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Featured Poll: Most Iconic Scene from David Lynch

Which of these scenes directed by David Lynch is the most iconic?

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Select from Laurel Near in Eraserhead (1977), John Hurt in The Elephant Man (1980), and 33 others.

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Eye Posters Which of these eye posters is your favorite? Discuss this poll here
Bicycle Race We've organized a race of bicyclists from movies and TV. Which rider or team do you want to win? Share your race commentary here
Your Fave 4 on The Fourth Who are your favorite Foursome in all entertainment media with no #4 in the title? Please discuss here after voting.
Detectives With Children: Fr. Detective Part 2 This time we are not talking about a priest (or any holy man) who also is a detective. We are talking about detectives (no matter what their professional jobs are) who also have children that may or m…
Favorite 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Character Poster Which character poster from Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) is your favorite? Discuss the list here!
First Meetings No one ever forgets the day they met their husband or wife, the place or the circumstance. The following scenes from live action movies and TV shows are the first meetings of a married couple. Which o…
The Academy Awards - Winners of Years Ending With X In ten polls we took a view on the ending years of each decade, the Film Academy of Motion Pictures honoured the "best movies", since the launch of the Oscars until today. After a time of co…
Tom Cruise at 60 Tom Cruise celebrates his 60th birthday on 3rd July, 2022. He is one of the world's highest paid actors. Cruise had dyslexia since the early age, but he overcame that to become one of the most renowne…
Best Actor/Actress Winner - Born in July Which of these performances by actors (born in July) winning an Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Actress do you like the most? Also, check out the polls: Best Actor/Actress Winner - Born in Januar…
Funny Duos Which of these duos is the funniest? Discuss this poll here
IMDb Poll Board: Favorite British Actor Here are IMDb poll board members' favorite British actors. Who is your favorite among these British actors? ? Discuss or Share your favorite British Actor here!
Indonesian Songs Dedicated to Anime Movies Movies that have at least 10,000 votes and an IMDb rating of at least 7 are considered. Which of these Indonesian songs most suits the anime movie? Discuss here
Face-Off: ''Game of Thrones'' vs. ''Breaking Bad'' vs. ''Stranger Things'' Game of Thrones (2011), Breaking Bad (2008) and Stranger Things (2016) are the only TV series with more than 1 million votes. Which series do you prefer? Discuss the list here!
Face-Off: "The Big Bang Theory" Fathers Who is your favorite The Big Bang Theory (2007) main cast character's father? For an uncropped view of the images see the slides here. Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum
Your Favorite Tennis Grand Slam Tournament? Among the four tennis Grand Slam tournaments, which one is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.
Dolph Lundgren vs Jean Claude Van Damme Two great action stars. Two great martial arts experts. Two great heroes. Two great personas that we all grew up with. Two charismatic Europeans. Which one of these action stars is your favorite?Discu…
Elvis Sightings What's your favorite movie or TV appearance as a version of Elvis Presley? Discuss here after voting
Superhero Masks Which of these superhero masks is your favorite? Discuss this poll here
Villains From the 1970s Who is the best villain from the 70s? Discuss this poll here
Longest Superhero Movies Which of these superhero movies with the longest runtime is your favorite? • Note: Only movies with a runtime of 150min (2h30m) or more and at least 5000 ratings are included. Discuss here
Favorite Oscar Best Picture Fantasy Nominee? Which of these select Oscar-nominated Best Picture movies with elements of the fantasy* genre is your favorite? Fantasy genre movies have some or all of the following elements: fantastic themes, magic…
Oscar Nominated Performances in Fantasy Which Oscar nominated performance in fantasy movies is the best? Discuss the list here!
Favorite Movie With Nameless Protagonist Which of these movies where the main character isn't given a name is your favorite? • Note: Superhero movies are not included. Discuss here
Superpower's Farewell In the TV-series The Boys (2019) a story about totally corrupted superpower-characters is told. The characters which have superpowers are mainly similar to characters of the Detective Comics Extended …
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