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Demi Moore: Jordan O'Neill



  • Master Chief John Urgayle : Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home. But you know the best thing about pain?

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Don't know!

    Master Chief John Urgayle : It lets you know you're not dead yet!

  • Lt. Jordan O'Neil : [after being brutually beaten during a capture exercise]  Master Chief...

    Master Chief John Urgayle : Lieutenant, seek life elsewhere.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Suck my dick!

    [captive members of her team start shouting and chanting Hoo Rar after being silent to the Master Chief] 

  • McCool : I had a grandfather who wanted to be a Navy man. He wanted to fire them big guns off them big-ass battleships. Navy says to him "No. You can only do one thing on a battleship, son. That's cook." And I'm not talking about a hundred years ago. I'm talking United States Navy, middle of World War II. You know the reason they gave him? The reason why they told my grandfather he couldn't fight for his country? "'Cause negroes can't see at night. Bad night vision."

    Flea : Damn, man. That's unbelievable. Thank God times have changed.

    McCool : Have they? So you see, O'Neil. I know where you're coming from. 'Cause to them you're just the new nigger on the block, that's all. Maybe you just moved in a little too early.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Thanks, man.

  • Master Chief John Urgayle : The Israelis tried it. Women in combat. Seems men couldn't get used to the sight of women blown open. They'd linger over the wounded females, often trying to save those who obviously couldn't be saved. Often to the detriment of the mission.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : You were given the Navy Cross right? May I ask what you got it for?

    Master Chief John Urgayle : Since it bears on this conversation, I got it for pulling a 240-pound man out of a burning tank.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : So when a man tries to rescue another man, he's a hero, but if he tries to rescue a woman, he's just gone soft?

    Master Chief John Urgayle : Could you have pulled that man clear? Lieutenant, you couldn't even haul your own body weight out of the water today.

  • Lt. Jordan O'Neil : [commenting on the special standard for her training]  I mean really sir, why don't you just issue me a pink petticoat to wear around the base?

    C.O. Salem : Did you just have a brain fart, Lieutenant?

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Begging your pardon, sir?

    C.O. Salem : Did you just waltz in here and bark at your commanding officer? Because if you did, I would call that a bona fide brain fart, and I resent it when people FART inside my office!

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : I think you've resented me from the start, sir.

    C.O. Salem : What I resent, Lieutenant, is some politician using my base as a test tube for her grand social experiment. What I resent, is the sensitivity training that is now mandatory for all of my men. The ob-gyn I now have to keep on staff just to keep track of your personal pap smears. But most of all what I resent, is your perfume, however subtle, interfering with the scent of my fine three-dollar-and-seventy-nine-cent cigar, which I will put out this instant if the phallic nature of it happens to offend your GODDAMN FRAGILE SENSIBILITIES! Does it?

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : No, sir.

    C.O. Salem : "No, sir" WHAT?

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : The shape doesn't bother me. Just the goddamn sweet stench.

  • Sgt. Cortez : You know O'Neil, I like you better when you drink.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : You know Cortez, I like you better when I drink.

  • Master Chief John Urgayle : I don't know what the hell's been going on in the last 48 hours. And frankly I don't give a shit.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Good to see you too, Master Chief.

  • Lt. Blondell : Lieutenant, why are you doing this?

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Do you ask the men the same question?

    Lt. Blondell : As a matter of fact: yes, I do ask them.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : And what do they say?

    Lt. Blondell : "Cause I get to blow shit up."

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Well, there you go.

  • C.O. Salem : [after Jordan demands that he remove the dual standard]  One standard.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Just treat me the same. No better, no worse.

    C.O. Salem : You're gonna get everything you want, O'Neil. I just wonder if you want what you're gonna get.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Hoo-yah, sir.

  • Sen. Lillian DeHaven : Don't you even think of playing politics with me, little darlin', you'll be up way past your bedtime.

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : And don't YOU think that I'll sit idly by while anyone smears my good name. Now you get those charges VOIDED, Senator. And you do it today!

    Sen. Lillian DeHaven : [tauntingly]  Or what?

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : You like pissed off? Watch this.

    [storms out to TV cameras] 

  • Master Chief John Urgayle : Is there anything *else* we can do for your celebrity career, Lieutenant?

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : That will be all...

    Master Chief John Urgayle : [to all the CRTs]  You now have exactly *one minute* to *muster*!

    Sgt. Max Pyro, Instructor : [as the CRTs are scrambling]  If even *one* of you Van Winkle wannabes are late I will *personally* see to it *none* of you sleep for a week!

  • 'Slov' Slovnik : Lemme get this straight. Now we're *sharing the same fucking head*!

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : Listen, you moron! I am here to stay and if you don't wanna be in my life, you've got two choices. Move out or Ring out! That's it! End of File!

    'Wick' Wickwire : [to Slovnik]  I say you've got less than one minute to get your fucking clothes on!

  • [after everyone is on board the chopper] 

    Lt. Jordan O'Neil : All Right! All parties in! Let's get the hell out of Dodge!

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