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What happened to tony Jaa?????
Mr iz-one Belly31 October 2013
Saw this flick in Malaysian theater and i just have to tell you guys that this is one of the worst tony jaa flick... I just cant feel the awesomeness power of tony jaa in this movie... Ongbak 1,2,3 , the first protector is 3-4 times better compared to this movie... I am assuming that the producers and director are experimenting with their CG and 3D format technology. Too much CG really spoil the action scenes. I love the originality of his previous films... reminds me of the early Jackie Chan CG pure stunts.... There is one scene involving a couple of motorcycles on a roof top and i think this is way to ridiculous to accept...the stunt guys seems to have difficulty to control their motorcycle and again it is just so painful to watch. Don't get me started with RZA final scene with the elephant....

why oh why do they have to experiment with special effect on this movie. I was hopping it would be a good film just like what keanu reeves did in man of tai chi.....plain fun good action...

Im hoping tony jaa still can kick Ass in the upcoming fast and furious 7.

try to avoid this film if you are hoping for a good fight scenes..there is none.
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What were they thinking?
ericthered014 February 2014
What has happened to Tony Jaa? I guess Ong Bak and The Protector were lightning in a bottle type moments because his movies are getting worse. This movie is the opposite of what made him popular in the first place. It was him with no wires or CGI, doing amazing stunts and hard-hitting martial arts. This movie not only uses wires, but horrible looking CGI and scenes obviously shot in front of a green screen. Not only does the CGI look bad in this movie but Jaa's fighting abilities seem to have taken a hit too. He looks slower and even a little sloppy at times. JeeJa Yanin is completely wasted in this movie too. Why even put her in the movie just to get beat up most of the time? And the RZA? He took an already bad movie and plunged it to the bottom of the barrel. He's a terrible actor and shouldn't be anywhere near a fight scene. I keep waiting for the magic of Jaa's first two movies to reappear but sadly I don't think that day will ever come.
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Worst Movie of Tony Jaa
Ruky28 January 2014
I remember the movie called "Ong-bak ". I was so impressed the real action of Tony Jaa. I became a fan of him.

But this movie is totally worse. If i saw his this movie for the first time I will never have a feeling like that.

the CG effects are very low quality. actually Tony Jaa doesn't need any CG effects. We love his genuine action. The producers and director ruined Tony Jaa's abilities by adding over CG effects!

The script is very very vary poor. Specially the roof scenes with motor bikes! never acceptable!! If you love Tony Jaa I advice not to watch this movie, You will definitely brake your image of Tony Jaa !!!
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Tony Jaa and his elephants are back!!! Is it worth checking out or should you pack your 'trunk' and get outta here??? Read on to find out!
Maximum Extreme18 November 2013
Tony, Tony, Tony… What have you been up to? First you entice us with your crazy stunts in Ong Bak and follow up with knockout Tom Yum Goong but then you've really fallen off the radar. The guy literally blasted onto the screen from nowhere and became an instant star in the martial arts world. With Jackie Chan and Jet Li aging and Donnie Yen producing material of inconsistent quality, action fans were hungry for a worthy successor. We thought that person may have been Tony Jaa and it still might be.

Fans of Jaa will know that he had been previously tied into the worst 10-year movie contract ever heard of by Sahamongkol Film International. The contract prevented him from doing any film other than the ones they wanted. Jaa had something of a breakdown and there were even stories that Jaa left the sets of the Ong Bak sequels to go and become a monk in a monastery. The 10 years expired and the guy is now back on the big screen – but wait! He signed on again with the same damn production company and they are once again being complete morons! Following recent news that Jaa had signed on to star in the next Fast & Furious movie, Sahamongkol Film once again threatened legal action against Jaa stating that he'd broken his contract by taking on work without their permission. For us lucky movie fans, it looks like Jaa is going ahead with Fast 7 despite this, as well as Hong Kong movie SPL 2 with Wu Jing! Excellent news indeed!

Jaa's movies have always been simple movies reminiscent of Van Damme movies from yesteryear. They have a lot of heart and a lot of ass kicking. In the original Tom Yum Goong (AKA The Protector), Jaa's elephants get kidnapped and brought over to Australia. Jaa goes over and gets them back. Simple! The movie was pretty badass, featuring an amazing one take sequence as Jaa makes his way to the top of a building, taking down loads of bad guys on the way.

There was also a crazy Jaa vs. 50 bad guys sequence towards the end of the movie. It was pretty cool stuff for martial arts fans, especially as Jaa has always looked like he could really do the stuff we see him do in his movies.

In Tom Yum Goong 2, Jaa finds himself in a predicament as his elephant is kidnapped once again, but the agenda is not so simple this time round. Big bad guy Mr. LC (RZA), a martial arts fan, wishes to use the kidnapped elephant to leverage Jaa to do his evil bidding. Jaa must find a way to stop RZA and save his elephant, all while being hunted by what appears to be almost everyone in Thailand.

The premise sounds like the prefect setup for loads of ass kicking and mad stunts just like the original. Unfortunately, despite all the good intentions, the end product just doesn't deliver.

We don't really need a story but some essence of interconnecting events would be nice. The first half of the movie seems to be dominated by a random and ridiculously long drawn out motorbike chase scene, featuring some really terrible CGI. Gone are the real chases and stunts that we saw Jaa performing in Ong Bak, instead we have third-rate special effects and extreme ridiculousness. It doesn't even make any sense why this whole portion of the movie exists but it does.

Surprisingly, Petchtai Wongkamlao as cop sidekick Mark, was probably the best thing in this film. He provided timely comic relief whereas JeeJa Yanin, from Chocolate and Raging Phoenix fame, is shamefully underused and portrayed to be almost useless next to our hero. Rhatha Phongam is also underused, present only to serve as eye candy.

The single worst, most unforgivable element of this movie is RZA (though the other American actors come close). He has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. No on-screen presence, no charisma, terrible acting, terrible fighting, just terrible terrible terrible. I pray that no one ever allows him on a film set ever again or perhaps he should try method acting and really die at the end of his next movie.

So far things are not sounding too good. So how was the fighting? To be honest, it wasn't that great either. After the first half of the movie was dominated by the silly motorbike chase sequence, we would hope the latter half would focus more on the fights. But once the fights begin, we are not given anything that even comes close to spectacle that was seeing Jaa take down 50 guys back to back. There was nothing new and the over use of CGI ultimately reduced everything to a farce. The first fight with Maresse Crump showed potential which was just never fully realized.

It would also have been nice to see Jaa go up against several worthy adversaries instead of a handful of not so great bad guys who just don't seem to be able to die.

All I was hoping for was a competent martial arts movie and at the end of the day, that isn't what we got. Even in the absence of Jaa's original movies, I would not recommend this.

A disappointment from start to finish, I suggest you check out Jaa's earlier efforts and keep your fingers crossed that his US debut will deliver what Tom Yum Goong 2 couldn't.

One to miss and no, I didn't watch it in 3D and can't imagine it would do anything other than make the experience even worse.

Rating 5 out of 10.

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It is a half-baked movie. Lousy and disjointed music, rough and disjointed cut, bad CGI, bad image composition which make a real stunt looks like a fake stunt.
king_vsjn21 November 2013
Disappointed by Tom Yum Goong 2 (The Protector 2).

It is a half-baked movie. The problem I found with this second installment were mostly post-production stuff, e.g. lousy and disjointed music, rough and disjointed cut, bad CGI, bad image composition which make a real stunt looks like a fake stunt.

Yep. If only the movie was left as it was taken without any post- production things (like let the background were green), it might be more enjoyable than this half-finished movie.

The other problem was lack of screen time for Jeeja Yanin. In THE KICK, Jeeja Yanin didn't play the main character yet she stole the screen. Here, she barely exist although she appeared in the final fight.

Once you can get pass through the annoying things, the movie was actually have a better stuff which could make it a way better than Donnie Yen's Special ID.

TYG 2 was actually felt more like the sequel of Ong Bak instead of Tom Yum Goong.

The earlier scene where Tony Jaa taught children three martial art movement based on elephant movement reminded me to the earlier scene of Ong Bak which Tony Jaa exhibit all the movement from Muay Boran. I was excited watching the scene but unfortunately, that idea was developed into action only for .. err.. two fight scenes. The other fight scenes was all-the-stuff-we-have-seen-from-previous-movies.

The bikes-chase-scenes were kind of mixing between Tuk-Tuk chase scene and gambling gang chase scene from Ong Bak. This scene, which should had been great, unfortunately was the most unfortunate scene ruined by those half-finished post-production.

The actor which may gain benefit from this movie was Marrese Crump who played as Fighter #2. I counted there were four fight scenes in which he appeared. The first fight was so and so (He against Tony Jaa, Jeeja Yanin, and another girl). The second one was amazing (he against Tony Jaa). The third one was too fantasy and the CGI were not good. The fourth one, which also the final fight was good although the choreography was so and so.. but it was tense.

If I'm not mistaken, there will be a project, 'FORMLESS', which had him as a star and also collaborate with the same team from Tom Yum Goong 2. I can't wait to watch it but I wish Sahamongkol Film will really take time to finish the post-production as necessary. Releasing this kind of half-baked movie was really a grave mistake.
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HK Auteur film review - Tom Yum Goong 2
hkauteur30 January 2014
Tom Yum Goong 2 marks Tony Jaa's return since his announced retirement after the failed Ong Bak 3 and living life as a Buddhist monk. The sequel to 2005's Tom Yum Goong has Kham's elephant Khon is kidnapped once again by an evil organization that plans to blackmail Kham into assassinating the President of Katana to kick start a coup. As flimsy as that plot sounds, it is the least of its problems.

By incorporating special effects and stereoscopic 3D into the film's action scenes, Pinkaew forgets its major visual effect, namely Tony Jaa himself. The action is haphazardly cut with an embarrassingly huge amount of spatial jumps and tight close-ups that do not match, as if there was not enough usable footage. Many times the viewer enters the action after the first hit has been made. Apparently there were five editors on the project, what happened?

Tony Jaa is at not in his peak physical form, and the film seems to be hiding it from the audience. He is not as fast or hard-hitting as he once was. Jaa's choreography is restrained, for most of the group fights he just seems to be dispatching people aside as quickly as possible. And the whole time, I was waiting for Jaa to show off. Every time Ja whips out the elephant boxing style, a style that he and fight choreographer Panna invented for the previous film, are some of the film's most exciting moments. Sadly, there is very little of it.

Jeeja Yanin from Chocolate is unfortunately sidelined, she occasionally shows up to help Tony Jaa and vice versa, but otherwise there is little interaction between them. Clumsy cop comic sidekick Petchtai Wongkamlao gets some nice lines in but as seen in the first Ong Bak his strengths seem to lie in physical comedy, which he does not get to do here. The stunning Rhatha Phongam from Only God Forgives also makes a decent femme fatale, but the overabundance of supporting characters and a political assassination plot weighs everything down as the film takes on more than it can handle. Why does it have to be so complicated? Man loses elephant. Man goes and retrieves it, end of story!

RZA, together with his film The Man with the Iron Fist and self-proclaimed love of martial arts films, is forging a reputation to being a kung fu film staple. His casting as the villain is cashing in on that particular geek sheik. Atrocious acting aside, watching RZA sharing an on screen fight with Tony Jaa had me rolling my eyes. RZA movie fights just fine, but does anyone buy him gaining the upper hand on Ja?

Speaking of which, Marresse Crump, who plays the lead henchman, is a great on screen fighter who can go toe-to-toe with Tony Jaa. The first fight between Crump and Jaa had me pumped, and their last fight on a train track was the type of creative set piece I was expecting to see. Both fighters are capable of more complicated choreography but the choreographers held back with their fight. The fights always seem to be over before the audience can properly enjoy them. The first Tom Yum Goong had a video game boss level-like approach with its action sequences that kept topping each other in terms of scale and insanity, which was made it entertaining and hilarious. There is nothing to that equivalent here.

The best Prachya Pinkaew film is still Chocolate, as it had a neat creative angle and managed to incorporate its action in telling an emotional story coherently. Tom Yum Goong 2 just seems oddly distracted and unconfident about what it wants to be.
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Full Action without Brain (Beware: Spoiler)
flaminghurricane25 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie doesn't have a proper plot, it is all action and when I say action I mean non stop mindless action. 1)The battle on the roof top, It look pretty decent at first when a few motorcycle chases Kham(The Hero)to the roof top, but when you notice that there are a whole motorcycle gang maneuvering on the roof top it becomes extremely unrealistic, even when Kham jump from roof to roof there seems to be endless stream of motorcycles chasing him. The worse thing is the screen time of this scene is unbearably long... the main villain also seems to be immortal... I will not touch on too much of detail to prevent spoiling the movie for those that are interested. But please avoid at all cost...
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No so Good
venkatraman_r_7625 April 2014
I give a 4 only for some serious deadly stunts done by real professional fighters. Other than that the whole movie is a waste of time. I think Tony Jaan has also gained some weight compared to his earlier movies. The roof motor cycle fight was way too lengthy and did not give any thrills. The fight in the warehouse in TYG first part was simply fantastic. There is no comparable fights in this movie. The twin sisters were good with their fights but nothing great to mention in detail about it. Jeeja Yanin was good as usual, but I think she is also completely wasted her talents in this movie. RZA, seriously why? There is only build up and no big effects. Sorry,but was very disappointed.
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Worst Tonny jaa Movie... GOD why they even made this movie?
jay klaten8 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was expecting too much. but after i saw the movie i was very disappointed. same old story with very bad fighting choreograpy. And the Plot, How could you lost elephant twice??

The fighting is awful . I give 8 star for the first TYG. Tony jaa met a worthy opponent. like capoera master,wushu master and the 3 big guy.

but in this movie he cant even beat the LC ( the black guy ) which i don't thing he has skill in martial art.

The Motors Gang chasing in roof top ??? come on man. its make no make sense. What is the point of this stunt for?

and yet the 3D effect arrrggghhh. who would expected watching tony jaa's movie in 3D? NO ONE!!!. if i wanted to watch fighting movie in 3D ,i would rather watched Resident evil.

i wanted to watch pure combat fighting with natural stunts.natural move. no wire string no fake bomb just like ong back and TYG1. enough said

If you fans of tony jaa.don't watch this movie. or you will as disappointed as me.
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A convoluted sorry mess
smoogster13 January 2014
I finally got the opportunity to see this yesterday. I was sooooo looking forward to it: Ong Bak is one of my all time favourite martial arts movie. Within 20 minutes I was checking my watch and seriously considering walking out. It really is that bad. Tony Jaa seems to have packed on quite a few pounds and is noticeably slower in everything he does in this movie. Actions he made look effortless in Ong Bak or TYG1 he really seems to struggle to do now. The story made absolutely no sense; a huge convoluted pile of nonsense. The movie is full of truly terrible, dreadful, cgi and the finale is simply awful. Oh, and the acting, especially by the Western actors, was painful. Be warned: if you're Jewish, Muslim or vegetarian, there is an immense amount of ham on screen. A 1 star movie for me. Not even so bad it's worth watching. Just bad.
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Wirework ,CGI and some bias plays a spoilsport
feverbaba12324 January 2014
Finally saw TYG 2. I have to say this is the worst tony Jaa film so far.Not one bit because of Jaa but entirely due to its director Prachya Pinkaew. Cant believe he blew such a great opportunity after giving us Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong.The basic plot is more or less the same as TYG 1 so no point in wasting time in talking about it.Lets get straight to the action.I don't understand this need to go on broad canvas and ruin the kind of films that you stood for.(Raid 2 looks to be going the same route from the last 2 promos).

There are several scenes were there was such a huge opportunity to choreograph a great fight scene but the director simply ruined it by his sudden obsession with wire work and poor CGI.

The biggest irritation for me was to see the director desperately trying to pass off Mareese Crump as this newest greatest martial artist on the block. Watch him just for 2 minutes and you realise its all a farce. Crump is not 1/10th as good as Prachya thinks he is.All his fight scenes with Jaa are poorly choreographed in an attempt to make Crump look good. You can clearly see Jaa has been asked to go half -speed and cut down on his moves to make it look like an even contest and it is all the more disbelieving that someone as novice in Capoeira as Crump can match upto Jaa when we have already seen how convincingly he took on the much superior Capoeira fighter Lateef Crowder in TYG1.The only scenes choreographed well are the ones that do not involve Crump , most definitely the one in the hotel room where an unarmed Jaa fights several armed men. Its a pretty short scene but expertly choreographed and such 1-2 scenes give glimpses of the Tony Jaa we know.Sadly the director had other ideas.

Jeeja Yanin is wasted and most of her stunts have wire work. Less said about RZA the better.This one needed a villain who could match up to the level of Jaa , someone like Scott Adkins perhaps.Tony Jaa has admittedly slowed down and looks a bit overweight than his usual lean self. age is catching up.I know Fast and furious is a crap series but i am hoping to b surprised by Jaa's outing in it. Hope they utilize his potential.
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One of the worst plots I've ever seen.
glbv8823 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
2 hours of martial arts with horrible sound effects added. Motorbike gangs doing donuts around the main character and randomly driving off the roof top. People being kicked through 5inch concrete walls multiple times and just being fine.

Why did they kidnap the elephant? Was it for the bomb? Was it for him to join their group. They never really explain much of anything and then it ends with a elephant being used as a bomb.... how about just planting a bomb in the ribbons their given why even include the elephant?

There are just so many reasons to not see this movie and it amazes me that it has a 7.7 on here. I only give it a 3 cause the production values were good and the camera work wasn't bad. No super shaky fight scenes where you can't see anything.
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the worst
dynastymaintenancecrew19 January 2014
speechless. simply dumb founded. JeeJa Yanin why did you let them put you so low. the effects, the RZA just weak and dumb. why. why.i waited so lone for Jaa and Yanin next movie, but i got hit with a double whammy. anyone who thinks this movie was good clearly watch and rate to many comedies. this was like,,,, really. i need a few dollars.SO. lets make a movie for 50.00. RZA isn't the answer. he is horrible actor and to darn stiff for action. RZA i was down with the Wu but this ain't you. stay be hind the seen. take lessons from great directors. om,, I'm in a ray of sadness. Please help me. tell the world this was a comedy. not the 2nd part to the Protector. Jaa, your past movies were so deep and meaningful. it had the audience trapped in suspense and down on our knees with enjoyment. again i ask. why would you disappoint us.
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Everything you loved about TYG is missing in the sequel
vijay-1430 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have been on the edge of my seat waiting to see this movie - biggest movie let down of my life.

Everything that made Tom Yum Goong excellent was completely absent in this sequel. We all loved the 4 minute, one cut sequence inside the restaurant in TYG - the longest fight scene cut in this movie is about 4 seconds. All fight scenes are filmed close up and have been clearly cut together in the cutting room. In most fight scenes, you either see the top part of their bodies or the bottom half as the camera is zoomed in too much, scenes change to quickly - so its irritating to watch.

Stunts? All replaced with CGI and tonnes of wire work. I would comment that the CGI is of poor quality, but I am still annoyed that the stunts/fight scenes used them in the first place. I didn't see this film in 3D, but it's obvious that some of the pointless (CGI) action sequences were just to give that 3D experience of broken pieces flying towards you.

Storyline? Terrible, but to be honest I didn't care before I watched the movie, I just wanted to see the action.

Only spoiler I will mention... At the end of the movie, RZA apparently the an equally skilled fighter to Tony Jaa - I guess I've said enough.
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A sad waste of a great talent
wmdeesign31 October 2013
With Ong Bak and Tom Yum 1 (the first Protector) Tony Jaa exploded onto the scene with his ferocious fighting style, energy and choreography. In 2005 after Tom Yum 1 I really thought this guy is going to be up there with the best. The bar was raised.

Fast forward 8 years and 2 Ong Bak sequel/prequels and now Tom Yum 2. Wow!

How on earth could someone so talented screw up as much as this? O.k, so his next movie will be Fast and Furious 7 and I think he's doing a movie with Dolph (straight to DVD before it's made) so he's trying to break the American market. Good for him and I hope he does it. FF7 will bring some money in and surely there'll be a surge on old movies i.e Ong Bak and Tom Yum 1 but as far as longevity goes. Jaa is already past his best and according to IMDb he's only 37!

Enough of the Jaa hate and onto the movie. Very simple . . .

Tom Yum Goong (2005) . . . . . . .

Terrible script, awful acting, awesome fight scenes which made you feel every hit. This movie and Ong Bak really raised the bar for fight scenes in movies. . . . in 2005

Tom Yum Goong 2 (2013) . . . . .

Terrible script, awful acting, ridiculous use of 3D, awful green screen and the worse CGI I think I ever seen . . . ever. The fight scenes are boring and polluted by terrible FX. It really is a god awful movie.

The Raid

Raised the bar again for action movies and I was really hoping Tom Yum 2 would at least be on a level with it but it is an absolute joke.

To compare the quality of action to the Raid would be a travesty but what I can say is Jackie Chan is 59 and he can move twice as fast as Jaa in this movie.

Really, really, really . . . .it's a joke. Jaa is there for the bucks. I feel sorry for RZA who loves this genre but constantly turns up in these terrible movies. Don't think QT will endorse this one, even M-150 and MaMa noodles didn't which was so blatant in the first.

Easily the worst movie of 2013 bar none.
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what's wrong Tony Jaa ?
indra-yupi20 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
what is wrong with this guy ? i am one of his fan, yet he make me really disappointed with this one. the first 2 film are the best of his works at all. Ong Bak 1 and Tom Yung Goong 1 were really kick ass ! after almost 10 years, i really missed how TYG 1 really blow up my mind, especially with it's battle scene (don't care bout the storyline). this is the reason i'd like to watch this movie.

------------------------------- after a while, my mind was confused. especially about how kham is gone to take revenge. the first boss died easily, the twins talk less...(but didn't do more either), motorcycles Gank chasing scene, and lots more to debate.....

and the most horrible things are HOW THEY INCLUDE Lightsaber Sound effect in hand in hand combat. it's as if you watched anakin skywalker vs obi wan Kenon without their sabers...

very ridiculous....

and about the low class CGI (for what i hoped from Tony Jaa's film) is being used frequently.

-------------- for those Tony's fan out there. please kindly skip this movie and wait for Fast Furious 7 instead.
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tonyjaa please save yourself,you are one of the few real good fighters in the world
asifakbar4553 December 2013
i just want to say that tonyjaa is absolutely sad waste of talent.he is great fighter.nobody perform original fight like him without wirework.but he is being waste in small budget movies,so i request to big names Hollywood director to sign him in a big movies.and i want to say BIG THANX to director of fast and furious 7' who gave tonyjaa a role. paul walker passed away wo don't know how long we have to wait for the movie.but director can raise the duration of tonyjaa'role in the ll be great chance for him and use him in a long duration fight scenes so other directors or Hollywood giants can see his performance.
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TYM2 is another stupid movie in Thai Film History.
bioniczone27 October 2013
I prefer to watch something else or save your money in your pocket is better. Coz TYM2 has no dialog for any characters and only thing that's coming out of Tony Jaa mouth is "Where is my elephant?" which how possible that an elephant were stole for second time. All storyline are the same as previous film even this one convert into 3D already but another weakness of Thai Film Industry that need more decade to develop this technology. Anyway if you're fan of Tony Jaa skip this one and see him again in Fast7 which gonna be much much more approve. And if they announce TYM3 don't ask about story coz it's gonna be an elephant has been stolen again.
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A tutorial on how to make a sequel properly
ckormos126 January 2014
Once you've made a hit movie (Tom Yum Goong) it's simple to turn it into a sequel. Your audience would pay to see and enjoy the same movie again - just take what was done right and make it bigger and remove was done wrong. Tom Yum Goong had one of the best fight sequences ever when Tony Jaa defeated about 30 opponents in a one-cut sequence. So for Tom Yum Goong 2 he should have done the same thing, but bigger - maybe against 50 opponents or add JeeJa. One more rule - when your lead actors can really fight and the best stunt men would almost die for a good take - you don't need to add CGI or mess with the frame rate. When CGI or mixed FPS are added to a real fight it just makes the real fight look fake. (Jackie Chan made the same mistake in Chinese Zodiac.) So those are the two problems I found with TYG2. I did enjoy the movie overall but I can't rate it any higher than below average. I'm still a fan of Tony's and look forward to his next movie.
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Fun flick, nothing more... also, horrible 3D conversion.
friendios25 October 2013
First off, your eyes will BLEED if you watch this in 3D, and man, I know I am good with 3D. I've been through The Hobbit, Gravity, The Wolverine, and other 3D movies, and I'm fine with all of them and enjoyed them more with 3D.

For the record, I'm a Thai, so I have a chance to see it in cinema in Thailand(of course in 3D). At the time I'm writing, it's the opening week and it's doing great.

Now to the movie.

It's a fun movie that has good action, whatever script, occasionally confusing storyline(but who cares, you come for the action), good acting, and excellent stunts. The action scenes are great for what they're worth, and are fun if you plug out the logic processor in your head.

The only problem I have with it(other than the 3D) is when the story took itself too seriously and the plot starts to get complicated. At one point an action is going on, and the plot is in the same time complicating itself, and I'm like "what the heck is this". My point is, the plot is confusing and complicated when it shouldn't be and might pull you out.

Overall, good action way too much plot.

Rating: 7/10
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So so so bad
chandIerbing25 February 2014
I watched this some time ago. I just logged on to IMDb and saw the trailer on the front page. The movie was so bad that it actually enraged me to see the publicity it is having and motivated me to write this review.

First of, the thing that people want to see this movie for - the fighting. It is mediocre at best. Tony Jaa's spectacular moves are few and are often marred by the obscenely bad CGI. Believe me when I say you would not enjoy a fighting sequence if the scene is engulfed in flame created in Microsoft Paint. In previous movies, we saw Tony Jaa pulled amazing, jaw dropping stunts. Those are lacking in this movie and replaced, again, by horrendous CGI. In movies like Ong Bak and the Protector, we were treated to long, drawn out and beautifully choreographed fighting sequences. For this movie, it was as if the director had 2 kids fighting in a playground stand in for fight choreographers, and then filled in the rest with gimmicks. You'd be left thinking, "This is how Tony Jaa fight? Give me a leading role when I'm old and in a coma."

Next, the thing that really drove me nuts watching this movie, the CGI. It's not even the fact that it's mind bogglingly bad CGI, it's the fact that the director crammed so much of CGI into a movie that requires almost none, especially when it has Tony Jaa. I mean, put Tony Jaa in an abandoned factory with a few bad guys, and bam!, we have ourselves a feast for the eyes. But no, CGI had to be in every important scene of the movie. Instead of filming in real life locations, much of the movie was shot in front of a green screen. The effects are so bad, the movie would have looked better if they didn't replace the green screen. I cringed when I watched the movie, seeing the clear outline of actors and props against the screen. If you do watch the movie, because someone put a gun to your head, please bring along some painkiller for the flame fighting scene. Not only was the director trying to cram CGI into the movie, he was selling it as a 3D movie, and so, we are also treated to an array of gimmicky 3D effects, created solely for the purpose of reminding the poor audience that they paid for the 3D version of this movie. In the 2D version, you'd see random slow-mo shots of objects hurling towards the screen and not really understanding its purpose. When it does occur to you that it was a gimmick for the 3D version, you'd wish that the object had really exited the screen and hit you, granting you the sweet release of death.

The second worst part of the movie, the plot, or rather, lack of any coherent plot. The entire movie is misguided. There are so many subplots that remain unresolved or have no significance whatsoever. So many characters and events are introduced, but they played no real part in the story. This movie is riddled with plot holes. Throughout, you'd be asking yourself, "How did they know that?" or "What is the purpose of this guy?" or just "Huh? What?" I usually try to come up with explanations for plot holes because as a viewer, I don't want to think of myself as being duped into watching a piece of crap. However, with this movie, I could not come up with any decent explanation.

Lastly, the acting. Well, I don't suppose we expect much from a movie like this, but this movie actually defied all lack of expectations by being that bad. RZA's acting was so bad, it managed to turn this movie into a comedy, though the laughter evoked was only half genuine. The other half is of regrets and self loathing for ever watching this movie.

So, bottom line, don't watch this movie if you plan to keep the number of regrets down.
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Any Tony Jaa movie is worth seeing
cliometrician26 February 2014
Yes, I disagree with most of the reviews here. It's Tony Jaa and I watch it for the action. The plot isn't much at all, but I didn't care because none of his movies have good plots. And I'm not complaining about the few moments of CGI....why does CGI explosions and fire bug anyone? The action scenes are mostly pretty great. I will agree that the motorcycle scene really did go on far too long. And no, Tony does not have the personality or charisma of Jackie Chan or even Donnie Yen. I did like the fights with Mareese Crump, especially on the train tracks, and with the girl who starred in Chocolate. If you are a fan of Tony Jaa and the Muye Thai that he can lay on someone, then you should see it. If you're looking for great acting, good script, and not even a shred of CGI, then look elsewhere.

Overall, no, it's not as good as Ong Bak, but anyone who's a fan of Tony Jaa should welcome seeing him in anything.
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one of the worst movie I've ever seen
Tanvir Hasan29 May 2014
In one sentence, this is an awful movie. The story is bad, acting is boring and fighting scenes are not so exciting like other Tony Jaa movies. I don't think the director has a clue how to make a movie. I mean you don't know what is going on and why? How could a director be so bad at narrating the story? He just put some random fighting scenes here and there. And RZA was so bad and stupid! I honestly think he should consider quitting acting. I got so angry after watching this movie... Don't know what the hell were they thinking! A total waste of time. Tony Jaa's movies used to be so much fun to watch! And now its boring, boring and horrible. I think he has become slower and sloppy too. And the CGI and camera work didn't help either.
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A lot better than the review may suggest
Destroyer Wod22 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously, i am stunned to see such bad critics of this movie. Lets put cards on the table right away tough, is this as good as the first one? No, of course now. Does the CGI looked bad? Yes it does. Is the story pretty weak? Yeah, like 90% of the Thai martial arts movies that i watch... But does the martial arts is bad? Hell NO !! Seriously, if you compare the movie to the first one, sure you won't find the same awesomeness, the first Protector was one of its kind, with the staircase scene, bigger badder dudes always stronger than the one before almost feeling like a video game, and Tony beating the odds every time. But still this movie does have some very cool fight scenes, the black guy call No.2 is pretty impressive and overall its another non stop martial art fest. Only the motocross scene at the beginning felt like its going way too long and it gets ridiculous, but the rest is rather pretty good. For example there is a scene in a flaming building, the CGI is bad yes, but the fight scene itself is pretty cool.

As for the story, yes they did try to complicate the story a little too much to the point it remain uninteresting but also confusing, and yes its weird to see "RZA" as the villain. The guy can hold his ground in a martial arts movie maybe as sub-boss number 3, but the main villain, opposing Jaa? Feel weird really. He ain't no Johnny Nguyen.

I dunno, maybe because of such the negative critics that i saw on this movie i watched it with very low expectation, but it turned out that i had lots of fun. You just have to take it for what it is, a martial arts extravaganza with a thin plot line that really is there to put a semi reason on all the fights going on.

In no way does it deserve all the bad reviews it got.
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tatsu205020 April 2014
Story: Ridiculous, boring, tons of plot holes - but who cares, it's got Tony Jaa AND JeeJa Yanin in it, right?

Martial arts choreography: Tony Jaa, half of the time, is running away from something and not fighting back. They could have shown off his great athletic skills but compared to the chase scene in Ong Back it's a joke what they do here. Also the variety of moves is rather small and unimaginative and the only thing that sets it apart from other martial arts movies is that it's Muay Thai. Enter JeeJa Yanin who has shown in her previous movies that she is a force to be reckoned with. In this movie I felt like they didn't really know what to do with her and she has to be saved by Tony's character quite often. They didn't really give her enough room to shine. Here and there you see a hint of what she's capable of but it stays more of a hint. And what's up with all the jumping against walls? I've never seen any other movie where they do kicks and jumps pushing of a wall as often as in this one. a) It gets boring after a while. b) Half the time the person doing it gets thrown or kicked (so you could call it a fail).

As a fan of martial arts I gave it a 5/10 which in my case means it's OK, I didn't fall asleep. I didn't watch it for the story. If you like a movie to also have somewhat interesting story that makes some sense it's more of a 4/10.
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