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Sex & Nudity

  • Several instances of men raping women with & without full female nudity.
  • Most of the explicit & exclusive full female nudity is for humiliation.
  • Contains full female nudity both sexual & nonsexual.
  • Graphic female rape is shown often throughout the series.
  • Season 1 episode 4, A man is killed while urinating outside. (No nudity)
  • A lot of female nudity. Woman are shown full frontal, at times full pubic hairs visible. Closeup on bare butts and bare breasts of females. Nothing left to the imagination when it comes to females in the show, but no genitalia is ever displayed.
  • Female full frontal nudity
  • Male and female nudity. No genitalia shown from either gender.
  • Sex scenes show steamy foreplay involving kissing, fondling & 1 partner mounting the other. Afterwards couples lie together in various stages of undress (men shirtless & women's bare breasts & buttocks). Sexual discourse is heard, for example when a woman tells a man "I want to ride you like a bull."
  • There are two very different cuts of this series, one shown and most common streamed in the USA, rated T-14, and one televised in Europe and also as Blue Ray world wide rated TV-MA and MA. In the TV-14 version there is no frontal nudity in the entire series, and a lot of the explicit violence is also cut. This is because original series showing was on US broadcast Network History channel. None of the noted nudity above is on the TV-14 version.
  • In season one there is a scene where Rollo rapes a young female slave. Rape of females occurs throughout the series.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence is present in most episodes.
  • The worst scene is the first Blood Eagle execution. Although you barely see anything of the act, the sound effects perfectly describe what is happening. The second Blood Eagle execution is extremely graphic and disgusting but it lacks the tension from the first one.
  • In many scenes you only see the bloody, gory aftermath.
  • A hand is chopped in half. Graphically shown.
  • There are frequent moderately violent scenes and occasional extreme violence, for example a man's lungs are cut out of his back and placed on his shoulders in a punishment ritual.
  • A man is tied to a pole. A woman approaches him, pulls a knife, and cuts off his penis. This is not shown but it is made clear what is going on.
  • There are a few scenes in which peoples heads are smashed, showing brains, twice with hammers, and one where only the aftermath is seen.
  • Gratuitous and realistic. Bloody battles show closeup sword fights, stabbings, and agonizing death. Corporal punishment is carried out by beheading (in one scene, the victim's head is held up after death to the crowd's cheers) and a stoning gauntlet, among other varieties. Sexual assault and physical attacks are a constant threat to women and children as well.
  • During battles, raids, and assassinations throughout the series, people are beheaded (the bloody aftermath is shown), slashed, stabbed and shot with arrows, sometimes with bloody results.


  • Throughout the entire series there have been 4 F words. Twice in season 2, once in season 4 and once in season 6. However, the one in season 4 is in Old Norse so it's quite easy to miss.
  • In season 6, there is one very strong scene in which a character says the c word 4 times in succession.
  • Rarely "piss."
  • Profanity is sparingly used. "Bitch" is said once in Season One. A man is called "son of a whore" in season Two. A few uses of "piss".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Magic mushrooms are consumed on a few occasions, but this is easy to miss.
  • Vikings drink what's presumed to be ale or beer of some kind, and kids "of age" (which turns out to be 12) get to partake.
  • The Vikings (including twelve-year-old boys) drink ale on occasion.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The battle scenes can be intense, and much tension is present in some scenes. The main character and his older brother are both very aggressive and displays sometimes disturbing behaviour. There is a scary looking leper who works as the shaman of the vikings.
  • In the first two seasons there is a definitive tension between the Christian Priest and the Vikings religious beliefs. This causes some uncomfortable vibes in some situations. The battle between what one believes, what is tolerated, and what one may sacrifice (in terms of beliefs) is fairly intense in some episodes.
  • In season 1 a man occasionally has a vision of a grim reaper-like apparition of the pagan chief god Odin. A man has a dream about how he found his adolescent son murdered. Their bodies are shown.
  • Season 2 has a character who likes to carry with him the skull of his wife who was murdered by his enemies. Most of the other characters display open discomfort and are disturbed by this behaviour.
  • Strong depictions of sex (including 2 rape scenes) and violence, as well as some language and drinking in the extended version.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In season 1, Ragnar and his wife asks a holy man to sleep with them, he declines saying that it is a sin. Ragnar's wife tries to persuade him by slowing lifting her gown. (And up close shot of her thighs are seen, no nudity) the man still doesn't join them.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Ragnar and hvitserk develop drug addictions at different points in the series, Ragnar's appears to be an opioid addiction, as his mouth is seen red after consuming the drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The torture and death of Ragnar Lothbrok is very prolonged, brutal, and EXTREMELY emotional. He is horribly beaten, has his face graphically cut, has a hot piece of metal placed on his torso, and is finally dropped into a pit of snakes.

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