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OK, That's My Fault
claudio_carvalho12 September 2014
During the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln (Bill Oberst Jr.) realizes that there are zombies in the Confederate army and he organizes a small group of agents from the Secret Service to take over a fort in Savannah from the enemy to fight against the undead. He has to face not only the walking dead, but also Confederate soldiers, a traitor and his former love Mary Owens (Baby Norman).

I saw the IMDb rating of "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies" and decided to watch this flick; therefore that is my fault. I was expecting to see a funny trash, but I found an awfully boring movie with no story, dreadful acting and cheap CGI. The lead actor is terrible and it might be sad and offensive for the American viewers to see the use the name of American personalities in such lame movie. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?
JoeB1315 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Asylum has it's little niche. Doing bad ripoffs of big Hollywood films on the hope stupid people will buy them from Netflix, Blockbuster or Redbox not knowing what they are. The term is "Mockbuster",and the Asylum is the master of it.

Because someone decided to create a movie called "Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter", the folks at Asylum decided that the Great Emancipator didn't have enough people disgracing his memory.

Lincoln leads a team of Secret Service Agents to fight a Zombie outbreak in Savannah Georgia, which also includes running into Pat Garret, Teddy Roosevelt as a child, Stonewall Jackson and John Wilkes Booth. Other than the name dropping, the bad Civil War Re-enactments and other contempt for the audience's intellect, this is a typical cheap zombie movie.

I should point out the makeup work is truly awful. You couldn't tell the protagonists from the Zombies without a scorecard and some of the fake beards were laughable (Especially the aforementioned Stonewall Jackson.)

It's been 40+ years since "Night of the Living Dead", come up with some new ideas, cheap film makers.

Sometimes Asylum films can be little gems of people trying, and sometimes they can be inadvertently funny. This film was neither.
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Abraham Lincoln would be Turning in his grave, as a Zombie
Bullwinkle9617 June 2012
What The Hell Did I Just Watch!?!?!?!?!?! THIS WAS CRAP!!!!!!!!! DO NOT WATCH THIS!!!!!

I don't know why I watched this, I thought it would be funny. I was wrong. The story is of Abraham Lincoln fighting off Zombies. Some of the Worst CGI possible. I could make a more realistic looking Zombie in Paint. Asylum (See what I did there) WHY DO YOU MAKE ME AND OTHERS SUFFER? Plants vs Zombies has a more realistic Story. AND IT DOESN'T HAVE A STORY! I wish I could rate this film less than a 1 but I can't. Again. Don't watch this. You could be spending your time doing something more interesting, like listening to your Grandfather talk about the war or washing your car. Zombies must have eaten the brains of the Script Writers because they obviously have no Brains. Again. DO NOT WATCH!!!!!
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So bad I loved it...
BadlandZ4 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OK, first off, it's a movie called Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. If you really expected something serious or good, the title was warning enough.

I guess I was just in the mood for some stupidity. I gave it a 3 of 10, but I have to say, even though it was bad, there were moments I really did laugh out loud. For example, when the little kid is sitting on Abe Lincoln's shoulders and telling him to move left and right so he can shoot zombies on the other side of a brick wall that Lincoln can't see over... Hysterical. The kid's shooting a big old musket, and there is no smoke, no recoil, and he never has to reload it! Just BANG, BANG, BANG... Dead Zombies.

To me, that embodied the whole movie. If you can look past such obvious problems with having reality get in the way of the movie, you might get a good laugh out of it. I mean, after all, it is a zombie movie...

There are two types of zombie movies in my book, the ones where you go "ok, here's the crazy scenario that you might have to face zombies" (like I Am Legend or 28 Days Later), and then there is the "who the heck cares, it's a Zombie movie, let's get goofy." This is the ladder, and as such, it's funny as heck.

But, even for the ladder, it does move a little slow, it's no Zombieland... So, I give it a 3.
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Mr. Lincoln kicking zombie butt, then later this year kicking vampire butt? Sure, why not...
paul_haakonsen28 May 2012
Alright, whether or not "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies" is The Asylum's attempt to cash in on the (what looks to become a major picture) "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" or not, well I have no idea about that. But it does seem a bit strange that just prior to the major Hollywood production release of the latter movie, The Asylum decided to put this on the market. That being said, then it seems awfully a lot like what happened with "I am Omega" and the major Hollywood picture "I am Legend" incident.

Regardless of the reasons for why "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies" came into existence, then I have now seen it, not because I am American (which I am not), nor because it was with historically important American president Abraham Lincoln, no, but simply because it was something with zombies.

Taking place during the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and a selection of twelve secret service agents find themselves facing a threat of the living dead as they attempt to take over a ford. However, the living dead is not the only enemy the Union people are facing.

The story, oddly enough, was actually rather captivating and it managed to keep me interested right up to the very end. The storyline is a bit out there, when you think about it, but then again, isn't anything with zombies that? But that is not what I mean. What I meant was taking a historically important figure like Abraham Lincoln and have him battle zombies with a scythe? (And then later on this year, he will be battling vampires!) But oddly enough, in a comical sense, then the movie actually worked out quite nicely.

Having seen a bunch of previous works from The Asylum, then I can honestly say that they went all in this time, guns blazing and digging deep into their pockets. This movie is such a major step up the ladder, production-wise, for The Asylum, and just looking at the movie on the screen is a testament to them suiting up and stepping up to join the major league of movie production. The cinematography was great, the effects were great, and the people they had cast did great jobs. So it was really a refreshing touch to The Asylum's production value.

As for the zombies in "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies", well, then they actually looked alright, though there wasn't any major decay going on in them, as I assume they were to be recently deceased, and that worked out okay. The gore in the movie was alright as well, it just enough to keep a gorehound like me interested. And again, it was nice to see The Asylum step up and use better effects and CGIs for a change. However, one thing did puzzle me about the zombies. They opted to stray from the mainstream zombie, and had them standing about in a deathlike-slumbering trance when they weren't agitated by sound. That I found odd, why would they only be attracted to sound? So they had all lost the sense of sight? But again, it is a matter of personal preference I suppose. Some like Romero-style zombies, some like the fast and agile zombies as those seen in "28 Days Later", and some like something else entirely.

I found "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies" to actually be good entertainment value. There wasn't any scares or real shock scenes in the movie, which would have been nice. But still, if you like zombie movies and wouldn't mind seeing a somewhat comical approach to the take on Abraham Lincoln, then "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies" is definitely worth checking out.

As for the ending of the movie, well I am not revealing anything here, but there is a twist there in wait. I, personally, didn't really like it, but it was a nice turn of events nonetheless.
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I actually really liked it!
fredterling2 August 2012
The film had a very indy, unpolished look. From a cinematography standpoint, the film could have used a better audio mixer or even balanced it. With about another week in the editing room, those things could have been smoothed out.

On the plus side, there were terrific costumes, the camera boxing by the DP was fantastic and the acting was good overall, but Bill Oberst Jr. was ABSOLUTELY excellent. Loved the story and the way the writers worked in historical lines in the name of butt whoopin, "emancipate this!" They had fun creating it and it showed.

I think The Asylum films bring a MUCH needed levity to an industry that takes itself WAY too seriously. Every release from the big studios are on such a grand scale that the trailers themselves look like they cost a $million plus. The blockbusters are so reliant on "wow" cgi, that character development/creativity and story lines are somewhere in the trunk under the spare tire and jack!

This isn't a masterpiece, but it is fun and I laughed a lot. Well done!
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I liked it.
TheXeroXone25 October 2012
This was one of the first recommendations I got from the Cinema Snob website based on his review of the film and his interview with Bill Oberst Jr. I wasn't expecting much since its an asylum film, but I honestly enjoyed it. I found myself drawn to some of the characters being portrayed and Bill Oberst did an excellent job as Abraham Lincoln and its a completely serviceable zombie film.

Of course it has its problems. The CGI effects are incredibly cheap looking (duh, its The Asylum, get over it) and the plot is fairly simplistic. Its basically a standard zombie film which includes historical figures. If you can overlook that, then you should be able to enjoy the film without much difficulty.
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Better than I expected...
Vincent_B23 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Come on people, the title says it all. I was truly amazed that some of the acting was actually well done and not just phoned in, although most could not act well at all. I am almost certain that most of the actors were from a civil war reenactment group.

About half way through with the constant historical figure's names being added, I thought for sure we were going to see Fidel Castro. "Come with me Mr. President if you want to survive! I am from Cuba in the distant future sent back in time to assist you." But I guess the writers didn't think of that one.

Someone actually got a decent camera and found someone who didn't have the shakes from cocaine addiction. I would rank this movie's historical accuracy up there with "Inglourious Basterds" 2009 title. I am still pondering how that one got rated so high.

Now for some spoilers, since this movie events are just prior to his Gettysburg Address in July 1863, Pat Garrett born June 5, 1850 would have been 13 years old. Theodore Roosevelt born October 27, 1858 would have been 5 years old. General Stonewall Jackson (the real one) died in a sick bed from pneumonia. Obviously this was an impostor, I could tell by the fake beard.

The dialog was very excessive in abusing historical quotes. At one point, John W. Booth quotes from Hamlet. I am certain there were a multitude of stolen lines. If don't want to pay a rental fee to view this you can currently watch it on Netflix.
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Too Boring to Watch
Michael_Elliott27 June 2012
Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)

* (out of 4)

The Asylum's "mockbuster" of ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER finds Honest Abe (Bill Oberst, Jr.) having to fight some Confederate zombies. If that seems light on a plot description then you might want to stay away from this film because that's pretty much all there is. You know, many people attack companies like The Asylum for not having any fresh or original ideas of their own but I've always given them a fair shot. I mean, if we were in the 50s or 70s then the drive-in would have been playing these types of movies each and every weekend. With that said, the biggest sin any movie like this could make is to be boring and that's exactly what has happened here. I think there could have been so many interesting ideas that could have been done in regards to Lincoln going up against zombies. Just take a look at how many lives were lost in the war on Lincoln's command, a film about them coming back from revenge would be interesting. The dead from the war coming back to help win it could have been interesting. What we got here is just downright boring on a number of levels but I think the film was just too silly to be taken serious and it wasn't nearly campy enough to keep you entertained. As you'd expect, the CGI effects were all extremely cheap and the fake gore was just painful. The performances weren't too bad and while Oberst gave a good performance I'd say I still had a hard time believing he was really the president (unlike the real movie). It is funny to note that even though this came out a month before the "real" movie, this here actually featured several scenes that were quite similar so I don't know if that was just a coincidence or what. Either way, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES is a complete bust and not worth watching even with a free rental.
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typical The Asylum
trashgang2 October 2012
Here we have it again, The Asylum ripping off another blockbuster. This time Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter (2012). And by now you all know what you can expect from The Asylum. Most of their flicks are full of cheap CGI and bad acting.

This is no exception. Some can act and Abraham Lincoln (Bill Oberst Jr.) was believable but others just couldn't act and them wearing fake beards didn't make it much better.

The zombies looked rather good but still were missing a few things, their clothes were all nicely cleaned. But their faces were okay. Still, there aren't that many zombies to see, only towards the end we do have a horde involving children. When the zombies are being killed it doesn't become gory. The blood and beheadings are done CGI wise, and some CGI is really awful. When zombies are attacking people and getting them to the ground nothing is shown like in those good old zombie flicks. No tearing apart of corpses, no intestines being eaten.

Of course being a low budget it all takes place in one place a so-called fort. Inside there was a lot of talking which didn't add towards the suspense.

The end you could see it coming from miles away.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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Stupid, Pointless But Awesome...
theoriginalfps5 June 2013
Let me just say that the movie isn't good, its not even close to good.

I have seen Asylum Films before, I've seen Alien Vs Avatar (1/10) and Nazis At The Center Of The Earth (2/10). And that being said i didn't have much expectations for Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies, but i was surprised!

I mean how can you not enjoy a movie where ABRAHAM LINCOLN CHOPS ZOMBIES HEADS OFF WITH AN SICKLE? Also it was technically much more advanced than the other Asylum Films, for example there actually was color correction and even decent green screens. Also acting wasn't even decent(Guy playing Lincoln was close to decent)but it was an improvement from previous Asylum Films. I Admit that the second half was a bit boring, but i liked the film for what it is...

Acting: 4/10 Effects: 5/10 Action: 5/10 Story: 3/10 Overall an 5/10
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Kind of funny movie! Should be in comedy Genre
xeshan889 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Prologue: Story line and Actors were nice. but the concept was not. Like sometime you will feel that children are playing Zombie game in yard.

Truth: When they coming inside the one order to open the main gate all zombies are standing outside like skeleton. When they fire on ZOMBIE like a cartoon hold the gun for 2-3 second then give chance to zombie to attack. Sometime i wonder what are they waiting for why they don't shoot. And when the rifle is out of ammo they just leave it with zombie they don't try to hit it on it.

Music: Coming to sound fx and music. SFX was good but sound is like old Charlie Chaplin movie one track music in all movie is repeated again and again. Simply like a newbie edit home video with a single soundtrack.

The scene concept sight was wonderful

I have watched and i like zombie movies but this one was awful. Sorry to say.
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Best B movie I've seen in a while.
frankcblazik13 October 2012
This is a classic, "its so bad, it's good film". I had a few friends over for a man movie night and this seemed like a good fit. Senseless violence with poor visual effects and a touch of historical incorrectness.

The evening was more of a "mystery science theater 3000" showing of a really crappy Netflix B movie special. We had more fun hurling insults at the film than following the ridiculous plot line.

If you love fake dollar store mustache thrillers, this movie is for you.

All in all it was really fun to watch.
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Linc Looses Cut Off Point
TImberline_Slugger17 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The world of B rated flicks has been around since the days of Edward D. Wood Jr. It is acceptable to make a film with a working budget of $150,000, having a cast of more than ten and a storyline that tries to make sense. It is also accepted that there will be a script with people who are being paid as actors to play the parts and interpret the lines.

However, this is not the best example of this genre of film.

The story tries to follow the historical facts after the Battle of Gettysburg; it uses the characters that are well known through out history, yet, with the best will in the world, having a zombie in the same room/area as Abraham Lincoln does stretch it a bit. Having those Zombies evenly spaced over a field in a long shot makes more of a mockery especially while famous historical characters argue over who will die!

The acting notwithstanding, the make up (when you see Stonewall Jackson's beard, you will understand) is really a disappointment. The zombies must have gone to 'Little Miss Messy's House Of Childhood Makeup -Artists'...The music has been stolen from every B movie back to the 1950's. The camera work is straight from the pamphlet, 'How to be a Movie Director in Five Easy Steps'! (Where were the over the shoulder shots?)

Now for the good parts, for every movie has them: This movie tries to make a huge film with a small budget. The director and actors must have taken a small sum for their work and for that I commend them.

One question, if you had chosen to make the film without piggybacking on 'Lincoln vs the Vampires', would Asylum have said yes????

Nest time, be true to the film.
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This was a LOT more fun than I expected it to be. Spoilers.
hairy_buddah1 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In a film that is this low budget you know there are going to be problems and deficiencies. But as cheap zombie flicks go this one had a lot of fun bits. Somebody actually CARED about the screenplay. There were parts that were actually clever.

I loved it that the little boy joining the group was Teddy Roosevelt. I had to look it up. Teddy would have been 7 around that time, so it is possible for him to have encountered Lincoln and the zombies. And of course Lincoln inadvertently gave Teddy one of his trademark lines.

There were plenty of other historical references scattered throughout the film. Most teen viewers probably won't get them. I have a teenager who just finished studying the Civil War in high school. Not possible for him to get it with the education he got. (sigh) Maybe read Killing Lincoln before reading this. It will give a lot of context to the names and locations.

There was actually a scene lifted right out of Hamlet! It gave me a good 5 minutes worth of giggles. And I don't giggle.

Throughout the movie the Gettysburg Address kept developing. A phrase here, a paragraph there, all naturally flowing from the action in the movie. I have never enjoyed an Asylum script this much.

Yes the acting was stiff. A lot of the scenes were clumsily blocked and directed. The Civil War battle scenes were pretty good. Almost certainly stolen from somewhere else, or they just filmed at a reenactors event. Too many people did dumb stuff. Low budget zombie film I get it.

But I was completely taken by surprise by the ending. I really didn't see that one coming. Maybe I was just being a little slow.

For what it is, this film was about as it could be, and much better than it deserved to be. Give it a chance.
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I like this movie
alesclavon16 June 2012
At first I was a little wary of this movie, seeing that they have a movie with Pres. Lincoln hunting vampires this movie was not bad in fact it was pretty good. The acting could have been better, but all in all it was good to watch. It had all the elements that make a good zombie movie.Blood, gore, and of course zombies. It was also fun to watch the Pres. go out and take charge and get his zombie kill skills going rather than sit in his office and give directions.The story line was good and well written. The locations were on point with just a little bit of modern day materials. But was also a good history lesson if you know your US History you will see for your self.
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Don't give up the day job Mr Lincoln.
rogerblake-281-71881928 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Henry Ford said that history is bunk and this film certainly lives up to this premise.In 60 years as a film fan I don't think I've ever seen such a load of old cobblers,on the other hand it was strangely entertaining,laugh out loud funny with a genuinely chilling climax. Here we have Abraham Lincoln seeing off zombies having already sorted out the vampires in a previous film.What's next,cursed Egyptian mummies,werewolves or even helping Dr Who to sort out the Daleks. Abraham Lincoln himself was fond of telling a tall story so I think he would have been quite amused at the idea. Not going to dwell on the so called plot too much but a film that depicts Lincoln,Stonewall Jackson,Pat Garrett,a young Teddy Roosevelt (bully for you son) Lincoln's ex girlfriend Mary Owens and A.N.Other (I'm not giving this one away) joining forces at Fort Pulaski to destroy zombies shows imagination at least. The ending is quite startling,the more discerning viewer might suss it out but it certainly caught me on the hop. How can one rate such a film,one for being such a load of old rubbish or ten for the sheer cheek and audacity and the laugh aloud moments.I think I will rate it somewhere in the middle and add an extra star for Bill Oberst Junior's convincing take on Lincoln.Was it just my imagination or did he sound very like Robert Duvall?What the heck give it another star for good old Stonewall Jackson's joke shop beard.
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Yes, Asylum makes one good movie.
c-conley9019 September 2012
Yes, it's a cheap, z-grade rip-off of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. But it's a fun, cheap, z-grade rip-off. While yes, there's some bad special effects like PC graphic CGI blood. But the acting is honestly, the best an Asylum has been grace with. With Bill Oberst JR. literally becoming Abe Lincoln. Now is it better than it's big budget counterpart, probably not technically and budget wise. But it is a good enough movie on it's own two feet. Which is something at least good to say for a usually crummy Asylum movie. I recommend it to be rented, a rare recommendation I make for Asylum movies. They may some promise in the future.
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You have to choose another movie to watch...
cinsdikici_imdb26 July 2012
After watching the movie, you will come across with a question of "why I have wasted my time ?". The actors are playing artificially (nothing is going on its nature). Scenario is not meaningful and there is no philosophy (i.e. something brilliant and novel about the zombie concept). The movie aims just to kill zombies. The main focuses of the movie are spilling lot of blood and cutting the heads.. The soldiers around the President are programmed to behave just like CIA agents in modern movies (i.e. which is the funniest side of the movie -"yes sir yes sir"-). Another strange point can be given about the Lincoln. Why he is chosen as zombie hunter is another mystery. Is this choice indicating that only the president can save the "world's" people from zombies and enemies ?. I am advising to you that you should not waste your time. Instead, you can read the book about the Abraham Lincoln.
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Badly written, poorly acted & stodgy. Passable effort with disappointing results.
TheSquiss9 July 2012
Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies makes it two one-star films in two days. All is not good in the world of The Squiss. However, there are vast differences between the states of Iron Sky (yesterday's one-star film) and Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies, not least of all the budget. That Iron Sky had just under $9.5m compared to ALVZ's budget of $150,000 at least makes most of the latter's mistakes forgivable if not watchable.

The lack of budget makes the anachronisms understandable; it's very difficult to ensure the sets are perfectly authentic when the budget forces the use of available locations rather than custom-built sets. Believable prosthetics also cost mucho $$$ and so head of make-up Renonda Anderson makes the most of her greasepaint and fake blood. Her work qualifies for a C+ but it's a pity director Richard Shenkman didn't take Spielberg's Jaws approach of showing as little as possible so as to make the rubber shark more menacing.

What is unforgivable, and completely unrelated to budget, is the poor, and at time shocking, acting from principals and background artists alike. There isn't even any consistency with the movement of the zombies and that would have instantly improved the viewing experience. There's an awful lot of hamming it up and even more instances of walk, talk, turn head, talk, facial expression, talk… Yes, there are some god-awful amateurs out there, and I've received some quality hate mail from reviews and features I've published in the past highlighting them (if demand is high, I'll re-publish them on this blog sometime), and the majority of Abraham Lincoln vs Zombie's cast is equal to them. Whilst there is variation in the performances, the variety on offer is ham, wooden, awkward and dire and there are slipped accents aplenty.

The exception, thank goodness, is Bill Oberst Jr. playing the titular character. He's not famous, he isn't mind-blowingly good and according to his IMDb page has worked since 2007 largely playing unnamed or single-monikered characters in short films and individual episodes of TV series. However, with 18 projects in pre-production, post-production or awaiting release Oberst Jr. must be doing something right and is quite likely to continue working for a while yet. While Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies is a dreadful film, because of the ineptitude surrounding him, Oberst Jr. stands head and shoulders, both literally and figuratively, above his fellow cast members.

What else is wrong with it? How long do you have, or rather, how much interest do you have in it? It isn't graded properly, it jars with the period, the sound mix is poor, the editing is lazy and the timing is mostly awful. It looks as cheap as it is but I'm giving it two stars (rather than nowt) because Shenkman has made the best of the shoddy materials on offer. He's only getting two stars, though, because he could have found better actors at the local high school and even Barbara Cartland could have written a more dramatic screenplay despite being more dead and less animated than the zombies on screen.

That said, Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies could turn out to be a very good calling card for Shenkman, for all its stodge. Just look what A Fistful of Fingers did for Edgar Wright. Now there's a man who knows how to shoot zombies!

Another film review from The Squiss. For more reviews from The Squiss subscribe to my blog at www.thesquiss.co.uk
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A pretty dull movie
hypes0571 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I know The Asylum is known for cheap low budget knock-off mock-buster so I didn't really expect much going in. I had also heard that this was their best movie in the catalog so I gave it a chance. Hopes were moderate that it would be decent until the first zombie fight.


A zombie that fights back? OK fine maybe he was still turning but that first encounter already turned me off. The fake make-up, wigs, mustaches and beards were all laughably fake looking, especially the generals. There is NO sense of urgency when they fight the zombies, and it even seems like the zombies are scared of them last half of the movie. At least 3 zombies noticeably back away, or take their time getting to their victims. During the moments leading up to the end it was basically a zombie killing spree as the zombies apparently sleep until a really loud noise wakes them up.

******************************END SPOILERS******************************

I can go on but really, there's not point. I understand its a low budget cash in project like all the other movies from The Asylum and you can't really expect much, which I didn't and even with the low expectations I had I couldn't be prepared for such a bad movie.
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Uncompromisingly Powerful Alternate History and Superb Horror Film
dianerpessler-461644 July 2015
Director Richard Schenkman, working from his own original script, brings to the screen a unique alternate history of the Civil War and the role of the Great Emancipator in the Union victory. The amazing concept of Abraham Lincoln having to engage in battle with the walking dead in order to, not only preserve the Union, but to purge the Confederacy of evil, is astounding on its face. However, this film is so well conceived and beautifully realized with outstanding production values that the audience is quickly caught up in this dark struggle between Lincoln and the zombies. Bill Oberst, Jr. gives a superb performance as Lincoln and it is much more than a caricature. Oberst's Lincoln is a tortured soul looking unblinkingly into the eyes of evil incarnate and it's an amazing portrayal. Debra Crittenden is simply excellent and deeply moving as the troubled Mary Todd Lincoln, loyal wife but unstable ally to the president. At times horrific, with unforgettable imagery and stunning action sequences, this is a film that will please genre fans and historical scholars alike.
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Excellent for the Faint-of-Heart Zombie Fans
cweinstein-951 January 2014
Useful for the zombie lovers of all ages. I took my seven year old sister and she adored the actors in the familiar Savannah area where we live! Definitely good for the faint of heart zombie fans!

There are some things to be noted:

1) Directors did a good job in keeping this focused not on the gore, but on some history as well(such as Lincoln, Booth, etc.)

2) Make-up is extraordinary on the zombies, such as the blood

3) FINALLY a movie with no cussing

I enjoyed the film, so will the other viewers who are crazy for history and historic people/places!

ONE MORE NOTE: Did I mention this takes place at Fort Pulaski National Monument???
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View It As Its Own Movie
drsj92 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While this is definitely a mock-buster, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies should be viewed as its own picture rather than trying to compare it with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I thought it was very well put together, especially with a mere $150,000 budget. It shocked me that it had such an actual low budget. I would have figured somewhere around a million, give or take. I was well pleased with the acting and production quality of this neat little motion picture. The adding of other historical figures as characters was, I thought, a cool touch. Like Pat Garrett and a young Teddy Roosevelt assist Abe and Company to stop the undead.
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Cream of the crap .......
merklekranz16 July 2013
I bought this on a double feature DVD along with "Nazi's at the Center of the Earth", and although without question "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is one of the worst DVDs in my collection, it is "Oscar" material compared to "Nazi's at the Center of the Earth". The Lincoln character decapitating zombies, along with a couple somewhat entertaining moments, the film at least tries to tell some kind of story, no matter how ridiculous. Nazi's on the other hand has no redeeming qualities. The fact that Bill Oberest actually delivers an interesting Abraham Lincoln character helps drag this into cream of the crap territory. I've seen worse for sure. - MERK
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