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Sex & Nudity

  • None, no nudity, sexual innuendos or references whatsoever, only two kiss sequences.
  • Daniel's friend, shown in the beginning of the movie, has a T-shirt displaying the words "Makin' Bacon" with two cartoon pigs shown in a suggestive manner. This might not be noticeable unless you stop to look, and the joke will fly over most kids' heads.
  • A teenage boy and a teenage girl kiss passionately.
  • Daniel trains shirtless on the beach.
  • Daniel's upper body is visible while he's trying to tie his robe.

Violence & Gore

  • Several physical fights where high school bullies, who are also karate students, gang up on the main character every chance they get. Also, during a karate tournament, the same bullies are ordered by their unscrupulous sensei to make illegal attacks on Daniel to damage him permanently.
  • Daniel gets a graphic black eye.
  • Daniel gets his head violently scratched in a bike accident (a little graphic).


  • A few uses of mild profanities like "Bullshit", "damn", "bastard" and "ass". Several exclamations of "God damn it!" and "Oh my god"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mr. Miyagi in a state of drunkenness offers alcohol to Daniel which he consumes and then reacts with disgust.
  • At a school dance, a student is preparing to smoke in a bathroom stall. It is not implied whether it's a normal cigarette or weed

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the Halloween fight scene, it's clear that Johnny sees no problem with killing Daniel.
  • The Cobra Kai bullies gang up on Daniel, before they can do any permanent damage mr miyagi intervenes.

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