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Don't believe the rating
jasp000221 May 2004
OK this is going to be a bit long... but it will be good food for discussions.

Yes, this movie is "Hollywood". The Plot line is predictable, but it is the concepts that the director explores along the way that make it interesting an thought-provoking, assuming you pay attention and didn't just rent it for the bang-bang, or a chance to see Demi in a wet T-shirt. Ridley make some mistakes, but he does some really good things too. Let me comment on what some other people have said, and talk about what I think Ridley does well with this film.

I think Mr. Scott gets a really excellent performance from Demi. I feel this is her best film, but I haven't seen to many, because she usually gets on my nerves. However, she is believable in the role of a woman who just wants to prove to herself that she can do this. I believe her when she says she doesn't want to be a poster child for women's rights... and the Commander is right in telling her that she's gonna have to wear that hat anyway.

Viggo is great too. I don't think too many people knew who he was when this movie came out, but he was even billed above Anne Bancroft. Someone said he looks embarrassed in every scene... hogwash. He looks like a very tough character in a very difficult situation. He knows that the issue is not whether a woman can make it, many can. This isn't about women's rights... this is about how men, mainly YOUNG men, relate to women in stressful situations. If all soldiers were in their late thirties, emotionally and psychologically, then the issue would be much smaller. Most of these guys are young, dumb and full of... you know the rhyme. I was there too, once upon a time. Viggo is excellent, he reacts the way many military instructors would... trying to stop the inevitable, fighting against politicians way over his head who have never been in the crap, but think they know better. Pay attention, you can just see that he respects LT O'Neil. But he believes he has to make an example out of her. Ms. Bancroft is excellent as well, some people say over the top, they obviously haven't had to deal with high level politics before. Perhaps she is a bit rough for reality, but remember, it is a movie, making a point, and being entertaining, things have to be gritty... and Senate will always be more vicious than any military training. I find her performance fun and a joy to watch.

I don't know if Mr. Scott has any military training, but he does a better job of conveying the realities of it to the screen than most. Yes, the SERE segment goes farther than real SERE training would go... but not by much. Talk to someone who's been through it. It would not have been the same group of instructors... it's a very specialized field and the instructors have extensive psychological screening and training. However, I'll give that one to Ridley, he's trying not to complicate the plot, and he needs the scene with Master Chief Urgayle. BTW Women do go through SERE sometimes... and the instructors do use them against the men's emotions.

As for other Militray stuff, much of the language, feelings about chain of command, frustration with training constraints and political a**-covering was /On The Spot/. I speak from 6 years of experience as an Army officer (some of the stuff you see on active duty is amazing, but in the end it all balances out and the US Armed Forces are still the best in the world). Even the way Ridley has to frig with the plot to put the trainees in a an actual firefight was plausible... not possible, but plausible. Remember, it is a movie, he's got to have a real combat situation to entertain the dumber audience who just came to see the boom. But Ridley even goes far enough to give the Master Chief a chance to back out. It is a group of Navy SEAL trainees, deep into their training cycle, with a buttload of prior experience (IF you pay attention you will note that one of the trainees is a US Army Ranger, one a Marine, probably from RECON, these are guys who know the job already, and this is true to reality). You are also talking about a straight forward mission facilitating extraction of US Army Rangers from the deep inland mission. Ridley even has that right, this would be a Ranger mission, and the Spec-ops community may do a joint op where the SEALS secure the sea-side extraction point.

Quite frankly... the movie is better than most people could have done. Matter of fact, I think it was a tough challenge for Mr. Scott and don't think anyone could have done much better. One bad point I agree with is that artistically, the movie is shot entirely too dark.. that's about the worst thing I can say about it though. As for plot predictability... how often do you REALLY see an original plotline?

One last comment. I was at the Army Officer's Advance Course when this movie came out. There was a group of Officer's that were gong to see this movie, ostensibly to have a good laugh. These were Ranger-qualified Infantry guys, a Marine officer from RECON, a couple guys going to or coming from SF training... all Type A's. The next day they weren't laughing... they just said "you know what, that wasn't half bad." That don't sound like much, but it's high praise from that group.

Probably why this has such a poor rating is because it isn't Hollywood enough for the lowest-common-denominator crowd.

Enjoy the film.
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Maybe Demi Moore does have what it takes
SKG-222 February 1999
I fully admit I am not the biggest Demi Moore fan in the world. As a matter of fact, she's been in some of my least favorite movies of the decade (A FEW GOOD MEN, INDECENT PROPOSAL, THE SCARLET LETTER, THE JUROR, STRIPTEASE), and she really hasn't been good in any of those. But she did win me over in this movie, because she lives up to her character's line, "Look, I'm not trying to make any sort of statement here." And she isn't. Instead of letting vanity get in the way, or injecting pathos, she lets her actions speak for her, just like her character does in trying to win acceptance as a SEAL. The haircut scene is a good example; though it's directed with cinematic flourish, she does it matter-of-fact.

Moore's performance is one of the two performances that elevate this from your standard grunts-become-soldiers movie. The other is the riveting Viggo Mortenson as the Master Chief, who's the drill instructor. He doesn't play the role as a sadistic tyrant, but rather as a subtle manipulator who gradually recognizes Jordan O'Neill(Moore) is someone worth taking seriously. He also avoids going for pathos.

The movie is best when it concentrates on the training. Ironically, making just a standard grunts-become-soldiers movie makes its message work, because like O'Neill's superiors, we take her seriously because she becomes no different than anyone else. The beginning is bad, and the climatic battle at the end is overblown, which weakens the movie. Still, it's worth a look, and I maintain Moore was only given a Razzie Award for this movie and performance because of her past work, and the naysayers really weren't paying attention to her performance here.
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Worth a second look
Ghenghy18 May 2002
I ignored this on it's release and caught flashes of it during it's run on HBO, there were some exciting action sequences and amazing glimpses into the hell that SEAL training requires, but somehow I just couldnt put all the pieces together. It didnt make sense.....until now. I finally watched this movie in it's entirety last night and I am hooked. Whether the film misses the target on it's "statement" is not the point. It's just a good flick. Demi Moore pulls off the roll in convincing style and Viggo Mortenson has his best part as the Master Chief of the SEAL training unit. They have this crazy dynamic between themselves that finally unfolds at the ending, leaving you wishing for just a little more. Solid action film with a great support cast and a perfectly despicable villain played to the hilt by Anne Bancroft as a Senator who compromises GI Jane for her own political gain. Well, at least she tries. I think Demi Moore is one of the most underappreciated talents in recent memory. She has this unique combination of hardass determination and sensitivity that is rare. 9/10
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Where I think this movie fails.
deliaj7 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
G.I. Jane has some good points, good scenes, and (some)good acting. However, I saw its main point as trying to promote a "can-do" scenario for women in the military (I am a female veteran of 24 years) and I think several things in the movie do just the opposite. If the idea, problem, or goal is to prove that women can succeed in a traditionally male career, task, or training, then that should be presented while maintaining the woman's gender. What I mean is, O'Neil doesn't succeed until she shaves her head (shorter than the men's - and unnecessary), bulks up to the point where her body fat falls below normal and she ceases to menstruate, and generally becomes "one of the boys." The point is, she's a woman, not a man. She shouldn't have to become a man to prove she can succeed with a group of men. This is painfully clear when she screams "Suck my dick," at the Sergeant. The obvious point is that, since she's a woman, she doesn't have one of those. Nor should she need to metaphorically develop one in order to succeed. Another point I'd like to make is that her dialogue as a prisoner of war was ridiculous. The object is to survive. If you don't, your mission has failed. Taunting, bragging, and arguing with captors is a big NO-NO. Her, "I'm sorry, am I supposed to be afraid?" line would have gotten her stripped naked and suspended under a water hose for hours. There are no cadets that are tougher than the captors(instructors). Bringing unhappy attention to oneself in that situation is inescapably stupid. It is not tough. Her worst line, though, is "I'm going in." CLICHE!!
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a surprisingly good Demi Moore movie
coza_usa15 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Demi Moore gave a good performance to a role that suited her really well. I can understand where her character was coming from when she said that she did not want to become a poster figure for women's advancement in the military and society at large. However, being that she was the only woman in the NAVY Seal training camp, it was sort of inevitable for that to happen. Hence, her character's comments were unnecessary.

Viggo Mortensen was excellent as Master Chief. I found myself still liking his character after he beat the crap out of Demi Moore's in a training game gone wrong. That scene was brutal but very necessary. In this case, the social message was that equality in the military does not just mean that men and women get an equal share of the pie but also that they both get an equal share of the pain.

SPOILER: I would have liked to see Anne Bancroft's character on Moore's side towards the end but as politics goes, she only cared about getting re-elected. It was a good reality check for the viewer.

I recommend this movie.
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Good, Enjoyable Entertainment with Demi Moore Showing Off Her Badass Side
Schnayblay9 August 2012
"G.I. Jane" is the story of Lieutenant Jordan O'Neill, a Naval Intelligence officer who gets chosen by a senator to be the test dummy for woman's acceptance into Military Combat. She gets put into training for the Navy SEALS, the most elite and toughest training. Now, O'Neill must prove she has what it takes to be among the best of the boys. Directed by Ridley Scott and co-written by the creator of the "Chronicles of Riddick" series, I wasn't sure what to expect. Ridley Scott is an amazing director but I didn't like "Pitch Black" that much, so I didn't know if I ended up liking this movie. But you know what? I highly enjoyed it.

Demi Moore plays Lieutenant O'Neill, a tough, no-nonsense girl who just wants to get in on the action. Out of all the roles I've seen Demi Moore in, this is my favourite one yet. She's strong-willed, determined, and as the film goes on, she becomes a giant badass. If there was ever a woman's version of "The Expendables", Demi Moore would definitely be in it. She's a great character and you really want to see her succeed and kick all the guy's asses. She also gets into the best shape of her life. Even when she shaves her head, forms abs and gets totally ripped, she is still incredibly hot.

Viggo Mortensen plays John, the Master Chief. No, not the one from Halo. The moment he steps on screen, you know this guy is hardcore. He's brutal, mean, and is really a dick towards O'Neill. Of course towards the end they become allies but the stuff he does to O'Neill is just terrible. You do not like this guy at all, but that just shows that Viggo Mortensen did a good job as Master Chief. Only way he could be any more badass is with an energy sword.

The atmosphere in this movie is awesome. You're watching all these guys and O'Neill go through boot camp and you're just sitting there going "Yeah, I couldn't do that. That's just gross". Like there's one part where they have five minutes to eat dinner and do they get fresh food? No. They get the scraps from their lunch. So their eating like half eaten corn and weird goop that been sitting there for half a day. I have to be honest, I wouldn't survive 1 day at that place.

The last 20 minutes are my least favourite part of the film. It's kind of like "Full Metal Jacket" in the way that once they leave bootcamp, the movie goes downhill. But unlike "Full Metal Jacket", the movie only goes downhill a bit. It was kind of just an excuse to make stuff blow up and have a gunfight but I'm not complaining. Got to say, Demi Moore grenading Iraqis and Aragorn sniping people is pretty cool.

Overall, I highly enjoyed "G.I. Jane". I thought it was a great entertainment and Demi Moore was excellent. It's a badass military film that shows that girls really can kick ass, and I would watch this any day. Definitely a buy on Blu-Ray.
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Don't Listen to the Sad Armchair Warriors
mzmorpheus0912 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of Ridley Scott's better films, up there with 'Alien' or 'Matchstick Men'.

There's been A LOT of dissing of this film, especially by idiots that refuse to even watch it. Most of them whine and moan about how the writer (David Twohy who wrote 'Pitch Black') got the terminology and endless DoD acronyms wrong. SFW. It's a fictional drama, not a documentary. You want a documentary? Watch the Hitler Channel.

I used to be a wildland firefighter and, yep, I'm a split tail. I've seen fictional wildfire movies where the tanker planes fly at night and the actors sprint through fields of flaming dirt (note to non-firefighters: dirt don't burn). Again, SFW. It was a movie, big deal.

The No. 1 reason I like this film is Viggo Mortensen's performance. He's way better than Demi Moore, not that Demi is bad. I don't think she deserved the Razzie for this. Again, that came from misogynistic armchair warriors who are unemployed and live with Mommy. Consider the source.

What this film does have is action, suspense, conflict, fast dialog, good character development -- all the stuff a movie like some horrendous Steven Segal mess is SUPPOSED to have but usually doesn't.

Rent this flick, keep an open mind and enjoy the show.

Also keep in mind, a very high percentage of the enlisted women who have served in the Middle East have been harassed, assaulted and raped -- by their own coworkers, not 'the enemy.' Then reconsider all these bad reviews and ask yourself what does that say?
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Gee, I Don't Like Jane
zardoz-1316 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Actress Demi Moore shaves her head, dons fatigues, and totes a machine gun in British director Ridley Scott's opportune but exploitative "G.I. Jane," a sexual equality polemic about the first female to graduate as a Navy SEAL. This lackluster basic training epic serves up a volatile but exemplary message about equal rights and the armed forces that cost the filmmakers the aid of the Department of Defense. When "G.I. Jane" isn't preaching gender parity, this cynical but slickly done "Top Gun" clone is gung ho on showing Moore kicking butt in the kind of role her husband Bruce Willis excels. Sadly, "G.I. Jane's" melodramatic storyline combines with its juvenile heroics to undermine what little credibility it musters as a socially conscious exercise in political correctness.

Writers David ("The Fugitive")Twohy and Danielle Alexandra collaborated on what can only be called a prefabricated screenplay. "G.I. Jane" marches to the familiar beat that has characterized the formulaic military service picture since the 1920s. Movies such as "Courage Under Fire," "Heartbreak Ridge," and "Stripes." have done what "G.I. Jane" tries to do. Moreover, they have done it better. Basically, the plots and the heroics in military pictures remain the same, only the sex of the hero has changed with "G.I. Jane." The Twohy-Alexandra script alternates between Congressional and Naval brainstorming sessions about Lt. O'Neil and the obstacles she confronts at the SEAL training base in Florida. A shrewd but slippery Texas Senator, Lillian DeHaven (Anne Bancroft), cuts a deal with the future Secretary of the Navy Theodore Hayes (Daniel Von Bergan). He'll snag her vote of approval if the Navy opens its elite SEAL commando school to a woman. Secretary Hayes caves in to Senator DeHaven's request, but squirms when she demands approval of the SEAL candidate.

DeHaven picks Lt. Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore) for her physical agility and her keen mind. O'Neil is the kind of woman who makes men nervous. When we first meet her, she is monitoring a satellite transmission with a commando unit trying to escape from enemy country. She arouses the hostility of her male superior officer when she provides the best solution to the extraction problem. But Lt. O'Neil is not a person easily ignored. Neither Senator DeHaven nor Secretary Hayes expects her to finish the course. After all, Navy SEALs are the most demanding and merciless elite combat force in the world. Sixty percent of the recruits who enter the program wash out.

When the press snaps photos of O'Neil on SEAL maneuvers, a controversy erupts in both the Pentagon and Congress. Secretary Hayes and Senator DeHaven sought to keep the project under wraps, but the news wants to interview O'Neil. Suddenly, O'Neil finds herself caught in the middle of a JAG investigation.

Guys will relish the last half-hour of "G.I. Jane." That's when the bullets start to fly. During a training exercise in the Mediterranean Sea, the SEALs get to help out U.S. troops retrieving a fallen satellite in Libya. This part of the script is straight out of a "Star Trek" movie because the SEAL recruits are the only force close enough to respond to the situation. Nobody else can rescue these troops, so the Master Chief (Viggo Mortensen) takes his recruits into battle. Unfortunately, things go sour and the Master Chief catches a bullet. He sends O'Neil packing, but she refuses to leave him to his fate. Instead, O'Neil figures out the master chief's escape plan and stages an ambush to wipe out his adversaries. Not since World War II Nazi movies have the enemy been so gullible and easy to kill. These Libyan soldiers present about as much a threat to the SEALs as the Iraqi soldiers did to Charlie Sheen in the "Hot Shots" movies.

Demi Moore knocks herself out as Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil. Even her character's name has a masculine quality to it. When Demi isn't trying to impress us with her brains, she displays her feminine brawn. The calisthenics that she performs in her tight undies defy gravity. The one-armed push-ups are enough to make you break into a sweat. All of this resembles the grunge side of last summer's idiotic opus "Striptease," except that frontal nudity is avoided. Moore's performance, to her credit here, is both straight-forward and serious even when O'Neil plays toy soldier in the last reel.

Veteran actress Anne Bancroft of "Point of No Return" shines as the crafty Texas senator whose willing to use as well as abuse Lt. O'Neil to save her own congressional bacon. This is Bancroft's juiciest role in years, and she plays it to the hilt. Her best scene with O'Neil has Bancroft's cagey Senator explaining why women in combat will remain a hot issue. According to DeHaven, lawmakers fear the political suicide that television images of dead women being shipped home in body bags would prompt. Director Ridley Scott pulls some slick optical tricks to bolster "G. I. Jane," but they don't beef up the action. Jiggling his camera during the combat scenes may create disorientation in audience, but it doesn't trigger a rush of adrenalin. This artsy gimmick doesn't generate either tension or suspense. Anyway, you know that Demi Moore isn't going to get a scratch on her because she's smart enough to dodge the bullets that stupid men are firing at her.

Simply, Scott doesn't make "G.I. Jane" rock and roll. The grueling training sequences are okay, but the final combat scenes resemble Boy Scout antics, compared with even a marginal effort like "In The Army Now." Ridley Scott has produced some memorable films that deploy women in gender stretching roles, such as "Alien" and "Thelma & Louise." "G.I. Jane" boasts none of the art, hype, or viscera of those movies. In the commercially oriented market place, if the next movie doesn't top the last, trouble lies ahead. Compared with last summer's dignified masterpiece "Courage Under Fire," "G.I. Jane" amounts to sheer hokum.
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A kick in the teeth for women
C3P029 August 1999
Demi Moore's character in the movie was selected for the SEALs because of her looks. That was a bad start and the movie went down from there. The plot was totally unbelievable. The will to make it in a tough military unit is not enough. This movie did not convince me of a woman's physical ability to perform the types of tasks required.

Trying to pretend that women and men are basically the same is an insult to everyone's intelligence. The differences between the sexes are what makes life interesting.
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A political cartoon!
recrdman-230 May 2002
This film's basic premise is a political cartoon. I suppose for those who know nothing about the realities of the military this is probably a "feel-good" film on gender equality. Indeed a recent commentator stated: "it lets women know that they can do anything they want to do." What claptrap! No one, man or woman can do anything they want to do, and unfortunately Demi Moore "buffing" up for SEAL Hell Week in the early 27 week BUD/S program by a few sessions at the local gym and her desire alone to be a SEAL is simply not going to make it so. There is approximately an 80% dropout rate in what is arguably THE roughest military training program - those are the ones who voluntarily drop out, can't compete on a physical level, suffer frequent physical injury during the training or can't handle the psychological harassment. I never got beyond the shallowness of the contrived, purported message of this film. In the real world, Demi wouldn't last the first 24 hours in this harsh and sustained physical training. Wishing alone won't do it. Skip this film as wishful thinking, and better spend your time reading "The Warrior Elite" by Dick Couch (Crown, New York 2001)for the best description as to what really goes on in this training. Ring the bell, Demi!
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Entertaining chic flic
CharltonBoy15 September 1999
G.I.Jane was better than I was expecting. Demi Moore plays a female officer who is trying to become a Navy SEAL and has to battle against the odds against tha sexism, politics amd physical toughness to make the grade. Although totaly predictable in every way I quite enjoyed it.
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Beyond good and evil
noodles-1320 November 2001
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Surely,the worst war-military movie. It is very difficult to have an opinion about a movie that appears to be completely void, really beyond nice and ugly, good and evil. Everything is conventional, the plot (if any) is as interesting as a porn movie plot (and the story might be porn-some as well: one sole girl in a military base). Embarrassing acting completes the disaster, not to mention the famous "suck my @@@@", which seems to be the distinctive note of the movie. It is probably what any spectator said while leaving the theater.

Luckily, I watched it on tv for free. Needless to say, rated 1 (zero is not available).
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No problem with it, it just could have been 30 minutes shorter
Smells_Like_Cheese26 March 2007
I was really looking forward to G.I. Jane, because I always tried to think of it when I was renting movies, but it always slipped my mind, then I just saw I love the 90's on VH1 and was reminded one more time, so I just stuck it in my head and finally watched it tonite. I have to say that actually I enjoyed G.I. Jane, I think that the rating on IMDb is a little unfair, but I can let it go. My problem with the film was the way it ended, it just turned into those big twist stories that wasn't really needed, because you are just rooting for Demi to make it throughout training and there is always some kind of block to make the audience "interested".

Jorden O'Neil has been given a very special assignment, the army does not feel the need for equal opportunity for women when it comes to their jobs. But Sen. Lillian DeHaven wishes for them to give one woman a chance to prove herself that she can do a man's job, she gives this assignment to Jorden, Jorden isn't just given any average boot camp, but the SEALS, which is the toughest boot camp around. Of course no one will accept her into their teams, but she pulls her way through to prove that no one will hold her down.

I loved how hard Jorden kept pushing herself, Demi did a great job in showing the hardships of what it is still like to be the outsider in a man's world. Like I said, the only main problem was that it just didn't need a little twist, you'll see what I mean, it just could have been cut like 30 minutes shorter. But I would still recommend this movie, it was a good one to watch.

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G.I. Jane (1997)
Boromir00731 October 2005
This is easily the worst Ridley Scott film. Ridley Scott is a wonderful director. But this film is a black mark on his career. Demi Moore and Viggo Mortensen, both totally miscast in an overaggressive film about a girl going to the army. Very stupid. And there is never one scene that is convincing in any way. It is really not difficult to make a film such as this. Everything the crew makes could have been an idea of just anybody. The writers didn't have much inspiration either; many foolish dialogs that made no sense at all; and some brainless action. I strongly recommend to stay away from this rubbish. I hope that the many talented persons involved in this project realize this type of film does not deserve their attention, and that in the future they will work on more honorable and more intelligent movies than this useless mess.
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Silly Feminist Fantasy Movie
russd-863-2638735 October 2010
Well, it's no surprise that this movie not only lost money but hurt Demi Moore's career in the process.

GI Jane is a ridiculous feminist Propaganda piece that plays make believe that women and men can become functionally equivalent if they just choose to be.

Ridley Scott has a fetish for 'masculinizing' women and the attempt here was to turn poor Demi into the action star equivalent of her then husband Bruce Willis.

The movie is both unrealistic and inaccurate to the point of being little more than a painfully predictable cartoon. The film itself is shot dark and grainy and the dreaded shaky camera sequences are used to imply action.

Nothing more needs to be said than women are not men, sorry Mr. Scott, get over it, and that this movie is an insult to any thinking person who knows BS when they see it.
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tedg11 January 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

I have a lot of respect for Ridley's filmmaking. He shoots high and the stuff he does takes learning. This and White Squall are practice for Gladiator, all people striving under impossible external constraints.

You can see it here, where he works on the character to personalize each scene. He still hasn't mastered the art of projecting a scene into the next. Moore can carry the focus, but not the focus to come in anticipation. (Crowe can.)

I first saw this in a theater near the SEAL base. SEALs train two blocks from my house. This film doesn't capture how crazy these guys are made to be.
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Unbelievable ideological movie
Antonius-526 June 2000
It's easy to film a star faking the Navy Seal training. The key line of the movie is uttered by Demi Moore when she is beaten to a bloody pulp by Master Chief in training while the rest of the trainees watch. She gets up and spits out "suck my dick" thereby claiming a virtual penis so that she can offer the ultimate insult to Master Chief and become an honorary male to the cheers of the men. At no point does the movie ever deal with the way men would really react to a good looking woman in their midst while undergoing a trial which most of them fail in real life. This is feminist propaganda turned into sensational Hollywood entertainment that belies the truth and turns GI Jane into a another racist she male who can gun down expendable lesser breeds such as Arabs with the best of them on their secret mission to Libya.
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Predictably awful Demi Moore film
notorisk7 July 2000
How this film ever got a 6 star average is beyond me. The script is so banal, and frankly an insult to whomevers life it is based upon. The cinematography comes straight from the slick world of advertising, and the talented Ridley Scott should be ashamed. Demi Moore however, shows none a surprise by participating in this film, if one looks at her tracklist. All in all, a "high concept" style film that even Don Simpson would be ashamed of.
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Demi Moore goes hard core
SnoopyStyle20 January 2015
Senator DeHaven (Anne Bancroft) pressures the Navy to be gender blind. They accept as long as a woman test case can measure up to the men's standards. They figure on the U.S. Navy Combined Reconnaissance Team which has a 60% wash out rate. DeHaven picks Lieutenant Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore) out of the approved candidates for her looks. Command Master Chief John James Urgayle (Viggo Mortensen) is their trainer. She has to overcome expectations, sexism, politics and the pressure of the program to succeed.

There is nothing surprising or original in this movie. It's got all the training and director Ridley Scott is an expert at jazzing up those 'action' scenes. The most compelling originality comes from Demi Moore shaving her hair. I do have to say that she looks fierce with the bald head. She looks fierce generally and Scott has her exercising up a storm. The movie probably needs some of the other characters to step up but nobody can ever be on the same level as Demi.
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Burn it!
Lluis-211 October 1999
Watching this movie was a waste of time. I was tempted to leave in the middle of the movie, but I resisted. I don't know what Ridley Scott intended, but I learned that in the army, women get as stupid as men. They learn to spit, to insult and to fight in combat, and that's also a waste of time (in my opinion). And, anyway, what the hell was that final scene in Lybia? Are they still fighting Gadafi or is it that it's easy for everyone to believe islamic people are always a danger?
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Top Gun With Tits
diamondstruck-114 May 2006
After reading through many of the reviews, I don't know what movie some people were watching, but clearly it wasn't the same one I saw.

This movie is horrible. The acting, primarily Moore's, is just terrible. The woman cannot act. Nice tits, but she just can't act. At no point did she come across as the actual character. Instead, it was spoiled Hollywood actress goes to the beach to play make-believe with the boys.

And that's what this movie ultimately is -- Hollywood make-believe. The training sequences are over the top. The politics -- over the top. The political correctness -- over the top. The combat scenes -- you guessed it, over the top. Your mission is to get in and get out without being detected. So what do you do? Why shoot off as many rounds and make as much noise as possible, of course. Oh G.I. Jane, you can be my wing man anytime.

The premise is good, but as soon as Hollywood gets a hold of it, we end up with Top Gun with tits.

What more is to be expected from commercial US films anymore? Not much I guess.
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No reason of existence for this film
Siradakis15 April 2003
Sorry to say that but this film was really meaningless.

What happened to Ridley Scott? Where are the "Blade runner" and "Thelma and Luise" days? A viewer is constantly under the impression that the director is really bored to do his job with this film. No meaning, no message, no nothing. If it is supposed to denounce political corruption or racism it definately fails to do so. Besides, Demie Moore was definately chosen for her appeal at that time rather than her acting abilities. A film with no reason of existence. Even "Gladiator" was better than this.
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serperio29 April 2000
I think that movie can`t be a Scott`s film. That is impossible. Do you remember Blade Runner? And Alien? Two greats movies versus a one. I hope didn´t see ever it. good bye!!
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Horrible movie
fsword-115 June 2016
Some movies are just ridiculous right from the start and this is one of them. First there is no such thing as CRT. Second women are not in combat for very good reasons. Now while some women can compete at things like running or swimming, they cannot compete with anything that requires upper body strength. The idea that you can make it through BUD/s but somehow wash out in CRT training is also nuts. BUD/s has a 70% failure rate and only those who really want to be there will make it through. It's a lot harder than it looks. Safety is the number one concern in training and eating bad food (as they depict in the movie) has no point at all. The instructors in this movie come off as sadists where as in real training the instructors actually want you to succeed. The marines spent 2½ years doing research on integrated teams and in every case all male teams out performed integrated ones. You might be able to march 20 miles with 75 lbs. on your back but the real question is how effective are you when you get there? Simply put men are built for war and woman are not.
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Altaira27 June 1999
Demi Moore shines with shiners and a bit more in an often brutal film about the first woman to enter the elite Navy SEALS training. While some scenes in the movie, such as the confusing end battle, seem a little out of place (exactly who were the trainees fighting?) the film moves along with startling pace and precision. Moore, who as everyone knows shaved her head for the role of Jordan O'Neill, is tough but feminine and internally vulnerable as a woman scorned by her male teammates. The most violent scene in the film comes during the survival exercise in which O'Neill is bashed around by the Master Chief. It's gruesome but necessary, and O'Neill earns her fellow trainees' support during the ordeal.
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