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MPAA Rated R for strong creature violence and gore, and pervasive language

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • This movie contains strong violence
  • The movie is bloody, one of the Predators is decapitated and green blood splatters everywhere. This is by far the most violent predator movie, and one of the most violent movies of all time. It makes to movie Casino look like a kids movie.
  • A man shoves a scalpel through the chin and into the head of another man, blood pours from the wound on his neck and bubbles out of his mouth, and the man then drags the dying man and places him facedown on the ground; the dying man is approached by an alien creature that inserts a knife into his back.
  • A group of men and a woman find bloodied corpses hanging from branches (they appear non-human) and decomposing bodies are seen lying on the ground (a woman makes a disgusted face after looking at the rotten flesh); human skulls and alien skulls litter the ground, a large alien creature is seen tied to a statue, the alien begins to scream and growl and huge spikes come from the ground and impale a man (blood is seen bubbling from the massive wounds in his chest and spikes covered in blood are seen sticking out of his chest and coming out of his mouth).
  • A man is hit in the back by an electric shot fired by an alien creature, he falls over (we see his singed back, and his ribs visible and blackened) and that man leaps onto the back of the creature and begins to stab at its neck; the creature throws the man off its back and pulls out the bloody, quivering spine of the first man.
  • A man comes face-to-face with a large creature, the creature holds an electric gun to the man's head, and a laser beam is seen on the man's face and moments later the man explodes in a bloody mess.
  • An alien creature is surrounded by a circle of fire as a man attacks it, hitting it in the head and neck with a large object: the creature shoves the man against a tree and using electric power shocks him, dropping him to the ground, then the creature grabs the man's neck, hoists him above the ground, a woman fires a rifle at the creature, wounding it (green ooze comes from the creature's chest) and the man begins to pummel the creature's head, chops off its arm (green ooze pours from the wound) and the creature throws a knife at the woman, impaling her arm; the man then chops off the head of the creature (green ooze pours from the neck and head of the creature).
  • A creature hunts down a man who is stranded in a hallway: as the creature slowly approaches, a second man fires a shot at the creature (we see green ooze come from the creature's chest), the two men run, the creature chases them, one man is shot by the creature, the creature picks the man up and we see a massive bloody hole in his chest; the man holds up a grenade, pulls the pin and a massive ball of flames engulfs the entire area and moves through the entire building, narrowly avoiding a group of men and women.
  • An alien creature and a man fight with swords: the man narrowly avoids being hit multiple times, and then slices through the alien's torso, green ooze pours from the massive wound, the man falls to the ground, and blood pours from his chest.
  • A group of men and a woman open fire on spiked, fanged, dog-like creatures as they rush them: one man runs away from the group and is attacked by one of the creatures, which gores him with its fangs (huge cuts on the man's neck and chest are seen covered in blood), and another man fires a machine gun at the creature, knocking it off the first man and killing it; another man is chased by a spiked, fanged, dog-like creature until a woman shoots it and a massive bloody hole is seen in the corpse of the dead creature, while another man uses a massive artillery gun to shoot one of the creatures, spraying blood all over the area, and a man uses a large knife to cut one of the creatures in half (blood pours from the creature's torso).
  • Two alien creatures fight using electric bolts, punches and kicks: they push one another to the ground, use swords to cut one another (green ooze is seen covering the face of one of the creatures), and one creature is forced to the ground and struck in the head repeatedly and then decapitated with a sword (green ooze pours from the neck of the creature and its disembodied head).
  • The body of a man is found with his chest ripped open; bloodied and rotten innards are visible, his face is covered in blood and another man remarks that the man had been dead for approximately two weeks based on decomposition.
  • The voice of a dead man is heard crying for help, and a woman shoots the corpse to confirm he is dead (we see his body lurch forward slightly, his face covered in blood, but his voice is still heard).
  • A man races through the forest chased by a large creature: a woman fires a shot from a distance, the creature falls to the ground and the woman and a group of men investigate and we see its bloody guts and torn flesh.
  • A man, falling after presumably being dumped out of an airplane, struggles to hit a parachute release, his parachute opens, he is jerked up, but then crashes through a forest and lands hard on the ground (we see blood coming out of his nose and he has a cut on his face that is seen throughout the movie); another man crashes to the ground, stands up and pulls a gun on the first man, while a third body falls from the sky in a broken pile and the two men comment that the man's parachute must not have opened (the two men run as shots are fired at them).
  • A man's foot is caught in a bear trap, he screams in pain and when he stands up a crunching sound is heard and he has to be propped up by a woman; a second man remarks that the injured man is being used as bait and he should be left to die.
  • A man uses a scalpel to make a small cut on a woman's neck, the woman screams and her vision blurs as the man explains that he has poisoned her with a neurotoxin which will paralyze her (the woman becomes paralyzed but later recovers).
  • A man walks through an encampment where non-human, bloodied corpses are seen hanging from trees; the man cuts the chains that are holding a creature against a statue, the creature falls to the ground, quickly stands up and grabs the man's neck, but lets him go moments later.
  • Two men wrestle on the ground, each one switches places from top to bottom, punching and violently striking one another in the head and chest while shouting threats; they are interrupted by a group of people and the fight stops.
  • A dying man lying on his stomach is turned over and we see his chest covered in grenades; they explode and an alien creature is thrown back.
  • A pile of bloody skulls is seen at the base of a statue.
  • Roaches are seen crawling out of a pile of rotting flesh in a box.
  • A man lights a fire under an area where a group of men and a woman are resting; the smoke causes one of the men to vomit (we hear the sound of retching and see the vomit coming out of his mouth), one of the men fires a flare gun at the man who set the fire and the people struggle to escape the smoky room, and eventually find their way out.
  • Guns of various sizes are pulled on people throughout the movie without being shot, including a woman holding up an assault riffle to three men.
  • A man presses a shiv against the neck of another man, the man holds his gun to the attacker's neck and says that he is ready to die, a third man points a gun at the two men, and an alien creature holds a gun to the neck of one man, but then lowers it.
  • It is implied that a man boards a spaceship, and the ship blows up in a fiery blaze (the man is later seen unharmed).
  • A man trips over a branch and a large log flies through the air, knocking another man over; moments later spikes fall from the sky and a group of people scatter to avoid being hit, one man is almost smashed by a large gate that springs from the ground covered in spikes, and a woman runs over a camouflaged hole in the ground that is filled with spikes, grabs the wall of the pit and is dragged out of the hole to safety.
  • A man is seen hanging upside down from a tree, a man shoots the branch of the tree and the man falls into a pool of water with a loud splash; he is unharmed.
  • A group of men and a woman fire their guns as they run through a forested area, and they come to a large cliff and they jump off and swim through a small lake to safety.
  • A man shows another man his hand with two missing fingers and says it was from "talking too much."
  • A man stops another man from touching a poisonous plant, saying it would paralyze him if the venom entered his bloodstream from even a small cut.
  • A man tells a group of people that they are being hunted by alien creatures that are looking to kill them.
  • A woman describes how a group of five people had been killed by a large creature and that only one person was able to escape with his life.
  • A man tells a group of people that he used to kidnap people and if the ransom was not paid that he would kill them.
  • A man tells a group of people that he was going to be executed in two days for crimes he had committed (he does not describe the crimes).


  • About 47 F-words and its derivatives, curse words in Russian and Spanish and not translated, 24 scatological terms, 4 anatomical terms, 3 sexual references, 6 mild obscenities, 3 derogatory terms for women, 3 religious profanities, 3 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man remarks that he thinks he is on drugs and another man dismisses it saying it would have side effects.
  • A man says that he wants to do cocaine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Not for anybody under the age of 15.
  • The atmosphere of the movie is eerie and intense
  • This is an action/horror movie, some scenes are scary (being chased by the Predators) and intense (a man sword-fights a Predator). This movie is very fast paced and intense, much like the first film; "Predator".

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