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A horror movie where the story is the best part. There's a first time for everything...
lnvicta2 July 2015
Silent Night, Deadly Night tells the story of a boy whose parents were killed in front of him as a child, and it was by a man dressed as Santa Claus. Not only that, the man shot the kid's dad in the head and tried to rape his mother before slitting her throat while the boy watched. He hid so he escaped, but the memory remained, even throughout Catholic school where the Mother Superior was strict and violent, saying punishment is good and all naughty children should be punished. Naturally, this messed with the kid's head, so one day when he's finally all grown up, Christmas time comes along at his job and someone has to dress up as Santa Claus. Well, who better than the kid whose parents were killed by Santa to play dress up! He then embraces being Santa Claus, a judgmental fat man who kills naughty people, and that's when the bodies start piling up.

It's a truly dark story. The movie would have been much better had they focused more on the psychological aspect as opposed to it just boiling down to "Santa is a killer. Now I'm Santa. Now I must kill!" It felt like the whole setup was wasted for an anticlimactic, soulless killing spree. Sure, there are some good kills, and there are plenty of boobs in typical '80s B-horror affair, but it failed to make an impact on anything more than a surface level. It's an enjoyable movie, it's simply a matter of greater potential not being realized.

Now this is a horror movie, not an unintentional comedy like its infamous sequel, and it's admittedly effective as one. It's refreshing when a horror movie has an actual narrative you can follow. Worth a watch if you're a horror buff or just want to watch Santa kill topless women for an hour and a half.
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Silent Night, 80's Frights!
Movie-Misfit19 November 2014
A classic to many fans of horror and independent cinema, Silent Night Deadly Night definitely wins the award for having the most gorgeous, super nice, hunk of a killer ever on screen!

I mean, if this guy came at me with an axe, I wouldn't be running...

Robert Brian Wilson, who went on to star in many US soaps, just has you hooked as the beautiful, gentle killer with his W shaped smile that has such good reason to be the way he is, you can't help feel sorry for him.

Adding to the tragedy of what he witnessed as a young boy when a guy dressed as Santa killed his parents, comes an evil nun bitch who just makes his life worse, and to be honest, would do the same to anyone!

With great 80's flair and drama, the final cherry on top is when the store he works at has him dress as Santa for the Xmas period. Even as his worst nightmare, our hero is sweet enough not to upset his boss and gives it a shot.

Unfortunately from here on in, the rest of the community is in for a jolly time as our handsome killer Santa slays his way to mother superior to take revenge on the wicked penguin that taunted him!

A classic, yes. Perfect, no. But still highly enjoyable and well worth the watch for any true horror fan...
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Good 80's slasher with a good story
Aaron261625 February 2003
I enjoyed this film alot. I'm a horror nut and I love 80's slasher no its not for everybody...but for those who do like 80's slashers you should really check this out. The story is good, it sounds cheesy with santa being a killer, but the back story is very well done, the character development is great, the music works, and it has one of the coolest death scenes in a movie ever....(antlers) Sure, here and there it can be cheesy-PUNISH!- but it still is very watchable and I recommend it to any horror fan around the holidays.
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Actually deals with an interesting question
DHD9925 December 2003
It isn't hard to see why this movie offended so many people. I mean, it's a slasher movie about CHRISTMAS, and it actually has SANTA as the killer. However, I feel the movie deals with an interesting question. What if you suffered some traumatic event right at Christmas, and the event was somehow bound up with one of the major icons of the holiday? This is what happens to 5-year-old William, who, on Christmas Eve, sees his mother raped and both parents murdered by a street thug dressed as Santa Claus -- right after his semi-senile grandfather tells him that Santa Clause punishes those who are naughty. I think the first part of this movie does an effective job of showing the preadolescent William's struggle to deal with this event as he is raised in a Catholic orphanage and brought face to face with Christmas every year.

I was particularly impressed with the portrayal of the Mother Superior. Although she was most definitely from the Old School of discipline, beating children, locking them in closets for extended periods, and such, I somehow was able to believe she was sincerely trying to do the right thing and cared about the children -- that she was not simply a sadistic hag. There was also an interesting conflict between her and a younger nun, who believed in gentler, more progressive methods.

Alas, the whole thing turns rather formulaic when William puts on the Santa suit and goes on his killing spree. So, as a serious exploration of the question we started with, it falls very short of what it could be. As a slasher movie, though, it's definitely above average.
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Black Christmas
sol-24 December 2016
Traumatised after witnessing a man in a Santa suit brutally murder his parents, a teenager goes on a killing spree after his employer forces him to dress as Santa in this controversial horror thriller. With a plot that mostly follows slasher clichés, 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' is easy to forget amid the surplus of 1980s horror flicks, but it is a highly competent production that stands up well to revision. The film actually does a better job than John Carpenter's far more iconic 'Halloween' in establishing the psychology and mindset of its serial killer protagonist. Eighteen minutes of exposition may sound like a lot, but it works magnificently for getting us to understand how the character ticks and actually pity him, heinous though his actions may be. The film takes a potent swipe at church-run orphanages too in which children have religion forced upon them with the protagonist a victim of this system in addition the aforementioned childhood trauma. The film does not do itself any favours by painting the nuns as stereotypes and lead actor Robert Brian Wilson is never really convincing, but everything else falls into place so well here that it is hard not to like it. The filmmakers approach the project with the perfect dose of dark humour too; "he sure knows how to handle kids!" comments one mother after Wilson quietly threatens a girl sitting on his Santa's lap! The Yuletide themed deaths also come with streak of black comedy and there is an awesome 'Battleship Potemkin' lions style sequence in which several toy soldiers appear to react to a toy store death.
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Bold Horror Movie
claudio_carvalho7 July 2020
In 1971, on the Christmas Eve, a family heads to a nursing home to visit the catatonic grandfather of the 5-year-old Billy and the baby Ricky. While his parents go with the baby to discuss the treatment with the doctor in the office, Billy is left alone with grandpa. Out of the blue, he awakens and tells Billy to be afraid of Santa Claus since he punishes who is naughty. While driving back home, a killer posing of Santa Claus lures Billy's father that pull over his car on the road and Billy witnesses the killer murdering his parents. A few years later, Billy and his brother are raised in an orphanage run by the tyrannical Mother Superior (Lilyan Chauvin) that believes that punishment is the better way to educate children. Sister Margaret (Gilmer McCormick) feels that Billy needs psychological support but the Mother Superior does not agree. In 1984, when Billy (Robert Brian Wilson) turns 18 years old, Sister Margaret finds a job in a toy store for Billy. On the Christmas Eve, Billy´s chief Mr. Sims (Britt Leach) asks Billy to replace the employee that plays Santa Claus for the clients and their children since he is injured. The Santa suit associated to alcoholic drink trigger his insanity and Billy begins his murder rampage punishing naughty people.

"Silent Night, Deadly Night" is a bold 1984 horror movie that challenges the Christmas symbol of Santa Claus. The scene on the beginning of the feature with Billy witnessing the murder of his parents is also very brutal and cruel. The deaths and the special effects are original and do not disappoint fans of slaher genre. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Natal Sangrento" ("Bloody Christmas")
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Merry Kill-Mass
boyinflares2 October 2006
In the height of the Reign of the Slasher film, "Silent Night, Deadly Night" (like the far superior "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween" series) mixes horror with a theme, this time, Christmas. Taking place of three periods in time, the film follows Billy Chapman and the horrific events that he witnessed on Christmas as a child - the murder of his parents by a man dressed up as Santa Claus.

Naturally, this disturbed young Billy who (along with his younger brother Ricky) was placed in an orphanage, run by the cold Mother Superior, where each Christmas he gets understandably upset. When Billy reaches 18, he gets a job working in a store, but at Christmas time Billy starts to get a little ax-happy, killing anyone who he sees doing anything naughty - usually involving sex, for years or child hood trauma had disturbed him so much, Billy was told people who do naughty things get punished, so now he was the punisher.

Production values aren't that bad, but the acting is rather mediocre. Lilyan Chauvin is quite good as the wicked Mother Superior, but hottie Robert Brian Wilson, as Billy gives the standout performance. The music is utterly awful, not just because there are Chrismas Carrols littered all throughout the film, but the score is annoying, and the one proper song shoved in is just as bad. Being the 1980's and during the Reign of the Slasher, naturally there is plenty of sex and bare breasts.

"Silent Night, Deadly Night" is a fairly good film that could have been explored a little further, it just didn't seem to hit the mark in terms of addressing the story on more than a couple of levels. There were some decent and interesting death scenes though. It's certainly not the worst slasher film around, and is followed by one rather dull sequel and three semi-unrelated sequels which have yet to be released on DVD.
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A pretty good 80s horror movie
AlsExGal14 September 2018
This killer Santa movie got quite the infamous reputation upon its release due to excessive violence. The film differs from a lot of slasher films in that it spends half of its running time showing the back story of the killer, as we watch him endure a parade of horrors from childhood through his teenage years. In the end, it leaves him mentally unbalanced, with a particularly skewed vision of who Santa Claus is and what he's supposed to do.

Once he dons the Santa suit and goes on his killing spree, the film drops any attempt at story as we watch him move from one scenario to the next, killing those he encounters, or as he thinks of it, "punishing the naughty." It's all pretty dopey, but the lead (Robert Brian Wilson) gives it his all, and some of the gore effects are memorable. Also with Charles Dierkop, Tara Buckman, and scream queen Linnea Quigley. Followed by several sequels, and remade in 2012.
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Not great but better than it's given credit for
utgard1415 December 2014
A young boy named Billy is warned by his creepy grandpa that Santa Claus punishes those who are naughty. That night he sees a killer dressed in a Santa suit murder his parents. Needless to say, he doesn't grow up well-adjusted. Years go by and adult Billy is set off by something that reminds him of that tragic night. So he goes on a killing spree wearing a Santa suit.

This slasher flick has a poor reputation, due in part to the unsavory subject matter and in part to the really terrible sequels that followed it. But it's actually not half bad. Yeah the premise is unpleasant but we've seen far worse in the years since (sadly). The movie spends a considerable amount of time on the build-up to Billy becoming a killer. The first half-hour is devoted to showing his childhood at a strict Catholic orphanage and then his getting a job at a toy store, complete with a montage set to a corny song by some guy who sounds like Kenny Rogers. The point I'm trying to make is they do attempt to craft a story here rather than just give you 90 minutes of splatter. However, once the killing does start, the movie becomes by-the-numbers slasher stuff. Modern horror fans might be put off by the pace and how long it takes before Billy starts killing. One thing nobody should be put off by is the great Linnea Quigley topless. Avoid the abhorrent 2012 remake.
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He knows when you've been naughty
Pet_Rock27 December 2006
Second viewing- 7.5/10.

"Santa's Watching, Santa's Creeping, Now you're nodding, now you're sleeping. Were you good for mom and dad? Santa knows if you've been bad"- The best damn original song from any horror movie... ever. In my opinion, of course.

A very enjoyable flick. The kills are top notch, the acing is... passable. The setting is spooky ad the music is super duper great.

So rather Santa's raping you, strangling you with Christmas lights, or decapitating you, there's tons of Christmas bloodshed to go around.

You've Made it Through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas
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Don't "PUNISH" yourself by watching this!
lmzome27 October 2020
Silent Night Deadly Night is one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen. Definitely a far below average slasher movie that even makes the cheesiest 80s slashers look like masterpieces. This movie does not deserve the recognition it has and should be left forgotten. The only reason why it was remembered in the first place is because of the controversy it initially caused. Best to be avoided, and don't bother with any of the sequels or the 2012 remake (Silent Night) either. They're just as bad, if not worse.

For a good Christmas themed horror movie, watch Black Christmas (1974) instead.
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"You see Santa Claus tonight, boy, you better run!"
Hey_Sweden8 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
One has to pity poor Billy: as a five year old child he was left alone with a grandfather (Will Hare) who'd filled his head with disturbing ideas about the beloved character of Saint Nick. Chief among them the idea that Santa does not merely withhold presents from naughty children, but actually severely punishes them. Later that night, he has to watch as a nasty lowlife criminal (Charles Dierkop), dressed in a Santa costume, murders his parents. His next 13 years at an orphanage are dominated by the presence of a brutal Mother Superior (Lilyan Chauvin) who believes punishment is the solution to all of life's problems. Billy grows up to become a strapping, hunky 18 year old (Robert Brian Wilson) who will clearly never get over his trauma; when he's made to dress up in a Santa costume himself at his place of employment, he finally snaps for good, and begins violently killing people.

The extremely memorable slasher movie that motivated many people to righteous fury with its gleefully tasteless content, it's of course for certain tastes only. But if you favour any movie that turns the holiday season on its head, and delight in the dark and disturbing (and trashy, and silly, to boot), this movie is a must see. Part of what makes it work so well is the sympathy one can feel for our antagonist; Wilson is extremely effective in the role, and those children playing Billy at younger ages do a fine job as well. Regarding the trash content, viewers can take pleasure in the flesh bared by Toni Nero (as Pamela), Tara Buckman (as Billy's mom), and especially Linnea Quigley, who has one riotously ridiculous scene where she opens a door on a cold night wearing next to nothing, and whose demise has to be the highlight of the whole thing. The gory violence is parcelled out carefully but quite enjoyable when it comes. There's some hysterical dark humour to be seen in sequences such as a fatal sled ride and the fate of the unfortunate Father O'Brien. Perry Botkins' creepy music and Henning Schellerups' slick cinematography are assets, as well as great performances by Chauvin as the unyielding Mother Superior, Gilmer McCormick as Sister Margaret (the one person who shows any real sympathy towards Billy), Britt Leach as toy store owner Mr. Sims, Dierkop (who's damn scary), and Hare (who's an absolute hoot). The location filming in Utah also really adds to the atmosphere. There's even an extremely cheesy montage sequence accompanied by an appropriately cheesy tune with the absurd title of "The Warm Side of the Door".

Followed by an amazing four (!) sequels and a remake, "Silent Night Deadly Night" should prove to be good fun for horror fans, delivering lurid thrills for an amusing 79 minutes (85 minutes in uncut form).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go punish the naughty...

Eight out of 10.
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Good building, Good payoff
Ingrouille18121 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I actually mixed this installment and it's sequel up, and I only saw reviews for Deadly Night sequel, and apparently it sucks, but if I do a review for that movie, I'll get around to it. So starting off I didn't look forward to watching it, but this is totally different from what I expected. Not perfect, and it being over 30 years since it's release, I've seen a ton of other horror movies that sadly take away from the more effective elements and plot points that have since become clichés and tropes.

The story follows our main character Billy, who is sent to an orphanage along with his brother after their parents are killed on Christmas Eve by a man dressed as Santa. Years later, Billy is still effected by that night and even more effected by the abuse he suffers from the manager of the orphanage, Mother Superior. While trying to live a normal life, something awakens in Billy, turning him overnight into a psychotic killer, using his religious teachings and traumatic past to punish his victims.

I just wished all of his victims were actually connected to him; I couldn't remember how his fifth and sixth victims were connected to him, but he still gets across his twisted idea of punishment.

I wanna know how the sequel deals with Mother Superior, as most of what turns Billy into a killer really comes from her; she's the one who really sends Billy over the edge. I accepted him killing his first victim as he was enacting a traumatic action from his past, but as for him killing teens who are engaging in non-marital sex; that was all her teachings, that they should be punished. Definitely want to see her take some responsibility for it; I just hope it's in the sequel.

Looking forward to the sequel, all I can say.
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Watch this dull nonsense for one scene only
fertilecelluloid5 December 2005
A psychopathic Santa is not an original or a novel premise, but it's a shocking one for sensitive souls. Charles Sellier's "Silent Night Deadly Night", however, will shock nobody because it's so badly made. The performances are flat, the violence is ineptly choreographed and the storyline is pathetic.

Nevertheless, there is one reason to watch this movie -- one reason, one scene. And that is the scene where little Billy Chapman (Danny Wagner), our future Killer Santa, visits his disturbed, psychopathic grandfather (Will Hare) at Xmas time and cops an earful about being "good" for Santa and, when he sheepishly admits that he hasn't been good all year, Grandpa assures him that Santa will be coming for him and that the boy "...better run, better run for your life!!!".

The scene is hilarious and disturbing for its incredible mean-spiritedness and is this film's only virtue. Hare deserves a firm pat on the back for his excellent, over-the-top performance, and director Sellier ought to be grateful that this film's undeserved notoriety gained him some attention.
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azathothpwiggins29 May 2020
Watching SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT today, it's difficult to believe that it was quite controversial when first released in theaters. In reality, it's just another slasher film with a holiday theme. The controversy arose from its depiction of a killer Claus, and its daring to use Christmas time as a backdrop.

Far from being blasphemous, it's purposefully absurd, and the not-so-merry madman (Charles Dierkop) is perfectly "suited" for the subject matter: revenge against those on his naughty list. The entire mood of SN, DN lets us know immediately that it's not to be taken seriously, at all. Linnea Quigley's "death-by-antlers" scene alone should be enough of a tip-off that the whole affair is tongue-in-rosy-cheek. Speaking of Ms. Quigley, she just can't seem to keep her clothes on. Not even in December! Brrr! Anyway, just settle in for a nice cozy evening of jingle kills...
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A little aggravating
lordzedd-330 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, where to begin. I know the controversy on this film, that was just stupid. The man is dressed like Santa Claus, he wasn't Santa, he was just a poor man that snaps because of watching "Santa" murdering his parents and years of abuse by nuns. Nuns abusing orphans is a matter of fact. If they just kept quiet this movie would have disappeared into obscurity. Now for the movie, I wish they center on the abuse so much. I think we got the idea, they didn't need to keep pounding us with the abuse he suffered. The acting was well done and the story is the most unique twist on the slasher genre since Jason Vorhees rose out of Crystal Lake. The effects are pretty well done, makes you wonder how a skinny kid like Billy could pick up a full grown man by one hand. But over all, getting past the aggravating parts, it's a fun horror movie worth watching. I give SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 7 STARS.
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sex + violence + santa = good times?
ThrownMuse1 March 2007
When I was 7 or 8, my mother let me rent this. I watched the first half with both of my parents while they frantically tried to fast forward through the sex scenes. I think they gave up and turned the movie off, just as they did with Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" show on HBO (I'll never get over that!) I'm pretty sure that this is the first time I ever saw breasts in any context, and seeing them in the context of sexualized violence probably messed with my head, just like it did little Billy's. I have a memory of this being one of the scariest movies I have ever seen, so it is funny to revisit it almost 20 years later and find that it is nothing more than a harmless 80s slasher. The DVD has snippets of articles/reviews written about how irresponsible and inappropriate the movie was and about people who protested the movie and its advertisements, which are amusing in retrospect. I enjoyed revisiting this movie, if only for nostalgic reasons and its attempts to be a little different from the standard 80s slasher.
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fidelio7425 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
For anyone sick of all those saccharine Christmas films, 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' is a notorious antidote from 1984. It caused huge controversy upon its release when respected reviewers Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert publicly damned the film on their television show. As a result, audiences flocked to the film, wanting to see what all the fuss was about.

When young Billy (Danny Wagner) sees his parents murdered by a man dressed as Santa Claus, he is mentally scarred for life. He is sent to live in a foster home run by nuns and headed by a cruel and heartless Mother Superior (Lilyan Chauvin). When Billy is released from the home at the age of eighteen, the Mother Superior has arranged for him to go to work at a toy shop named Ira's Toys.

Everything is going great. Billy (now played by Robert Brian Wilson) is popular and well-liked, and it looks as though his reintegration into society is going to be a success. Then Christmas Eve arrives, and the man who is meant to dress up as the shop's Santa is indisposed, so Billy is asked to don the costume and to assume the role. Terrible memories come flooding back into Billy's troubled mind, he grabs a handy axe, and begins slaying everyone who crosses his path.

Porn star and bad horror film regular Linnea Quigley pops up as Denise, one of Billy's victims. One scene which is really memorable is the one in which Billy is confronted by an innocent young girl. Believing him to be Santa Claus rather than a deadly psychopath, she asks him if he has brought her a present. Billy reaches into his pocket and presents her with a dangerous-looking Stanley Knife. Twisted stuff.

If you are a horror aficionado then 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' and its first sequel are required viewing. Anyone else should probably steer clear. Merry Christmas everyone.
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Killer Santa
vampi196029 September 2006
the first in the series and downright creepy killer Santa Claus movie. it started the controversy and was banned in many places.there were inferior ripoffs of this like don't open till Christmas and Christmas evil.i wont give away the plot but there's people getting hacked to death by the killer,one person is impaled on reindeer's antlers.and much more gruesome slayings.maybe the killer has seen Friday the 13th a few times.there's a very good cast,Lillian chauvin,Toni Nero,Britt leach, will hare,Tara buckman,and a young Linnea quigley.if you like slasher splatter holiday movies put this on your list and check it twice,to miss this will be naughty.part 2 is not as good.part 3 is the best one. this would be a good to watch back to back with scrooge(1951)7 out of 10.
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Terrible movie not worth the controversy
squeezebox4 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT probably would have been one of those vaguely remembered slasher movies like JUST BEFORE DAWN or THE MUTILATOR that had brief theatrical runs and then modest second lives on home video, were it not for the fact that Tri-Star Pictures picked it up for release, then dropped it like a hot potato when a couple of angry mothers threatened to boycott the studio's releases if they did not withdraw the movie from theaters.

This made the movie infamous and suddenly the uncut home video release from now defunct Thriller Video was a hot item among horror fans, especially since it was one of the few of their titles (along with MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY and BURIED ALIVE) that hostess Elvira refused to promote. I myself begged for a copy for Christmas. Didn't happen. Finally, my local video store got it in. I eagerly ran home, popped the cassette in the VCR and sat down to watch Santa hack up topless bimbos.

While the movie certainly delivered what it promised (in very short and spread out spurts), everything that happened in between the carnage was so excruciatingly boring and stupid it took physical energy to keep my attention focused until the next slaying. The fact that a major studio even considered releasing a movie so poorly made and badly acted is astonishing. At least Friday THE 13TH and MY BLOODY VALENTINE were competently made. SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT looks like a feature length student film.

I will say this: the movie is as sleazy and misogynistic as its reputation suggests. In its uncut form, it delivers the gore without restraint. If all you're looking for is T&A and blood & guts, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT does have it.

However, if you rent a horror movie with the hope that there will be something in there that makes it rise above the rest and leave you thinking not all horror movies are garbage as so many critics and parents suggest, there's no reason to bother with SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. It's a boring, banal, moronic excuse for a horror movie that owes all its notoriety to the loudmouth parents who feel Hollywood and TV networks should do their parenting for them.

When will people learn that the best way to combat something they find offensive is to simply keep their mouths shut?
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The Original Bad Santa.
hitchcockthelegend13 April 2015
A cult horror classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night is something of a treat for the old school horror faithful. Plot has a young boy witness the slaying of his parents by a man dressed as Santa Claus. He grows up in an orphanage run by an over zealous Mother Superior, moves out when manhood beckons and gets a job in a department store. Come Christmas time he is coerced into being the store Santa and promptly cracks up, grabbing an axe and wreaking slasher hell on everyone who gets in his way.

That's pretty much it, the stalk and slash formula in all its bloody glory. It's done very well here, with invention, genuine shocks and it's all boosted by having the mad Santa as an angelic faced beefcake (Robert Brian Wilson). Of course any new-age horror film fan coming to it for the first time now will struggle to see what the appeal is? So listen to the staccato music, feel the nastiness - the humbug of it all, observe that the film makers don't use filler or padding - they get in for some short sharp shock, and it's deliberately icky to garner a reaction.

Masterpiece of horror cinema? No of course not, the acting is sub-standard, the ending rushed, but in the same year as Wes Craven unleashed one of cinema's ultimate bogeymen upon us, Charles E. Sellier Jr. and his writers offered us a reason to actually hope Santa Claus doesn't exist. 6.5/10
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the_fog_198021 September 2002
This would be the worst piece of trash ever made...that is if some idiots hadn't went and made a bunch of sequels. This truly shows that any bozo can go out and make a movie. If you haven't seen this film...don't waste your time. And don't waste your money renting this junk. This film and it's follow ups are the true meaning of poor taste!!
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This film rules!
Pigalina4 April 2005
I love this film.

At the end of my copy after the freaky nun looks at the camera it pauses and a voice says "Stay tuned for more previews" and then the little boy says "naughty" - a weird interruption that adds so much class.

A fun game also to play during this film is counting the unnecessary boob shots - there are many. One of my favourites is the girl who puts her cat right outside the front door wearing nothing but tiny shorts (the girl not the cat who is wearing a fabulous fur ensemble). A must see for all cheesy horror film fans. The rest of the series don't really have much to do with Christmas and SNDN2 seems to be made up mostly with flashbacks from this, the far superior film.
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Did she deserve to die in the end?
Fella_shibby2 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs. It did creeped me out then. Revisited it recently. This film gave tough competition to A Nightmare on Elm Street when it first released but due to some controversy, it got pulled out. Five year ol Billy n his family visit his catatonic grandpop n while his parents were away in the doc's cabin, his grandpop awakens n tells Billy to be afraid of Santa as he punishes the one who r naughty. Mild trauma. On the way back home, the father stops the car seeing a person dressed as Santa asking for lift inspite of lil Billy asking the parents not to. The Santa clad criminal kills the parents as poor Billy witnesses all this while hiding. Solid mental trauma. Fast forward three years n Billy is shown in an orphanage run by a very strict nun Mother Superior who assaults Billy physically trying to make him behave in front of Santa clad fellas. Solid physical trauma. Sister Margaret sympathizes with him n tries to help Billy play with the other children, but Billy is constantly subject to Mother Superior's punishment. More trauma. Margaret at one point tells Sister Superior about Billy needing help but alas... Billy, now a grown, big-built lad works in a toy store. His boss requests him to dress as Santa n spend time wid the kids in the store. At the same time he keeps having memories of his parents' murders. The madness doesn't come out until sunset when Billy witnesses the manager sexually assaulting a female coworker. This finally, psychologically, triggers his insanity. Billy goes on a killing spree with an axe in his hand. The film has lots of kills, one of em of the topless Linnea Quigley who doesn't seem to get tired running around naked. Ther r two decapitations, one of em of the poor Snowman. The acting is dull but the atmosphere is ample with some decent cinematography.

For me Mother Superior was responsible for Billy's state. Rather than admitting him into a mental institution, she kept on assaulting him. Did she deserve to die in the end? I felt the ending was a bit rushed. I had seen all the sequels on the vhs but none of it is as good as this.
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Controversial but worthless slasher movie
preppy-325 December 2006
Eight year old Billy Chapman sees his father shot dead and his mother's throat slashed (after her shirt is torn open) by a man dressed in a Santa suit. From then on he has a phobia about Santa Claus. He's brought up in a orphanage where the evil Mother Superior (Lilyan Chauvin) abuses him cruelly. At the age of 18 he's working in a store and has to dress as Santa on Christmas Eve. When this happens he goes crazy and starts killing people left and right. He's on his way to visit the Mother Superior and settle an old score...

When this came out in 1984 many people (parents in particular) were outraged that a movie featuring a killer Santa was being shown. Theatres showing it were picketed and the film was hastily withdrawn by the distributors. All this controversy made it a huge favorite when it came out on video. That's too bad cause this is a pretty worthless and mean-spirited slasher film.

The story itself is pretty sick and within the first 20 minutes we're hit with a near-rape, swearing, bloody killings, sex and child abuse. After that I was pretty numb to everything else. There are a lot of killings (about 12 I think) and some are actually pretty gruesome and fun (especially Linnea Quigleys)...but this film really seems to enjoy seeing innocent children being beaten or traumatized. This film actually has TWO scenes in which guys in Santa suits are gunned down in front of children! I find scenes like that reprehensible in any sort of film. It also has bad acting (Chauvin especially), a stupid script and is surprisingly dull too. The only good thing is that Robert Brian Wilson gives an OK performance as the killer Santa.

But, all in all, this is a cruel, vicious, badly made slasher film that doesn't deserve all the attention it gets. A 1 all the way.
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