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New book tackles film illiteracy

Antony I. Ginnane has long been concerned about what he regards as a high level of film illiteracy among many writers, producers and directors, both established and emerging.

And the veteran producer/distributor believes that even among those filmmakers who are steeped in screen history, some have little or no knowledge of the countless classic films produced in the decades before the 1970s.

That.s part of the motivation for Ginnane.s new book, The Unusual Suspects: 104 Films That Made World Cinema, which Currency Press is launching next month.

His eclectic choices range from D.W. Griffith.s Way Down East (1920) through to Quentin Tarantino.s Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003).

Omitting any title produced after 2003, he explains, does not suggest that no great films had been made since then, but rather that the grammar of cinema had already been laid down.

He is quick to point out his list, which includes Alfred Hitchcock.s Vertigo,
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‘Carnal Haven’ / ‘Her Last Fling’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

Carnal Haven

(dir: Carlos Tobalina, 1976)

“Sharon has the ‘Gypsy Grip’… But John knows the ‘Inka Knot’”

Not every couple has amazing sex. Thankfully, for those couples out there who suffer, you are not alone! You see, we have four couple who each have their own problems and hang ups. Firstly, we have Leslie and Richard, played by Leslie Bovee (Maraschino Cherry) and John Leslie (Dracula Sucks). When Richard isn’t fantasising about other women, Leslie is downing her sorrows with good old J&B. Their marriage is the same way Leslie probably takes her whiskey, on the rocks. Of course, their last ditch attempt at saving their marriage is to visit the sex clinic of Dr. Klein and Dr. Wasserman, played by Sharon Thorpe (Sexworld, Femmes de Sade) and Ken Scudder (Pretty Peaches, Tropic of Desire). Leslie and Richard aren’t the only ones attending however! We also have Pat and her pimp husband,
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‘Erotic Adventures of Candy’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

Stars: Carol Connors, Eddy Cannon, Don Fernando, Georgina Spelvin, Pat Rhea, John Holmes, John Leslie | Written and Directed by Gail Palmer

Carol Connors (Deep Throat, Sweet Savage) plays as Candy, a 20 year old student who although a knockout, is a 100% virgin. She has a dream and wants to ‘help’ her fellow men. Unfortunately, her strict father played by Eddy Cannon (Cry Rape, Marisa) won’t let his little angel out of his sight or give the neighbours a bad impression. Unfortunately for him however, there’s a spanner in the works… The pesky gardener Manuel played by Don Fernando (Hot Rackets, Getting Off). He takes Candy’s virginity and as a result, poor pappa is hospitalised. Whilst at the hospital, Candy bumps in to her Auntie Kraven played by the wonderful Georgina Spelvin (The Devil in Miss Jones, Police Academy) and her Uncle Dick who is the identical twin of her father.
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Not Quite Hollywood (Film Review)

“Ozploitation”—the frequently low-budget but often equally high-energy fare of several genres that proliferated Down Under in the 1970s and ’80s, was characterized by its brash aggressiveness, and is celebrated in kind by Mark Hartley’s Not Quite Hollywood. Subtitled The Wild, Untold Story Of Ozploitation!, it’s a rip-roaring, addictive documentary that fully conveys just how wild those flicks were, while assuring little of their history remains untold.

Not Quite Hollywood (playing this weekend at the Philadelphia Film Festival, and set for further theatrical play by Magnolia Pictures) charts this cinematic movement from its origins in the early ’70s, when censorship was relaxed in favor of the creation of an R (adults-only) rating. Unlike filmmakers in other countries who (willingly or not) avoided such a tag, those in Australia embraced it, and began churning out sex-and-violence-packed films with abandon. Hartley gives equal weight to softcore features (silly, bawdy stuff
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