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Poll: IMDb Poll Board TV Series Started in 2018

The List contains the TV shows which IMDb Poll Board Members started watching in 2018.

Out of the following, which TV Series are you most likely to start( or have started) watching in 2018 ?

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Please Note: 1. It's not necessary that TV Shows have to start in 2018.

2.If you have watched more than 1 series mentioned in the list, then please vote for the one which you liked the most.

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    Rick and Morty (2013)

    Started by iakhtar-33380.
  2. Vote!

    Lost in Space (2018)

    Started by dan_dassow.
  3. Vote!

    Mindhunter (2017)

    Started by SeventhAr7.
  4. Vote!

    Safe (2018)

    Started by rubyfruit76.
  5. Vote!

    Seven Seconds (2018)

    Started by rubyfruit76.
  6. Vote!

    Patrick Melrose (2018)

    Started by pbn.
  7. Vote!

    FLCL Progressive (2018)

    Started by NDbportmanfan.
  8. Vote!

    The Terror (2018)

    Started by NDbportmanfan.
  9. Vote!

    Outlander (2014)

    Started by Djesika.
  10. Vote!

    Money Heist (2017)

    Started by Brave Traveler.
  11. Vote!

    Dark (2017)

    Started by Brave Traveler.
  12. Vote!

    Westworld (2016)

    Started by pere-25366.

    Added on 26 June,2018.

  13. Vote!

    Twin Peaks (2017)

    Started by Silitonga.

    Added on 26 June,2018.

  14. Vote!

    The Man in the High Castle (2015)

    Started by Pencho15.

    Added on 26 June,2018.

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