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Just about everything in this has been done before, but still damn entertaining
KineticSeoul12 April 2010
This movie is basically about two guys going around blowing stuff up in Paris. And the plot of them trying to take down a terrorist organization is just there to move the movie along because, even for films like this there has to be some sort of plot. And everything in this is nothing you haven't seen before with the explosions and gun fights and all, but something about the film just makes it pretty damn entertaining. I mean the plot with the by the book dude teaming up with a loose cannon crazy guy has been done before, but the elements of bad ass and witty and fast paced dialogue and maybe some other stuff makes it really entertaining to watch, even if the twist near the end was pretty predictable as the rest of the movie. Jonathan Rhys Meyers who plays a character that plays by the book was pretty boring and he takes up the first few couple of minutes of the movie, but when John Travolta comes in, well lets just say it's one hell of a ride. He basically plays Charlie Wax, a reckless guy that is a bit crazy but always gets things done. Just turn your brain off and enjoy this movie for what it is, not every film has to be smart to be enjoyable.

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Silly and over the top
BernardoLima27 February 2010
A personal aide to the U.S. Ambassador in France, James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) has an enviable life in Paris and a beautiful French girlfriend, but his real passion is his side job as a low-level operative for the CIA. All James wants is to become a bona fide agent and see some real action. So when he's offered his first senior-level assignment, he can't believe his good luck - until he meets his new partner, special agent Charlie Wax (John Travolta)...

From Paris With Love is an unrealistic, over-the-top action flick. The plot is extremely silly, the story quite implausible, and the action scenes are absolutely ridiculous not to mention that you can see the twist coming from the beginning.Both Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers deliver good performances and they had good chemistry but at the same time their characters are paper-thin and were poorly written. Something that appalled me was the editing of the film and the transition between some scenes. I thought it was rather choppy and not something I would expect from experienced directors like Luc Besson and Pierre Morel. The film does have its moments and can be quite entertaining at times but if you're expecting something along the lines of Morel's last film, Taken, which was a well thought and realistic action-thriller then you're gonna be extremely disappointed. Recommended for action junkies only.

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A Fun Way To Spend 90 Minutes.
Matt_Layden27 May 2010
A young spy who wants to get bigger and better jobs is partnered with an American hot head with a foul mouth and a love for violence. The mission is to stop some terrorists.

To say I was expecting crap would be an understatement. Travolta's goofy look, a tired clichéd pairing of straight man and crazy partner, senseless action that would try to cram a plot and story in at some point. Yet, after the credits rolled, I sat there with a smile on my face. As far as spy films go, this one takes a more action heavy side. There are some cool and interesting gadgets, but I didn't get any James Bond moment.

Travolta surprised me here too. His character was funny, bad ass at times and knew how to kick some ass. The only downside would be that I just couldn't imagine Travolta doing half of these things. He's a great character and fits perfectly with this film, but it seems a tad miscast for the action sequences. Travolta nails every other part of the role. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the straight man to Travolta's crazy hero. This is nothing new and the film doesn't try to step around this issue. Instead it is upfront about it. It tells you exactly what you are in for when you are introduced to these characters. All it asks is for you, as a viewer, to enjoy the action and thrills this film wants to give you.

The action is non-stop. Of course we are privy to those scenes in between where we need to move the plot along, but the film has shootouts, car chases, foot chases, rocket launchers, etc. It's handled well and I was actually able to see the action on the screen. I was never lost in the film, I knew where I was the whole time and what was being depicted. Again, that one shortfall is that we know Travolta isn't doing these action sequences, it's clearly a stuntman.

With every spy film you know there will be some twist that someone is not who they seem to be. I was able to pick this one out right from the beginning. Again, the plot devices used in From Paris With Love are far from original, we have all seen this film before. So why bother watching it? For the chemistry between the two leads and the action sequences in a beautiful city. The city, we unfortunately, did not see enough of.

I went in with low expectations and came out happy with the end result. I would suggest you do the same.
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mr-paladin26 March 2010
Please be gentle, this is my first review.

First of all, Travolta is back! Since Pulp Fiction, where I really enjoyed his play, I always had the feeling that his acting was about skin-deep. What happened in this movie is an invention of a new old-school action hero which would have stood in one line with Willis, Stallone and Schwarzenegger without trying to be one of them. He's powerful, funny and seriously "true" without being ridiculously over-torqued like in Pelham 123 or Face-off.

Basically you need to enjoy old-school action movies to like this. The storyline must have come to the writers mind while brushing his teeth in the morning - It's solid, well grounded, but a little bit too compressed for a 90 min movie. Concerning the speed of this movie, the camera work is fantastic and the cut allows to enjoy the action at it's fullest. (In the last years there were many movies of this type with a cut/camera like a flip-book with missing pages, which made them completely unenjoyable.)

I would like to see more movies of this type in the next years. It's not pretending to be more than what it is: Solid "hero-action" with a proper sidekick.
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Not the usual John Travolta role.
PWNYCNY5 February 2010
It's John Travolta like you have never seen him before. Here he is Mister Action, the ultimate Tough Guy, the new Bruce Willis but with more flair. The story itself is not particularly noteworthy. But there is lots of action as Travolta shows everyone who's boss in this action-packed special effects extravaganza. Also there is non-stop violence with Mr. Travolta leading the way. If you like movies with stories that feature nonstop violence, then this movie is for you. If you like John Travolta, this movie is for you. But in terms of the story, don't expect too much from this movie. Remember: it's a commercial product so at some point artistic merit inevitably gives way to the usual dose of special effects that Hollywood spews out like clockwork. Hooray for John Travolta and Hollywood!
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Action Heaven
itsparsley12 February 2010
Pierre Morel & Luc Besson delivered one of the best action films of the last decade, Taken. Even people who typically despise the action genre were won over by it. So where do Pierre & Besson head from here? They made the move to appeal solely to the action fan base. From Paris With Love is made for genre fans, not your average movie-goer. The first 20 minutes are spent with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and it feels a little slow. Once John Travolta's character comes into the story the film takes off like a roller-coaster. His charisma gives the film an extra kick and it gives much of the action a new flavor. Once the fun starts it doesn't stop. Whenever you think this film is slowing down it's really getting ready for the next shootout. You're on the edge of your seat until the very end. Actually, one of my two complaints is the end (I won't spoil anything). Let's just say the last 5 minutes feel a little rushed. If you loved going to the theater to see Live Free Or Die Hard, Rambo, & Taken than this is for you.
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Pretty good for what it is supposed to be
foxx_16 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I can't stand it when people start bashing an action comedy (yes, that's what the flick is!!) for being unrealistic or not politically correct!! If you wanted something realistic, then stick to the news channels on TV or the COPS show... and if you wanted a politically correct "information" then... well, just read the mainstream European media where they avoid mentioning the ethnic background of the perpetrators although you should be blind and/or completely ignorant not to notice who they usually are! It was quite a tragic coincidence that few days before I saw the film, two Muslim women from Chechenia blew themselves up in the Moscow subway - a fact that gave a bitter connotation to a twist in the film I would rather not elaborate on. When I go to a film like this, I expect funny dialogs, improbable but entertaining scenes plus a storyline that is not hard to follow - and guess what, all these ingredients were there. Sure, the last part of the story pushed my suspension of disbelief way past its limits and reminded me of comic books for 8 year old boys but hey, nobody's perfect... Definitely fun to watch.
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Good action, with Travolta back on track again
BeneCumb26 July 2012
Morel and Besson have carried out a nice collaboration and the result is a good action thriller where twists and swings begin soon, giving place to multiple unexpected and funny moments. Again, Travolta shows his indisputable talent, outperforming his co-star Myers - who was probably included to attract younger (female) audience; the script could have been amended for Travolta + some of his contemporaries, for example. Smutniak is sexy and good, but nothing special, just another Bond-type girl.

Shootings and chases are fast, excellently accomplished, and the movie is rather short than lengthy - one could have even prolong the almost final episode at the Embassy.

Recommended if you desire a fast action when eyes must be always focused on the screen.
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Over-the-top mindless action.... and I loved it!
Celticnationalist29 June 2012
I wasn't expecting much when I sat down to watch 'From Paris with love' this evening, I bought the DVD for a couple of quid recently and I already knew from looking on here that it had been a Box-office disaster on its theatrical release a couple of years ago and that critics had been anything but kind, but damn it I loved it.

I'm not a fan of Travolta, which was the main reason I hadn't seen the film till now, but I was pleasantly surprised as his role as the unpredictable special agent Charlie Wax IMHO is one of his best. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is pretty wooden as expected but he didn't really need to be any great shakes for the role he took on, he fitted in well as the Chess playing aide to the U.S. Ambassador whose desperate to get a job he can really get his teeth into.

Outrageous action and explosions, plenty of violence (most of it unexpected) - with a very high body count, this is the type of Film that Luc Besson does very well. Great locations and Cinematography, and very important for Films of the genre - It's fast moving and never boring. There have been rumours of a possible sequel, but given the poor Box office returns, that, for the moment at least seems unlikely
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Great action making the movie seem short
gqonmars11 June 2010
Would I watch this movie again? Yes I was not sure what to expect from this movie. But, I decided to watch it. And long and behold, its one which you should not miss if you are into guy movies like me. Lots of action, good lines, fast pace and a bit of a story. What else can a guy ask for? More hot chick scene? Action: Travolta has all the moves and faster then all the bullets which blast by him. He kicks butt and then some.

Speech and dialogue: There were one liners, yes. But the fast talking Travolta was entertaining and was very complimentary with his co-stars Chemistry and pace: The characters were good with each other. Meyers and wife was good. Made me believe. The action and fast talking move the movie along. From building to building, it was good to have different locations to kill bad guys.

Story and Plot: Its all there in the synopsis, where a guy wants more action and he got it.

Hotties and love scenes: just one simple scene

Ending: Ending is good as I feel like it completed the movie. No real loose ends. (I hate movies where the ending leaves you dissatisfied)
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Awesome entertainment. Travolta is insane!
bazthegreatone15 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Im a big action movie fan and not normally a fan of John Travolta but after seeing the trailer for From Paris With Love, I thought ''Wow, that looks awesome!''. I was right, it was. I really enjoyed Taken (with Liam Neeson) which was directed by Pierre Morel, and thought this would be similar and therefore very exciting and enjoyable. Morel's breakneck directing style was perfect for Taken and adds to the flow of the movie.

Whereas Liam Neeson is a father hunting for a kidnapped daughter in Taken, Travolta plays CIA Agent Charlie Wax and is a completely crazy, old fashioned gung-ho American secret agent who shoots first and asks questions later. He's teamed with a Paris based, chess playing aide to the US Ambassador called Reese (played by Jonathan Rys Meyers), who, while he wants to see more 'action' in his job, is shocked by his new partner's 'unorthadox methods' in taking down a terrorist cell who intend to blow up visiting US delegates. Travolta is completely OTT in this movie, and looks like he had a blast making it. When Wax arrives in Paris, Reese picks him up from the airport then its straight to the action, as Wax kills a restaurant full of Chinese cocaine dealers, then moves on to the head of the Chinese criminals, killing a warehouse full of henchmen sent to get him. Wax and Reese then move on to Pakistani money-laundering pimps, with Wax killing dozens of them in a run-down apartment building, all while finding time to take cocaine on the Eiffel Tower and have sex with a French hooker while staking out the bad guys. When they finally find out who is behind the terror plot, there is a nice plot twist which keeps the action flowing. Reese is just a passenger as Wax racks up one of the biggest body counts i can ever remember in an action movie.

This movie is very old school, similar to a lot of action-packed Stallone, Schwarzenegger or Chuck Norris movies, where really the plot is secondary and its a showcase for the awesome Travolta. It's just non-stop blast 'em and work it out later, which is fine by me and I really enjoyed it but general audiences would probably reject such machismo in this day an age, which is strange as 2010 seems to be some kind of 80's revival movie-wise with remakes and action films by the bucket load. The plot is simplistic and not much thought is required but the target audience are not going to see this to hear Shakespearian dialogue! It's fast paced, violent, edge of your seat stuff and quite funny (thanks to Travolta). I would love to see a sequel or see it become a franchise. I am already imagining how awesome it would be to see something like From Moscow With Love or From London With Love, which hopefully the producers and Travolta think too. From Paris With Love is the best action film of the year to date, but with Sly's Expendable's and The new A-Team on the way in the summer, it will have competition but it made my day. Action fans will love it, other's not so much...
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The worse film ever made
MisterGill13 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Reading some of the reviews above, I wonder If I mistakenly saw a different film than the one described. Because the film I saw certainly wasn't a "pacey, well-balanced action drama....well worth seeing." The appearance of John Travolta heralded the beginning of a series of completely implausible gunfights against an ill-defined enemy (Chinese-Pakistani-drug-dealing-terrorists or something, I'm still not quite sure). Come to think of it, anyone who wasn't an American with a hand cannon turned out to be evil, or at the very least deserved to be shot for getting in the way.

Travolta's character was completely ridiculous. Meant to be a Top Secret Agent, Travolta acted more like a psychotic member of the Arian Brotherhood than a CIA operative. "But he gets the job done," protested the CIA handler on the Phone to Travolta's rookie partner. I guess murdering half of Paris is a price you have to pay sometimes.

Things go from awful to completely unbelievable as the film reaches a climax. Don't even try to work out why there is a rocket launcher in the Secret Service car or why security at the African Convention is so shockingly bad. There are no answers to these and innumerable other questions. The Rookie (I can't remember his name) has one unanswered question of his own, "Why did they bug my house...something doesn't add up!" You're right there Pal...even the character are finding flaws in the plot! The film ends (mercifully quickly) with the dumbest scene in the movie...I won't ruin it for you.

Please don't go and see this film. Or if you do, take a bag of dog excrement with so you've got something more interesting to look at when, after about ten minutes, you've had enough.
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One wild ride from beginning to end
david-sarkies26 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is literally one wild ride from the beginning to end and leaves little time for you to stop and catch your breath. It is purely an action movie with characters that are in a league of their own (though I wouldn't exactly call them well defined as this is an action movie and not really meant to have any literary value). However, the plot does twist, and events that occur at the beginning of the film suddenly reveal their purpose as the film progresses (such as why James Reece spends half the movie carting a vase full of cocaine around Paris).

One could describe this as a coming of age type film, but it doesn't really work like that. It isn't a teenager being given his first taste of adult life, but rather a young diplomat who really wants to become an undercover operative, and is given a chance to prove his worth. Charlie Wax is probably more stereotypical than not (though I must admit that John Travolta does play his quite well). Wax is a typical operative who does things his own way, and not strictly by the book, but he gets things done. Reece is very much a buy the book type of guy, but he is thrown in with Wax to see that doing things strictly by the book is not the best way of getting things done.

A lot of things are hidden from the viewer at the beginning of the film, and it only starts to be revealed as the film progresses. I won't say too much about the plot because it will destroy the value of a very good film (though I have given a little bit too much away with regards to the vase full of cocaine). In a sense it could be considered a tour of Paris, but not the parts of Paris that your average tourist would visit (and the only part of Paris that I visited that was in the movie was the Eifel Tower, or that is at least what I can remember).

Yes, this is a spy movie, but it is a spy movie full of action. It is not your typical Bourne Identity or James Bond type of spy movie. There are machine gun fights galore, explosions, and car chases. I guess the only thing that makes this film a spy movie is the fact that it has spies in it. I guess that I all I really want to say about this film because any more will simply give too much away. Oh, before I go, they do have the Royale with Cheese in Paris, though it is not a Big Mac (they have them as well).
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The Svengali of action trash!!!
njmollo27 February 2010
Luc Besson, once an outstanding talent with works such as The Big Blue (1988), La Femme Nikita (1990) and Leon (1994) continues his decent into what can only be described as mediocre action trash.

From Paris With Love (2010) has his lazy finger-prints all over it. What is surprising is the film reeks of American hero worship and most particularly an orgiastic love of the cool and shiny handgun.

Love for another human means nothing. Love of the Gun means all. In fact the gun is a force of redemption. Its action can heal you.

The implausibility of the story, the excessive action and the super-hero antics all add up to a roller-coaster ride of nonsense.

These characters are not human. They heal super-fast whether from brutal beatings or gun-shot wounds. They dodge bullets by ducking behind a sofa or perform ballet while dispatching enemies that show no desire for self- preservation.

The respect I once had for Besson as a director, writer and producer has vanished.
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Action Flick...But Nothing Else
hedley_3323 February 2010
When I viewed the trailer online when I first heard about, I thought that it looked like a cool, fast-paced action flick. Then I kept seeing the preview for it whenever I went to other movies. I concluded that it was a must-see. Well do I wish I could get my money back! I got what I wanted...a fast paced action movie. But what else did I get? Nothing.

First of all, this movie had no story at all. I can say that this movie is nothing but gun fights, swearing and killing. If you want to see a movie with a story, go somewhere else. Second, I did not like the chemistry between Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It looked more awkward than anything, but I didn't really like them together. But, nonetheless, the action was quite spectacular, and that is one part of the movie I actually was pleased with.

Lastly, the ending was extremely cheesy and made me sit in my seat in awe. It was probably one of the worst endings I've seen. BUT, if you do love hardcore action and gun fights, then you may like this movie. If you do decide to go, turn off your mind, sit with your friends (and popcorn), and enjoy the show. If you go there expecting some sort of plot, you will be sadly disappointed.
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I feel the love for you Paris but I'm not sure that I'm getting it back.
Legendary_Badass5 February 2010
You never know what you are going to get. With From Paris with Love, you see two distinctly different marketing strategies. One set of trailers and TV spot bills it as a hard-boiled action flick, with Travolta unleashing a fury of bullets. The other focuses on the much lesser known Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as he deals with the comedic situations placed on him through the Travolta character. If you can go in with an open mind, you'll see that both approaches ring true for better or worse.

Our story starts with a long dose of James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). He's the personal aid to the U.S Ambassador to France. Known for book smarts, his side task of spying for his country affords him the opportunity to place bugs and switch plates. At his flat, his girlfriend Caroline (Kasia Smutniak) has to deal with being kept in the dark. When the opportunity for more dangerous work presents itself, Reece is given a partner in the form of Charlie Wax (John Travolta). Wax is a fast-talking, trigger-happy, manic whose order to do as he pleases may just be too much for Reece.

The two J's make for a great team. On one end you have Reece leading the audience into the underground world of mayhem while trying to keep his wits about him. On the other there is the everyman's adrenaline junkie who may not be too old just yet. And for what it's worth, in a throwaway action flick, there's a genuine sense of fun in the air. However, the emphasis on mindless chaos puts a damper on the mood. There are numerous moments where the pace hiccups all the way to 11. I sure would have appreciated a briefing of sorts instead of a simple kill everyone mentality. Even with the agenda to smite the terrorists, there is an explosive moment near the end that exists for zero narrative purpose. Maybe Wax was having so much fun flirting with diegetic sound that he forgot to fire his bazooka, opting instead to save it for a more dramatic moment. You just can't have the kill happy hero abort and purse a target at the same time.

From the director of Taken, Pierre Morel, comes a tale based on a short story from Luc Besson. I'm not sure what that's going to mean to the average moviegoer, whether you factor in Morel's short resume at the helm or the sporadic nature of Besson's screenplays. What I saw from a crew standpoint was a throwback to the '80s and '90s action genre. Gun use doesn't provoke bullet-time effects. You can bet Travolta has a stunt double. Most importantly you can understand what's happening during the fights. I can't even count how many films edit around the action these days to the point that you have no honest idea of who's still standing. If you are sick of The Dark Knight method of shooting fists juxtaposed with fallen bodies, From Paris with Love will be a good movie for you.

Wax is a character that is unfortunately placed in the narrative's backseat. To better understand what I'm talking about, look at Lethal Weapon. In that film the two cop buddies have a developed background. We see their homes, we see Murtaugh's family and Riggs' dog. Well in From Paris with Love the only character you get to know the history of or see the private love of is Reece. At 92 minutes, there certainly could have been time allotted to explore Wax, but the screenplay shuns it. Maybe some time to cool down with his side of life would have helped reduce the jerky pacing. Man, I feel the love for you Paris but I'm not sure that I'm getting it back.
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Great Action movie, well worth seeing
piersd4 February 2010
If you are a fan of John Travolta, you'll love this movie.

He plays the funny, swaggering hero perfectly. You've seen him play this character before, of course, but he's so damn good at it! The jokes come thick and fast from Travolta who must have worked very hard for this part, he's lost a lot of weight and has worked out hard - this is one buffed out dude!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers performance is a bit disappointing. Somehow he wasn't all that convincing here. His role as Henry VIII was much more impressive. Perhaps he was a bit overawed by Travolta.

Very entertaining movie, probably the best I've seen this year (Edge of Darkness runs a close second). The twist at the end is very clever, I don't think you will see it coming.

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A Bruce Willis Mockup
skundak-11 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
For me the film is just a disappointment. May be its my poor English or the director's, why the so-called Pakistani terrorists try to bomb the African Summit, I could not understand. In the film, lots of different cultures are used, but all of them are united against the good old Americans in Paris. If, the film was half an hour longer and Monsieur Besson has taken the chance to explain who was who then the film would be more meaningful. And now comes the Bruce Willis mock-up. Mr.Travolta is a good actor, but in this film, the character was a mix of Bruce Willis and some cowboy driving a Suburban in the streets of Paris. And hello, where is the French police? In the first night, Wax killed more then a dozen people and nothing happened, neither the police declared a terrorist tread for the summit, nor appeared in any part except bringing the getaway car after the apartment bombing.
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A Movie for 12 Year Olds
rangeriderr13 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is a video game with live (probably overpaid) actors. Luc Beson has worked on screenplays for movies I've enjoyed, including La Femme Nikita, The Transporter, and especially Leon the Professional. But not this one. This is surely one of the most juvenile movies I can remember. I've watched many John Travolta movies, some good, some mediocre, but this is at the bottom of the list.

Within 15 minutes after John Travolta shows up in the plot, he shoots, perhaps 50 Chinese, in Paris single-handedly, and mano-a-mano knocks out some seven gang members. I'm not necessarily looking for realism in action movies, but this is nothing but a shoot-em up video game with actors. If this is what you want, go watch it. After 40 minutes, I stuck the DVD back in its envelope, and I often do watch, even sub-par movies to the end.
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It's a total mess...
ucetincan4 July 2010
I can't imagine how dumber a mindless action film could ever be. This is the bottom line. A movie to be taught in universities for how it shouldn't be.

And what was all that stuff about non-European & non-Americans? All of them? It's like the movie script could be degraded to a single line:

"Your problem is you're all foreigners!"

All those little details in the film made me sick because of their shallowness. I think they're all there just for decoration purposes and to cover the absurdity of the script.

Never gonna watch a Travolta film again, never wanna see a Besson DVD near my player again. Ever...
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Very fast paced action film with lots of humor
jaybob10 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
From Paris With Love is a very good example of a film that is improbable & at times ridiculous,BUT moves at such a fast pace,you do not have time to realize this.

There are many shoot outs, some explosions, great chase scenes & much humor. It is also very foul mouthed but when John Travolta uses these words, It is not objectionable

Most of you know I normally can not tolerate this language,as I stated, the scenes go so fast did not mind it.

Luc Besson wrote the original story & co-produced, Pierre More3 directed. The production is first rate,

John Travolta & Jonathan Rhys Meyers, make a fine team.

This is the type film we used to see all the time. Granted they did not use any foul words back then, Improbable stories that move so fast the audience does not pay that much attention to the stupidity.

See this as an action packed violent comedy, sit back & enjoy.

Ratings: *** (out of 4) 87 points (out of 100) IMDb 8 (out of 10)
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FPWL = Win
jorge-jonathan28 February 2010
Yeah, from some of the reviews I read on here (most of which were negative) I really thought this movie was going to suck.

Seriously, this film was pretty awesome and quite entertaining. After watching this movie and almost every other one that Luke Besson has been a part of I can honestly say that Besson and Company are one of my favs when it comes to those who Create Action movies. They simply know what they are doing (From Leon the Professional to the 5th Element) and I appreciate them continuing to push the envelope in keeping the "Action Movie" bar nice and high.

One thing I can't understand about IMDb is that you'll have some reviews out right disliking movies and other straight up praising it. Which is kind of sad because it makes you think people are writing reviews out of Nepotism or Sabotage. I still can't tell whether or not the reviews on here are just. What ever happened to writing about movies saying what you really thought instead of having some sort of agenda to try and change the way films are made etc.?

There were people on here literally trying to talk about how Jonthan Rhyse Myers was so stiff as an actor, and how John Travolta's character was too cliché and always the same one he plays...blah blah blah. Really? I didn't know we were doing an episode of Inside the Actors Studio here.

Even one guy was talking about how the Cinematography was the worst he'd ever seen etc. LOL. OMG, all of a sudden everyone's a camera man now. I didn't know Stanley Kubrick was still alive to be writing reviews like that.

My point to all reviewers who like to think the actors in this film could have done "Better" or that the Cinematographer sucked etc. is this...Stop Hating if you think you do better than a film like this then get to work and do your own thing.

And Don't get me wrong, if I think a movie is whack then by all means I will state my reasons, but the reasons I saw on here of why the movie was "lame" didn't make any sense and may as well have been the same as "I didn't like what he/she was wearing so I hated the film then..."

A movie like From Paris with Love might not be for everyone but anyone with a pulse can def tell the difference between "Lame" and "Entertaining" and this movie was very Entertaining.

Sum up:

Watch, and be ready to be amazed and most of all Entertained ;-)
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Go See Don't Listen to the Critics Worth Your Money
bchunt29 February 2010
It always amazes me how critics like to destroy with articulate words movies. All I know is it is worth spending the money to go see. Male,female,teens to adults will like. It is action packed with a Bruce Willis type of humor while at the same time surely enjoyable to keep your attention. You will leave there saying, that was really good and worth spending the money. Like the plot very much, even though critics are tearing it down. It is stimulating, exciting,full of action with a twisting plot that you will find most interesting and fulfilling. Is it for little kids, too much guns and shooting. Even though it is action packed with lots of shooting action, it is not a gross bloody movie.I repeat you will leave there saying I am glad I went to see that movie. Have fun that is why we go to the movies and spend our money to enjoy ourselves.
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One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. Maybe the worst.
williamzim20005 February 2010
This movie is awful. Unbelievable situations, characters, horrible dialog. It is just painful to sit through. I wanted to like it, but could not.

John Meyers, an American living in Paris, wants to be a secret agent, and move up from his subversive (and unbelievable) job at the American Embassy. Now, in comes John Travolta. He's an American who has flown to Paris to conduct some sort of work, which is never explained. He just goes on a shooting rampage, taking Meyers along with him. Lots of fights and explosions. But it all falls flat.

The problem lies first in the dialog. It was phony, atrocious. The writer has little experience, and does not have an ear for it. It never sounds believable. I was in pain throughout the film.

Secondly, the characters were utterly unbelievable. When Travolta's character is introduced, his dialog and actions are ridiculous. I just sat there, feeling like I'd been robbed. Nobody acts like that. It was such a typical foreign film, with 2 dimensional characterizations of Americans.

Throughout the movie, the motives Travolta's character gives, the words he uses, the situations he finds himself in, are so unrealistic I had difficulty watching. In other words, this has all the hallmarks of a badly written foreign action film.

I would love to be more supportive, but the writing and dialog are everything in a film. Unbelievable characters, just outright stupid situations. Ugggg! Stay away!
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Absolutey disgusting and degrading
wjcairns3 October 2010
And they wonder why Americans are so hated in the world. This is one of the most imperialist movies I have ever had the misfortune to witness, in which the wildest US macho fantasies are given the freest rein, doesn't matter how many slant-eyed yellow creatures you zap, as long as Uncle Sam gets what he wants, following a grossly exaggerated terrorist "threat". Plus of course the usual foul language and nauseating kissing sounds. Why this kind of garbage is allowed to sully the screens is a mystery to me. Of course, it may be that I have missed the "irony" or that this is a clever plot by Ahmedinejad to discredit the US. But somehow I doubt it. If I could give this review -100 it would still fail to convey how utterly despicable this apology for a film is.
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