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Sex & Nudity

  • Extended version shows full frontal nudity and sex scenes.
  • Reviewers note that there is an extended sex scene in season 4. And that the show gets progressively more graphic in depicting sex as the seasons go on.
  • Explicit sex
  • Vikings on streaming services such as Netflix, airs the extended cut of episodes which contains graphic full frontal male and female nudity/sex scenes. Amazon Video has the tamer for-TV version.
  • Several instances of men raping women, and at least one of a woman raping a shackled male prisoner, are shown, usually with little or no nudity.
  • Episodes have varying degrees of female nudity and sex scenes in them with nudity.
  • In season one there is a scene where someone rapes a young slave
  • Sexual themes go throughout the seasons and are talked about.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence is present in most episodes.
  • In many scenes you only see the bloody, gory aftermath.
  • A hand is chopped in half. Graphically shown.
  • During battles, raids, and assassinations throughout the series, people are beheaded (the bloody aftermath is shown), slashed, stabbed and shot with arrows, sometimes with bloody results.


  • Throughout the entire show there have been only two uses of the f word in season 2.
  • Profanity is sparingly used. "Bitch" is said once in Season One. A man is called "son of a whore" in season Two. A few uses of "piss".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The Vikings (including twelve-year-old boys) drink ale on occasion.
  • In Season One, Episode 8, psychedelic mushrooms are taken by characters.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The battle scenes can be intense, and much tension is present in some scenes. The main character and his older brother are both very aggressive and displays sometimes disturbing behaviour. There is a scary looking leeper who works as the shaman of the vikings.
  • In the first two seasons there is a definitive tension between the Christian Priest and the Vikings religious beliefs. This causes some uncomfortable vibes in some situations, but such is necessary for the plot of the character. Viewers should note that the battle between what one believes, what is tolerated, and what one may sacrifice (in terms of beliefs) is fairly intense in some episodes (especially episode 8).
  • In season 1 a man occasionally has a vision of a grim reaper-like apparition of the pagan cheif god Odin. A man has a dream about how he found his adolecent son murdured. Their bodies are shown. Episode 6 has the main cast inhaling a psychadelic drug and experience a intense and suggestive vision about the end of the world according to the Norse belief. This is intercut with images of modern natural disasters which some viewer might find disturbing. Episode 6 & 8 of season 1 features human sacrifices. A man wants to look away, but is ordered by a thirteen year old boy to look on. Episode 9 features many people, among them many children, dying from a plague.
  • Season 2 has a character who likes to carry with him the skull of his wife who was murdered by his enemies. Most of the other characters display open discomfort and are disturbed by this behaviour. Episode 2 has a main character presenting the head of a dead warrior to his captives. Like in "Highlander'' or "Game of Thrones'', little blood is shown. A side plot in episode 8 of season 2 involves the main character wanting to kill his own infant son. Episode 10 has a large group of children being killed in a coup. Nothing of that is shown.
  • Strong depictions of sex (including 2 rape scenes) and violence, as well as some language and drinking in the extended version.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The worst scene is the first Blood Eagle execution. Although you barely see anything of the act, the sound effects perfectly describe what is happening. The second Blood Eagle execution is extremely graphic and disgusting but it lacks the tension from the first one.

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