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  • This is common in English-speaking produced movies and TV shows. Generally the characters speak English when they are talking among themselves. But it's implied they are still speaking their native tongue. The Vikings are generally speaking Icelandic since it is the language closest to Old Norse, the language of the Vikings. They also use some words from Swedish and Danish, though we *hear* it as English. When speaking with foreign characters, such as characters from England, they speak in Icelandic and we see subtitles. This is to show the English characters can't understand them.

    Where it gets confusing to some viewers is that the English characters are often speaking Old English when among the Vikings, which can sound very similar to Swedish to an untrained ear. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The acting takes place around a lake in Wicklow, Ireland, but some additional photography was taken in Western Norway. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Aslaug shows up with her huge dog in the Episode "All Change" S01E09. Since we weren't able to fully agree with (Alaskan) Malamute, Keeshond and Caucasian Shepherd: Aslaug's cutie is probably a mix.

    During the Viking Age and later, Royalty liked to breed what we call nowadays the Irish Wolfhound. In the Episode "Boneless" S02E08 Irish Wolfhounds are shown, when Princess Kwenthrith arrives with her tross at King Ecbert. Aslaug's cute teddy-bear for sure doesn't have any of these slim dogs in his veins. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Since the pilot episode, the time frame has surpassed between 30 to 40 years. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Kattegat is east of Denmark and west of Sweden. It's basically the water that is in between Denmark and Sweden. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The word "Hell" originates from Germanic mythology and was the name for the underworld, as well as the goddess who ruled this realm, much like Hades was the name of both a realm and a god in Greek Mythology. The Anglo-Saxons and Norsemen practiced Germanic mythology and when they where converted to Christianity the word was adopted as the word for the Christian concept.

    Hel (also called Hela) is the daughter of the god/jötunn Loki and the jötunn Angrboða. She rules over the dead who did not die in battle and are, therefore, denied entry into Valhöll or Sessrumnir, the halls were slain warriors dwell.. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Svein's accent is similar to how some Danes speak English. Especially American English. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • House of Lothbrok

    Ragnar: A viking farmer at the start of the show, who became a famed warrior. Eventually became Earl of Kattegat, then King of Norway. Went into exile after failing to sack Paris on his second raid.

    Lagertha: Ragnar's wife at the start of the show and a shield maiden. Eventually divorced and remarried to Sigvard. Became Earl Ingstad of Hedeby after the mutiny against Sigvard. Became Queen of Kattegat after defeating Aslaug.

    Rollo: Ragnar's older brother and a brutal and uncontrollable viking. Envies his younger brother at times. He and Ragnar tend to be bitter rivals. Became Duke of Normandy and married Princess Gisla after the Battle of Paris.

    Bjorn Ironside: Son of Ragnar and Lagertha. Follows in his fathers footsteps as a viking. Despises his stepfather, Sigvard. Protective of his own family.

    Gyda: Daughter of Ragnar and Lagertha. Close to her mother and Athelstan.

    Aslaug: Ragnar's second wife. Daughter of two legendary vikings. Had an affair with Ragnar while he was still married to Lagertha. Accompanied by her dogs. Lust's power. Has a hatred for Christians.

    Þórunn: Aslaug's slave at the start of the show. Later freed and married to Bjorn. A devoted wife and shieldmaiden. Received a scar on her face on the Hill of the Ash.

    Ubbe: Firstborn son of Ragnar and Aslaug. Known to be sharp and cunning, especially when it comes to hunting down someone or something.

    Hvitserk: Second son of Ragnar and Aslaug.

    Sigurd: Third son of Ragnar and Aslaug. Called "Snake-in-the-Eye" because of the mark in his eye. Named after Aslaug's late father. Known to have a conflict with Ivar. Has a distaste toward his mother.

    Ivar: Fourth son of Ragnar and Aslaug. Called Ivar the Boneless because of his weak bones and twisted legs. Born with tormenting pain, which was remedied by Harbard. Shown deep affection and care by his mother. Unable to walk, so he has to crawl or be carried around by his brothers. Has to wear braces just to walk upright.

    Margrethe: One of Aslaug's slaves, also a lover of Ubbe, Hvitserk, and Sigurd. Known to be tormented by Ivar. Later becomes Ubbe's wife.

    Siggy Bjornsdottir: Daughter of Bjorn and Þórunn. Ragnar's granddaughter. Named after Rollo's lover. Left in Kattegat by her mother.

    House of Haraldson

    Earl Haraldson: The ruthless Earl of Kattegat at the beginning of the show. Lost 2 of his sons before the series, which shows his frustration and strife. Sees those who make a name for themselves and prove themselves worthy as a threat.

    Siggy: Earl Haraldsons wife at the start of the series. Became Rollo's lover after her husband's death. Protects her daughter by any means.

    Knut: Earl Haraldsons half-brother from the House of Tjodolf. Very trusted by his half-brother. Known to be a savage beast around women.

    Thyri: Daughter of Earl Haraldson and Siggy. Protected by her mother. Tends to disapprove of her fathers actions, especially if it involves marrying her off to someone she doesn't know.

    House of Gudfredsson

    Horik: King of Norway at the start of the series. Sees anyones thriving ambitions as a threat. Has a serious dispute with Jarl Borg.

    Gunnhild: King Horik's wife and shieldmaiden.

    Bjarni: King Horik's cousin. Earl of Svealand, which is in Sweden. Thyri's repulsive betrothed.

    Ari: King Horik's oldest son. Yearns to make his father proud.

    Erlendur: King Horik's second son. Ruthless and deceitful. Known to hold a grudge. Took Torvi as his wife after Borg's death. Hates the Lothbroks.

    Royal Family of Northumbria

    Aelle: King of Northumbria. Known to take attacks on his land very personal. Holds a serious grudge with Ragnar. Despises Pagans.

    Ealhswith: King Aelle's wife.

    Judith: King Aelle's daughter and Aethulwulfs wife. Has an affection for Athelstan.

    Lord Aethelwulf: King Aelle's brother who leads the armies of Northumbria.

    Alfred: Bastard son of Judith and Athelstan.

    Royal Family of Wessex

    Ecbert: King of Wessex. Ambitious in all manners. Sees Ragnar as both a friend and an enemy.

    Aethelwulf: Ecbert's son and heir to Wessex. Married to Judith, but loves Kwenthrith. Can be merciful, but also a dangerous soldier.

    Aethelred: Aethulwulf and Judiths son and heir to Wessex.

    Royal Family of Mercia

    Brihtwulf: Self-proclaimed King of Mercia. Considered a vulgar and disgusting man. Raped and abused his own niece as a child.

    Wigstan: Crowned Prince of Mercia. Makes Ecbert an offer he can't refuse.

    Kwenthrith: Princess of Mercia at the beginning. Became Queen after every man in her family died. Abused by her uncle and others as a child. Cares only for her bastard child, Magnus.

    Burgred: Kwenthrith's brother. A cowardly prince who allowed his uncle to take the kingship.

    Magnus: Kwenthriths child, and Ragnar's bastard son, or so Kwenthieth claimed. Cared deeply by his mother.

    Royal Family of Frankia

    Charles: Emperor of Frankia and Son of Charlemagne. Married his daughter off to Rollo after the raid on Paris as part of a peace agreement. Known to be a closeted bisexual.

    Gisla: Princess of Frankia and Charles's daughter. Despises the vikings, including Rollo. Disapproved of marrying a viking, at first. Later in show develops a relationship with Rollo.

    William: Rollo and Gisla's first child and son.

    Marcellous: Rollo and Gisla's second son.

    Celsa: Rollo and Gisla's first daughter.

    Edit (Coming Soon)

  • First Appearing in Season One

    Athelstan: A monk from the Lindisfarne Monastery. Captured by Ragnar and his men. Befriended Ragnar early in the show and fought as a warrior alongside him. A devoted Christian with knowledge of the Bible. A merciful man in conflict.

    Floki: An insane warrior and boat maker loyal to Ragnar, but more loyal to Odin. Claims his actions are justified by the Gods, even though he acts out mainly for his own desires. Has a strong and passionate hatred for Christians; Athelstan especially. Not a fatherly type.

    The Seer: A wise shaman in Kattegat with a deformed face claiming to speak for the Gods. Also interprets what is coming to those who seek his council.

    Borg: Jarl of Götaland in Sweden. In a land dispute with King Horik. Quick and agile in battle. A merciless marauder who will claim what he believes is his by any means.

    Helga: Floki's devoted wife. Lingers alongside her husband, even in the harshest of times.

    Torstein: A fierce viking and friend of Ragnar and Floki's. Gruesome in a fight, and ruthless toward hostages and prisoners.

    Svein: Loyal and ruthless steward of Earl Haraldson. Monstrous and cold-hearted in his actions. Not afraid to get his hands dirty.

    Arne: A viking under Ragnar's leadership. Wears an eye patch. Skilled with a bow.

    Leif: A tall viking warrior loyal to Ragnar. Willing to die when the moment comes.

    Erik: A veteran warrior and Ragnar's neighbor. Leif's father.

    Elisef: Erik's wife and Leif's mother.

    Father Cuthbert: Bishop of Lindisfarne Monastery. Athelstan's mentor.

    Wigea: Knight under King Aelle tasked with defeating Ragnar on the shores.

    Kauko: A viking and part of Ragnars expedition crew to England.

    Olafur: Norseman of Kattegat with a lustful attraction to Siggy.

    Tostig: A viking veteran whose only wish is to die in battle, so that he may sup in the halls of Valhalla.

    Edgar: An Ealdorman under Wigea's command during the fight in Northumbria.

    Hakon: A viking who joined Ragnar on his expedition to England, but showed cowardice during the voyage.

    Unwan: A Christian Priest and counselor to King Aelle.

    Eric Trygvassos: Land owner accused of murder. Holds land that Haraldson wants to acquire.

    First Appearing in Season Two

    Einar: Nephew of Earl Sigvard and warrior in Hedeby. Has an affection for Lagertha, but takes rejection personally. Aided Kalf in the usurping of Lagertha's Earldom.

    Edmund: Bishop of Wessex and a counselor to King Ecbert. Executes criminals by crucifixion.

    Torvi: Jarl Borg's wife at the start. Married to Erlendur but treated as a servant. Cares deeply about her son, Guthrum. Later taken in as Bjorn's wife.

    Sigvard: Earl of Hedeby at the start of the show. Lagertha's cruel and abusive second husband. Known to be drunk and disrespectful.

    Werferth: Ealdorman and advisor to Ecbert and a Saxon Nobleman.

    Swithun: Bishop of Winchester and West Saxon minister.

    Thorvard: Viking warrior under King Horik.

    Angrboda: Daughter of Floki and Helga. Distant of her father but close to her mother.

    Eadric: West Saxon nobleman and adviser to King Ecbert. Has a distaste for pagans.

    Hild: One of Aslaugs handmaidens who catches the eye of Ragnar.

    First Appearing in Season Three

    Harbard: A mysterious wanderer who appears in Kattegat. Rumored to be a manifestation of some God. Humble to those around him. Able to heal the pain of others.

    Odo: Count of Paris. Lead the defense of Paris against the vikings.

    Kalf: A trusted warrior of Lagertha's who then overthrew her rule and became Earl of Hedeby at Einars advice. Later he went against Einar and offered Lagertha to rule alongside him.

    Sinric: A wanderer recruited by the vikings to be the interpreter with the Franks. Knows his way around Paris. Not a fighter.

    Siegfried: An Earl of his own land and a fierce warrior in his own right. Likes to have fun, even when facing death.

    Roland: Count Odo's First-in-Command. Made Count of Paris after Odo's death.

    Therese: Count Odo's mistress, but Rolands lover.

    Guthrum: Jarl Borg and Torvi's son. Left in Erlendur's care in exchange for Torvi to end that marriage. Later grew up to train as a viking.

    Stender: A viking farmer who survived an assault on the village by Aethelwulf.

    First Appearing in Season Four

    Harald Finehair: A king in his own claim who yearns to be King of all Norway, even at the cost of overthrowing Ragnar.

    Heahmund: A bishop from Sheaborne and a noted warrior.

    Yidu: An enslaved woman captured out of Paris. Bought by Aslaug to use as a weapon against Ragnar. Chinese origin. Ragnar chose instead to make her a mistress.

    Astrid: Lagertha's most trusted shield maiden and lover.

    Halfdan the Black: Harald's younger brother and viking warrior of Norway. Despises all Christians.

    Odin: Referred to as the Norse god of Valhalla. It is said the Vikings and Norsemen speak of Odin and yearn to sup in the halls of Valhalla. Said to come in the form of a raven, but lately in the form of a black-cloaked man.

    Prudentius: A Frankish monk known to translate Latin texts for King Ecbert. Judith is inspired by him.

    Hoskuld: A skilled viking warrior and the brother of Earl Jorgensen.

    Earl Jorgenson: Earl from Sweden. Joined the army of Ragnars sons and offered a sword to Lagertha.

    Egil: The bastard son of an Earl. Has a scar upon his face and yearns to take his fathers place. He is taken notice immediately by Harald and Halfdan.

    Princess Ellisef: A young woman who Harald Finehair built an obsession for, until she was married to an Earl in Denmark.

    Leo X: Pope of Rome and head of the Catholic Church.

    Waerferth: A scout from Mercia, now under Aethelwulf's command.

    Vik: An earl from Denmark and Princess Ellisef's husband.

    Tanaruz: A young Muslim girl from Spain who witnessed her family murdered by Bjorn's forces. Helga addopts her against Floki's advice.

    Thorhall: A viking messenger from the English settlement looking for Ragnar.

    Eirik: Rollo's lieutenant at the viking village in Frankia.

    Lupus: An abbot hired to teach Rollo to speak in the Frankish tongue as well as Parisian customs.

    First Appearing in Season Five

    Denewulf: Heahmund's lieutenant.

    Aethelgyth: A devoted Christian woman and native of Wessex.

    White Hair: Ivar's personal bodyguard.

    Bishop Cynebert: Bishop at York. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Note: This is in order from the first death to the most recent. The names highlighted in orange are yet to be determined.

    Season One

    Eric Trygvassos is beheaded for murder on Earl Haraldsons orders.

    Hakon is slain by Ragnar for his cowardice and tossed overboard into the sea.

    Olafur is stabbed and axed by Svein after being caught trying to seduce Siggy.

    Father Cuthbert is murdered by Rollo after the vikings raided the monastery.

    Knut is killed by Lagertha after sexually assaulting an English woman.

    Kauko is killed in battle on the shore by the soldiers of Northumbria.

    Wigea gets tossed in a pit of snakes on King Aelle's orders.

    Erik is killed by Earl Haraldson's men outside his home, while celebrating another victory with Ragnar and the other raiders.

    Earl Haraldson faces Ragnar in combat, gets taken to the ground, and gets his wrist slit open, causing him to bleed out.

    Svein takes an ax to the stomach by Rollo after demanding the guards to kill Ragnar.

    Earl Bjarni is stabbed to death by Siggy who sought to save her daughter from that marriage.

    Tostig is killed during the attack on the viking encampment by Aelle's soldiers.

    Lord Aethulwulf is murdered by Ragnar's men after a failed rescue attempt, and sent back to King Aelle dead.

    Leif agrees to be the sacrifice at Uppsala and King Horik carries it out.

    Gyda, Thyri, and many other citizens died from the plague that hit Kattegat.

    Season Two

    Arne is impaled with a spear in battle by Rollo.

    Ari is hit with an arrow during a battle in Wessex.

    Bishop Swithun gets tied to a pillar, shot with an arrow by Earlandur and the other vikings, and had his throat slit by Athelstan to save him the pain.

    Eadric has his throat sliced open with an ax by King Horik.

    Thorvard and the rest of King Horik's invading forces are butchered by Ecberts forces.

    Earl Sigvard takes a knife through the eye by Lagertha and is beheaded by Einar.

    Jarl Borg is executed in Kattegat in a ritual known as the Blood Eagle.

    Gunnhild gets her stomach slashed open and stabbed in by Lagertha.

    King Horik is wounded by Lagertha, Bjorn, and Torstein, and stabbed and beaten to a pulp by Ragnar after being betrayed by Floki.

    Season Three

    King Brihtwulf is knocked off his horse and gets struck in the head with an ax in battle by Floki.

    Torstein is shot by Mercian archers and stabbed by a Mercian foot soldier at the Hill of the Ash.

    Siggy Haraldson drowns in the ice river after saving Hvitserk and Ubbe.

    Burgred is poisoned by Kwenthrith at the feast.

    Stender is strangled by Ragnar in his private quarters.

    Athelstan is cut down in his hovel by Floki.

    Earl Siegfried is captured and beheaded in Paris, but not before tricking a soldier into losing his hand.

    Season Four

    Einar gets an crossbow bolt through his throat by one of Kalfs archers. The bolt pins him to a post. He then is castrated by Lagertha. He bleeds out.

    Eirik and his village are ambushed by Rollo and the French archers. He gets 2 bolts put in his chest.

    Angrboda died from a fever. We see Ragnar and Helga burying her.

    Kalf engages Lagertha in a passionate moment, only to take a dagger to the ribs by her.

    Count Odo is set up by Therese to be flogged to death by Roland. We learn Charles ordered his execution.

    Yidu has her body forcibly submerged in the river by Ragnar, causing her to drown.

    Waerferth the Scout tries to stop Kwenthrieth from entering the King's quarters, but takes a dagger to the neck by her.

    Queen Kwenthrieth is stabbed in the back by Judith, just before she could murder Ecbert. She kills her unborn child in the process.

    Siggy Bjornsdottir is discovered dead in the river by Sigurd. Circumstances of her death are unknown.

    Erlendur is shot with a crossbow by Torvi after coercing her to kill Bjorn with it.

    Roland and Therese are garroted by Charles' assassins.

    Quenn Aslaug is shot in the back with an arrow by Lagertha after losing Kattegat.

    Ragnar Lothbrok is tortured, humiliated, beaten, burned, stabbed, and marked with a cross by King Aelle and ultimately dropped into a pit of snakes by the Northumbrian forces.

    Earl Jorgenson is sacrificed as an offering to the Norse Gods by Lagertha.

    King Aelle is given the Blood Eagle by Bjorn Ironside.

    Bishop Unwan is mortally wounded in battle by the Heathen Army. He is brought to Wessex and dies of his wounds.

    Egil the Bastard is wounded by Astrid and tortured by Lagertha. His fate has yet to be determined.

    Vik takes an axe to the forehead by King Harald.

    Princess Ellisef is cut down by Halfdan the Black before she could have a chance to kill King Harald.

    Bishop Edmund is stabbed in the stomach by Hvitserk.

    Tanaruz stabs herself in the chest shortly after mortally wounding Helga.

    Helga is mortally stabbed by Tanaruz and dies in Floki's hands.

    King Ecbert cuts himself open and bleeds out in his bath.

    Sigurd gets an ax thrown to his ribs by Ivar after berating him. He rips out the ax and approaches Ivar, only to collapse.

    Season Five

    Bishop Cynebert is wound in the attack on his church at York and his molten gold poured in his mouth by Ivar, burning his face alive.

    Edit (Coming Soon)


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