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MPAA Rated PG-13 for action violence and some sensuality

Sex & Nudity

  • In the film, Catwoman is wearing a leather top and clothes that closely resembles the costume of a stripper.
  • Moderate - Lots of sexuality, implied sex, and references to adultery.

Violence & Gore

  • Moderate - Stylized action violence, peril, robberies, psychological abuse inflicted on one's spouse, and murder.
  • The fight scenes are very tame, and unrealistic. Most of Catwoman's moves are extremely difficult to pull off, unless one has spent hours training with a capoeira master, and a lot of her stunts have been replaced with a CGI image. There are quite a few gunshots in the movie, but most of them miss. We only see one character getting shot once, and there is very little blood in the scenes where he is clutching his wound. Two other men are killed by gun shot, and there is only a little blood to show bullet wounds and scratch marks. The villain hits Catwoman with a golf club in one scene, but it shows no injuries, and she quickly recovers. Later on, the villain stabs Catwoman in the leg with a shard of broken glass. The scenes of Catwoman with the shard stuck in her leg are the only scenes that were cut from by terrestrial TV company, as well as the scenes where Catwoman slashes the villain's face with her claws - there is no blood, but rather large indents in her face, due to the villain's skin being virtually indestructable. At the end, the villain plummets from the top of a high building and crashes onto an electrified surface, which is probably the most graphic death in the movie. A woman faints in the street, and Patience's boss often snaps and yells and even slaps his wife across the face.


  • None.
  • Bitch is the strongest word used in the whole film, and they are used infrequently. T

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Moderate - Characters drink occasionally and one beauty product is consequently addictive.
  • There are scenes of anyone smoking or consuming drugs. The villain drinks several times in the film, and she makes jokes about her young replacement not being old enough to drink at a party, and about her husband teaching the girl how to open the mini-bar. There are a couple of scenes showing a party, with rowdy punk-type men and women listening to heavy metal and drinking beer. As mentioned earlier, there is a reference to viagra, but it is not shown. There is a scene in a club where one of the henchmen orders a beer, and Catwoman orders a white russian, with no vodka, ice or kahlua (which turns out to be a glass of milk - one of the film's many cat gags).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Moderate - Despite the lack of profanity and nudity, Catwoman is a dark and perilous movie with adult subject matter.
  • At the very beginning, Catwoman mentions the day she died, and we see her submerged in water as if drowned, and later on we see the scene happening for real - she is chased into a water works system by 2 henchmen who are shooting at her. They then trap her in a waterway and release the water. We see her being flushed out of a pipe and she falls a great distance into a nearby river. This is about as intense as the movie gets. No gore, no breaking bones or details of her slowly drowning. She is washed up on a waste dumb, where she is magically revived by a CGI cat. A scene was cut from the theatrical version, which can be viewed on the DVD extras - it is the heroine just after she has awoken, and is chased through a maze of broken cars by a pack of stray dogs. It is quite a tense scene, but she never gets bitten. There is one scene when she gets angry and attacks her neighbour at his party, but its very tongue-in-cheek, when she kicks down the door, squirts his face with soda and whips him with the pipe. Most of the intense scenes are lightened up with catwoman gags, such as when she beats a man for information, and then pinches his tongue (cat got your tongue?) and when she gets locked ina jail cell, the guard tells her to be a nice kitty, and she hisses at him. There is also a scene when she has a kind of play fight with her love interest, who is a cop with no idea of her secret identity. She flirts with him whilst fighting, and shuts out the lights with a broken cable to escape the police (she can see in the dark) the saddest moment is when the cop does catch her, and acuses her of being a criminal, disregarding his feelings for her. After the final fight, Catwoman does try to rescue the villain from falling, but the villain loses her grip. This is to further prove to us and the cop that Catwoman is not a killer.

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