‘American Gods’ VFX Gurus On Producing 3,000 Shots In 18 Months

If you ask visual effects designer Kevin Tod Haug and visual effects supervisor David Stump—who also works in a related craft, as a visual effects cinematographer—visual effects in TV tend to be serviceable, at best, due to the simple economics and complex logistics of television production. But as the collaborators will tell you, American Gods is far from your average television series. Featuring more than 3,000 VFX shots put together over the course of 18 months, the…
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Lytro Camera Introduction Draws a Crowd at Nab Show — and Promises a Revolution

When the booths are struck, the drones are packed away and the broadcast trucks drive away, the 2016 Nab Show is likely to be remembered for just a handful of things: the first working demo of next-generation television in the U.S.; Ang Lee’s showing of footage from “Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk”; and the first public introduction of the Lytro Cinema Camera.

Of the three, the Lytro system is the most obscure, but in the long run, possibly the most disruptive.

“It’s going to revolutionize not only the way we make films but the way we define photography,” said director Robert Stromberg, who put the camera through its paces as director of a short film shot entirely with the prototype. “It’s an amazing technology.”

A standing-room-only crowd packed into the largest meeting room at the Las Vegas Convention Center to watch the introduction — a far bigger crowd
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Five join AMPAS science & tech council

  • ScreenDaily
Wendy Aylsworth, Rob Bredow, Douglas Greenfield, Rob Hummel and Bev Pasterczyk have accepted invitations to join the Science And Technology Council of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.

The new members will raise the council’s 2013–2014 roster to 25.

Aylsworth is svp of technology for Warner Brothers Technical Operations and became an Academy member-at-large in 2012.

Bredow is Cto and visual effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, Animation, Colorworks and Post Production and has been a member of the visual effects branch since 2011.

Greenfield has been at the forefront of innovations in cinema sound for more than 30 years and is currently senior director of content services at Dolby Laboratories. He is a returning member of the council and previously served for nine years starting in 2003.

Hummel began his career at Technicolor Laboratories and joined Douglas Trumbull’s visual effects company during the making of Blade Runner. He too is a returning member of the council and previously
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Watch: David Lynch, Wachowskis, Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, Wally Pfister & More Discuss Filmmaking For ‘Side By Side’

  • The Film Stage
A must-see for any cinephile this year is Christopher Kenneally‘s documentary on digital vs. film, Side by Side. Led by Keanu Reeves, in our review we called it extraordinary, in that its not only required viewing for those interested in film, but also wonderfully entertaining. The documentary sees Reeves interview top Hollywood pioneers including James Cameron, George Lucas, Danny Boyle, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and as per usual in the genre, there was lots of left-over footage.

In a daily video series, Tribeca Films is releasing some extra clips from the films which featuring conversations that didn’t make the cut. There’s David Lynch discussing digital theatrical delivery, the Wachowskis on actors performances and editing, Martin Scorsese on celluloid, Wally Pfister on story, Steven Soderbergh on doing things different and much more. It’s great to hear the opinions of these tastemakers in Hollywood, including both sides of the coin.
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New Bond takes a shot at 4K

New Bond takes a shot at 4K
Quantum of Solace, the 22nd film in the James Bond franchise, will feature a complex visual effects shot captured digitally in 4K resolution, which offers four times the amount of picture information typically captured by most digital cinematography cameras.

The shot for the Marc Forster-helmed title is being lensed using eight shutter synchronized 4K Origin cameras from Dalsa, one of only two companies now shipping 4K digital cinematography cameras. Specifics are being kept under wraps, but the shot will feature Daniel Craig in his role as James Bond and Olga Kurylenko as the film's lead Bond girl, Camille.

Director of photography Roberto Schaefer and consulting visual effects cinematographer David Stump collaborated on the shot.

"The Dalsa Origin was the only uncompressed, high-resolution, low-noise camera system we could count on to do what we needed to do," visual effects designer Kevin Tod Haug said.

Added Stump: "Working with uncompressed 4K gave us the ability to mine the maximum amount of detail from the scene."

Dalsa shipped the camera packages from Los Angeles to Movietech Camera Rentals at Pinewood Studios in the U.K., where both companies prepped the cameras, which recorded 4K data to eight Codex digital disk recorders.

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