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MPAA Rated R for strong graphic violence throughout, a vicious fight, language and some nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • Two slaves swim nude together in a pond. No nudity is shown.
  • Men are shown walking around with only underwear on
  • No scenes that have sex in them, just the non-sexual slave nudity.
  • A man is seen tied up naked and hanging upside down.
  • A man tells another man to send a pony (Prostitute) to lick a man's pole. Implying oral sex
  • A man sitting in a bathtub stands up, revealing full frontal nudity. His genitals can be seen only for a split-second before he is shot in the crotch with a gun.
  • You see the breasts of a female slave, very quick and barely seen. Not meant to be sexual.
  • None of the nudity in this movie is meant to be sexual or arousing, but more of a representation of slavery.

Violence & Gore

  • Extremely brutal, bloody, sadistic violence. Tarantino's most violent film ever.
  • A sheriff is shot in the chest, blood pours out onto the ground, he then chokes on his blood and is shot once more. Several puddles of blood are seen on the ground afterwards a few times
  • A man is shot in the chest, a tiny amount of blood pours out, he then falls to his death, a man is viciously whipped, he is screaming constantly, he is then shot to death.
  • Several men and horses get injured in an explosion. A man is shot in the head offscreen from a far distance, blood graphically sprays onto his horse.
  • A man is shot from a far distance in front of his son, the son then screams and cries. However, due to the far distance of the shot, the scene isn't graphic, but slightly disturbing.
  • A graphic shootout occurs in the mountains, men are shot left and right with extremely large blood spurts.
  • There are two kinds of violence in the film: the shootouts, which tend to be stylized, ridiculous, and over the top, and the slave violence (the dog attack and the Mandingo fight in particular), which tends to be more realistic and disturbing
  • Throughout the film, there is constant violence with unrealistic and over the top blood spurts. However these are filled with graphic sound effects that sound very realistic, such as blood gushing and spraying, most of the scenes that contain violence are long and detailed.
  • A man shoots another man in the head (blood graphically spurts out) and a horse head as well.
  • A dead horse falls on a man and his leg gets caught between the horse and ground, he shouts in pain, a slave steps on the horse and the man underneath it cries out in pain. A little later he is shot in the head by a group of slaves, blood spews out.
  • Some flashbacks show slaves being tortured, a female slave is whipped by her master and is burned on the cheek with a blacksmith tool
  • A minute and a half of two slaves fighting viciously (coined 'mandingo fight'), though half of it is partly obscured and from a distance. A mans arm is snapped and his eye gouged offscreen before he is brutally dispatched with a hammer to the head in this scene. Both slaves are covered in blood
  • A slave is violently taken out by dogs partly offscreen. We hear him being bitten and ripped apart, we hear him scream in loud pains.
  • A man bashes his hand over a table and it gets bloodily cut. He then smears the blood on the face of a female slave. It should be noted that the cut and blood were real, as is the slave's terrified reaction. Correction: Yes, the cut and the blood on the man's hand is real, but the blood smeared on the woman's face is fortunately fake.
  • A man is tied upside down naked, and it is strongly implied that he is about to be castrated. However, the villain is interrupted before the deed is done.
  • Two men get shot (little bloody) and a man explodes (not graphic).
  • Several men are shot repeatedly inside a cabin, very graphic and bloody. A man gets his penis shot, graphic but cuts off real fast.
  • At the end of the film two men are shot with graphic blood spray along with a woman. A man gets shot in his groin, he screams in pain.
  • A black man gets shot in both of his knee caps. Blood pours out of both knees. He cries in pain. Later he gets killed in an explosion


  • 113 uses of "nigger"(in line with what is perceived to be common usage in the 19th century) 31 uses of "fuck", 32 uses of "God", 3 uses of "Jesus", 2 uses of "Christ", 33 uses of "ass", 31 uses of "Goddamn", 18 uses of "shit", 16 uses of "damn", 14 uses "hell", 12 uses of "son of a bitch", 4 uses of "bitch", 1 use of "pussy", 1 use of "bastard."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several man are shown drinking, a lot of smoking is done as well.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This is without a doubt the most violent movie Tarantino has ever made.
  • There's a mass shooting in Candyland almost near the end of the film. This scene is undeniably the most violent scene in the entire film, and could be pretty disturbing for some.
  • The movie is filled with tense moments, disturbing slave violence, and sometimes brutal shootings.
  • A conversation takes place that may be intense- screaming, gun pointing, etc.
  • A man holds a skull & saws it & threatens to do with a live man as well.
  • The slave fight is very intense and disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A massive shootout erupts in Candyland after Calvin is unexpectedly shot in the chest, we see a little amount of blood pour out his chest, (seen in close up perspective). Dr. King Shultz is shot in the chest with a sawed off shotgun, blood spurts out and he is thrown back against the wall. The shootout is the bloodiest of all scenes. Blood gushes out of bodies and the whole room gets filled with gory corpses and blood, the whole interior of the house is covered in blood for the rest of the movie. In one instance, a man is screaming as he is shot in both knees. Another man screams as he is shot in the back twice, and many other men are shot with extreme amounts of blood splatter. This scene is VERY graphic and bloody.

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