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MPAA Rated R for pervasive language, violence, drug use and brief sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A nude man stands before a mirror watching himself sing, but his penis is not shown as that area of the mirror is foggy.
  • One extremely brief, non-graphic sex scene with some moaning.
  • A man flashes his bare butt and makes a gay joke to another man.
  • Two men in underwear wearing military boots and berets are seen waving weapons while a man, whom they want to torture and kill, is gagged and bound on the floor.
  • A teenage boy in seen in his underwear, but this is neither nudity nor sex.
  • At a party, we see a man without his pants on (his boxers are shown), but this is neither nudity nor sex.
  • It is implied that a girl is some kind of prostitute.
  • Two men make an oral sex gesture as an insult.
  • A few sexual references.

Violence & Gore

  • Three guys are being held by a henchman in order to be killed. They struggle with the henchman's gun which fires into the latter's head (blood is seen splattering on the wall, and it's confirmed that he's dead when a guy says "he's got no head"). Afterwards one of the guys shoots two guards offscreen. Another henchman arrives and is about to shoot the three guys, but a man comes in and knocks him out with a piece of wood.
  • A club bouncer refuses to let a guy in, whom argues with the bouncer and then stabs him in the neck and chest many times with a pencil. He knocks him to the ground, kicks and punches him, and then hits him in the head repeatedly with a trash can lid.
  • A man shoots a guy in the stomach (he survives).
  • Three men are driving a car, which a large truck, occupied by two Russian henchmen, crashes into. One of the henchmen stabs a knife through the roof of the car, almost stabbing one of the men inside; the car crashes, throwing the henchmen off the roof. The men inside the car aren't seriously injured, but the henchmen jump back on, so the car crashes again. One of the henchmen struggles with a man, but is then shot repeatedly (he survives since he has a bullet-proof vest on), while the other one is hit repeatedly with a golf club. This sequence continues with a long on-foot chase. A man holds his gun on some people. One of the henchmen chases a man, whom hits him with a piece of wood (offscreen, we see the wooden bar with some blood on it); the henchmen comes back up with some blood on his head.
  • A man gets his legs broken with a golf club (one hitting is pictured but the others are offscreen, we hear hitting sounds and the man screaming). He is later seen in the hospital.
  • Two henchmen come to a man's house to kill him; one of them pulls a sword on him. Another man enters and shoots the henchmen offscreen (it is implied that they are dead).
  • A gagged man tied to a chair is lowered into a pool of crayfish (they are said to be a killer species, but this is later revealed to be false); he comes back and is interrogated, the other man assumes the information is faulty, and lowers him again (it is possible that he is left there until he drowns).
  • A bound man is put into a pool full of water; its is implied that he dies.
  • It is assumed that a woman is killed.
  • A guy puts a gun to his head, then puts it down.
  • A man tells a guy how something costed another man an arm and a leg (meaning he was tortured and killed).
  • It is implied that a man has often beaten his stepson as a kid.
  • It is mentioned that a character's parents died.
  • A scene shows two people slapping each other several times.


  • Fuck is used 81 times.
  • Shit is heard 5 times.
  • 5 anatomical terms 9 name-calling, 6 of homophobic insults, and 1 religious exclamations.
  • Two men make an oral sex gesture as an insult.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few guys, including one of the main characters, are junkies. One of them is said and shown to have been in rehab twice. In a scene he is shown convulsing badly, implying either overdose or withdrawal symptoms. In another scene he is seen taking a hit on a bong.
  • Plenty of alcohol drinking.
  • A woman smokes frequently.
  • A man asks another man if he's drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The crayfish torture scene may disturb some viewers.
  • The scene implying child abuse scene may upset some viewers.
  • The chase sequence is lengthy and fairly intense.
  • Some startling gunshots.
  • Many people are killed, although all deaths are offscreen.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • It is implied two men have sex however this is never shown but is talked about several times in the film.

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