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nigel_denning17 January 2005
I'm tempted to write a long piece explaining why this film was so bad, but I can all too easily summarise by saying "Everything".

It was poorly acted, predictable, unenthralling, clichéd nonsense. And that was just the first half hour, at which point, for the sake of my brain and stopping it melting with the sheer tedium, I walked out of the cinema.

If you're genuinely sad enough to believe that paying good money to see Halle Berry in a PVC suit is good enough reason to spend time gawking at this trash, then fine. Who am I to try to persuade you to try and do something more valuable with your time, like base-jumping without a parachute?

Utterly abysmal
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Try to make a worse movie--I dare you
jjalan6 February 2005
Oh, where to start...imagine all the intellectual depth of Showgirls, plus all the excessive and ridiculous special effects of Charlie's Angels, and then throw in some dialog crafted by whomever wrote for Governor Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze in the fourth Batman movie, and only then are you even close to a movie as awful as this.

I suppose one should not expect much from a director who actually refers to himself as Pitof. But let's come back to that. Let's move on to Halle Berry. Note to Halle Berry: Letting Billy Bob Thornton ream you endlessly on camera is certainly degrading, but it was also a good career move--and you won an Oscar; feverishly eating catnip and licking people's faces on camera, however, is not a good career move--and you'll probably win a Razzie this time. They make you return Oscars for movies like this. Oh yeah, as for the supernatural explanation for Patience Phillips/Catwoman's superhero status--she gets CPR from an immortal Egyptian cat--I am not kidding.

And then there is Benjamin Bratt, who happens to be a pretty solid actor, but could have very likely damaged a good career. If his participation in this movie isn't enough to stigmatize him, then I'm sure he had to pass up a lot of good roles because of all the time he spent having his foot surgically removed from his former agent's rectum. There is a scene in this movie--probably the worst, and that's no small achievement--that is reminiscent of that ridiculous scene in Daredevil where Jennifer Garner/Elektra and Ben Affleck/blind superhero have a Kung Fu fight at a playground in broad daylight; in this movie it's Halle Berry and Ben Bratt playing one-on-one hoops and her doing Catwoman flips and yet no one appears to be too amazed by this, much less pants-soiling surprised, and on top of that it has a sort of VH1/Color Me Bad/early New Edition video feel to it. And I'm really not sure what city this is all supposed to take place in--Gotham, Metropolis, the land beneath the whole in the cutting room floor--but apparently this place only has one detective, the unfortunate Bratt. No matter what the crime is--burglary, murder, domestic disturbance, interrupted ballet performance--he's always there.

As for the rest of the cast, that annoying woman from Mad TV--I know that's not specific enough; I mean the most annoying one who plays what I guess is supposed to be some bizarre Asian lady--well, she plays Catwoman's annoying and sort of slutty co-worker comic relief since Rosie O'Donnell was apparently unavailable.

And then we come to Sharon Stone. Now I know her career is going down the crapper with all deliberate speed, but it's still hard to understand this one. The only thing I can guess is that the opportunity to break into silly, pseudo-feminist diatribes made this a role she couldn't turn down. Of course Sharon has often lamented the lack of good roles for older women in Hollywood, and she's absolutely right about that, but this is not the best way to lodge a complaint, and plus that's always been a little peculiar coming from an actress whose greatest cinematic achievement is the conspicuous exposure of her labia.

Briefly back to this Pitof character--I thought that pretentious one-named idiot who did the Charlie's Angels movies--McG, I believe--was bad enough, but this guy is even more shameless and obviously lacking in talent. What's with these guys who've never made a movie and are already going by only one name? Don't you have to work up to that? I mean if is Scorsese wants to go by Marty, fine; if Tarantino wants to be just Quentin, or even just Q, whatever, but where does a hack like this get off using one name? This movie deserves every Razzie it receives, and while some reviewers may say it's not really that bad, remember, it took a lot of money to make this godawful thing, and if people don't speak out about how dreadful it really is, they just might make Catwoman 2. Can you live with that?
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Instant Cult classic
timetwister7721 February 2005
remember this flick; recall every poorly crafted detail; recite every stale line repeatedly. Why? Because one day, my friend, this train-wreck will be playing at your local buck and a quarter cinema @ midnight 30 with a line of freaks rolling along the walls. Each will be holding a ball of catnip in one hand and a jar of face cream in the other; and you'll be the #1 popularoso if you can recite along with this mutt. All I can say is WOW. That is the worst villain of all time: Marbleface.. my face has become marble from too much toxic face cream? No, this wasn't directed by a Frenchman. I mean it..This movies is A+ cheese. CGI catwoman to real Berry is stunning. Goes from sleek to klutzy instantly. If you like this movie like i do, your rolling on the floor. Every second is purely genius. If you liked it for real, your bus just pulled up, get away from the comp.

Highlights: 1) This is not Catwoman. Catwoman is Selina Kyle; this is patience something or other. This movie was too embarrassing to be connected with such an awesome character 2) My fav part of the lame costume: the shoes with the toes sticking out. 3) Oooooh the most sinister thing we can think of: the fiend knows the face cream is ruining the beautiful girls faces, but wants to profit anyhow. This kind of villainy puts Lex Luthor to shame! 4) Catwoman's freak out with the catnip! This is when the Rocky Horror crowd crowd will toss the catnip balls at the screen 5) You cannot argue with the music too loud scene. period. A keg's nozzle will NOT squirt that far Patience. How did you achieve such a feat. You really are a super hero.
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Give it a chance
mrmorones12319 September 2018
I grew up watching this movie and loving it as well, so it was quite a surprise reading all the hatful and derrogatory comments that it had. When watching this film you have to come in won't the right mindset, you can't expect it to be accurate in terms of the comics or you will be disappointed. This movie is not dark or serious, it's fun which in turn makes it entertaining. Cat Woman, in this film, is spontaneous, witty, and overall weird. However it makes sense that the character behaves in such a way. From a realistic point of view, if one were to be magically revived by cats, they're bound to experience some odd alterationa in their personality and actions. In any case, if you plan to watch this movie don't go in expecting comic book accuracy, but instead expect and entertaining quirky action flick and you'll probably enjoy it.
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I will never understand...
BHorrorWriter30 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers movies like this get rushed into theaters.

I honestly believe that when the idea of a Catwoman movie came across someone's desk several years back, it was a good idea. Unfortunately what turned up in theaters in 2004 was this mess! Having never picked up a Catwoman comic book, I cannot judge the film on that background. Knowing only of the old Batman TV show from the 60's, the 90's Cartoon and the brilliant portrayal by Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton's exceptional Batman Returns in 1992. That's all I really have to go on.

However, this 2004 update on the character is flawed. Halle Berry is awkwardly cast as the lead. Her screen presence was boring and lacked any real motivation.

With 3 writers, it is no wonder the story goes in all directions, never sticking to one line for too long. It is disjointed and incomplete. It almost seems the script was written just to have CGI fight sequences and Berry in that silly (though hot) costume! Pitof, as director strings together a film that has no real entertainment value. Though many scenes are shot beautifully, I do not see where he treated the character of Catwoman as the focal point. It just seems like he was making a movie - nothing more nothing less.

All in all the film is bland. Trite. Scripted weakly. Sloppily acted. Well, you get the idea.

Long live the days when Michelle Pfeiffer wore the Catwoman costume. She truly demonstrated the characteristics of a true Feline Femme Fatale. She holds ranks with the women that have portrayed Catwoman - Berry, though I love her, does not! 2 out of 10
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Give it a chance
ryanb-3834821 April 2020
This film is watchable and isn't as bad as what the reviews say.
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Halle Makes A Perrrfect Catwoman
tabuno25 January 2019
24 July 2004. I had doubts, but Halle Berry makes a perrrfect catwoman with her moves and feline behavior. Though a terrible basketball player that stunt doubles or special effects can't hide, her transformation into Catwoman is one of the best personality changes besides The Fly. The action is good, Sharon Stone's script is a little weak though it's good to see her back. The ending is suggestive of Spiderman. Halle isn't so much erotic or sexual as sensual as she herself has described. There isn't so much sex as wild, unbridled heated freedom with enhanced senses. I would think perhaps, this movie might be too threatening for men and a bit out of the box for women. Yet, as a movie - the transformation of the independence of cats into a inhibited, passive women into her own is a powerful message and experience that Catwoman manages to capture. Seven out of Ten Stars.
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What A Shocker!
simonrosenbaum10 November 2017
Reading all these shameful one star reviews I was expecting a truly terrible film with bad acting and dialogue and a confusing ridiculous story line. Well I was shocked at how it wasn't bad in any area. This was a very enjoyable lighthearted film trying to catpture a little of the style and spirit of the original 60's series. Maybe people were expecting a Christopher Nolan type film that takes itself overly serious but I'm very glad that wasn't this film. This film was fun and entertaining and the IMDb rating is a disgrace. Watch some other films with that kind of low rating and you'll soon see the difference between a bad film and this. 8/10
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Please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't hate me.
koshka-devotchka13 February 2007
I liked it. OK, it wasn't the best film ever, and yeah, there have been better Catwomen (namely, Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer), but when you sit and watch it with no expectations, it's actually kind of cool.

From a superhero point of view it's a little one-sided- there aren't any real villains, at least, none who pose a real threat. Although Sharon Stone's character reminded me a tad of Poison Ivy, you know, super-beauty-products and all that jazz. But I quite liked that it showed how someone really quiet and shy can turn into a catty, sexy weirdo.

No offence meant to catty, sexy weirdos.

Catwoman has no real point to it, other than to explain how Patience gets her powers. It would be good if there was a follow-up where she beat Batman / Superman / Poison Ivy or whoever, but since the film did so badly this seems about as likely to happen as pigs flying, hell freezing over, and Ozzy Osbourne announcing a fondness for Girls Aloud. Which is a shame, because I didn't think the film was that bad.

They'd have been better off doing a spin-off from the Batman flicks with Michelle P (or a lookalike) as Catwoman, so the back story wouldn't be necessary.

Don't hate me for loving Catwoman. Please?
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Dear Hollywood, please stop doing this!
udeaasykle11 February 2005
Oh my, where do I begin? Well I could tell you that this is a well made action movie, but obviously I would be lying my head off. So instead, I want to tell you the truth. Are you ready? Here it comes… "DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE" Let me tell you why. If you see this movie and are over the age of 16, you will end up hating yourself for letting yourself rot for 104 minutes without getting anything back, except an increased feeling of wanting to get revenge on Hollywood. They say that it is very hard to get your script into a movie. Well, after seeing this movie, I think a one legged monkey could write a better script, without either pen or paper. The fact that Halle Berry even uses a male stunt double, makes me loose all respect for both her and this movie. Besides the stunt double thing, the movie still sucks. The dialog sucks, the acting is not even present and the action looks sloppy and poorly thought through. This movie actually made me like The Core better, which is pretty much impossible. I rate this movie 1/10
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The best Catwoman character ever
cashbacher17 November 2019
A fellow fan of superhero comics once asked me my opinion on the hottest female superhero and my answer was the She Hulk. After watching this movie, my answer will now be Catwoman with Halle Berry in the role. Dressed in a sultry and revealing leather costume with a body as lithe as a cat and a sultry demeanor, she embodies sensuality. Unlike the earlier version that was a super villain, this iteration is fighting evil, specifically a cosmetic company that is about to release a new product. Their research has demonstrated that the product is dangerous to use, but the lure of massive profits is too great. The movements of Catwoman are a triumph of special effects, she leaps and walks on narrow surfaces like a cat and sometimes eats like a starved animal. Action scenes are intense and amazing to watch without there being too much smashing and bashing. Catwoman relies more on her avoidance skills than she does on simply whacking on her opponents. There is a dynamic love interest along with a best female friend that adds significant humor to the movie. The friend is not a sidekick in the usual sense, just a friend with a humorous bent that helps keep the alter ego of Catwoman thinking and acting like a human female. This is a fun movie to watch, one of the few superhero movies where women will enjoy the chic-flick aspects.
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Cult Classic
Des4987 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I used to watch Catwoman a lot when I was a child and I am surprised by the negative comments and reviews I have read about the movie. However, some of them were accurate about poor acting, a lack of chemistry between the two lead actors, and bad executed action sequences. But the general visual style and costume design was the concept of the movie's narrative. It was good at showing a woman who lacked confidence in her previous life, dies, and then is resurrected into a confident woman with superhuman feline powers.
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This movie has potential to be better
rachogrady30 March 2019
Pros: The story was a brilliant idea and the areas chosen to film, the sound effects, stunts, characters and outfits were fantastic.

Cons: Was not enough variety in music, the animation was a little off, the acting specifically catwomen was over the top and a little off including some of the dialog.
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It's a good film underrated only because of bad fame...
JamesRutland19 May 2009
Catwoman is a good film, realized by modern techniques matched by darkness procedure. Good interpretation of actors, as well as the director's guide. I dislike for negative critics because there are many other movies that are the worst ever made in the cinema: I think to Independence day or apocalipto, and many others. I'll see this movie again and I'll get the DVD or blu-ray when it will be possible. Many movies are underrated and would deserve better treatment by critic and public opinion. So I think everybody can see this movie and be satisfied without any preconceptions which if they influence viewers this movie will be bad regardless.
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It's a comic book, whatd'ya want?
dnlhml1 July 2020
Not sure why everyone hates this movie, but I found it to be a very entertaining fantasy/action flick, and have been a fan of it since it came out in 2004. It's based on comic book characters, so you shouldn't expect Gone With the Wind. It's fun, the action is good and Halle is hot as can be. The story is a reasonable enough one for a comic book movie, too. So there.
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Crap in its purest form.
expiremedia28 July 2004
Directing 0/10, Writing 0/10, Cinematography 0.5/10, Editing 1/10, Acting 0.5/10, Overall Satisfaction 0/10

Final- 0.5/10

One word is brought to mind when thinking back to my viewing of, Catwoman- Crap. It might be inspired by my estimation of the film's display of only 12 minutes of living, breathing actors (which I will get into more below). Or it could possibly be inspired by the many errors that there wasn't even an attempt to cover, i.e.- Patience becomes Catwoman after wandering into a restricted area. How did she get into this restricted area, you ask? By walking through the door marked 'RESTRICTED AREA,' in bold, red text, which was simply unlocked and didn't even have a significant locking device on it. You know, I might've also hated the movie (not worthy of the word 'film') because of the pointless-undeveloped story line. And, really, it's not possible to look beyond the disgustingly audacious 'style' of one-named director, Pitof, which can only be described as the style of a headless chicken running through a maze of landmines. Oh, yes, said headless chicken is also being chased by angry natives wielding machetes.

I mentioned above that I estimated that only 12 minutes of living, breathing actors were shown during the entire 140 minutes of film. Almost every sequence of the movie featuring an actor seemed to be butchered by the insertion of CGI's. I'm dead serious. I'm not just talking high-flying, sucky action sequences- I'm talking scenes of Catwoman walking to a motorcycle and calmly getting on it, and the other one that immediately comes to mind is a sequence where a man (a baddie) is simply walking. Yeah, walking. It seems agents and managers are really watching over their clients these days.

Now, two questions I'm asking-

1) What is the point of Catwoman? What the [expletive] does she do?

It's explained in the film that Midnight, the 'magical' cat, chose Patience to become Catwoman, but something is wrong here- CATWOMAN HAS NO PURPOSE!! Every other superhero out there has a purpose- They save people! It seems Catwoman's only purpose is to kill the people who attempted to kill her and chase a cricket or two. There's nothing else to her!

2) Where is the REAL back story?

It sure as [expletive] wasn't in the film! Why wasn't she shocked and attempting to reason and deal with the emotional ass-kicking that would come with the revelation? She's told she's Catwoman by the cliché cat lady, she buys a mask and nails and the result is the 'superhero.' It's adds up, but not into anything of any value whatsoever. Shame on you terrible writers!

Halle Berry is a good actress. I'm not doubting or denying that. She fully deserved her Academy Award nomination and win for 2001's Monster's Ball, but something bad happened here. Her acting started awful and ended awful. I'm hoping the talents and reputation of Berry won't be harmed by her inadequate performance.

Now, My request to Halle Berry- Ms. Berry, I want my money back. I never thought I could see such a terrible performance from an Oscar winning actress. Maybe you were just doing your best with the material? But, you know, that really is not a valid excuse. After reading the screenplay, you should've thrown it in the face of the agent who dared display it to you. How could you not notice how awful it was? Make some better choices and hopefully your career won't plummet as so many others have.

I recall an interview with Ashley Judd, the original casting choice for Catwoman, who said something along the lines of, 'Turning down the role of Catwoman is one the things I regret the most.' Ashley, never say that again. You have only been saved by not appearing in this hilariously terrible film.

Listen people, don't waste your money on this…um..crap. It's not worth the $6-$15 bucks!

So now you ask, why not just give it a zero? Why the zero-point five? Well, The editing was sufficiently bad; the acting of Alex Borstein could've possibly taken some effort, appropriately placed CGI's were okay, and I like cats.

Directing 0/10, Writing 0/10, Cinematography 0.5/10, Editing 1/10, Acting 0.5/10, Overall Satisfaction 0/10

Final- 0.5/10
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Good movie!
Miss_Malene02036 November 2019
I like this movie a lot. Halle Berry is beautiful and does a fantastic job in the roll of Catwomen. I like how she become more strong and sure about he self aften becoming Catwomen. The special efeckt are really good too! Not sure why it has so low ratings
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Great movie!
kasiiuniia27 December 2019
This is a awesome movie, I don't know why it has such a low rating. I loved the movie when it came out and I still love it. Great love story and action scenes. The picture is so clear for a 2004 movie. 10 out of 10 for sure!
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Bandwagon Negativity
Nedlock1 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so this is my first post here on IMDb and i had to do this because having just seen Catwoman i cannot believe the amount of people who just simply seem to be voting this low because of the negative press about it, the word sheep springs instantly to mind.

Now i've voted it as a 10 on the sole principle of my above comment, in reality i would have given it a 6 or maybe a 7 at a push.

It was by no means a great movie but for how it was hyped and the story line behind it, i thought it did very well not to make itself into a bad film.

Please put it into context before damning it so completely, this is a film about a woman who dies and comes back to life due to the powers of an ancient cat, who then goes on to investigate the reasons into her death which were brought about due to a cosmetics firms controversial new product. A STORY ABOUT BEAUTY CREAM, come on guys how much were you expecting from this for you to hate it so much, it's not like the production company hadn't been warning you for several months prior to release.

If you take this movie for what it is, i thoroughly believe it competently does what it set out to do, which is entertain.

Please do not hate this film because you were expecting something else (a Spiderman 2 or Xmen maybe) hate it if you think it is bad but on it's own merits, not compared to other films that are out right now.
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Catwoman confession
rogadaire28 August 2004
I have a secret. A dark, troubling secret which I must unburden myself of. You see, gentle reader, I have seen Catwoman. And enjoyed it. I know, I know, it doesn't do to confess to such a thing in polite company. Suggest that I had taken leave of my senses and my only response is a shrug and a smile. Yet, I say, I enjoyed Catwoman. And not in that oh-so-ironic 'so bad it's good' way either. No, I liked it in the 'well I thought that was rather good, actually' kind of way. Which is particularly worrying, because if there is one thing that the world and his wife can agree on, it is that Catwoman is this year's shoe in for a golden turkey award (excepting 'Thunderbirds' and 'the Chronicles of Riddick' of course). I, however, found it to be a fun ride, full of good, schlocky moments, some nice action and boasting a confident visual style and a performance from Halle Berry which falls just the right side of parody. Oh, and the much-derided catsuit definitely gets my vote. I also thought the pairing with Benjamin Bratt worked a treat and Sharon Stone made a satisfying villain. In short, plenty to enjoy.

Naturally, until now, I have been careful to keep this strangely positive reaction to myself. In fact I was so disturbed by my feelings for the movie that I decided to see it again just to make sure I had not missed any of the innumerable horrors the reviews had promised. The second time, to my astonishment, it seemed an even better movie than the first. A few details had initially bothered me. While, for example, some of the special effects worked really well (the transformation scene, Catwoman sliding between two buildings, or tumbling out of one in graceful slo-mo), some didn't. But on second viewing I was surprised to find all these details seemed somehow better integrated into the movie as a whole. I am now thinking of seeing the movie for a third time, but in a decidedly more relaxed frame of mind. Well, I have heard of people that have seen Catwoman up to seven times. Are we all mad? Perhaps so. But I guess we might as well enjoy it. It would be such a shame not to.
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Catwoman is "camp"
dnorris-26 February 2005
I enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh at the end of a tough day. "Camp" is defined as "an affectation or appreciation of manners and tastes commonly thought to be outlandish, vulgar, or banal." It is also defined as "banality or artificiality when appreciated for its humor." I agree that movies such as "Spiderman" have taken the comic book genre into the realm of serious drama, and I enjoy that as a long-time fan of that comic series. And it would have been interesting to have seen "Catwoman" taken in that direction; however, it was not, and we should appreciate and enjoy the movie for what the writers and director chose to do with it. It is as much about Halle Berry as it is the comic book character herself. When Halle makes her appearance in that leather suit, walking along seductively, that will go down in film history right alongside Raquel Welch in her cave woman outfit that we have seen so many times on posters. When Halle throws that little overdone strut into her walk, that brings a smile to my face and actually makes me laugh out loud at times. True, Sharon Stone is over the hill as an aesthetic pleasure, and the plot is as silly as any we have seen. But that is the whole point! Laugh at and with this film, enjoy it as a piece of work not meant to be serious drama. This film rates a B in my book, whereas "Sky Captain" is barely a C.
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I loved it!
BrandtSponseller19 January 2005
Patience Phillips (Halle Berry) is a visual artist who is stuck working in the advertising division of a large beauty product manufacturer, Hedare. When she acquires information that could potentially put the company out of business, they try to dispose of her. Because she had previously, unwittingly passed a "test", however, she is saved by a group of cats and transformed into a Catwoman.

First, let me note that I loved this film. It's a 10 out of 10 for me. Since I'm well aware that most critics, professional and amateur alike, have trashed this film, I'll focus on why I thought it was so good. Maybe this will help some new viewers consider giving it a look, and possibly encourage some reevaluation by those who have already seen the film.

The script immediately drew me into the film, and although I'm male, I identified with Patience. I'm also a visual artist. I have also worked for a company similar to Hedare in the past (although a much smaller and less nefarious beauty product company). I lived in an apartment that looked, on the outside, almost exactly the same as Patience's apartment complex. I also had neighbors who night after night played loud music or television until three or four a.m., while I first tried to block out the sound in any way that I could, then asked politely for them to turn the music down, and so on, until I finally called the cops on them so I could get some sleep.

Not that I need to identify with a character to like a film, but that made this one have extra resonance with me in the beginning. Additionally, I was immediately drawn in by the fantastic cinematography and set design. Those kinds of things are just as important in a movie as the story is. Film is a visual and aural artform. The whole package is important. Creative, attractive visuals such as those in Catwoman are part of the package.

The script, including the subtexts, worked well for me. Catwoman is a film about discovering identities, peeling away literal and metaphorical masks, and the difference between various stages of public versus private "faces". That the plot is centered on a beauty product manufacturer, then, is perfect. These themes permeate every aspect of the film. For example, Tom Lone (Benjamin Bratt) is continually peeling away the appearances of Patience, throughout the length of the film, and Patience is doing the same for herself--discovering her "true self". I can't think of a scene that doesn't touch on this theme in some way. That's very clever and thought-provoking scriptwriting, and it doesn't end there. There are also themes about femininity cleverly woven through the film, for example.

I thought the cast did a fantastic job. Berry is great as a Catwoman, and subtly referenced most of the previous screen Catwomen. She also incorporated a lot of crafty cat-like behavior. I enjoyed the supporting cast, especially Alex Borstein as Patience's friend, Sally. The effects worked well for me, and at times they were also very subtle and clever, such as Catwoman's whip representing a tail in many shots (most of this was achieved via digital effects). I was also impressed with the creativity and different approach of many of the fight scenes. It was nice to see Brazilian martial arts incorporated for a change.

Some of the negative criticism probably stems from a kind of purism that is disproportionately found among comic book fans when it comes to comic book films. I'm not much of a purist, but in any event, for anyone paying close attention, you'd note that Berry's character isn't supposed to be Selina Kyle. In the mythology of as presented here, "Catwoman" isn't a lone token, but a type. Patience is just another instantiation of a long line of catwomen. So departures from previous portrayals of Selina Kyle aren't relevant, even if we believed that filmmakers were obligated in some way to previous depictions of the "same" fictional characters (which I don't believe, not being a purist).

Catwoman is worth a (second) chance if you can leave some of your preconceptions at the door and if you're prepared to think a bit about a comic book film.
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Misunderstood for the wrong reasons
limonjuan21 June 2018
It's pretty genius when you think about how ballsy it was for Warner brothers to create a whole new character of no relation to the dc comics character. Shame some people just can't accept it as as its own thing , only Catwoman in name. I like when studios try something new and attempt to appeal to a whole new audience that might never pick up a comic book in their lives. For starters, There's something appealing about Halle berry in a leather dominatrix outfit jumping on rooftops in the dark urban landscape of Salt Lake City For me it's a action revenge thriller set in the world of beauty products and dark alleys with a hint of a good r&b score. There's a bit of social commentary in here about the way women are treated in the beauty industry at a certain age or it could be about a women accepting her flaws and becoming free with herself. I'm not ashamed to admit I love Catwoman. For its runtime of nearly two hours I can safely argue I wanted more. The film directed by French visual effects supervisor newcomer Pitof feels like a comic book come to live with its vivid colors and wild editing . Countless times we get insane CG crane shots of the beautiful Salt Lake City and the dark alleys Catwoman prowls . While unnecessary it makes for campy fun considering it was the early 2000s and they didn't know how it was gonna fare with audiences. Plenty of people judge its 100 million dollar budget when they forget Halle was paid 12 million dollars and they made statue figurines and a video game that further added to the budget not to mention the promo they did. So there's the 100 mil everybody complains about
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The most underrated film of all time
hallemaria10 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Am I the only one who loved this film? And when I say I loved it, I mean I really loved it.

Catwoman has so much potential as a film character. If a decent director and scriptwriter teamed up then a great film could be made.

There's so much to the character of Catwoman which often goes unexplored in films. Of all the BAtman baddies Catwoman is the least evil. She has an identity crisis, a personality torn between good and evil, which makes her such an interesting subject.

Unlike most people, I thought Halle Berry was great as Catwoman. My favourite from the 60s series was Eartha KItt, Halle Berry was very close to Eartha Kitts portrayal of Catwoman.

So come on everybody, put your opinions of this film to one side, if someone else has the guts to try again with a Catwoman film I'll be there.
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WIldly Entertaining, and yes it has to be said Visually Stunning
jay_hall200214 August 2004
Okay, watched Catwoman today, Expecting, well not much really, except mildly entertaining fight scenes maybe. But I got so much more than that, I found a movie , all be it not Oscar or Award worthy, but a movie, that really did take me from reality for a bit, I become completely emerged in the story which may be silly, but who cares! The fight scenes, where all in my opinion beautifully choreographed, and the CGI, I thought was definitely above average. Hallie Berry was excellent both as Patience and Catwoman. Playing Patience with real raw emotion, and she genuinely did look frightened to speak her mind, but on the other hand as Catwoman Hallie exerts all the sexiness and confidence needed to pull of such a sensual character, and in that tight leather suit she does look HOT!! Sahron Stone is delicious as the sexy villain, and Benjamin Bratt is good enough for he's mainly unimportant character. A lot of people have given this movie a lot of flak and I can kinda see why but not really, if you can call this movie anything it has to be VISUALLY STUNNING, like Gothic, mixed with modern art. The backing Track is excellent, the stunts are better than you would be led to believe, the CGI is definitely a lot better than people have been saying. All in all no where near as bad as it could have been, And isn't it worth going to see Hallie Berrie and Sharon Stone in a cat fight anyway. All in all a fun filled, visually striking twist thrilled ride from begging to very end.

Go See Honestly
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