017
The movie has a really good plot,cannot argue with that. What irritates me is how you destroyed our image since the setting of the movie was in Kenya.First of all,the way they spoke our languages(Kikuyu & Swahili) was yuck,you could even try using Kenyan actors for those roles & it would sound more real. Secondly,it's 2017 & Africans are enlightened,we live,work,intermarry with whites and all races from other continents and it's no big deal to see a white guy across the street,that's tarnishing our image to the eyes of the world. Finally,our military has destroyed Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia and finally Somalia restored their government and recently held elections.That should tell you just how top notch they're to be taken out that easily by one guy,it was lame.In short this movie really degrades Africans and for that it sucks.
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Too stupid to be taken seriously, too dull to be fun
thekarmicnomad20 December 2017
A U.S solider finds himself in Africa when aliens attack but he has lost his memory.

The affects and production levels are quite good here. The aliens make sense and there is a fair amount of drama and action.

However, it is very boring. Our hero blunders around Kenya from one bunch of douche bags to another. These encounters tend to end in a rather limp gun fight.

This film subscribes to the Hollywood notion that there are three groups of people who just don't get the concept of guns: 1940's Germans, Asians and Non-American black people. It never occurs to these sub groups of humanity that with a gun you don't have to run wildly into your enemies fire like some kind of berserker. This makes the action scenes look very amateur and unbelievable as everyone charges into a nice empty spot of screen where the CG man can scrub them out.

This could have been a bit of fun but then on top of this there are several vomit inducing speeches about the human spirit and the power of sacrifice.

Also I don't think the that the person who commissioned this movie actually understands what the word "revolt" means, I think they got it confused with "repel" or "resist" perhaps.

Not the worst Sci-Fi ever, it is at least watchable - but I wouldn't.
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While not a waste of time, still a very average sci-fi
hypersonic899924 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
* This review might contain very minor spoilers in the fourth paragraph *

Earth has been invaded by alien robots. Humanity has largely been defeated. The film follows a soldier who lost his memory and a doctor as they try to survive and find the remnants of humanity, in the closing days of the invasion.

Considering its budget, the film is a technical masterpiece. The camera work is good. The settings and atmosphere of the film is really great. They manage to pull off the post-apocalypse pretty well. There's some really solid special effects, which is surprising for a film of this calibre. The sound effects are satisfying. The acting isn't lacking and the direction is all in all OK. The plot is simple and to the point, but we need to talk about the writing a bit.

This film didn't work for me for two reasons: There's a big chunk around the beginning and middle of the film where essentially nothing is happening. It's just two people walking the savanna. I guess it gives us exposition on the destruction the aliens have wrought, but it's not that impressive. There's a couple action sequences in this part that kinda break the monotony but they are over quick. There's some really cringe montage shots spread throughout, that I didn't like at all, didn't achieve anything to connect me with the protagonists, and broke the immersion to an extent.

The other reason is that the film doesn't explain anything. Who are the aliens? Why are they here? Why are they gathering up people? What are those fighter jets flying overhead every couple days that don't seem to do anything? In my opinion this is the mark of an extremely poor sci-fi film. Particularly this film whose characters never really connected with me. I didn't care if they lived or died frankly. The only thing keeping me interested were the questions about the aliens. And then the film just ended without explaining anything. This is a cop-out by action "sci-fi" films that try to avoid plot-holes by not having an actual sci-fi plot. Just stuff that looks like sci-fi.

So while it's a competently-made film, it is not an enticing film. It's enjoyable to watch, even entertaining in a lot of moments, but for the most part it's either boring or barely engaging. I would recommend watching it if you like films of this kind. You'll like it. It's just not for me. And if you are like me, then it's likely you'll be far less forgiving than I was.
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Don't you be fooled by the preview. Rubbish movie.
manojdandeniya30 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
what a waste of space. Rubbish movie. Terrible directing. Good stars bad editing. Preview made me watch this movie. Don't you be fooled by the preview. There is nothing good about this movie. Story is crap. Aliens shooting and abducting humans for what ..!!? Comes to the end of the movie someone crash their ship with an EMP..!!! And All fine. Totally loose the audience.
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A waste of time - let me tell you why...
jbl-135978 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I had no idea on what to expect when I watched this movie, but my overall experience was not a good one. I actually didn't know whether I wanted to finish it, or just find something actually worth watching.

I ended up watching the whole thing though, as I thought "what the hell, I'm hangover and don't want to look for another movie, and might as well see the conclusion to this story", even though I really got no emotional connection what-so-ever with the main characters, due to below average acting (especially from the male lead), and weak-to-no backstories. Well, lucky me (sarcasm) because this movie really doesn't have a conclusion to the story - not a satisfying one at least. There's no trying to explain why any of it happened, why they needed to abduct people, what their possible motivation was, and so on.

Also this movie is riddled with small, but surely annoying mistakes, that makes the overall impression suffer. Let me list a few that got on my nerves:

When our main leads end up in a situation with the Kenyan military, our male hero ends up shooting some of them. First of all this takes almost 10 seconds. That's 10 seconds where armed military personnel doesn't shoot him, even though he stands about 5 meters from them, and they already got their weapons ready. Instead they run towards him, and gets shot. There's even a woman who runs almost all the way up to him with her gun (that's really not how guns are supposed to be used - especially not by trained military), and then when he points his weapon at her, she surrenders it. Which could be explained by her maybe not really wanting to kill anybody. Well, think again, because moments later, with no gun, she for some reason tries to overpower our male hero in an of course futile attempt.

A returning mistake is people running out in the open to get shot, again and again, using no cover what-so-ever, even though these machines are slaugthering their fellow bad guys in front of them. There just seems to be a basic lack of common sense in this whole movie.

These machines aims like clone troopers. Can't we agree that if aliens have the technology to travel many, many light years to Earth. they would first of all have much more capable weapons technology!? Also one of these machines literally shoots a guy on a motorbike out of the air, but can't hit the different moving cars our heroes travels in, at way slower speeds.

At one point our heroes are driving away from hundreds of these alien tripods, and when they finally gain speed enough to outrun them, they choose to seek cover in an abandoned house out in the open for all the robots to see. What!? WHY would you ever do that!?

The last thing I'll mention might really also be the dumbest of them all. At the very end, to get power to the EMP which of course has battery issues. He grabs an wire from a downed alien robot, and proceeds (with apparently a lot of electricity running through his body) to grab the EMP and power it up, so they can save the day. What really bothers me is, that there is NO GOD DAMN REASON for him to run the electricity through his body. Like, NO REASON AT ALL. What he COULD do, and what any normal person would do, is to push the EMP the last 2 meters (6 feet) over to the wire, and instead power it directly through that.

I could mention more things, but I really don't want to devote any more time to this movie. I just want to end this by saying, this isn't the worst movie I've seen. But it definitely is a B-movie, and not one of the better ones I've seen. There's just too big a lack of common sense in this, and too many loose ends.
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tlarraya24 September 2017
This movie is terrible. We knew going in that this was a B movie but it was supposed to be a good B movie. That is not the case. It was good to see Lee Pace in a movie nonetheless (Halt and Catch Fire) but the movie was terrible. Just a waste of time. Skip this if you can. Don't say we didn't warn you. Give this a miss and save some time to do something else.
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functional alien invasion movie
SnoopyStyle4 February 2018
An American soldier (Lee Pace) in Africa faces an unknown foe. He is knocked unconscious and wakes up in a police jail cell next to Nadia (Bérénice Marlohe). Without memory of even his name, she calls him Bo and tells him that the world has been invaded by aliens. They escape to search for his base while dealing with remnant government forces, rebels, bandits, resistance fighters, and the formidable alien drones.

The CGI action is fine. It's becoming easier to make a functional one of these. The story isn't anything special. There are some questionable logic in the last act. It doesn't help that Nadia gets taken before then. This is fine up to a point. This ain't no District 9.
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